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My Best Friend 13 - The Surprise Pt. 3

Sam and Jeanette come over and show me something new...
Amanda laid quietly along the couch with her head in my lap while we watched TV. Amanda had talked me into changing the channel so she could watch her stories while we wait for Jeanette to call.

I sat there letting Amanda watch her stories with her head in my lap. I quietly wished Jeanette would hurry the fuck up and call letting Amanda know when she was coming over with her asshole boyfriend. If Jeanette takes any longer than I was going to find a way to keep Amanda from watching her stories.

Just before I made my move I heard her cell phone go off. I watched as Amanda pulled the phone out of her pocket and saw Jeanette’s name display on her phone. I silently thanked next gen cell phones where you can easily see people’s names displayed on phones.

Amanda put the phone next to her hear, “Yeah.”

I watched as she listened to the conversation. I wished that her phone was a little bit louder just so I could hear what Jeanette was saying and probably get an idea of what my surprise is supposed to be.

“Yeah we are waiting for you.”

A few moments later, “Yeah that would be great.”

I watched her intently to see if any of her facial expressions would give her away to what might be happening. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything other than excitement.

Finally a few moments later, “Yeah we’ll be waiting.”

“Great see you in ten minutes.” And Amanda hit the end button on her cell phone and proceeded to put it back in her pocket.

I looked at her waiting for her to fill me in on what was going to happen. The only thing I caught was her side of the conversation. So what I know is that Amanda and I were waiting for them to get here and they should be here in about ten minutes. Other than that I have no idea what the hell was going on.

Amanda looked up at me and smiled before she turned her head and went back to watching her stories.

I wanted to shake her so badly right now and find out what the hell was going on right at this moment.

I guess I wasn’t going to get any information until Jeanette and Sam show up. I shrugged to myself and decided I was going to entertain myself until they show up.

I leaned over slightly and ran my hand inside her pants and under her thong to lightly massage her bare bottom. If only her body was turned a little bit more then I could have ran my hand under her pants and run my finger inside her, but that wasn’t the case. Maybe if I continued my pursuit she might move herself to where I could do that.

I heard her moan a little bit as my hand was working it’s magic on her bare bottom.

If it wasn’t thing I knew about my little minx was that she loved having her butt massaged, along with one other item of her body that she loved having massaged even more than her butt.

I ran my hand out of her pants and ran it up until it reached the bottom of her shirt. My hand went under shirt and continued its journey up until my hand reached her bra. My hand then went under her bra and began to massage her breast.

Once again Amanda moaned. I looked down to see that she had closed her eyes so she could enjoy what my hand was doing to her body.

After a few moments Amanda turned her body so that her back was flat against the couch. Now was my opportunity.

I moved my hand from Amanda’s breast and went straight for the kill. My hand went under her pants and panties and instantly started fingering her wet slit.

I started off slow by slowly circling my middle finger lightly along her clit until it had hardened. Once my middle finger felt that her clit had unsheathed itself from its cover I allowed my middle finger to travel down and put some pressure at her opening.

The entire time I was watching Amanda keeping her eyes closed and enjoying what I was doing.

After a few moments of me fingering her slowly, Amanda took her left hand and reached underneath her head to feel how my dick was doing. I knew my dick was hard but as she reached there she started massaging my balls through my pants and boxers.

I kept playing with her and wished that this moment would last forever. Well actually I wished I was inside her and then wished that that moment would last forever.

Unfortunately my wish wasn’t granted. A knock came at the door.

Amanda opened her eyes and instantly sprung up to go to the door. I barely had time to take my hand out of her pants before she sprang up. If I was a little bit slower she would have taken my hand with her and possibly dislocated my wrist. Which would have sucked.

If that happened I wonder how I would be able to explain that to the coach how I had hurt myself. Probably would have been a laughing stock on the team if that were to happen.

Amanda opened the door and I watched as we were greeted to Jeanette standing at the doorway. With Sam standing right behind her.

I already had a bad feeling about this.

Amanda smiled at Jeanette as they both hugged one another.

“Come in come in.”

Jeanette smiled at her and walked in with Sam close behind holding a small duffel bag in his hand.

What was this the day to have duffel bags. First Amanda had two duffel bags and I’m still clueless on why she would need those two bags for two days. And now Sam was holding a duffel bag. Whatever was in the bag I was intrigued.

I heard Sam whistle, “Geez. Jay if I knew you had a fabulous place we should have been throwing parties here all along instead of at the twins apartment.”

I gave Sam my fake smile and wanted badly to punch him in the face but decided against it. “Yeah and I would be grounded. And possibly not able to play so that would be a bad idea.”

He looked at me with a smile on his face that I could tell I already didn’t like, “Yeah that would be a bad thing.”

I was happy Sam hadn’t already spouted off saying how good of a player he was. But I gave him ten minutes before he started doing that.

I heard Jeanette speak, “Honey. Amanda and I are going to get ready. Ok?”

Sam looked at her with a smile on his face, “Alright sweetheart. Don’t take too long.”

Jeanette didn’t reply as her and Amanda disappeared into the bathroom in the back.

I looked at Sam and decided to say something. Who knows he might know what the hell was going on here.

“Hey Sam.” He turned his attention from looking the place over to me. “Do you know what the hell is going on here?”

He smiled at me, “Of course I know what is going on.”

I sat back down, “Do you mind filling me in because I’m lost.”

His smile didn’t leave his face, “Actually I had to promise Amanda I wouldn’t spoil the surprise.”

Great Amanda had talked to Sam. I had to make a mental note to really talk to her about talking to Sam because she knew I didn’t like him at all. And to make matters even worse he knew what was going on and I didn’t.

He sat down next to me and sighed as he sat down, “I have to admit. I’m jealous of what she is doing for you.”

I grunted at him. I was no longer paying attention to him. I was now counting the minutes until Jeanette and Amanda emerged from the bathroom.

“Hey dude do you mind me asking you something?”

I looked at him with obvious look of disregard. “What is it?”

I watched as Sam began to get uncomfortable as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. I had to admit it was refreshing to see him fumble with his words. Or it could be that if I ever heard him talk about how good of a player he was I was going to beat him within an inch of his life.

“I don’t know if you have heard the rumors about Jeanette and me.”

Actually I have heard the rumors of Jeanette and Sam. To be more specific I heard that behind closed doors Sam had made Jeanette his sex slave. So she did whatever he wanted and didn’t do anything unless he told her to. But they only kept their activities secret. So whenever they were alone is when she was in sex slave mode. When they weren’t alone they were like any other couple.

Now some things were beginning to click. I now had some idea of what might happen. I just had to let things happen in order to truly find out what was going to happen.

I watched as Sam waited for me to confirm his statement. I nodded, “Yeah what about it?”

Sam fumbled a little bit more before he spoke again, “So is it alright if Jeanette and me do our normal activity? I don’t want to weird you out or anything.”

I looked at him and replied, “I guess it is alright. Is this what Amanda wanted me to see as a surprise? To see you two in action.”

Sam relieved I had given him the all clear. He chuckled, “Sort of.”

Well that just confirmed it. I looked at him, “But remember if there is something I don’t like seeing then your ‘activity’ will stop.”

Sam put his hands up as if not wanting confrontation, “Don’t worry man. We won’t go full board or nothing.”

I nodded to him and didn’t say anything after that.

As much as I didn’t like Sam, I was interested to see what happens next. Was Amanda going to want to be turned into my sex slave now that we had free weekends together? Did she have Jeanette and Sam come over so I could see how it is done? I guess I’ll find out when they come out of the bathroom.

It wasn’t too much longer before I was going to find out what Amanda’s surprise to me was going to be.

Jeanette and Amanda exited the bathroom and me jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw them.

Jeanette was dressed in a really nice see thru white t-shirt. Her bra and matching thong was also see thru. Amanda had dressed opposite of Jeanette. She was wearing a long black t-shirt to held to every contour of Amanda’s body and stopped just above her knees. I could easily tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. But I wasn’t too sure if she was wearing any underwear or not.

Jeanette and Amanda looked at us to see if the reaction they were looking for was what they wanted. Amanda smiled at me seeing that she had achieved what she was going for.

Jeanette spoke to Sam, “Did he give you the ok?”

I watched as Sam had a shit eating grin on his face, “He sure did. Now you know the rules.”

Jeanette smiled and took over her shirt to show us her see thru underwear.

I could tell I was going to like this.

Amanda walked over to me and flopped down in my lap. I had to brace myself so she wouldn’t flop down on my hard on. Didn’t want to be on the ground crying because Amanda had hurt me.

Amanda whispered in my ear as her hand lightly traveled along my chest, “Thank you honey. I promise you are going to like this.”

Right now I really wished that Amanda would pull up her shirt and pull my dick out and ride it while we watched the show.

Jeanette stood in front of us in just her bra and panties looking at us.

I heard Sam speak, “Now Jeanette aren’t you forgetting something?”

Jeanette simply nodded and went back to bathroom. She returned a few moments later with a collar around her neck. I could see on the collar was a little tag on it. I had to squint to actually read what the tag said.

I nearly wanted to laugh out loud as I read the tag.

It read: “Property of Sam.” Then it went on underneath Sam’s name. ‘Jeanette aka Sam’s Slave.’

They must have had to have the tag personally made for it to read like that.

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Yep this was reality. Then I had to admit to myself if this were a dream Sam wouldn’t be here.

I heard Sam speak, “You know what Jay. I’m getting a little thirsty. How about you two?”

My eyes didn’t leave Jeanette’s form. I barely felt myself nod.

“You heard them ‘Slave’. Get our hosts something to drink.”

I watched as Jeanette walked into my kitchen and shortly come back with three glasses of water in her hands. She handed us each a drink.

I looked over at Amanda to see that she was watching me intently. She saw that there was a fire in my eyes.

I wanted to lift up that black shirt, bend her over, and fuck her in front of the company. I was no longer shy that there was people around. In fact it made my hard on even harder. If that is even possible.

As if Amanda saw the look in my eyes she bent over and nibbled on my neck, “It’s not over yet.”

I barely heard Sam speak with Amanda nibbling on my neck. Right now I was putty in Amanda’s hand.

“Well I think it is time to turn it up a notch. ‘Slave’ I want you to strip in front of our hosts slowly.”

Amanda had stopped nibbling on my neck as we watched Jeanette begin to strip off what clothes she had on off her body.

Jeanette turned her back on us and slipped one strap off of her shoulder and looked over to see our reaction. Then she slipped off the other strap. Then she bent over and looked between her legs at us.

Amanda was running her hand over my chest and was dragging her nails along my chest.

I wasn’t paying attention. My attention was now on her friend. I was expecting to be slapped for not paying attention to Amanda.

I checked the corner of my vision and saw that Amanda was also paying attention to her friend.

Jeanette slipped back up and turned to face us. She now no longer had a bra on.

How the hell did she do that? Was it some type of magical trick? Or had she practiced this move a lot for Sam?

To be honest it looked like something a porn star or stripper would be able to accomplish. But a 17 year old shouldn’t know this trick. Maybe when she was 18 and had been stripping for at least six months.

She raised her right hand from behind her back to reveal her bra that had been removed.

I almost wanted to stand up and clap thinking it was one hell of a trick. But with Amanda sitting in my lap kind of made that impossible. However my dick was giving Jeanette a standing ovation.

Amanda felt my groin harden and she started rocking her hips slowly back and forth. I just wished I wasn’t wearing any pants or boxers so that my dick could slip inside Amanda while she rocked back and forth.

If she kept this up my dick would be rubbed raw and that would suck the big one.

Jeanette then turned so that she was facing sideways and slowly slipped her panties off. As soon as she had her panties down to right length she start to quickly sway her hips allowing gravity to bring her panties the rest of the way down.

As soon as her panties were all the way down she kicked her right foot flicking her now removed panties towards Amanda and me.

I wanted to catch Jeanette’s panties but somehow Amanda had beaten me to the punch.

Now Jeanette was standing in front of us in all her glory.

I had to admit as much as Amanda always made my dick rise for her. Jeanette was in a close tie with Amanda’s control over my dick. Fuck it any girl that would let me fuck them my dick would rise for them. But because of my emotions for Amanda I doubt my actual brain wouldn’t allow that.

I looked up at Amanda to see a smile on her face. It wasn’t her normal wicked smile that she always gave me but I could tell it was her aroused smile.

“Alright ‘Slave’ go get your tape.”

I looked over at Sam and was wondering what tape he could be talking about.

I watched as Jeanette went over to the bathroom where her duffel bag was and brought it into the living room where we were sitting. She zipped the bag open, found the tape, and handed it to Sam.

I looked into the bag to see that Jeanette had packed all sorts of clothes, and obviously various sex toys I had no idea what they were for.

I looked over at Sam, “What the hell is the tape for?”

He looked at me with a smile, “You’ll see.” He turned his attention to Jeanette, “Now ‘Slave’ I want you to take your vibrating eggs. Allow your friend to stick one in you and then put the other in her.”

Jeanette didn’t say a word. She went to her duffel bag and pulled out two different vibrating eggs and one of them was still in it’s package.

Jeanette walked over to us and lifted her leg up and propped it beside me. I watched as Amanda look at me for a few moments before turning her attention to her friend’s shaved pussy.

I looked over at Sam who had a shit eating grin on her face. I silently worded my mouth saying ‘This is awesome’.

I turned my attention back to Amanda and now Jeanette’s pussy in both of our faces. I wanted to put my hand on the back of Amanda’s head and force her to eat her friends pussy.

It took all of my control not to do so. Actually I had to grab my left hand with my right that was inches from Amanda’s head and put it back down.

I allowed Amanda to take her time. I didn’t have to wait long.

I watched as Amanda lightly kissed her friend’s pussy. If I wasn’t turned on before this moment. I am now.

Amanda continued to lightly kiss Jeanette’s pussy, each kiss lasting longer than the last. Finally Amanda was eating Jeanette out complete. Her hands were on Jeanette’s butt and all.

After a few moments of hearing Jeanette moan quietly and the slurping sounds from Amanda. Jeanette finally spoke, “Can I cum master?”

I looked over at Sam and saw his smile, “No.”

I heard Jeanette begin to groan but watched in her eyes as she tried to hold back her orgasm.

He turned his attention to Amanda. “Amanda you can stop eating my slave’s pussy.”

I watched as Amanda stopped eating Jeanette’s pussy. And as she backed away slowly from Jeanette’s pussy I saw a trail of the combination of Amanda’s saliva and Jeanette’s pussy juices connect from Jeanette’s pussy and Amanda’s mouth until it finally broke. Once she was significantly away from Jeanette’s face the instant smell of freshly eaten pussy hit my nostrils.

I was drooling just from the sight of it. I wanted to badly grab Amanda, pick her up, rip off her clothes, rip off my clothes, and proceed to fuck Amanda along each inch of the living room until either of our heads bang against the wall. Then turn her around and do it some more until either of our heads bang against that wall. I no longer cared that there was company.

As soon as Amanda finally composed herself from the lust filled in her eyes she turned her attention to Sam. Once Sam recognized that she was listening, “Now put the device in her.”

Amanda nodded and slowly inserted the little device inside Jeanette’s pussy until it was out of sight.

Sam nodded, “Very good. Thank you.” He turned his attention back to Jeanette, “Now where’s the remote to your device?”

Jeanette didn’t even flinch to the question. She simply presented the remote to Sam and handed it to him.

I looked at the remote then to Sam questioning what the remote was for. I had an idea what the remote was used for but I still needed the confirmation. Sam looked at me and saw the semi confusion on my face. He smiled held up the remote for me to official see the buttons on the remote. I watched as he pushed the high button on the remote and then looked over at Jeanette as she nearly double over trying to stay standing. In the corner of my eye I saw Sam push another button on the remote and I saw Jeanette regain her composure.

“Now take the other egg out of it’s package and put it inside your friend.”

Jeanette didn’t say a word. She simply did what Sam told her to do. She took the egg out of its package. Took it apart, put in the battery, took the similar remote that Sam had, took that apart, and put in the battery. Jeanette held up the remote to Sam as if asking what should she do with it.

He looked at me for a moment with a smile and looked back at Jeanette, “Give it to Jay.”

She looked at me and walked over to us. She presented the remote to me. I slowly reached up to receive the remote.

As soon as I grabbed the remote, Jeanette went to her knees, opened Amanda’s legs, and draped Amanda’s legs over mine. Jeanette slid Amanda’s tight shirt up and quickly went to work eating out my girlfriend.

The moment Jeanette’s tongue touched Amanda’s plump southern lips, Amanda bowed her spine and turned her head so that her mouth was inches from my ear. And she began moaning.

My left hand began stroking Amanda’s breasts and running it up and down her body. Whatever part of her body my left hand couldn’t reach Jeanette’s left hand would cover for me on Amanda’s right side. I slowly felt Jeanette’s right hand begin to lightly bang against my pants just enough to lightly tap my dick and balls, which I could only assume that Jeanette had begun finger fucking Amanda’s pussy while she ate her out.

It wasn’t long before I heard moaning in my ear, “Oh God! I’m going to cum.”

Just then I heard Sam say, “Well what do you think Jay. Should we let Amanda cum?”

Sam was actually giving me the opportunity to play along with everything. Until now I couldn’t find any words mainly because I was mesmerized by what was going on.

I smiled and looked her, “I don’t know. Have you been a good girl today?”

She instantly started whining, “Oh yes oh yes. Please let me cum. Please. Please. Please.”

I smiled at her, “Oh alright. You can cum.”

She grabbed the back of my head and instantly kissed me. The kiss was filled with lust. Our tongues were entangled. Her hips started moving furiously trying to fuck Jeanette’s face and fingers back. Within moments Amanda was moaning in my mouth. She was slamming her back into my body as her orgasm hit her. And within a few moments she became a puddle of goo in my lap.

Even her orgasm nearly made me want to have an orgasm myself.

I watched as Jeanette put the egg inside Amanda and heard Amanda do a half wince half groan as the egg went inside her. Jeanette turned her head to Sam and nodded.

Sam smiled, “Good girl. Now go back to your resting place.”

Jeanette walked back to the center of the room, put her hands behind her back, puffed out her chest, and begin to stare out into nothingness waiting for her next command.

Sam looked at me, “So have you liked everything so far?”

I nodded and smiled, “That was quite interesting.”

He laughed, “Good.” He turned his attention to Amanda, “So now that we know he likes this. What would you like me to show him next?”

I looked at Amanda and then back to Sam. What the hell were they talking about? Is this my surprise, me being introduced into bdsm and seeing what a sex slave does? Does Amanda want me to be her slave? Or does she want to be my slave?

I guess either way I’ll find out soon. Just as soon as Amanda catches her breath and regains her composure.

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