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My Best Friend 10 - Sneaking Over Conclusion

We finish off our late night romp and hope her parents don't catch us....
I quickly jump off Amanda and start looking around to find a place to hide. I watch as Amanda fumbles and tries to get the sheets around her.

I watch shadows form under the door frame. Crap. I was still standing nearly in the middle of the room while Amanda was already under her covers in her bed.

I looked around deciding my options. I could hide in Amanda’s closest but I decided against it. I could try to hide in Amanda’s huge pile of stuffed animals that she still had…that could work. I could try to hide under the bed but there wasn’t enough cover to hide so I would be easily hidden. I could dive out the window and hide out the ledge but the window is closed. So that option was out of the question.

I heard the door handle begin to click down. Somehow the whole sensation of getting caught has now heightened my senses. I didn’t have time to decide.

The door opened just as I was driving into Amanda’s huge pile of stuffed animals. I quickly covered as much of my body as her bedroom door opened.

I watched as Amanda’s dad walked into Amanda’s room with Amanda’s mom closely following him into the room.

I watched as Amanda’s mom came close to Amanda’s bedside. She bent down and kissed Amanda on the forehead and heard her say, “Good night sweetheart.”

Amanda’s mom got up and walked out of the room. I watched as Amanda’s dad scanned the room. It was as if he caught the smell of sex and was searching to room for evidence.

I began sweating bullets hoping that her dad wouldn’t catch us. Or me for that matter. The thrill of getting caught only made my dick harder but at this moment I wasn’t paying attention to my dick.

Amanda’s dad walked more into the room and was beginning to really look into the room. He wasn’t paying attention to Amanda inside her bed. I could tell Amanda was watching her dad because she slightly rolled over to simulate the light was beginning to irritate her and was trying to get away from it.

Her dad walked right past me and headed towards Amanda’s closet. He opened the door amd stuck his head into the cloest.

Crap he knew someone was here.

He closed the door. We walked around the room and was now standing right before me. I was looking up at him and all sorts of thoughts ran through my head.

On one hand I could give myself up. There was no way I wanted to do that so that option was out of the question until he busted me that is. I could wait it out, maybe he might give up his pursuit. As soon as he finds me I could try to knock him out and run away, that was probably my worst idea. Or I could try to dive out Amanada’s window and hope he doesn’t see me, but seeing how Amanda lived on the second floor that was probably just as bad of an idea as trying to knock out Amanda’s dad.

I began to pray silently hoping that he didn’t find me.

Hell at this moment I was promising I would start attending church every weekend if Amanda’s dad didn’t catch us what so ever.

Just then I heard Amanda’s mom's voice on the other side of the wall, “Come on honey. Let’s go to bed.”

I watched as Amanda’s dad had a wicked smile on his face and turned to answer his wife. “Ok Honey. I’ll be right there.”

He turned from looking directly at me, headed towards Amanda’s bed, bent down, kissed Amanda on the bed, walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

We both waited until the hall light shut before we made any type of movement. I silently thanked the lord that everything went well without a hitch.

The light went off and Amanda shot up from the bed. Amanda looked around because she had closed her eyes pretending to sleep so she didn’t know where I had hid at. First she looked under her bed. I watched her begin to get out of bed and start tip toeing around the room to find me.

I thought about jumping out of the pile of stuffed animals at the right moment but then remembered we needed to be quiet so I started moving revealing to Amanda where I was.

She looked over at me and even though it was darker than hell thanks to the light messing with my dark vision I could still see that she had a smile on her face.

Amanda quickly tackled me and we fell back onto the stuffed animals. Thankfully the fall wasn’t really loud.

I heard her giggling as she whispered, “That was exhilarating.”

I smiled at her, “Yeah I almost thought I was going to get caught.”

She smiled at me and quickly kissed me.

A few moments later she broke from our kiss. I watched her breathe heavily like she couldn’t control her excitement.

I had to admit my blood was rushing through my body. My dick was throbbing because of the excitement. My heart was racing. My senses were still heightened so I could feel everything around me, mainly Amanda being pressed against me. And oddly enough my ear drums were thumping so hard I barely heard Amanda whisper to me.

“Did you cum before we were rudely interrupted?”

I only heard the ‘Did I cum’ part of the question but I could guess the rest.

I smiled as I shook my head telling her no. Even though if we weren’t rudely interrupted during her rolling orgasm I could have cum myself because it felt like her pussy was trying to milk my dick.

I saw her smile, “Good.” She removed the stuffed animals from my groin and fished my raging hard on out of my pants and boxers. Once my dick was out in the open she quickly guided my hard on inside her.

The moment my dick was inside her she started rocking back and forth while we sat on her stuffed animals.

She rocked off slowly. I felt her pussy grabbing along my dick like it didn’t want to let go and my dick didn’t want to leave.

She rocked forward. WOMP. Her pussy as down to the root of me. I watched as she threw her head back.

I was afraid the noise might have been a little loud.

Rocked off. Grab. Moan.

Rocked forward. WOMP. Wetness.

Rocked off. Grab. Moan.

Amanda threw her head forward and looked into my eyes.

Rocked forward. WOMP. Wet.

I watched in eyes that she reveled every inch entering her…or was that my reaction projecting in her eyes?

Rocked off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

I pulled Amanda off of me. She was surprised that I wanted her off from me but I needed my jeans off because the zipper was beginning to rub against my shaft each time Amanda rocked off from me.

I quickly jimmied out of jeans. picked Amanda up from her waist, and lowered her back on my dick.

As soon as she slid all the way onto me, Amanda pushed me down and held me there. She was telling me she wanted the reigns on what was going to happen next. For the time being I was going to let her do that.

She started rocking.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

She slowly rocked on until I was half way inside her. The last half of me she forcefully slammed inside her with what muscles she had in her hips. WHOMP.

Ah that felt good. Amanda watched as my eyes rolled with the new sensation and the difference it made.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

Amanda began to quicken up the pace.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

I can feel Amanda’s body to tense up.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

Amanda quickened the pace. The WHOMPing sound was beginning to get louder. I think Amanda completely forgot she was supposed to be quiet. At this moment I didn’t care. I just wanted to keep going.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

I felt her body tense even more. Hell my body was beginning to tense up. My mind was ready for the orgasm that was going to happen. My body was ready for the orgasm that was going to happen. Even my nuts was ready to release its load, it was just waiting. The only thing on my body that wasn’t ready for the orgasm was my dick.

Amanda could sense that I was close. I knew she was about to have an orgasm because I saw her pupils had become huge. Her breathing had become faster. Hell her pussy was beginning its pace of trying to milk my dick.

Off. Grab. Moan. Stare.

Slowly Slide On. Thrust. WHOMP.

This time Amanda began to furiously slap against me. She bit down hard into my shoulder to keep her from screaming.


Amanda clenched her legs around me trying to hold my dick in as far as she could get inside her. Her bite became deeper in my shoulder. I felt the orgasm rolling through her body. Her pussy was pulsating and during the orgasm was milking the object inside it for everything it was worth.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. My mind was telling my body to spasm for the orgasm. My feet obliged by curling for the orgasm. My nuts drew close together shooting off what it had inside them. My dick started blasting off what the nuts were releasing.

Amanda stopped biting me and hovered her face just above mine. She looked into my eyes as each shot of cum blasted inside her. I could see her feeling it inside her and her eyes told me she was eurphoria. Hell I was in heaven at this moment. Now if only this moment could last forever then it would be heaven and I would be happy.

Finally as the last of my juice shot out Amanda got up and rolled over. She curled into me along her stuffed animals and was kissing my shoulder.

“I guess you better get going.”

I sighed to myself, “I guess you’re right.”

I got up, slung my dick inside my boxers, jumped into my pants, threw on my shirt, and threw on my sweater. I walked over to the window and opened it up. I put one leg through until it was firmly planted on the roof.

I turned to face Amanda, “Tonight was fun.”

She walked over to me. As soon as she was within arm’s reach I grabbed her and pulled her into me. Our lips connected and I kissed her.

Our mouths explored each other like it was our last kiss.

Finally Amanda broke, “Go. Before I make you sleep in my bed with me.”

I winked at her, “So is this my surprise if I win tomorrow’s game?”

She smiled at me, “No. Get out of here and win tomorrow if you really want to know what my surprise is for you.”

I smiled at her, “Not even a hint?”

I watched as she smiled at me. She drew in and gave me a quick peck on the lips before shoving me fully out of her room onto the roof.

“Win tomorrow night’s game and you’ll find out what my surprise is. Now goodnight my love.”

And with that she shut her window. I pretended to frown at her but I couldn’t keep my smile off my face. She moved her hands at my like she was trying to shoo away a cat.

I sighed and looked on the other side of the roof. I looked back at her and smiled at her one last time before I jumped off the roof.

I didn’t realize where I was jumping until I landed in Amanda’s mom’s rose garden. I was greeted to my landing with an ass and back full of thrones.

The lights on down stairs turned on. Obviously my landing had woke up Amanda’s parents.

I quickly ignored the pain and began sprinting for the wall. As soon as I hit the wall I quickly bolted over it landing in the neighbors backyard.

I lofted over five more fences before I lofted myself out of people’s backyards and onto the street where people, mainly Amanda’s parents, couldn’t see me sneaking around heading back home.

Now that I knew I was in safety I regained walking back home.

As I regained my composure, I began to think. What was Amanda’s surprise? Why did I have to win in order to get my surprise?

Too many questions began to form. I quickly batted away the questions. I now needed to focus myself on tomorrows game and how I was going to perform. One thing I knew for sure was that sneaking around was fun. Amanda still loved me. Our sex life was still the same which was amazing. I couldn’t be any happier.

I jumped up and clicked my heels together as all the realizations were confirmed in my head.

Hopefully tomorrow is fun and I find out what Amanda’s surprise is.

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