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My Best Friend 18 - The Relative Pt. 2

Jay has his first game of the season before his new family member arrives....
I pulled up to Amanda’s house to see that she was waiting in the doorway with a huge smile on her face.

I put my car in park and walked up to the girl with a shit-eating grin on her face or as I like to call her Amanda or sweetheart or honey or darling it really depends on my mood. “Hey. You packed for the weekend?”

Amanda pulled out two duffel bags and dropped them at my feet.

Guess that answers my dumb ass question.

I looked up from the bags and decided against saying why she would need two duffel bags for just three days. Sometimes I’ll never understand females especially the one in front of me I’m dating. I simply leaned forward and kissed Amanda before grabbing the bags.


I broke from the kiss and looked over Amanda’s shoulder to see her dad standing just behind her.

“How are you doing, sir?”

How could I miss Amanda’s dad standing behind Amanda. I could have sworn he wasn’t standing there just a few minutes ago. I guess I had too much on my mind. Or it could be my lower anatomy wanting to say hello to Amanda. Hell probably a combination of both. Maybe he wasn’t there and then materialized out of nowhere as soon as I kissed his little girl. Could have happened that way for all I know.

He smiled at me, “Not bad. Thank you for asking. Looking forward to your game tonight.”

I smiled at him thinking he was a bastard for interrupting a possible good thing, “So you’ll be there tonight?”

He nodded, “Sure am. The wife and I will be there cheering on your team. What position are you now?”


He walked out of the house, “Not a bad position. So you’ll be on the offense only this year?”

I sighed, “For now. Until the coach decides to put me in a different position or makes me play both sides like last year.”

That made Amanda’s dad laugh, “Yeah I’m surprised you did so well when Amanda first told us you were playing both sides but you did just fine.”

I smiled at him, “Thank you sir.”

Amanda cleared her throat, “Now now boys. If we don’t get going we’re going to be late for school.”

Amanda’s dad looked at his watch, “You two still have time. But I guess you’re right.” He pulled out his wallet and fished out a $20 and handed it to me, “I appreciate you taking my little girl to and from school for the last few days. Here’s some gas money as my appreciation.”

I didn’t reach out for the money, “Not a problem sir. She’s on my way to and from school.”

He forced the money in my hand, “No I insist.” He looked at Amanda and handed her some money, “Here’s some money to keep you going for the weekend honey. Make it last.”

Amanda didn’t look how much her dad gave her she just shoved it in her pocket and kissed her father on the cheek, “Thank you daddy. But we really have to get going.” She picked up one of the duffel bags and started walking to my car. I quickly grabbed the other bag and ran to catch up to her before she reached my car.

We drove in silence for a little bit before Amanda spoke next to me, “So when is your cousin coming?”

I had completely forgotten that I had told Amanda about my cousin Moira coming for the semester and possibly the entire year. My other cousin Neil had chosen to live with my uncle Jason for the entire year. Both of them are getting away from their parents, my aunt Debbie and uncle Robert, while they went through their divorce.

I sighed, “Moira will be arriving tomorrow sometime. My parents are driving out of town to pick her up from the airport.”

I saw in the corner of my eye that Amanda had faced me, “She’s not flying into our airport?”

I shook my head, “No. I guess it was cheaper to fly to where my parents are going. My dad says that he needed to go over there anyways to get some supplies so he’s killing two birds with one stone.”

“So are we going with them tomorrow?”

I sighed again, “My parents told me that they will be needing the room in the car for Moira and possibly any major luggage she might have.”

She nudged into me, “Good gives us some time alone together.”

I smiled at her and kept driving.

Our drive went back to silence for a moment longer before we reach school. I found a decent parking spot next to the locker rooms on the other side of the school. I pulled into the spot and put my clunker in park.

Amanda got out of the car and looked at me with a smile, “Guess I’ll see you in fourth period?”

I smiled at her, “Sure.”

I watched her quickly jog across the campus to get to her homeroom.

I smiled to myself as I watched Amanda’s perky ass sway from side to side as she jogged away. I had to pinch myself to make sure none of this was a dream. I guess I’ll never figure out how I got my best friend as a girlfriend and lover.


All sorts of sounds were going on around me.

It never fails during a game every sound sounded the same to me. I could hear coach yelling at us telling us to keep our eyes open. I could hear Amanda and the cheerleading squad yell at us and keeping the crowd pumped. I could hear the crowd going nuts all around me.

It seems that our first game was with our sister school before our official first game for the season starts. To be honest our first game of our official season should be against our sister school not some other school out of town. Sure other teams from different towns are tough but nothing like the game against our sister school.

Our sister school is part of the town. Sure it might not have as many students as our school but they are tough. Last year when our first game against them both the JV and Varsity teams nearly lost to them. This year I could tell that it was going to be tough. The only way could tell that was because the line up for the defense when we lined up the smallest people were the safety’s.

Did they fucking hire professional football players for this game?

Guess this game will show us if Troy can truly lead us as a team or not.


“Motherfuckers. How the hell did that happen?” Looks like Coach is pissed. He signaled to our defense something.

I really wasn’t paying attention to what coach was doing. I was too busy trying to breathe. I think that last hit might have cracked my ribs.

Looks like I was right about this game. We were in the fourth and the score is 17-14. So far we were only ahead by three points. Most of the team was exhausted.

Just then I looked up from feeling my ribs to make sure they were still there and see our left tackle rip the helmet off the quarterbacks head before he could get the ball out of hand. Guess the quarterback didn’t see him coming or whatever the reason was coach told our defense the blitz the hell out of them. Looks like they’re going to have to punt back to us.

Coach found our main return man Riddion.

“Alright son we only have less than a minute left on the block. I just need you to catch the ball and hold onto it with everything you have. You hear me?”

Riddion nodded his head, “Yes coach.”

The return team went out onto the field. Coach looked at all of us, “Alright I need us to run down that clock. Nossin you think you can handle that?”

Troy immediate replied, “Yes coach.”

Coach nodded, “Now remember to keep your eyes open. Find you’re open man and throw the ball to him just like we practiced.”

Once again Troy replied, “Yes coach.”

Coach turned around to face the field and watched as Riddion caught the ball and ran the hell out of the ball.

At first he ran for 5 yards. Then 10. Then 20. Finally he was tackled for 28 yards returned. I looked up at the clock to read we only had 28 seconds left before the game was over. Riddion had ran the clock 24 seconds for that return.

It was the offensives turn to get out on the field. Before Nossin started out coach grabbed him, “Remember take your time. Run down that clock.”

Troy nodded and headed towards everyone waiting for the huddle.

Troy kneeled down, “Ok. We’re going to do a QB Kneel so we can run down the clock. Everyone got that?”

All of us nodded.

We lined up and waited for Troy’s magic words.




The offense pushed the defense back and I watched as Troy kneeled.

The clock ran down. Each second was excruciating. 27…26…25…24…21…15…kneel…12…10…8…6…4…2…0.


I walked out of the gym to see my parents, Amanda, and her parents talking to one another. As soon as they saw me whatever they were doing they immediately stopped.

I wonder if they were talking about something. For all I know they were probably talking about something as simple as next weeks game. Or they could be talking about my cousin coming to staying with my parents and me and the impact it might play with Amanda spending the night on the weekends. I really hope it was the ladder and not that.

Amanda’s dad reached me first before my parents could. He stuck out his hand to me, “Great game tonight. Great game.”

My parents both said, “That was a great game son.”

I had to drop my bag on the ground in order to grasp Amanda’s father’s hand. I shook his hand, “Thank you, sir.”

He looked at me seriously, “How many times have I told you it is alright to call me by my real name?”

Amanda quickly slapped her father’s arm, “Please you know Jay’s parents raised him better than that.”

He squeezed my hand hard this time. It actually felt like the bones in my hand were beginning to turn into dust. He vigorously shook my hand with a huge smile on his face and laughed, “That’s why I love this boy. He treats me with so much respect. I love it. Lord knows I can’t get any respect at home.”

This time Amanda’s mom slapped her husbands arm hard. He quickly let go of my hand and pretended to hide behind me. He hunkered down behind me pretending I was a shield from his wife, “Hide me.”

This time Amanda’s mom gave him a scowl that made me even cringe. Amanda just laughed, “Sometimes I wonder how you raised me father. You act like a child too much.”

My parents didn’t say much while Amanda’s father was talking. But even they were laughing at what was going on.

I watched as an idea formed in his head and he wrapped an arm around me. He pulled me close into him, “Say you want to trade lives for the night? I think my wife if going to beat me tonight.”

Amanda’s mom continued to scowl at him, “If you keep this up I will beat you up.”

He laughed, “Oh you know you love it.”

This time my parents butted in, “I think it’s time we let the winner and his girl spend some time together.” They looked at me, “We’ll see you at home son.”

Before I could even answer or anything they turned around and walked off.

Amanda’s mom wrapped her arm around her husbands arm, “I think that’s a lovely idea.” She turned her attention to her daughter, “We’ll see you after the weekend sweetheart. If you run into any problems just give us a call.” When she turned around she nearly had to drag her husband off.

As the rounded the corner I heard Amanda’s dad call off, “Save me. I’ll give you a $100 if you save me.”

I heard Amanda laugh. I looked over at her to see that she was shaking her head, “Sometimes I wonder if he’ll ever grow up.”

She looked over at me as I smiled her, “I doubt it.”

She smiled at me and wrapped her arm around mine, “Come on let’s go home.”

I smiled at her and we walked off towards my car.

As we walked towards my car my mind began to wonder what was going to happen tonight. I knew for sure if I tried to tie up Amanda and have our usual fun now we’d probably wake up my parents. No matter how many times Amanda has told me how much she loves being my slave the moment I order her to be quiet so can’t. I really need to find a new punishment for her so that she would be quiet during our sessions.

At first when Amanda had talked me into treating her like a slave I was hesitant. Took me quite a bit of time to be comfortable enough to were I looked forward to when Amanda and I can be alone just so I can treat her like my slave. At least I know I’m not the only who looks forward to it because before I can give Amanda my first order she remembers her rules and immediately strips down and puts on her collar with a huge smile on her face.

I wondered how much time Amanda and I would have alone tomorrow? I hoped for most of the day. Hell I would be happy for at least five hours of alone time so we can have our fun.

Then my mind wondered what exactly will happen once my cousin arrives. We reached my car and I waved the lingering questions away from my mind. I looked over at the girl who I can’t stop thinking about across my car and I can see in her eyes that she has eyes only for me.

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