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My Best Friend 11 - The Surprise Pt. 1

I won my game just to find out what my surprise is....
“For fucks sake. Are you fucking blind?”

I heard Coach Morrison yelling at the ref for missing the obvious penalty. I wanted to snicker at Coach but at this moment I had to agree.

The crowd was in agreement with coach saying that the ref missed the penalty. Some of them were even saying that the ref was making sure the opposing team would win this game.

I looked behind me to see Amanda with the cheer squad silently watching the game before the specialty team goes out to receive the kick coming our way so they can cheer them on.

Amanda always took my breath away no matter how many times I looked at her. Now with her in her cheerleading outfit just made me wish this game was over so I could at least speak to her before we had to go home for school tomorrow.

I shook my head. I had to focus on the game and make sure I win.

I looked back at the game just to watch the opposing team make their field goal. Great now they were 3 points ahead.

Coach Morrison had rallied our quarterback James Marshall over to his side so he could tell him what he needed to do.

Throughout the game we have been playing a constant no huddle just to keep the other team on their toes and play by our rules. So far it had been working for us. The other team we could tell was getting tired. They were already using their second string players because either a.) the were completely exhausted or b.) in the course one of us had hurt them making them ineligible to play the rest of the game. Even though we were running no huddles all of us knew the code names for each play.

I watched as our return team went onto the field hopefully we make a good return. The kick went off high and from the looks of it pretty far. I watched as the ball sailed through the air and landed into the hands of Butler. Looks like the ball sailed all the way to the 21 yard line.

Jake Butler took off like a bullet with the ball. If it wasn’t one thing it was that Jake could carry the ball. Usually took three to four guys to take him down once he started. Sure enough Jake was able to go about 36 yards before he was tripped.

Now it was turn for our offensive team to go on the field. Seeing how coach had assigned me iron man I had to go out on the field. We quickly went into a huddle before our no huddle started.

Marshall kneeled down and looked at all of us. “Alright everyone. Z Line Pass. Chenlie the ball is yours.”

We quickly broke from the huddle now that we knew what our jobs were going to be and went to our positions. I knew I was going to be handed the ball and break right. Chad Cunningham was supposed to stay in front of me and block as many people as he can.

As soon as we took our positions, I heard Amanda scream.

“Give me a B.”

The crowd instantly screamed what the cheerleaders wanted them to scream.

“Give me a R.”

Once the crowd chanted back the letter ‘R’.

“Give me a O.”


“Give me a N.”


“Give me a C.”


“Give me another O.”


“Give me a S.”


“What does that spell?”


“What does that spell?”


Just then James yelled the magic words. “HIKE!!!!”

I ran forward and grabbed the ball just as James handed me the ball. I instantly broke right and Chad stayed in front of me. He knocked down one…two…three…four people before he couldn’t go any further. I quickly ran passed him and ran another 27 yards before I was finally knocked down. Making it a total of 34 yards.

Now we only had about 9 yards before we got the touch down.

We didn’t huddle. We simply went back to our positions and waited for what James was going to yell.


Crap. We have to do another hand off. This time we were going straight down the middle. We quickly made our line changes. Chad and me switched places. So now I had to cover Chad while I blocked for him for the remaining 9 yards.


All of us got down.


I quickly ran forward passing James and prepared myself to hit as many people as I can in the defensive line. I instantly hit two people and was able to knock one of them off their ass. I tried to keep the other person off and push him out of the way because I knew Chad would be right behind me. And he was in desperate need of a hole in the defensive line.

Lucky I was able to push my second guy back far enough to where he couldn't reach Chad. I felt Chad pass me. I looked forward and saw one guy that could take Chad. I had to make a move and fast. I sidestepped the guy I was pushing so he could get his hands off me. Just before the guy could take down Chad, I was able to cover the distance and able to spear the guy.

Chad as able to get in the end zone getting us the needed touchdown. Now we were three points ahead. Pretty soon four points ahead.

I jogged my way back to the bench before I needed to go back out there for defense. Just as I made my way to the team I heard Coach yell.

“Alright alright Chenlie, awesome block.”

As soon as I sat down I heard my name being called from the crowd. I looked over my shoulder to see Amanda’s parents cheering me on. I looked back over to Amanda to see her smile at me.

I turned my head back to the game just to see us get the extra point.

The rest of the game was tough but we were able to get the win. Our final score was 31-17. My personal stats for the night was 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, 176 rushing yards, and 5 sacks made. Now that the game was over it was time for me to relax.

As we reached the locker room my whole team was celebrating the win. I was happy that we won but I was more interested in finding out what Amanda’s surprise was seeing how we won.

I quickly stripped down, showered really quick, and was fully dressed before anyone had finished showering or reciting their stats for the night to their fellow teammates.

I pretty much jogged out of the locker room and immediately went looking for Amanda.

I couldn’t find her. Normally she would be right outside the locker after she changed back into her normal clothes. I guess I did get ready pretty fast.

I walked over to the females locker room. I was greeted to a dark locker room.

I scratched my head trying to figure out where Amanda could be. She wasn’t waiting outside the locker room for me. And she wasn’t in the ladies locker room.

I checked off the list of normal places she could be. Then finally I smacked my head with my hand. Duh! She was with her parents waiting for me. I should have known.

I walked my way back towards the field to see if they were there waiting for me or if they were at the parking lot.

As I got to the field I saw people still filling out towards their cars. I walked passed the crowd to see if they were somewhere among the chaos of people trying to leave.

I couldn’t find them.

I sighed to myself and figured if they weren’t here they might be at their car.

I walked towards the parking lot. After a few moments I finally found them sitting next to their car talking to each other.

I walked towards them and Amanda was the first to notice me walking to them. She instantly ran towards me. I opened my arms with a smile on my face and waited for her to jump in my arms. I was right she did jump in my arms and kissed me.

I was happy for the kiss but it didn’t last long before I heard Amanda’s dad clear his throat.

We broke our kiss. I smiled at Amanda’s dad. He smiled back at me and extended his hand towards me.

I offered my hand in return and shook his hand.

“Great game Jay.”

I slightly nodded my head with Amanda draped under my arm. “Thank you sir.”

He smiled at me, “Hell of a game. Say we haven’t eaten dinner yet and I think you deserve a bite to eat after that game.”

I smiled at him, “That would be great.”

We all filed in his car. Amanda and me sat in the back seat cuddling the entire way to wherever Amanda’s dad had in mind for us to eat at. So we pretty much sat in the car in silence the entire way.

Finally we got to where we were going to. We filed out of the car and entered the restaurant.

I was greeted to people clapping their hands at me and yelling at me how good of a game that was. I just smiled at everyone and nodded to each person telling me what a great game that was until we got to our table.

We sat down and quickly ordered. After the waitress left Amanda’s dad finally spoke.


I looked at him and could tell he had something he needed to get off his chest but was finding it difficult to find the right words. I guess I would have the same problem if the roles were reversed.

I remained unspoken waiting for him to get out what he wanted to say patiently. I was afraid he might mention something about last night.

Once again he cleared his throat before speaking again. “I know you two have been dating for the past three months and what not.”

I nodded at him. How he was putting it I didn’t know where he was going with this but I still waited patiently to find out what he was going to say.

“Well recently my little girl here has admitted she has spent the night with you a few times.”

Now I was sweating. I was beginning to get afraid of what was going to happen next. I looked around to gauge the looks on Amanda’s mom’s face and Amanda’s to find out if this was a good conversation or a really bad conversation. I looked at Amanda’s mom’s face and saw that she had a sympathetic smile on her face. Not too sure if that was a good thing or not. Then I looked at Amanda’s face and saw that she had a smile on her face.

Ok I guess this conversation will be a good one. I looked back at Amanda’s dad and simply nodded again. I really didn’t know what to say.

He cleared his throat again. “Well Amanda has begged us the last few weeks if she can start doing that without going behind our backs. And after some consideration, as much as I’m against this, I think it is alright that she can start staying at your house only on the weekends. But only for a trail period.”

Amanda instantly jumped up and down in her chair. She got up and hugged him for confirming what she wanted to hear. And just simply stating, “Thank you daddy. Thank you so much.”

I looked at him completely dumbfounded and had to pinch myself to make sure this isn’t some dream. Or there wasn’t some type of hidden camera. I couldn’t find the camera.

As Amanda sat back down, he spoke again. “Now now remember this is a trail period.”

I could tell he was going to lay down some rules before this whole staying with me started.

He looked at Amanda. “Now Amanda you have to promise me. You will only stay weekends with him. The moment your grades drop this arrangement stops.”

Amanda immediately nodded, “I promise.”

He spoke again, “And I would prefer it if you didn’t get pregnant before you go to college.”

Just then Amanda’s mom smacked his arm, “Now I’m sure they’re not planning on getting pregnant.”

He sighed, “I still want to put it out there.”

He looked at Amanda, “So are we in agreement?”

She nodded her head furiously, “Yes. Yes. Oh thank you.”

He narrowed his eyes at her, “I want to hear you say it.”

I watched as Amanda sighed, “Fine. I promise not to let my grades slip or get pregnant.”

I watched as he nodded his head. “Alright then. I’ve voiced my opinion.”

He looked at me, “And so help me if you get her pregnant before she goes to college then I’ll shoot you myself.”

Amanda smacked her father’s arm, “Stop it daddy.”

He sighed, “Fine. I’m only agreeing to this because you are happy with Jay.”

Suddenly I felt like I was a ghost in the conversation. I kept my mouth shut and decided at this moment that was probably best.

Amanda quickly spoke, “So it’s ok if I spend the weekend with Jay?”

He looked at me like I was some kind of vial thing before he sighed and spoke, “I guess it is ok.”

Our dinner came around and the rest of event was quiet. We didn’t speak a single word more until they drove me home.

I opened the door and turned around to Amanda’s dad. “Thank you for the dinner sir.”

He nodded behind the wheel, “You’re welcome Jay.”

I turned my attention to Amanda, “And I guess I will see you tomorrow.”

She smiled at me and nodded.

I closed the door and watched them drive away.

As they turned to corner, I thought to myself what had just happened. Did Amanda’s dad really agree to letting Amanda start spending weekend’s with me? Once again I looked around to see if I was on candid camera or something. Still no camera. I guess this wasn’t some cruel joke.

I turned and walked into my home. I was happy that Amanda no longer had to sneak around her parents back just so she could spend the night with me. And it seems that Amanda’s dad was beginning to warm up to me seeing how I was dating his daughter.

I walked into my room and thought was this Amanda’s surprise. If it was it was a decent surprise. Definitely made things simpler. No need for her to check on her friends constantly to make sure her parents hadn’t called to check up on her. But I was kind of disappointed because I thought her surprise might be more.

Who knows for all I know this might be Part 1 of her surprise for all I knew. There was only one way to find out and that was wait until tomorrow. Now I was excited to find out if there was more to her surprise.

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