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My Best Friend 21 - Homecoming Pt. 2

Jay, Amanda, and Moira attend Jeanette's party and find out there will be games...can this be good?
We drove in my car towards Jeanette’s sister’s house in quiet. Well for the first few blocks it was quiet.

Moira spoke first, “So who all is going to be at this party?”

Amanda turned in her seat to face Moira, “Well actually there are six parties tonight. There’s the Varsity bonfire. Then there are little kick backs here and there. And then there’s Jeanette’s party.”

I looked over at Amanda, “She didn’t ask how many parties there are. I believe she was asking who all is going to be at Jeanette’s?” I went back to my driving.

I saw in the corner of my eye and saw that Amanda was looking at me, “I was getting to that.” She turned her attention back to Moira, “Well there’s us and Jeanette, of course. Then there’s Brandon and his girlfriend Sasha, Troy and his girlfriend Jenny, and like 18 girls and 10 other guys will be at Jeanette’s party.”

Moira sighed, “Great more girls than guys. Just what I wanted…yippee.”

I looked in my rear view mirror to see in my corner that Moira began to pout in the corner of the mirror. I smiled at her, “What’s wrong with that?”

Just then I wished I didn’t say that because I saw in the corner of my eye Amanda was glaring at me. I just hoped she caught on to where I was trying to get with where I was going when I asked my question to my cousin.

Moira continued to pout. “Oh I was just hoping to get laid.”

Amanda turned back to face Moira. “Oh I’m sure you’ll find a guy you can have sex. Besides I’m sure more guys will be there than that.”

Moira mumbled something but neither of us could make out what she said.

I looked in the mirror so Moira could see that I was looking at her. “What was that?”

“I said, ‘I hope so because I’ve been priming my pussy all damn day.’”

I nearly swirved off the road with my cousins comment, Amanda coughed like she wasn’t expecting that one. To be honest nor was I.

Note to self, Moira is extremely blunt. If she is this blunt about her being horny, I hate to see her blunt about anything else.

Have to admit it was kind of funny. Would have been even more funny if I weren’t driving.

Moira sighed. “Ok. I’m tired of talking about me being horny. So that game tonight was good. Way to go on the game changer, Cuz.”

Amanda punched me in the arm. “Oh yeah. You diving over the fumble in the fourth quarter probably saved your team and keeping you guys alive enough to win.”

I scoffed. “It didn’t feel like I saved anything with the dog pile that happened. I still feel a little flat.”

Moira spoke. “I’m sure Amanda will help you with that feeling later.”

Amanda laughed. “Maybe later.”

Moira laughed. “Right.”

After that Moira and Amanda stayed quiet for the rest of the drive towards Jeanette’s sister’s house. Well Amanda would speak up every once in a while to further give me directions to get to Jeanette’s sister’s house.


We arrived at Jeanette’s sister’s house. There is at least seven cars parked along the road that Jeanette’s sister’s house is on. At least I know we aren’t the only ones there already or the first ones there.

I parked my car behind a pickup truck. All of us got out of my car and we walked our way to the house.

We arrived at the door and knocked. I wanted to say something like I wasn’t sure we should be here. Is there alcohol? Is there going to be drugs at this party? I guess I was just being paranoid. Before I could say anything the door opened and we were greeted by Jeanette.

“Oh hey you guys. I’m glad you could make it.”

Jeanette opened the way and allowed us into the party.

We walked in and I saw some people just hanging around the house drinking from cups. The music in the house was moderate. It wasn’t too loud to where I couldn’t hear a damn thing. Nor was it too quiet to where I was able to hear someone’s stomach grumble.

Jeanette stepped in front of us. “Ok guys. The fee is $10 a piece. There’s a keg chilling outside.”

Moira spoke. “Who do we give the money to?”

Jeanette smiled at Moira. “Me is fine. You must be Jay’s cousin I’ve been hearing so much about from Amanda.”

Moira smiled. “I hope it’s not all bad. Only half of it is true.”

Jeanette laughed, “I like that. Well enjoy the party.”

All of us handed our $10 to Jeanette. She smiled at us. “Great.” She put an ‘X’ on our hand. I looked around and did notice that everyone had an ‘X’ on their hand as well. I guess I wasn’t paying attention the first time around.

We were about to make our way through the house. I wasn’t too keen about drinking tonight but it was for Amanda and her friend Jeanette was the reason why I agreed to being here tonight.

Behind us I heard Jeanette call out to us. “As soon as everyone is here, the games will begin. Be sure to stick around until then.”

I wondered what games Jeanette was referring to. Were they some stupid games like pin the tail on the donkey? Or truth and dare? Because if that was the case then I wasn’t too sure I wanted to be here. Is everyone going to be playing these supposed games or just a select few?

I looked over at Amanda to ask her what Jeanette was talking about but Moira and her were already doing their rounds mingling. I guess Amanda is introducing Moira to everyone that she didn’t know. Which was more than half of the house right now.

I looked back at Jeanette and was going to ask her what games she was talking about but she was already answering the door and letting more people in.

I had a few options before me. I could wait until Jeanette was done answering the door and find out what games Jeanette had in store for the night. I could go around the room to see if they knew what was going to happen. I could pull Amanda aside and find out if she knew anything. Or I could just wait and find out what games Jeanette had in store.

I shrugged to myself and decided I could wait in order to find out what was going to happen. I walked over towards where the keg was.

I passed Amanda and Moira as Amanda introduced Moira to Phillip. I knew of Phillip. He’s been in a few of my classes. He wasn’t on the football squad. If I had to say anything about Phillip he was your normal schmo. If you were to put Phillip in a line up with criminals he’d never be picked. To be honest I didn’t care who Moira met. I wanted a drink hopefully getting hammered will make this night go quicker.

After a couple of hours, it seemed like a lot of people showed up to Jeanette’s party. There was a good thirty or forty girls and about 25 guys. Almost a two-to-one ratio girls against guys.

By the time I recognized what was going on let alone anything that was going on I had at least 12 cups of beer. Well hopefully Jeanette had a place for Amanda, me, and Moira to crash. That or Moira or Amanda stay sober enough to drive us home.

Before I could really think anything through, mainly tell Moira or Amanda that I’m hammered and one of them needs to sober up so we can get home. Jeanette stood up on a table and got everyone’s attention.

“Alright everyone. I want to thank everyone for coming to the party for tonight.”

Everyone hooted and hollered for Jeanette. She simply bowed.

She slowly waved her hands down getting everyone to quiet down so she can continue to speak. “Now as I’m sure most of you that I have talked to, I have mentioned that there will be games tonight.”

Now the girls hollered at Jeanette. She smiled at everyone and once again waved her hands to get the girls to quiet down.

“Alright for those of you wondering what games we’re going to be playing, most of the guys at least are wondering. For some time I have been hearing about certain guys who are well endowed. Well tonight is the night we find out how hung you are and how well you can use your equipment.”

Once again the girls hooted. Jeanette waited for them to die down. “So tonight 20 lucky girls and 10 of you well endowed guys will be having a fuck off to see how well you can fuck.”

Now I was looking around the room and noticed a lot of the girls were looking around the room and eye balling each guy. I even noticed at least seven girls look at me with a shit-eating grin on their faces.

I looked around and saw some of the guys. There was mixed emotions on their faces. Some were high fiving each other like typical idiots. Others had the same look on their face as what was probably mine…trying to figure out who the lucky guys were for these ‘games’.

My attention went back to Jeanette. “For the guys holding white cups. Please hold them up.”

I looked down and noticed I was holding a white cup. When the fuck did that happen? I could have sworn I was holding a regular red plastic cup for my beer. Could I have been handed a white cup when Amanda so nicely got me a refill and I didn’t notice the change? Or have I always been holding a white cup?

No that wasn’t it. Someone must have changed the cup on me.

I held up my cup in the air like Jeanette told us to do. I looked around and saw that Brandon, Troy, Jesse, Ryan, and a few other guys were holding up white cups. Sure enough there was ten white cups being held up. I guess girls have told Jeanette that I supposedly was well endowed. But the only people that has seen my dick is only two girls: the girl in Germany and Amanda. So that only meant that Amanda blabbed to Jeanette about my dick.

I kept a close eye on Jeanette as she spoke. “For you guys. In the white cups that were handed to you. There was a special gift in your cup for us girls. Each guy will have two girls fucking him.”

She rose her hands, “Alright girls. First game we’ll be playing is the first guy to cum loses. Go to your guy and get ready.”

The entire time Jeanette spoke she kept a close eye on one person…me. Sure she would occasionally look at some of the other girls and guys, but mainly her focus was on me.

After Jeanette was done speaking, I walked over to Amanda.

As soon as I reached her I spoke as lowly as I could without sounding shocked or pissed. “What the hell is going on?”

Floods of thought entered into my brain as I stared at the girl I loved. Thoughts of things that could go bad in this situation if this was correct or not. I mean was I under some drunken haze and imagining what just transpired. Or if this was real how was this going to effect things between me and Amanda. I’m hoping for a drunken haze and imagining this whole scenario.

Too many if’s kicked my brain into overdrive wiping away the drunken cobwebs heavily that had formulated in my head. Too many things were happening in head I almost nearly missed what Amanda finally spoke.

“I…I…Me and Jeanette were talking a couple of weeks ago….”

I tried to calm myself while Amanda tried to find her words. I wasn’t too sure if I was pissed beyond belief or was horny, probably a mixture of both. The only thing I was sure of was that my heart was racing and my hands were shaking bad.

I tried to calm my voice as I spoke realizing my previous statement might have come out more pissed. “And what does that have to do with what is going on now?”

By that time Jeanette came over to us.

“Hey you two.”

I looked over at her and could tell that my look at her said that she shouldn’t be here right now.

She looked from me to Amanda, who looked like she was about to cry at this moment. I looked at Amanda and saw that her eyes were tearing up. That moment no matter how pissed or whatever my state was made me wish I could crawl into a hole. My heart sank and I wanted to cry with her. I didn’t want this in no way now.

Jeanette spoke, “What’s going on?”

Amanda looked from me with tears still in her eyes. I could tell my eyes were tearing up now. I just wish none of this happened. I just want to take Amanda home and reassure her that I still love her unconditionally.

“Jay’s pissed and I was trying to tell him what we spoke about a few weeks ago.”

Jeanette looked from her as if understanding what was going on and looked at me.

“Do you remember that time when Sam and me came over for that little domination show?”

I just nodded. I remember that day vividly. Hell some nights while I’m asleep I dream of that day and what followed after they left it still makes me wake up with a hard on that could rival hardened steel.

“And you know me and Sam are over right?”

Once again I nodded. I’m happy she wasn’t with Sam. He may be a good football player but something about him has always made me not trust him as far as I can throw him. Must be some water and oil thing. Us being in the same vicinity is not a good idea. Hell we can barely stand each other on the field but we somehow put our differences aside in order to do our jobs.

“Well me and Amanda were talking a few weeks ago. She admitted to me that your man hood is one to see. And after some talking Amanda wanted us to have a threesome. I just figured this would be as a good time as any.”

I looked at her then to Amanda. “Is this true?”

Amanda wiped her tears away trying not to cry in public. The only thing she could do was nod.

I looked at Jeanette, “Why do you want to be in threesome with us?”

Jeanette sighed, “Listen. Amanda doesn’t know this but I have always had the biggest crush on you. And if Amanda allows it I want you two to be with me. If you’re as good as Amanda says I want to be your’s and Amanda’s submissive little girl.”

That took me by surprise. I looked over at Amanda and could tell she was shocked. Actually she looked like she was shocked and maybe a little jealous because of Jeanette’s admission of her attraction to her boyfriend.

Somehow I found my wits, “Then why don’t we do this in private instead of like this.”

Jeanette looked over at Amanda, “You tell him.”

I looked at Amanda. She found her voice, “Because I’ve always wanted to have sex in public with you. And Jeanette just admitted she likes being dominated. Plus a couple of weeks ago when me and her talked I agreed to this as long as you were willing to do it for me.”

“But we have had sex in public.”

She closed into me, “Yeah but nothing like this. We’ve only done in your backyard or in your car on the side of the road or inside of a dressing room. Doesn’t this turn you on honey?”

I had to admit that this indeed did turn me on. My dick was hard as a rock. But all sorts of warning bells were going off in my head. Like all the warnings were telling me not to do this. As if I had some morals I didn’t know I actually had, well that’s not true. I knew in my heart that I would never cheat on Amanda. Yes the idea of a threesome was in my mind but at the same time my morals wouldn’t allow me to ever talk to Amanda about it like a normal guy would.

I looked at her, “What about you?”

She pouted at me, “Until you yelled at me I’ve been wet since me and Jeanette talked about this night.”

I looked at Jeanette. Jeanette smiled, “I’ve been wet since Amanda gave me the thumbs up to do this with you two. I’m so excited.”

I looked at Amanda, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Amanda’s eyes dried as if she knew she won this battle. Like she had to do much to convince me to do this. She just nodded.

“And you won’t be mad or jealous or change your mind later?”

She shook her head. She just retorted back, “The real question is do you want to do this?”

“Are you sure this isn’t some trick or game?”

She sighed, “No you idiot. I want to fuck your brains in public. This is no trick. No game. I won’t get pissed if you fuck Jeanette as long as you fuck me too. I promise.”

My dick yelled at me to stop asking too many fucking questions and go with it. I looked from Amanda to Jeanette and could tell that they wanted this to happen.

Finally I sighed. “Ok let’s do this.” I felt like I was backed into a corner.

Jeanette led us into the growing circle of people waiting for the ‘games’ to start where 18 girls and 9 guys waited for us so the games could begin. As I was being led I made a silent prayer that none of this backfired and this was the beginning of the end of the relationship of the girl that I love…that and I hoped my dick lasted as long as possible.

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