My Best Friend 20 - Homecoming Pt. 1

By Lightning454

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We learn about the possible plans for the trio and Jay has an interesting dream....
Author Notes: Last we saw Jay and Amanda is when Jay learned that one of his family relatives was coming to stay with him and his parents for some time. His cousin, Moira. As far as Jay knows is he is unsure what his girlfriend, Amanda, thinks of his cousin. That and he’s unsure if Moira likes Amanda. The only thing he knows for sure is that Moira approves of Amanda, at least that’s what he thinks. The only thing is he is unaware if his weekend arrangement is going to change or not. What will he do…. There is only way to find out….let time tell. For now we are going to check on how everything is going a couple of days before the homecoming game.


I walked out of the gym completely worn out. Actually I still felt like I was carrying two cinder blocks in each hand. Remind me to kill Hank. Or thank him I’m not too sure yet.

Yes every time I worked out with Hank, he always pushes us hard. But because he does, even though I’m always sore thanks to him, it feels like whenever Amanda jumps on me she feels lighter and lighter. Or she could be losing weight…probably a combination of both. RIGHT!!!

“Woah! I smell the distinct smell of a jock.”

I looked over to see Moira and Amanda waiting by the lockers obviously waiting for me. I could tell my cousin Moira is the one who made the remark. At least it looks like Moira and Amanda are getting along. At least I hope so.

I smiled at my cousin, “Hey you’re a jock too.”

Moira laughed as I approached them, “At least I take a shower in the locker room before I leave. Seriously how hard is it to take a few minutes to take a shower?”

“Hey I like his smell. It makes him more likeable.”

Amanda had to put in her two cents to my cousin.

Moira laughed, “You’re the only one. Do me a favor roll down the windows when we go home.”

This time Amanda spoke, “And me freeze my ass off, no thanks.”

This time I had to laugh, “Well come on you two. We better get out of here.”

We walked all the way to my car in silence. Amanda stay nudged against me while Moira stayed ahead of us. I wondered if she stayed ahead of us so she didn’t have to see us kissing or probably because she didn’t want to be down wind. Did I really stink that bad?

We drove in the car for a little bit in silence. Amanda snuggled up close to me and kissing up on my neck every other block. Moira in the back seat with the window down letting in the crisp cold and made puking sounds every time Amanda kissed my neck.

About half way before we reached Amanda’s place, the quietness broke. Amanda broke the ice, “Hey Moira are you going to be attending the Homecoming party?”

Moira just looked at Amanda, “You mean the dance that the school tries to put together?”

Amanda laughed, “Well that too. But I’m talking about the party after the game and dance this Friday.”

I looked in the rear view mirror and caught a portion of Moira’s movement. I saw that she shrugged her shoulders.

“I have no idea. I really don’t know. You are two attending?”

Amanda giggled, “Well of course I’ll be at the game. I’m not sure if we are going or not either. It’s up to him.”

I looked at Amanda, “I don’t think we’ll attend the dance unless either of us is named Homecoming King or Queen. However where is the party this year?”

Amanda didn’t even miss a beat, “At Jeanette’s sister’s house.”

“Oh how is Jeanette? I haven’t seen her around the practices much to cheer on Sam unless it’s at the games.”

Amanda looked at me, “Didn’t Sam tell you or anything?”

I shook my head at her. “No he didn’t tell me anything. When we do talk it’s all about the game. Or he’s boosting how good he is.”

“Well they broke up over the summer.”

I nearly swirved off the road, “You’re kidding me?”

Amanda shook her head.

“Huh. Well I’ll be damned.”

Moira spoke, “Who the hell is Jeanette?”

Amanda turned around in the seat, “Jeanette is a girl we go to school with.”

“Is she cool?”

I had to stifle myself from laughing because of how well I know Jeanette.

Amanda simply stated, “Yeah she’s cool. You’ll like her once you meet her.”

Moira shrugged, “Whatever. As long as there’s guys I don’t care.”

Just then we reached Amanda’s place. “Well here we are.”

Amanda turned to me and kissed me on the lips.

Unfortunately the kiss didn’t last long because Moira was being a smartass, “Geez you two can’t you wait until you’re alone to do stuff like that.”

Amanda smiled at Moira, “Sorry. See you two in the morning.” And she hopped out of the car and was inside her house before either of us could say anything.


We walked into the house and was greeted by my parents.

“Hey you two. How was school?” came from my father.

I was the first to answer, “It was school.”

He looked at me, “And how was practice?”

I shrugged my shoulders and realized my shoulders and arms were beginning to tighten up, “Tonight was a workout night.”

He smiled at me, “So did what’s his face push you hard again?”

“Hank?” I nodded my head, “Yeah, I think I’m going to go soak in a hot bath before I go to sleep.”

My dad laughed and smacked me on the shoulder just to be an ass. He looked from me to Moira, “And you? How was school?”

I looked over at Moira to watch what she does. I watched as she shrugged her shoulders, “It was school.”

“Classes not too hard?”

She shrugged again, “A little more work than my high school home but it’s fine.”

“Like the teachers?”

She sighed, “Not too sure yet. They’re fine I guess.”

“Make any friends?”

She shrugged again, “Not really. I just want to get my school work done and prepare for when soccer season starts up.”

My dad smiled at her, “Well that’s good I guess.”

My mom walked out of the kitchen, “Oh good you two are home. Listen we need to talk.”

I looked from her to dad then back to her, “What now?”

My dad sighed, “Yeah well we’re going to have to go on travel for work again so we’re going to miss the homecoming game and possibly next weeks game as well.”

I looked at them, “So how many days are you going to be gone for this time?”

My mom answered, “10 days. Possibly more. But don’t worry we’ll leave you two money to keep you going until we get back.”

I sighed, “Ok. Where are you guys going this time?”

My dad smiled, “First Hawaii then on to Florida then to Washington.”

I looked at him, “Why are you smiling about Hawaii?”

My dad walked over to my mom and bring her into him before facing us again, “Because Hawaii was where we honeymooned.”

I nodded, “Ah so you guys are killing two birds with one stone?”

My mom answered with a smile, “Pretty much.”

I sighed, “Fine whatever. I going to make myself a sandwich and then take a nice hot bath before I go to bed.”

I walked into my room with my sandwich in my mouth. Moira followed me into my room and closed the door behind her.

“We need to talk.”

I turned around to face her, “Fine. What about?”

She crossed her arms, “What does that mean for us when they leave like this?”

I rose my eyebrow at her, “What do you mean?” I was curious as to what Moira was referring to.

“Meaning as to do we have any rules?”

I chuckled, “Just the simple ones.”

She looked at me, “Like?”

I sighed, “Well do your work. If you are given a list of chores do them. Keep your room clean. Your in charge of your own meals and laundry. And no parties are to be thrown here.”

She frowned, “So I can’t go to parties?”

I smiled, “I never said you can’t go to parties. I just said no throwing parties here.”

She smirked at me, “Is that your rule or their rule.”

I scratched my head, “More their rule than mine.”

Her smirk got a little bit bigger, “And how would they know?”

I chuckled, “Let’s just say I didn’t know that your aunt and uncle had someone watching over the house whenever they are on travel and I paid dearly.”

Moira leaned against the wall with a smile, “Oh. And how much trouble were you in?”

I smiled, “Let’s just say I had to write all my papers by hand and my dad added more work onto my already hectic school schedule. That and I fell behind on all my shows for three months.”

“And Amanda?”

I sighed, “Amanda couldn’t spend the night for three months.”

Moira rose her eye brow at me, “So you went without sex for three months?”

I smiled, “I never said I went without sex for three months. I only said Amanda couldn’t spend the night for three months.”

Moira laughed, “Ok. Well whatever. So how much money are they leaving us with?”

I shrugged, “That’s really up to them. Sometimes its only $20, other times it’s over a $100.”

She smiled at me, “Well that’s cool.” She took a deep breath and waved her hand in front of her face, “Well I better let you take your bath. It smells like dirty jock in here. And please use some soap.” With that she opened the door, walked out, said, “Good night, Cuz.” And she closed the door behind her.


I’m walking through a space ship. I could tell it was a space ship because it looked exactly like the one in this film I was watching. Everything was right down to the detail, including the actors and actresses.

Ok it’s official. I’m dreaming.

I walked down the corridors of the space ship. Everyone was doing their jobs. It looked like no one was paying attention to me. It was as if I were some ghost walking around this ship.

Normally when I dream I usually dream about whatever I did before I leave. Sometimes it was like I was a character in a book I read. Or I was a character in a game that I just got done playing. Mostly I’m some character in whatever show or movie I watch before I go to sleep.

In this it feels like I’m a ghost to everyone around me. At least that’s what it feels like, that is until I start passing by people. Then slowly I start noticing that people are actually saying something to me.

At first it looks like their lips are moving but nothing is coming out. I can’t hear what they are saying. Then after the tenth person or so I notice they are saying, “Captain.”

Great now I’m the captain of the ship.

Hell might as well go with it and see how this dream turns out.

I walked around trying to figure out my way to the bridge. Whoever filmed movies or TV shows with space ships sure made it look like getting to the bridge really really simple. I swore I must have gotten lost at least twice. Thank you in my dream there were diagrams on how to get the bridge at every corner.

As I traveled my way to the bridge, at least I hope I going the right way, I noticed something peculiar. The characters facial features started changing. At first it was one guys eyes. Then another person’s lips changed. After about ten people the whole change was complete.

Each and every person’s face now looked like Amanda to me. Granted all of them either looked like a guy or girl with their own body types just now their face looked exactly like Amanda.

Was my mind wanting to tell me something I already knew. That I love Amanda. But why would every person just have her face but keep their body.

This dream was getting weird. Really really really freaking weird.

And the weirdness just kept going.

The change wasn’t slow for every tom, dick, harry, and sue with Amanda’s face. Now their bodies were beginning to change. Some of the tall ones would shrink. Some of the short ones would grow. All the alien looking Amanda’s would turn into a human. All the robot looking humanoids are changing into human life forms.

Then the male’s chest would enlarge looking more female. The females with flat chest would grow to what Amanda’s breasts looked like. Same went for the more bigger cup females shrink.

Before I made my turn to continue my trip to the bridge every character looked exactly like Amanda. Then I made my turn into another hallway, seems the change wasn’t done. The first few Amanda’s their uniforms had holes cut into them to where her breasts were bare to the world…or in this case the ship. Thank god all the other people were Amanda so I wasn’t exactly jealous.

Then after the first few bare breasted Amanda’s. The next set of Amanda’s had no tops whatsoever. Their bottoms of their uniforms were still there.

I continued my journey towards the bridge. Apparently my subconscious of this particular dream didn’t care there was half naked Amanda’s walking around. As I walked I noticed that it felt like there was a pair of lips wrapped around my dick. I looked down to see that no one was there.

I kept walking and each step felt like the imaginary lips on my dick was going up and down. After about ten steps it now felt like my dick was completely soaked to the bone. I reached down and felt that my uniform was completely dry. I put my hand underneath my uniform and felt my dick. It too was dry, but it felt wet. Like the kind of wetness when my dick is inside someone’s mouth…to be exact, Amanda’s mouth. Satisfied the sensation was just in my mind. I went back to walking and turn the corner.

Then the next set of Amanda’s had assless bottoms. And finally the rest of them were completely naked. I looked back and noticed all the sets before the naked Amanda’s were walking away. The ones that were walking towards me I could see their uniform slowly disappear as they approached me.

I stopped where I stood and looked down. I found myself completely dressed. My dick was completely hard as a rock but still dressed. I looked back up and watched as each Amanda passed me by. Each one would say. “Hello Captain.” The only thing I could do was nod and drool as each Amanda addressed me and continued on their way.

This dream is really weird. Interesting but weird.

Then the next change happened. I stood in my place just admiring all the naked Amanda’s walking past me. But now they were no longer saying ‘Hello Captain’ to me.

One Amanda walked past me and as she did she looked me directly in the eyes and let out soft moan.

Then the next Amanda walked passed me, “Yes Baby.”

Then the next Amanda let out a soft moan as she grabbed her breasts and kept walking past me like it was something she normally did.

Each Amanda walking past me would either let out a soft moan or say something sexually to me. It was as if Amanda were having sex but I wasn’t included.

This dream was weird. Erotic but weird.

Then I woke up. At first I just caught a silhouette of someone bouncing up and down in front of me.

I couldn’t tell what time it was by just looking at the person bouncing up and down in front of me. I looked around and saw that it was completely dark still. So that told me it was still night….how long had I been asleep? I finally found what I was looking for…the clock. It read 11:46pm. Fuck I had been asleep for maybe an hour and a half, give or take a few minutes.

At first I could barely understand what the hell was going. Then one by one my senses was returning. First my sight so I could only tell the silhouette was female. My eyes hadn’t adjusted to the dark just yet. Then my hearing, I heard soft moans from the female on top of me. Then my smelling, I smelt a familiar scent with a hint of sex. Then my feeling came back last, more to the point the feeling from my dick. Everything clicked then and there…well most of it clicked. I was having sex. Not a bad way to wake up would have preferred more sleep but beggars can’t be choosers.

My only question was who the fuck was on top of. I hoped it was Amanda.

The girls moans above me sounded exactly like Amanda. The smell of Amanda’s perfume, her shampoo, and her deodorant was all over the girl above me. The silhouette above me had Amanda’s basic shape and her hair length.

I reached up to grab the silhouetted girl’s breast but she grabbed my hands and forced them back down. Then the girl above me slowly grinding her way to euphoria finally said something, “Oh baby don’t move let me do all the work.”

Hearing the girl speak it finally clicked in my head. The girl above me it was Amanda grinding me out of my sleep and trying to milk my balls.

I now know why my dream had gone all weird and sideways. When my dream started turning sideways is when Amanda started playing with my dick until it got had. I imagine inbetween my dick getting hard and her fucking me is when everyone turned into Amanda.

Ok it really didn’t click that moment I sort of understood in my mind that my body was trying to tell my mind that it was being raped and it wanted the mind to understand it. All the sensations that the body was sending the mind while it was in R.E.M. sleep had to show my consciousness what was going on. But when I first wake up it takes some time to recognize what is going on, so the less sleep I get the longer it takes my mind to wipe away the cobwebs. The more sleep I get the less it takes for me to fully wake up.

So yeah it took me longer to realize what was going on after only getting an hour and half give or take a few minutes to fully understand what was going on. At least what was going explained why my dream was so weird.

I wanted to ask so many questions. Like, Why are you here? How did you get here? Aren’t you afraid we’ll get caught? Will Moira hear us?

My dick yelled to my brain to shut the fuck up and enjoy what was going on for once.

My brain thought for a minute and was going to do something until my dick sent the first sensation of an orgasm going to happen. Then my brain shut up and enjoy what was going on.

All I knew for sure was I love the girl bouncing up and down on me right now. I hope nothing ever changes between us. And then there was the questions about Moira and this supposed party with Jeanette. Guess the only why to find out is let time tell.