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My Best Friend 12 - The Surprise Pt. 2

I left school to find out some details of my surprise....
The bell rang. I noticed that time had flown seeing how I did all my homework in my last class. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my stuff in it.

I walked out of the classroom and headed to leave the school. I walked by where Amanda’s last class was so we could walk home together. The time had really flown by because I was so excited that Amanda could spend the night at my place without having to sneak around so she could spend the night.

As I reached her last classroom, I heard her familiar voice.

“Hey Stranger.”

I looked over where the voice came from and smiled at her. No matter how many times I look at her she can always make me smile. But today it felt like it was a special day. She was wearing her jeans where I always want to put my hand on her ass and never want it to leave her ass. My eyes traveled up and saw that she was wearing a nice white t-shirt where it begged me to throw a pitcher of ice-cold water on her just to see what was underneath it. And it helped I was smiling because I knew she was spending the night for the entire weekend.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and kissed her, “Hey yourself.”

We started our walk and I had to voice my opinion, “So are you excited about spending the night?”

I watched as she nodded her like she was competing for a head bangers contest. She turned her face towards me, “Aren’t you?”

I laughed, “Of course I am. But I have to ask something?”

She continued to look at me while we were walking, “What’s that?”

“Was your parents letting you spend the night whenever you want on the weekends so we didn’t have to go behind their backs your surprise?”

She smiled at me, “Well that was part of your surprise.”

I had to ask, “Then why did I have to win last night?”

She didn’t bat a lash as she answered, “Because dad told me if you won last night then he’d really consider it.”

None of that answer made sense and I looked at her quizzically. She sensed my confusion.

“Dad is a big fan of football. And seeing how he graduated from this high school I used that to my advantage. So I bet him if you won last night then he would agree to letting me spend the night with you.”

That answer made sense now. I had to admit it was kind of ingenious.

We walked a few more steps and she spoke again, “I didn’t know that he was going to let me spend the night whenever I wanted to on the weekends. That was a nice surprise.”

I laughed, “I’ll admit that shocked the hell out of me.”

She laughed right with me, “Yeah you’re telling me.” She kissed me on the cheek as we walked, “But it was a nice bonus.”

We laughed a little bit longer as if were the sickest joke we had ever heard for a few more steps.

A little bit later I had to know, “Well if your dad’s deal was part of my surprise. What is the rest of your surprise?”

She laughed at my question as if she was expecting the topic to continue. She nudged me as we walked, “You’ll have to wait until later. Then I’ll show you your surprise.”

That didn’t help me for jack. I was still lost in what she was planning. As much as I hated waiting, I decided to let it go. Who knows it might be good.

We walked a little bit longer. I was lost in train of thought mainly my thoughts of what Amanda’s surprise could be.

I’ve known her for a long time and we started becoming sexually active and dating shortly after our sophomore year in high school started after we turned 16. Knowing her, her surprise could be sexually linked. Or at least I hope it could be. So that led me to believe that she maybe wanted some type of sexual change in our dynamic.

Normally I couldn’t complain about our sexually activity, I just hoped it was more and not less. If it was more and it was some type of change I could possibly go with it. I wasn’t too sure however how far I can be broadened sexually.

“So my dad says if you win you’re next three games then you guys could get a bid for nationals.”

Her question snapped me out of my train of thought. Took me a minute to think of my answer.

“I guess that’s right. I think Varsity has a better chance of going to nationals more than JV does.”

She smiled at me, “But it would be nice if you guys do go to nationals. Right?”

I smiled back at her, “Yeah that would be nice. But that is too far away. Let’s worry about next weeks game before we worry about going to nationals.”

She nodded at me, “Fine.” As if my answer was good enough she seemed to get I didn’t know if we were going to nationals. So she dropped the subject.

Finally we arrived at her house. I turned to her, “Do we need to go inside and get some supplies?”

She smiled at me with a huge grin. “I was so excited last night after my dad gave us the good news so I’m already packed.”

I smiled at her, “Cool. Let’s get your bags and go to my place.”

She looked at me, “Ok.”

I followed her into her house and up to her room. And sure enough there were two huge duffel bags.

I laughed looking at the two bags, “I guess you were excited.” I scratched my head looking at the bags and tried to figure out why she would need so much stuff for only two days.

“Do you really need those two huge bags for just two days?”

She smiled at me, “Well of course.”

I scratched my head as I looked at the bags. No matter how much I thought I knew Amanda there were times where she could baffle me. I had to admit I’ll probably never understand women.

I sighed as I picked up the huge duffel bags. I slung the lighter of the two of my shoulder while the other one I held in my right hand. So now I had three bags on me. On my back was my backpack, over my left shoulder was the lighter of the two duffel bags, and the other one was in my right hand.

I looked at her while the bag in my hand was straining my muscles, “Well are you ready?”

She smiled at me, “Sure am. Here let me take the one over your shoulder so you’re not carrying all that weight.”

I smiled at her and silently thanked her as I handed her the bag that was draped over my shoulder.

We left her house after she wrote a note for her parents telling them she’ll be at my house and left for my place.

We arrived at my place and we immediately dropped her bags in my room along with my backpack.

I sat down on the couch and she immediately cuddled into me after I sat down. After I sat down and turned on the TV. I was just glad to get that bag out of my hands it was freaking heavy. I wanted to make the joke asking if she packed a dead body in the bag but decided against it.

I looked down at her, “So what are we gonna do?”

She smiled up at me, “Well I’m waiting on a call from a friend.”

I looked at her, “What friend?”

Her smile continued, “A friend and her boyfriend.”

I raised my eyebrow at her, “Her and boyfriend? I don’t want a party here. My parents would kill me if I threw a party here.”

She nudged my side and giggled, “Don’t worry it’ll just be them. They don’t want a party either just a place to hang out for a little while.”

I looked at her and I was really interested in finding out who she had planned on coming over. Another question is when will they be here. And probably the most important question why did she want them to come over.

I wanted to do so many things to Amanda right now. All sorts of thoughts were crossing my head.

Like bending Amanda over the kitchen counter and just screw her brains out. Or taking her into the shower and try my balance as I try to have sex with her. More importantly I really wanted to go in the back yard and try some voyeurism by fucking her in the hot tub my parents had recently acquired so I can relax after practice or a big game.

Now with her inviting friends over that pretty screwed up my plans. Or at least putting them on hold for the moment.

I looked at her and had to find out the answers to my questions. “Who is coming over?”

She smiled up at me, “Well you remember my friend Jeanette?”

I looked at her, “Yeah I remember her.”

“That’s who is supposed to be coming over with her boyfriend, Sam.”

I looked at her, “Sam…as in Sam Vincent?”

I watched as she thought about it for a moment before looking at me, “Yeah that’s who it is.”

I rolled my eyes. Sam Vincent was our first string wide receiver. He was about 6’2’’ and maybe 168lbs. He was a pompous ass and irritated me each time he talked. He always ranted on how good of a player he was and how we would lose if he never played. Mainly I just wanted to punch his face in but because he was part of the team I had to deal with it. So usually I just put him in his place whenever he opened his mouth.

Amanda’s friend Jeanette on the other hand was hot. Not as hot as Amanda was in my eye but I could see the appeal why so many of my teammates would want to be locked in a room with her. Jeanette stood maybe an inch taller than Amanda and probably weighted the same as Amanda. The only difference between Amanda and Jeanette was that Amanda had C cup breasts and Jeanette probably had B cup breasts. Another difference was that Amanda had brown hair and Jeanette had blonde hair.

Why Jeanette would ever date Sam is beyond me. But I’m not dating her. I’m dating Amanda. I prefer Amanda over Jeanette any day of the week.

Amanda saw the look in my eyes as I rolled them, “What you don’t like Sam?”

I looked at her and simply replied, “Let’s just say we really don’t get along and leave it at that.”

She pinched my side, “But it’s my friend Jeanette. So for me please behave.”

I winced as she pinched me and smiled at her, “Fine. For you I will behave.”

She smiled at me, “Good.”

As if those words were enough to keep her happy.

I looked at her, “So when is Jeanette and Sam supposed to come over?”

She shrugged under my arm draped around her, “I don’t know. She’s supposed to call when they are supposed to be on their way.”

I looked down at her, “Ok. So remind me again why are they coming over?”

I looked at me with her familiar wicked smile, “That’s the surprise.”

I looked at her quizzically obviously not realizing what she had up her sleeve. But with that wicked smile I knew some wicked or naughty will be coming soon when Jeanette and Sam arrive.

I still had to ask, “How is Jeanette and Sam coming over a surprise?”

She elbowed me in the side, “Just trust me. You’ll enjoy it.”

I sighed and grumbled my agreement.

I had to admit with her friend coming over and the idiot named Sam did raise a lot of questions. What did she have in store when her friend Jeanette and Sam showed up? What were they going to do?

Did Amanda want me to have a threesome with her and Jeanette? That didn’t make any sense if Sam was going to be joining in the visit.

Was Amanda going to try me having a threesome with Jeanette and Sam? Or with her and Sam? Either choice I didn’t want to happen. Especially if was having a threesome with her and Sam. I’d rather punt kick him as far as I can than letting his junk get anyway near Amanda.

Did she want me to watch Sam and Jeanette fuck while we teased each other? That I could go for. Might be interesting. But I doubted that we haven’t even tried watching a porno together. Hell with Amanda’s naked body I didn’t need any type of visual stimuli to help me have sex with her.

There were too many questions to ponder for what Amanda actually had in store for us. Either way I was interested to find out which situation it was. Hell for all I knew it could be something completely different. One thing was for sure I had a nice hard on finding out what the surprise could be. Or my hard on could be because Amanda was in my arms.

I was happy because Amanda was in my arms and was anxious to find out what the surprise could actually be.
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