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My Best Friend 19 - The Relative Pt. 3

After some alone time for Jay and Amanda, Jay's cousin comes to live with him...
I woke up to Amanda in my arm with her leg draped over my body. I could feel along my body that she was naked. Naturally she was still asleep.

I could have sworn that last night when we went to sleep that she had on some type of clothing that resembled a nightie. Did she wake up in the middle of the night and take off the clothing or was I wrong and we crashed after having sex?

I smiled to myself as I heard Amanda snore nearly in my ear….and Coach wonders why I’m hard of hearing. To be honest Coach yelling at me about my hearing is because he’s constantly blowing his whistle in my ear. I’m surprised half of the team isn’t wearing hearing aids…na that would probably make it worse.

I thought about reaching down and playing with Amanda downstairs and seeing how long before she woke up. If I had to bet she would orgasm before she woke up, but the call of nature told me I needed to answer first.

I pushed aside Amanda’s leg off of me and lightly nudged her off my arm. I quickly got up from the bed and looked over at Amanda to see that she resettled herself back where I was sleeping to get warm again. She stayed asleep the entire time. I lightly shook my head and amazed myself to see how Amanda is probably the only person I know who is so much of a heavy sleeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to set off a nuclear bomb Amanda wouldn’t wake up. Me on the other hand you can lightly whisper and I’ll wake up…unless I’m completely exhausted then that’s a different story.

My bladder reminded me that I needed to release its contents. I looked down at my raging morning wood and told my dick, “Ok Ok. Let’s go and drain you.” Then I thought to myself looking down at my raging morning wood, what a waste.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw that there was a note on the kitchen counter. I walked over to the note and saw my name on the note. I pick up the note and read the note.


We left to pick up your cousin Moira. She should be flying in about 10:30am. After she flies in, we’ll be picking up some supplies and then we’ll be home sometime in the mid afternoon. So if you and Amanda are having sex I’m sure your mother and your cousin would greatly appreciate not seeing you in the buff. In the mean time until we return home, enjoy your time alone in the house. And do me a favor tap her once for me.

At the end of the note was my father’s unreadable signature.

I smiled to myself and was glad to see that my dad won’t ever change. Maybe a little bit of nasty old bastard but at least my relationship with my dad is funny if not good. He can always make me laugh. My mom on the other hand is a different story.

I chuckled to myself and crumpled the note before throwing it into the trash.

I walked back into my room and saw that Amanda was laying in the same spot I left her. I smiled to myself as I saw that she was still snoring away sawing logs. I pulled the covers off from her just so I could enjoy the view.

I briefly thought about gently nudging her and trying to open legs before I started eating her out. The moment the thought crossed my mind I brought my thumb across my mouth to do what I was thinking, my thumb felt my scar across my lip on the lower corner. I immediately remember how I got my scar.

About three months ago, I decided to do what I was currently thinking and actually went through with it. At first it was going good but then Amanda woke up. For some reason she kicked me because I imagine I startled her or at least that’s what she claimed. Her kick got me square in the face. Because of that kick after a little healing and little bit of dental work the only thing to remind me of that incident was my scar just above my upper lip.

The whole thing flashed back to that incident. As the flash back was over I decided against trying to eat out the girl who I love while she’s asleep. I didn’t feel like getting a matching scar.

After the incident, I normally get woken up to her giving me a blowjob or already riding me putting my morning wood to good use. Ever since that one incident with Sam and Jeanette and learning how to turn my girlfriend into a submissive slave, it has been a slow process…mainly on my part. But now while we’re alone is when the slave rules go into place.

Amanda knew that my parents were leaving town but because we didn’t know exactly know when they were leaving so I decided I wouldn’t punish her. Besides I prefer actually making love to the girl I love, maybe a little rough love, but love nonetheless. For now I decided against actually punishing Amanda and decided for taking a jog while I let Amanda wake up.


I arrived back to the house from my jog soaked to the bone. It was raining lightly this morning. So I was soaked by rain and sweat.

I ended up running 10 miles with weights on my ankles and wrists.

I walked into the house and into my room to see that Amanda was still in bed sleeping. How long can a girl sleep? I scratched my head and thought to myself that I did fuck her senseless last night.

I sighed and shrugged to myself. If I weren’t afraid that Amanda might cause another scar whether I wake her up correctly or not, I’d wake her up. If she’s not up by the time I get done taking my shower then I’ll have to face the consequences when I wake her up.

I walked towards the bathroom where the shower was after I stripped the sweat/rain covered clothes off my body. As I walked I wondered which way I should wake up Amanda. So I try to kind wake up by just calling her name while I stand as far away from the bed as possible until she wakes up. Yes Amanda has scared me from waking her up.

I could be mean and grab a pitcher of ice cold water and dumping it on her, but that would cause her to be pissed at me and who knows how long before she lets me have sex with her again. And I didn’t want to deal with my mother why my bed was soaked when she washed my sheets.

I could shake her awake. But that would be another scar across my face. I swear I’m better off fighting a grizzly bear compared to waking up Amanda.

Then there’s always eating her out gently until she wakes up. But then there’s no telling how exactly she’ll wake up. She could wake up in a good mood and enjoy what was happening between her legs. Or I could get another scar.

I stopped just before the bathroom and decided I better have some coffee ready when I try to wake her up. That was probably my safest bet. I walked into the kitchen. Throw some water into the coffee pot. Put in a filter and poured some ground coffee beans into the filter and turned on the device. Now before I get done with the shower the house should smell like coffee and wake up her highness.

I had been in the shower for maybe six minutes just long enough to shampoo my hair, then condition it, and use some body wash when I heard someone come into the bathroom. Seeing how I had limited choices of who is in the house my logical guess it was Amanda.

She stepped into the shower completely naked with a smile on her face like she was happy to see me.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

I smiled at her without saying anything I simply rubbed my scar that was across my upper lip.

She frowned at me, “How many times do I have to tell you I was having a nightmare that night and when you were eating me out I thought it was still part of the nightmare so I just kicked.”

I smiled at her and kissed her on the lips, “And how many times have I told you that I have forgiven you but now I’m leery of doing that again.”

She pouted at me, “I swear if you do that again I promise I will take a closer look before I kick.”

I laughed, “Well I promise to be across the room before you can kick.”

She snuggled into me forcing me to step back into the wall in turn forcing her under the shower head getting her soaked with water. I felt her wrap her body completely into mine and slowly climb her way up until her face was level with mine. I barely felt her climb up until she wrapped her legs around my waist. Normally I wouldn’t care but because of my run my legs were telling me she needed to get off. My dick argued with my legs. And my mind told all of them to shut up. Good thing my back was against the wall.

Amanda kissed me while she had me pinned against the wall with the shower beating down on her. The entire time we were kissing Amanda was grinding her pussy along my dick.

After some time of us kissing and her trying to rip the skin off my dick by grinding against it with her pussy, I was nearly at the point where I might need some type of healing cream on my dick and possibly apologizing to my dick, Amanda in one swift movement she grabbed my dick and guided it inside her. If I weren’t kissing her I would be thoroughly impressed, actually I am impressed.

She slid herself down until she had my dick inside her all the way to the root. At first it was painful. I couldn’t tell if her sticking my now rubbed raw dick inside her was the final straw or she was dry inside. Whatever the reason the pain subsided away, after a few strokes up and down it was like usual. A place my dick never wanted to leave. My balls would have to work overtime in order to answer my dick’s need. And my mind would be forever turned into goo if that wish were ever granted.

As soon as I could tell Amanda was completely soaked to where it felt like her juices were running down my balls or it could be from the running water of the shower, I wasn’t too sure which. I turned her around to where she was up against the wall and slowly started increasing the momentum and how hard I was thrusting. The moment Amanda was against the wall was the moment we stopped kissing.

I began my momentum. I exited her all the way to the tip. My dick begged to be put back in. Amanda exhaled in my ear with a slight whine as if she were about to cry because I was taking my dick out of her.

I slowly brought my dick inside her. Millimeter by millimeter. Amanda inhaled just only by a little. Once I felt my dick get about half way inside her I slammed my dick inside her all the way to the root. Amanda huffed really hard. I looked into her face and saw her eyes roll inside her head.

Something unique happened on that first hard thrust. Well half hard thrust. Amanda’s eyes rolling into the back of her head told me that she was having an orgasm. I could tell that by only a few obvious signs. The first was the rolling of her eyes. The second was her legs tightly wrapped around my waist. The third was her trying to embed her nails into my shoulder blades. The fourth arching her back. The fifth was her usual moan telling me she was having a orgasm. And finally my last sign was her pussy trying to grip my dick with everything it had.

I heard her moan, “More.”

I could only oblige.


My parents walked into the house exactly six hours after Amanda’s and my little romp in the shower. I’m still sure her nails went a good two inches my back, since then I have periodically excused myself and checked to see if there was any blood on the back of my shirt…still nothing.

My dad was the first to walk into the house with his arms filled with stuff from the store that he likes. “I hope you two are decent.” He brought down the stuff far enough to where he could see past the tower of things to see that Amanda and I were sitting on the couch watching TV fully clothed. “Go help our new family member get her stuff out of the truck.” And he disappeared around the corner to the kitchen.

I lightly smacked Amanda on the leg, “Are you ready to meet my cousin?”

She looked at me and I could tell she had mixed emotions on her face, but she was smiling at me trying to hide it all. After a brief moment, she finally nodded.

I walked outside with Amanda closely following behind me. I turned the corner to see my mom getting more stuff out of the bed from the truck. At first I didn’t see Moira until she got out of the truck. She stepped out of the truck and stretched while yawning.

Moira stood about 5’8”, light brown hair, has mixed eye colors (her left eye is green and her right eye is light blue), maybe 120-130lbs., and has a slender/muscular body. She wasn’t too muscular where she had huge bulging muscles but you could tell she liked to stay in shape, obviously from playing soccer. Currently she was wearing just some sweats with a zip-up hoodie that looked two sizes too big for her. The rest I wasn’t really checking because of one simple fact…she’s my cousin.

My mom looked from her to me and said, “Poor thing slept the entire time since she got off the airplane.”

Then we heard Moira speak, “Well you’d be tired too if you got at the airport at 4am and then flew on a plane for five hours.” She looked at the house, “Have to admit you guys always had a beautiful house.”

Moira turned her attention from the house to Amanda. She walked over to Amanda and stood over her about four inches, “You must be my cousin’s girlfriend that aunt and uncle told me about,” she turned her attention to my mom and then back at Amanda, “Amanda, right?”

I saw in the corner of my eye a look of shock hidden behind a smile. It felt like she was taking forever answering my cousin…so I elbowed her. Amanda blinked and took Moira’s outstretched hand to shake, “Yes I’m Amanda.”

After Moira felt like the introduction time was over she turned her attention to me, “Word up cuz?”

I smiled at her, “Nothing much.” She hugged me and whispered into my ear, “She’s cute.”

A voice boomed behind us, “Well now that everyone is caught up. Jay, why don’t you help Moira with her bags and show her to her room.”

I looked behind to see my dad approaching us, “Sure.”

I walked over to the truck with Moira behind me and looked into the bed of truck. Jesus there were four huge duffel bags. Just once I want to meet a girl who can pack everything into one. But seeing how Moira was going to be standing with us for a while I guess four bags seemed sufficient.

Now that my cousin was here, things are going to change. My only question was how much was it going to change. I guess the only way to find out how much it is going to change is see how things go.

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