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My Best Friend 22 - Homecoming Pt. 3

The conclusion to Jeanette's party
Author’s Note: Last we saw of the love infatuated couple, they were at a party with Jay’s cousin Moira. A party that was being held by Jeanette and just as we left off looks like there was going to be some games at this party. Jay didn’t know what these games were until he was cornered into saying yes. Does this new twist mean this is the beginning of the end of the relationship between Jay and Amanda? Will Jeanette’s confession change the dynamic between her and Amanda? Will Jay’s dick be the first to lose? Or will his prayer’s be answered and all his worries are answered correctly? Guess there’s only one way to find out….Let’s get back to the party.


I walked into an ever-growing circle. It was loud as hell. I could actually feel the heartbeat of the crowd. It felt like the whole crowds heartbeat was racing…or is that my heart beat racing?

Jeanette and Amanda were tugging me into the circle by my belt loops. If I were actually turned around it would look like they were dragging me into the circle. All that would be missing of that scene would be me on the ground with my fingers trying to grab onto something so I wouldn’t be dragged. But I guess this scene got everyone riled up.

The crowd seemed restless and hell the announcement of the sex games just went out like 5 or 10 minutes ago. To me it felt like 5 or 10 weeks had passed.

Finally we were in the middle of the circle. Actually if you want to get technical we were the third set on the left of the ten groups. I looked to my left and saw a couple of guys and three of the four girls I knew sort of. The fourth girl me and Amanda and Jeanette have go to school together for a long time, not as long as Amanda, Jeanette, and me have known each other but close enough.

Her name is Paula. Paula is about Amanda, Jeanette, and my age, 17. If not she’s really close to that age. She’s a junior like us. Granted she wasn’t a cheerleader like Amanda and Jeanette, she did have her qualities. You could tell she was a geek but she’s a hot geek.

I always saw Paula running around school constantly reading comic books. Shocks the hell out of me how hardly any one picks on her for reading comic books, but that’s because of how she looks.

Paula is about 5’2’’ and easily weighs 100lbs, 110lbs at the most. She always wore little slutty outfits the showed off her thong and her cleavage. She died her hair blonde and has brown eyes. Even though she reads comics and could tell she was a geek, most of the girls looked at her like she was a slut.

Hell even Amanda has called her a slut on a few occasions mainly because she felt threatened around her. I’m not too sure if Jeanette has called Paula a slut or not.

Oh well she’s here for a reason.

I looked over to my right and saw the other 7 guys and 14 girls. Some of the guys included Troy and Brandon. The other ones I sort of knew same went for some of the girls. I guess since Amanda and me have started dating I really haven’t been paying attention to a lot of the girls.

Actually to be brutally honest, I don’t pay attention as much as I should the only thing I really pay attention to is Amanda.

The crowd was restless. It was so freaking loud. It felt like a bunch of car stereos battling it out to see whose the loudest was. I could make out some comments and could tell some people were making bets before anything started.

Girl # 1, “Who do you think will be the biggest?”

Girl # 2, “I dunno. I hear Jesse’s makes a elephant trunk look small.”

Girl # 1, “Na. I hear Troy is packing a 2 by 4 in his pants.”


Girl # 13, “Who do you think will last the longest?”

Girl # 14, “I don’t know.”

My favorite was this…

Guy # 1, “How come I wasn’t handed a white cup?”

Obviously his girlfriend, “I tried but they only needed ten.”

I’m lucky to hear what I did hear. I looked around and saw a couple of people slowly walking around the edge of the circle video taping this whole thing. Great if I didn’t have shyness about whipping my dick out this wasn’t going to help. I’ll be surprised when my pants and boxers go down that I’ll be at half mast.

Put me in pads or a uniform on the field with a full stadium of people cheering away making trying to think of a single thought impossible and I’m fine. Actually to tell the truth after the first minute any anxiety issues I may have disappear and my mind is in the game everything else is black.

But this. This is a whole different ball game. If I thought having a room of people see me naked let alone fuck, the cameras roaming around the circle was not going to help.

All of a sudden the crowd died down. I was shocked I didn’t think this crowd could shut up until I saw why. Jeanette was holding her hands up and waving them trying to get the crowd to calm down. I have no idea how long she was doing that. If I were to make bets mine would be at least ten minutes. Has ten minutes even passed? How long have we been standing around waiting for the crowd to shut up?

After the crowd had quieted down, Jeanette finally spoke. “Now I’m hearing from a lot of you which guy is the one that has the biggest dick. Who wants to see which guy has the biggest dick?”

The girls broke out in the loudest scream I have heard in my life. Their screams just it the nerve in my head giving me the biggest headache I didn’t know was possible.

Once again Jeanette waved her hands and got the crowd to die down. She looked at the girls in the group. “You heard them girls. Time to show this crowd what your assigned guy has packing in his pants.”

And with that the girls took down the guys pants one by one

I looked to my right watching as each set of girls helped the guy they were to fuck pull down their pants and boxers showing to the crowd what he has in between his legs.

Each pant was greeted by louder and louder screams. Until it was my turn.

Amanda and Jeanette unzipped my pants and unbutton them, and finally pulling down my pants and boxers showing to the entire crowd what I had hidden in my pants. I watched a few girls fan themselves when they saw my dick. I looked down and was surprised to see that my dick was at half mast. I could see that I wasn’t fully erect but I could still see the veins in my dick pulsing.

What the fuck is going on?

Normally when Amanda touches me my dick is already harder than a rock. I guess because of the crowd I’m too nervous that it is affecting my dick. I could feel my pulse in my dick trying to get hard but because of the crowd and the circumstances was making it difficult to get a hard on.

Granted Amanda and I have had sex in places to where we could get caught but never did. Just the thrill of that did make me hard as a rock. But this was a whole different set of peccadilloes.

The crowd was extremely loud and I noticed that all the guys had been depantsed. I looked around the see what the big hub bub had been but I couldn’t exactly tell which guy was the largest or longest. Not without stepping outside of the crowd and really taking a look. If I did that I imagine a lot of people would probably think differently of me.

Honestly I just wanted this whole thing to be done so I could go home. I prayed this was some sort of nightmare and that I would wake up soon. Please let this be some nightmare.

Now I understood how people could have anxiety attacks. If this wasn’t an anxiety attack I didn’t want to know what this was.

“Looks like all the rumors were true doesn’t it ladies?”

Jeanette’s boast got the girls in the crowd hooting and hollering again.

Jeanette screamed over the crowd, “Now let’s see if they can use those weapons.”

And with that Amanda immediately dropped down to her knees and started kissing along my half mast fellow.

I watched as Jeanette came up and dropped down to her knees and helped Amanda kiss along my dick.

At first it felt weird having two sets of lips kissing along my dick but that sensation went away quickly and was replacing with a tickling sensation.

I had to start thinking all sorts of things so I wouldn’t pop early. Only problem with the girl I love and another girl who is in lust with me was making any type of thought impossible. All roads led back to sex.

Amanda stood up from licking my dick while Jeanette kept licking her way to the milky promise land being confined inside me. I didn’t realize that Amanda and Jeanette had lost all their clothes somewhere while they were licking my dick. I guess while I was inside my head arguing with myself that this shouldn’t be happening I didn’t notice everything that was going on.

And when I mean I didn’t notice everything that was going on, I mean everything. I looked around still seeing the crowd is cheering the separate groups. There was actual people betting on which guy would pop first.

I looked to my right and there was a couple of the groups already fucking. Two of the three of the groups had the guy laying down while one girl rode his dick and the other girl rode his face. Troy had one of the girls doing the vertical splits fucking her. I didn’t know he had it in him.

I looked to my left the two groups were already fucking as well. Like the other two groups the guy was on the ground while one girl rode his dick and the other rode his face.

Something inside me clicked. Seeing everything going on around me stirred something up…competition.

I grabbed Amanda and lifted her up so that her legs wrapped around my head and I started eating out Amanda’s delicious pussy.

I’m surprised that move didn’t make me pull a muscle. Remind me to thank Hank Monday about pushing me to lift a lot. I had to admit Amanda felt like she was a full milk carton on my chest.

Is it just me or did Amanda get lighter since me and her have started dating?

Now the sounds of the crowd have gotten louder. Some girls where making all sorts of comments. I couldn’t hear really well with Amanda’s legs wrapped around my head made hearing a little difficult.

I ate Amanda out while she grabbed my head trying to keep balance on my shoulders. I felt Jeanette now deep throating me. I had to admit that she did give some good head. But I didn’t care my focus was on Amanda and giving her what she wants.

After I felt Amanda cum at least twice on my tongue I picked her back up and gently setting her down back on the ground. That and give her a hand so she didn’t fall over because her balance wasn’t good at this moment. Hell I’m surprised I didn’t fall over with what was happening.

Then I heard the crowd laugh. And two girls say, “We got our first popper.”

I looked over and saw Troy sitting down wiping the sweat from his brow. I guess pounding that one girl made him cum quicker.

I wanted to laugh my ass off at Troy but I had to focus on making sure I’m the last one to pop.

I looked down at Jeanette and saw that she had a smile on her face. I’m not too sure about her smile. I didn’t know if I should be scared of her smile or not.

Jeanette pulled out a condom that was in her pants that was laying on the ground, opened it, and put it on my still half mass dick.

I watched as she put the condom on my dick. At least she was prepared and safe too, how thoughtful of her. I saw her put the wrapper on the ground after she put the condom fully on my dick.

I bent down and pick up the condom wrapper noticing that the wrapper was black. I read the label reading Male Endurance now with desensitizing lotion. I’ve heard of these condoms from somewhere…where was it?

I believe someone told me that they used these condoms before but I can’t for the life of me remember the outcome or how the story went. The only thing I was completely sure of was that I heard these condoms were interesting. I don’t know if that interesting is a good interesting or a bad interesting.

I shrugged to myself and looked at Jeanette holding up the wrapper. “I see you came prepared.”

She smiled at me, “Is that ok?”

I simply nodded, “Of course. I always believe in being safe.”

She smiled at me and said, “Good. Time to fuck.”

I look at both girls, “Who goes first?”

Jeanette spoke before Amanda could say anything, “I think you should fuck your girlfriend first. But remember to save some energy for me.”

I didn’t have to be told twice.

I immediately grabbed Amanda picked her up and lowered her down on my dick, with the help of Jeanette guiding my dick in her and started going at it.

The moment that my dick entered Amanda I felt it get hard. I dunno I guess my psyche wants to be faithful only to Amanda. Or her pussy has the magic touch to my dick giving it strength…more like sucking the strength out of it. Whatever the reason I’m just glad my body agrees with my mind about my decision about being with Amanda.

“Another one bites the dust.”

I looked over and saw Brandon sitting on the floor with one of the girls laying on the floor panting. And the other hanging over Brandon. I guess he did his job correctly.

How did he cum so quickly? Didn’t Troy bust his nut like a minute ago? How much time has passed? Probably not that long.

I didn’t care I just kept pounding Amanda like there was no tomorrow. She wanted me to show these people how well I can fuck that’s what I’m giving her. There’s only one speed that my dick is set to…hard and fast.

It felt great banging Amanda. I wasn’t listening to what people were saying. I was just listening to Amanda moan. Then after a few minutes of hearing her moan something weird happened to my dick. For the past few moments my dick had been tingling. Actually it was hard to tell how long my dick had been tingling let alone how long I have been doing this. The tingling went a way. I could no longer feel my dick.


No wait. It’s not asleep I can feel the blood stuck in my dick. I can feel the insides of Amanda….sort of. Ok it felt like someone injected novacane in my dick. What the fuck is this shit? Did Jeanette do this to me in order for us to win? Then it hit me…the condom.

Now I remember what I heard about this condom. Whoever told me about their experience with this condom. Whoever it was told me this condom was meant for guys with premature ejaculation problems.

If a normal guy, like me, wears this condom it makes them last longer than normal by desensitizing the core spots on the dick making it sensitive to sex or making it less sensitive depending on how you see it.

I do remember the story that the desensitizing lotion is good enough that whoever told the story his girlfriend’s mouth went to sleep because he never came and she felt bad enough to give him a blowjob. The story made me laugh but for some reason I can’t put a face to the story.

I shrugged to myself. The damage is already done. And I agreed to the condom. The only thing to do now is ride it out and see exactly how long I won’t be feeling my dick for.

I kept fucking Amanda for everything that I was worth until I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head. She started shaking uncontrollably. I could tell she was spent.

I slowly raised Amanda off my numb member and watch her shake as each inch exited her body. As soon as my dick was completely out of her I gently knelt down and laid her on the ground. I looked over the competition and saw another three guys had cum.

Guess I’m still in the running. Now it’s only me and four other guys.

I looked at Jeanette not really caring anymore I just wanted this over with now. “Are you ready?” Jeanette simply nodded.

I smiled, “What position do you want?”

She jumped on my body, “I want the same treatment you gave your girl.”

I could only oblige. I raised her up and slid my dick inside her.

Holy crap. Jeanette is surprisingly tight. I didn’t know who was tighter, her or Amanda.

Jeanette started bouncing up and down on my numb member before I could start pounding her for everything she was worth.

As I stopped Jeanette and started my relentless pounding of Jeanette’s pussy, my mind wondered. I noticed that there was a difference between Amanda and Jeanette. Amanda is the girl I love. The girl next door. The girl you would be proud to take home to introduce to your parents. The girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Jeanette was a completely different type of girl. I wasn’t sure if this girl could be trusted to keep her bargain with Amanda and me. Was this her first step into getting me and Amanda broken up because of her confession? Or if she did keep her bargain what was going to happen?

I did notice however that there was some major differences. Amanda looked like a wholesome girl. The town hottie and future homecoming queen. And Jeanette reminded me of a future porn star. She had the right amount of curves. She liked doing disgusting and disturbing shit. Amanda was perfect in my eyes. Amanda’s breasts were a perfect B cup and I loved them. Jeanette looked like if a plastic surgeon were to look at her would swear all sorts of modifications were done to her, who knows she might have had some work done. Jeanette had what looked like C cup breasts. They were both about the same size. I didn’t care. Amanda was and is still my girl.

I also wondered how long this numbing shit was going to last. Am I going to keep going without cumming? Is this new situation going to change the dynamic between me and Amanda? Should I keep this up only because Amanda wants this? Or should I stop this and take Amanda and Moira back home? What would a normal guy do in my situation? Would he keep this up and face the consequences or would he do the right thing and stop this?

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