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My Best Friend 15 - The Surprise Pt. 5

Amanda convinces me to treat her like a slave....
A cell phone chimed at all of us sitting around just finishing up the food that Amanda and Jeanette had cooked for Sam and me.

All of us checked our cell phones to see which one of us got the text. Well Sam and me checked our pockets for our phones while Amanda and Jeanette had to fish through their purses for their phones.

Finally Jeanette chimed, “It’s mine.” See read her text and replied, “Well crap looks like I have to get home.”

Sam leaned forward, “Are you sure?”

Jeanette sighed, “Yeah I’m sure.” Jeanette got up, walked over to her duffel bag, picked out a small plastic bag, walked back to us, and handed the bag to Amanda. “I guess seeing how we are done here. You might as well have these.” She sighed again, “I guess I better go get dressed.” And she left for the bathroom.

Amanda quickly followed her, “Here I’ll help you.” Taking the bag with her.

Sam quickly called to Jeanette, “But keep your toy inside you.”

We heard Jeanette call back, “I’m no longer a slave you have to get me home.”

I watched as Sam pushed the button on his remote indicated high. “What was that?”

I immediately wanted to punch Sam as hard as I could at this moment. But before I could react I heard Jeanette moan from here and answer with a shaky voice, “Yes Master.”

Sam slightly chuckled to himself, “Good Bitch.”

If what he said earlier didn’t want to make me punch him in the face that remark definitely did. I just looked at him and he could tell the intent in my eyes.

Sam quickly bowed his head, “Sorry about that.”

I smiled to myself knowing that when it comes to confrontation Sam didn’t want to be on my bad side. We had been there once before and I called his bluff. Ever since then when he saw in my eyes that he was going to get a beat down he immediately backed down and apologized. If it weren’t for his big mouth I could see us becoming friends but I did have to admit he was smart.

I looked over to where the girls were getting ready trying to figure out what Jeanette handed Amanda in that bag. Could it be more toys? Whatever it was I guess I’ll find out once Amanda’s hot friend and dipshit leave.

I heard Sam speak, “Hey Jay. Are you going to be at the party tonight?”

I turned my attention to Sam, “What party?”

He shrugged, “Just the party the varsity players are throwing. Seeing how they won their game they should be back in town in a couple of hours.”

I looked at him, “How did you find out that they won already?”

He smiled at me, “Ian and Patrick texted me. They want me to invite all the JV players as a celebration for both of us winning our games.”

When the season first started the Varsity team didn’t want anything to do with the JV players, but ever since Varsity coach Bradley got tired of us fighting all the time. So him and Coach Morrison made us spend every single practice together making us run scrimmages together. Took us a couple of practices but now we have been helping one another. Our coaches even made us do the whole big brother little brother system, so each JV player was assigned their brother Varsity position to follow around during school and during practice. So I have two big brothers Coach Bradley’s son Michael for offense and Charles Hinkler for defense.

Sam like me had two big brothers of the pigskin as well, Ian and Patrick.


Sam’s question snapped me back from my train of thought. I sighed, “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Just then Jeanette and Amanda walked back into the living room fully clothed. Jeanette picked up the duffel bag and looked at us, “Are you ready Sam?”

Sam smiled and hit the medium button on the remote. Jeanette instantly became flush. “Let’s go.”

Jeanette turned around and opened the door waiting for Sam. Sam looked at me, “Well I guess I’ll see you at the party then. I’ll text you the details as soon as I find out where it’ll be.”

I nodded to him and almost wanted to push him out. I just wanted him out of here so I can spend time with Amanda.

I walked up to Amanda and put my arm around her. I looked at Jeanette and Sam, “Thanks for coming by. It was an interesting show.” Mainly I was looking at Jeanette as I spoke but made sure some of my attention was on Sam as well, even though my thanks was more towards Jeanette compared to Sam.

Amanda and I watched as Sam and Jeanette got in his Bronco and they drove off. As soon as they turned the corner I closed the door and looked at Amanda.

“Now where were we…oh yeah we were trying to whole slave/master thing.” I pulled the remote out of my pocket and pushed the low button.

Amanda looked at me and nudged me, “I don’t have it in anymore.”

I looked at her, “Well why not?”

I watched as Amanda bowed her head slightly as if she were ashamed, “Because I could tell you weren’t getting into it.”

I put my other hand that wasn’t wrapped over Amanda and put it behind my head, “It’s not so much that I wasn’t into it but….”

Amanda could tell I was going to make a point but I trailed off. She stepped out of my embrace, walked over to sofa, and padded her hand on the cochin next to her telling me to sit down next to her, “But what?”

I sighed and talked as I walked over to her, “I don’t know. I’m just not sure if we do this.”

She looked at me with understanding in her eyes telling me to go on, “Why?”

I plopped down next to her, “I just think if we do this whole ‘Slave/Master’ thing it might work against us.”

She continued to look at me as if not quite understanding what I’m trying to get at. I sighed and continued, “Like if we do that and we try to go back it. What if we go back to normal sex and it isn’t enough.”

Amanda smiled at me, “You mean like we turn into addicts and we need to do bigger and bigger things in order to get the same high?”

I smiled at her, “Exactly. And other things along those lines as well.”

She looked at me, “Like…???”

I sighed, “Like if you and me break up and we decide to date other people. It would be like we ruined one another. If we were to date other people it wouldn’t be the same.”

I could tell I struck a cord with her, “Are you going to break up with me because of this?”

I smiled at her and kissed her, “Never. I’m just saying. All these if’s are going through my head.”

She coyly punched me in the arm, “You over think too many things sometimes. Besides it’s because I love you that I want to try these things with you so that I can show you my love.”

I smiled at her knowing that I do over think things most of the time. I’m just happy she puts up with me over thinking things most of the time. “I know. I do appreciate you showing me that you do love me.”

She nuzzled into my arm, “So did you like the show at least?”

I smiled at her and realized that she couldn’t see me smile at her, “Of course.”

“So what was the party that Sam was talking about?”

Amanda’s question kept me from beginning to over think things like what was in the bag. Or if we were going to continue the whole ‘Slave/Master’ dynamic, I was beginning to get ideas.

I sighed, “Oh just some party the Varsity players are throwing because they won. Sam wants to know if we are going to go.”

Amanda pulled out of my embrace and looked at me, “So do you want to go?”

I shrugged at her, “I don’t know. How about you?”

She kissed me, “It would be nice to go out and it has been awhile since we attended a party. Where is it at?”

I shrugged again, “I don’t know. Sam’s supposed to text me the details as soon as he knows them.”

Amanda looked at me, “And when will that be?”

I shrugged once more, “I have no idea. Probably in a couple of hours.”

She flopped back into my arm, “Well I guess we’ll make our decision once we get the text.”

I chuckled, “I guess we will.”

Then we fell silent for a few moments until Amanda spoke again, “What are you thinking?”

I smiled, “I’m kind of curious to find out what was in that bag that Jeanette gave you.”

Amanda sat back up and looked at me with an evil smile, “Oh really?”

I smiled at her, pulled her into me and kissed her. After a few moments of us kissing, I finally broke from the kiss. “Yeah really.”

She smiled at me with her evil smile that I know all so well. “Do you really want to see what’s in the bag?”

I rose my eyebrow at her as if saying ‘That’s a stupid question,’ “Yes.”

She straddled me and put her hands on my shoulders, “And what would you be willing to do if I do show you?”

I smiled at her, “I don’t know. What do you have in mind?”

She turned her head to the side looking at me like a confused dog would. “Are you willing to give the ‘Slave/Master’ another try?”

I chuckled, “As long as you promise to be the slave.”

She flicked her hair over her shoulder, “Of course.” She jumped off me and hurried off to where she hid the bag.

I wondered what all was in the bag. Were there more toys? Were the toys meant for bondage?

I hoped there wasn’t anything too freaky. I don’t think Amanda is to the whole being dominated to where she wants to be tied up and wearing masks. I’m pretty sure she’s not to that point, but then again even though I may know her I don’t know her deepest desires. Hell I’m not too sure she knows her deepest desires if she wants to try this whole ‘Slave/Master’ thing.

Then another thought came to me. How did Jeanette acquire these toys? Did Sam buy them for Jeanette? Did Sam buy these new toys as part of the bet he lost? Did Jeanette buy them for Amanda? Did Amanda give Sam and Jeanette to get her the toys?

I shook my head trying to remember not to over think everything.

Amanda came back into the room with the bag still in her hand. She tossed the little vibrator that was inside her not too long ago at me.

“You already know that I now have that.”

I nodded my head knowing that she now acquired that. The mental image of Jeanette eating out my girlfriend and then inserted it into Amanda. Just the image was beginning to make my pants feel tight. I instantly felt the wet spot in my boxers from my pre-cum earlier envelop my dick as it pressed against the boxers.

Amanda brought my attention back to her as she brought the first item in the bag. She slowly brought out the thin package until she revealed some clips intended for her nipples. She tossed the package at me. After it landed, I picked up the package from my lap and read that it is capable of vibrating so it can add to the sensation.

I looked up her and smiled at the first package. I gave her a sly side wards nod telling her that I liked the first item. She smiled that I approved of the first package.

She reached into the bag again and started to slowly bring out the next item in the bag of mystery. At first I couldn’t tell what was in her hand as she brought out the item. Slowly by slowly I started to recognize the next item. Finally the item she brought out of the bag was a thin leather choker.

She tossed the item into my lap. As it landed on my lap, I saw that it had thin calligraphy painted along the front part of the collar. I had to admit the calligraphy was a nice touch as I read the word it displayed…NYMPHO. I kind of laughed at the collar as I read what it the word was. I was expecting something like ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore’ or something along those lines, but not ‘Nympho’.

I looked up at her trying not to laugh at the choice of word she chose for the collar. Hell for all I knew she didn’t choose the word but the collar. Probably neither. Maybe both.

Nonetheless I still nodded my approval of the collar. So far she hasn’t pulled anything out that wasn’t too freaky that I couldn’t deal with.

Amanda proceeded to pull out each item individually. The next item she pulled out was a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs. Then a red satin eye mask, then a pair of bed straps, and finally a set of rubber cock rings. Each item she tossed into the air and let it all into my lap.

A couple of the items I flinched trying to protect myself so it wouldn’t land wrong and hurt my dick or nuts. That would have probably been a game ender if any of them hurt too badly.

I looked at each item individually and quickly ran through a list of things that were possible with this combination of wireless remote vibrator, collar, handcuffs, eye mask, bed straps, and cock rings. The possibilities were limited but weren’t not just ranged from one location…my bedroom.

All the ideas popped into my head and I looked up to see that Amanda knew what ideas I had. She probably had the same ideas. Or she could have had more ideas than I did. Or maybe less. Nonetheless I still smiled up at her.

I looked up at her, “So are you serious you want to try this?”

I watched as she didn’t hesitate and quickly nodded.

I stood up and walked up to her. “Ok I guess we should make up some rules.”

She smiled up and kissed me.

After our kiss I pushed her away, “The obvious thing for now is that we’ll only do this when we are alone.”

She smiled at me, “My thoughts exactly.”

“Alright rule number one: You will do exactly as I say no matter what.”

She nodded.

“Rule number two: You will always be naked no matter what unless I tell you otherwise.”

Again she nodded.

I walked around her trying to think of other rules. A sudden rush of power enveloped me as I paced around her. I was instantly aroused. If I didn’t have a hard on I did now.

“Whenever you sleep over no matter if my parents are home or not, you will wake me up correctly by either giving me a blow job or already fucking me.”

She turned her head towards my direction as I came into her turning radius. “Hey now. These rules are for only when we are alone, not when your parents are home.”

I looked at her with a smile, “And I thought you love me.”

She fumbled around with her words for a moment knowing that she was stuck in a rock and a hard place. “But I do love you.”

I kept walking around her, “And like the idea of getting caught doesn’t turn you on?”

Amanda quickly shut up. “Am I right?”

There was a pause. I spanked her on the butt, “Well???”

When I faced her again, she nodded.

I brought my face close to hers and whispered, “Is that a yes?”

She didn’t answer. I pinched her nipple just lightly and pulled. Finally she answered, “Yes I’ll wake you up correctly.” Check and mate I thought to myself.

I let go of her nipple and began walking around her again. I couldn’t believe the rush I was getting just trying to think of rules and Amanda was agreeing to each rule.

“Now failure to follow any rule at any time will result in punishment. Is that understood?”

I was behind Amanda as I asked my question. I spanked her on the butt so she could hurry her answer.

I watched as she nodded.

I kept walking around her. Finally I decided to be nice, “Seeing how this is something you wanted to try. Is there a safe word you want to us to let me know I’ve gone too far.”

Amanda thought about this for a few moments. I kept walking around her waiting for her answer. Finally after a few moments I heard her speak, “Apples.”

I wanted to laugh at her obvious simple word choice to be her safe word. I knew Amanda could have picked a whole list of words she could choose as her safe word but then thought if the roles were reversed I probably couldn’t think of any better words myself. Nonetheless I spoke, “Alright once you say ‘Apples’ I’ll stop until you want to try this again.”

She nodded again.

I smiled, “Well let’s get this started.”

With me still behind her, “Why are you still clothed?”

Amanda quickly stripped down to where she was completely naked.

I walked over to the sofa and picked up the wireless vibrator. I held up the vibrator and walked back to Amanda. “I want this back inside you.”

Amanda looked at me and I saw something new I haven’t seen in her eyes before. It was a weird look but couldn’t quite pin point what I saw. I didn’t know what emotion she was displaying. It was hard for me to figure out what it was.

I reached down and started rubbing her pussy. Instantly I felt she was completely soaked to the bone. The palm of my hand was slick with her juices. I easily slipped the vibrating device inside her and brought my hand up to her face.

“Clean it for me.”

Amanda looked at me for a moment before she took my hand in hers and started licking my hand clean of her juices. Took her a few moments before she was able to lick everything else.

She did so good of a job I was surprised that she didn’t suck my fingerprints off.

I smiled at her once she finished her cleaning job and held up the remote in front of her face so she could clearly see which button I was going to push. I slowly moved my thumb from one button to another keeping my focus on her eyes to gauge her reaction. Her eyes followed my thumb travel along the buttons with great intensity.

Finally I pushed the medium button and clearly heard the device vibrating inside her because I was so close to her. I watched as her eyes went wide and she began to moan.

I smiled in my delight and decided to be devious, “Now I want you to stand with your feet shoulder length apart and not move.”

Amanda slightly nodded and tried not to move. I saw the inner battle Amanda was fighting inside herself to not touch along her body and play with certain areas that needed attention. Yet she was winning her battle by not moving.

I walked behind her and gently put her hands behind her back and coerced her to grasp her wrists together.

I smiled as I walked to the front of her and she continued to moan.

“Be quiet,” I simply stated.

Amanda quickly stopped moaning and replaced it with deep breathing.

I began to pace back and forth in front of Amanda and spoke loudly, “I wonder if I should do what Sam does to Jeanette controlling when she has her orgasm?” I looked over at Amanda as I paced asking my question out loud.

I looked over at her seeing that her breathing had gotten quicker and shallow. I saw that Amanda’s pupils had gotten as big as saucers. Her body was beginning to tremble and her legs were beginning to shake. I could tell Amanda was about to roll her eyes in the back of her head and let her orgasm run through her body.

I held up the remote again and saw that Amanda’s attention was focused on the remote. I looked at her and saw that in her eyes that she was pleading with me to allow her orgasm to take place.

Normally I am nice to Amanda and would do anything that she asked me to do within reason. Most times I was Amanda’s slave in what most of my friends and fellow teammates would tell me I’m pussy whipped. Even thought Amanda and I were friends and lovers we did our equal parts doing things for one another.

But now that the roles were reversed, I reveled in the power that I had over her. The high I was rolling along was intoxicating. I smiled my wicked smile at her and pushed the off button.

I instantly heard the device stop its teasing vibration making Amanda let out a long groan in her throat. I wanted to laugh as I heard Amanda groan like she was telling me ‘You fucking bastard. I was so close to cumming.’ I just smiled at her, “Remember you wanted this.” She instantly sighed in her throat knowing that I was right.

I came up to her and lightly dragged my finger along the front of her chest slowly until my finger reached just above her velvet opening. I lightly tapped my finger right above her slit and spoke aloud, “Hmmmm. I wonder what I should do next?”

Amanda remained quiet but I could tell she was wondering the same question. The juices running down her leg told me that she wanted a release from her caged orgasm that I stopped when I stopped her internal teasing device.

I walked over to the sofa and picked up the various items that Amanda had tossed into my lap earlier.

I picked up each item and said loudly, “I wonder which item we should try now?”

I watched her carefully as I held up each item to gauge her reaction what I should try out next.

The first thing I held up was the handcuffs in Amanda’s view. I wasn’t looking at the cuffs in my hand, I was looking at Amanda. I carefully looked her up and down to see if her body would so me that I should use the cuffs on her. But I didn’t see what I was looking for. I tossed the cuffs back down on the sofa.

I picked up the straps and held them to myself trying to think of where I could use them. I know they would work on my bed but couldn’t really think where else I could use them. Maybe the table. I threw them back on the sofa because I will use that as my ending finale for this session. I didn’t even look at Amanda as I thought if I would use them now or not.

I picked up the collar, walked back to Amanda, and held it in front of her. “Well seeing how you went through the trouble of getting this lovely beauty for this occasion. It would be a shame if we didn’t use it.”

Amanda smiled at me like she was telling me I made the right choice for the next item to use. Actually I was debating on the collar or the mask but somehow the collar made more sense to me.

I opened the collar and walked behind her. I drapped the collar over her head until it was at her neck level and closed it in place.

Well I’ll be damned. It fit her like a glove. Actually I was a little bit loose but not by much.

I walked around to face Amanda and stepped back to take in the beauty of my girlfriend, friend, and now slave. The collar did add a nice addition to Amanda’s beauty even though I preferred seeing her naked.

I smiled at her, “The collar does you justice.”

I paced around her just taking in the view. I circled her twice trying to figure out what I should do next.

Finally I decided to just go with it. I could take the teasing of Amanda and myself any longer.

I walked in front of Amanda. I took off my pants, shirt, and boxers. I walked behind Amanda and lightly grazed my hand along her body. I reached around and put my hands on her breasts.

I started to fondle her breasts. The moment I start kneeding her nipples in between her fingers, Amanda tilted her head back and began to moan.

I stopped what I was doing. Bend backwards a little bit so I could get the right leverage and slapped my dick upwards on her soaked pussy hard.

Amanda instantly Yelped as I slapped my dick against her pussy.

I simply replied, “Remember you have to be quiet.”

She instantly groaned in her throat.

I decided to be just down right mean. Actually if I kept this up I was going to give myself blue balls.

I grabbed Amanda by her clasped hands and guided her towards the couch. I threw her on the couch no longer giving a shit about the items. Actually there was one last item I wanted to use.

I grabbed the red satin mask and put it on Amanda so she could no longer see.

After the mask was fully applied to Amanda’s face, I grabbed underneath her ass and guided her so that her ass was barely on the sofa. I knelt down and forced her to open her legs for me.

I smiled at her knowing that she couldn’t see what I was about to do. I turned around and fished the remote out of my pants.

I pulled out the remote and hit the pulsate button.

I looked down at her and simply stated, “Once you feel my dick enter you then you can make sounds again and move your hands again.”

Amanda only nodded but was too busy paying attention to the vibrator lodged inside her.

I took my dick in my hand and slipped the cock ring on it. Instantly my dick felt stiffer than any rock ever could. I always thought morning wood was tough but this now beats morning wood hands down. I could see each vein in my dick bulging trying to find a release from the constriction.

I lightly slapped my dick on Amanda’s pussy. Hoping that I would be able to time my slap when the vibrator pulsated. After about ten light slaps, I went from slapping to rubbing my swollen member in between her pussy lips up and down each time the electronic device went off.

Vibrate. Up. Amanda was moaning in her throat and trying to breathe at the same time.

Vibrate. Down. Moan in Throat. Breathe.

Vibrate. Up. Moan. Breathe.

I kept the rhythm up for a few moments. Until my looked like it was turning purple. I can’t fucking stand it any longer.

I took the string attached to Amanda’s internal device and ripped it out of her. The vibrator came out and I instantly thrusted my dick inside her.

The moment my dick entered inside Amanda. She let out a long moan, wrapped her legs around my waist, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Oh Master Thank you for putting your dick inside me. I didn’t know how much longer I could take the torture.”

I didn’t listen to her I just thrusted again. Amanda just yelped.

Pull. Moan. Thrust. Yelp.

That was the motions going on. My brain melted it wanted release. My dick wanted the ring off of it.

Amanda began squeezing her legs after each thrust making me go inside her deeper.

Pull. Moan. Thrust. Squeeze. Yelp.

Pull. Moan. Thrust. Squeeze. Yelp.

Pull. Moan. Thrust. Squeeze. Yelp.

The motion went on for a while. Now matter how hard I thrusted into Amanda she would make me thrust harder. I needed a better advantage.

I exited fully out of Amanda. I grabbed her by her hips and urged her to face the couch so that we could resume in her favorite position…doggy.

Once Amanda what position I was trying to get her into she instantly jumped up, turned around, and faced the couch. I grabbed her arms and put them behind her back. I wrapped my left arm around her wrists. I used my right hand and put my purple slinger back inside Amanda.

My first thrust made Amanda moan.

I pulled out and used the leverage of my left hand around Amanda’s wrist together and thrusted back in.

Slide out. Moan. Pull on wrists. Slam. Yelp.

Slide out. Moan. Pull on wrists. Slam. Yelp.

Slide out. Moan. Pull on wrists. Slam. Yelp.

Slide out. Moan. Pull on wrists. Slam. Yelp.

This kept going.

“Oh Master I’m going to cum.”

I couldn’t control myself, “So am I?”

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