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My Best Friend 4 - Hints admitted

Amanda admits one thing to me
I walked out of my house early in the morning to meet up with Amanda so we can walk to school. As I walked I had so many questions racing in my head from yesterday afternoon’s encounter. Was she showing me that she was interested in me? Was her kiss real or was she playing along so she could get an idea of how I lost my virginity?

All I knew is I slept like shit. I had woken up at 4:30 in the freaking morning because there were so many questions that kept nagging at me. That and remembering her first soft kiss had turned me on. In fact remembering it now instantly made my pants tight as my hard on pushed on my pants.

I had decided seeing how I woke up freaking early to go over my homework and to write a note to Amanda about yesterday. Mainly I had written that I really enjoyed last night and say that I was sorry that I had pretty much frozen when she made he advances. I also wrote most of the questions that had plagued me enough to wake up so freaking early.

I reached in my pocket to make sure the note was there. I really didn’t feel like re writing it if I accidently left it at home. Nor could I wait to find out what exactly happened yesterday if I did leave the note in my room. I breathed my sigh of relief when I felt it was there.

Now I just needed to find the courage to give her the note when I did see her. God knows if I talked to her about yesterday I wouldn’t be able to find the words or it might come out gibberish.

Just then I heard her.

“Hi yeah. Good morning.”

I looked at the girl I had a crush on and who also pretty much teased the hell out of me yesterday. I saw that she was wearing her normal outfit of jeans, nike shoes, white t shirt, and wearing her normal hoodie.

I laughed to myself even though this girl is in my opinion drop dead gorgeous. She never wore anything that made her look like a girl. She still dressed as a tomboy like she did in elementary and junior high. The only problem with her still dressing as a tomboy now that we are in high school and she had turned 16she had become more developed.

Now that we are in high school she had developed more. Her ass looked like something you could bounce a quarter off of. She had grown very tight b cup breasts. She had all these qualities even though she was as skinny as a rail.

I smiled up at her, “Good morning.”

She walked down her walkway to where I was standing on the sidewalk.

“You ready for school today?”

I laughed, “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

She looked down for a moment and I had to strain to hear as she spoke, “Sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

I lifted her chin so she could face me, “Don’t worry about it. I actually enjoyed it.”

As if the world had been lifted from her shoulders she smiled her million dollar smile at me, “Ok.” And she begun her walk towards the school.

I immediately walked her.

She kept her head forward, “So are you still going to be playing football this session?”

I sighed, “Yeah. The coach was nice enough to let me have to summer off during their normal training period so I could go out of the country when I won that sweepstakes.”

“Oh cool cool. So when is your first practice?”

I looked at her obviously knowing what she was trying to do by avoiding what happened yesterday. “My first practice is next week after school.”

I decided it would be now or never. I continued to look at her so I could see her reaction, “Did you read what I wrote down for last night?”

The question stopped Amanda in her tracks. I stopped right with her.

Once again she bowed her head, “Yeah I did.”

I looked at her but couldn’t see much emotion on her face because she had bowed her head and hidden her face as her hair fell forward.


She cleared her thought, “And I thought it was sweet.” She rose her head to look at me, “Is that why you tried avoid the topic so much?”

This time I wanted to bow my head so I could hide my face but I found my strength and continued to look into her eyes. I simply nodded my head. It was difficult at first but the more I looked at her the more I watched as her eyes begin to tear up.

“Because you wanted me to be your first?”

I scratched my head and realized that me losing my virginity wasn’t a big deal to me. The thing that I realized at the moment when I did have sex was that I had fallen in love with Amanda. I just didn’t recognize it until now.

I wanted to beat the crap out of myself for letting the realization take me so long to figure it out.

I scoffed for a second and finally said, “Something like that.”

And began walking towards school again.

Now I had more questions I needed answers. Mainly the answers I needed was from myself. Some I needed from Amanda but figured to take it one step at a time.

The first question I needed an answer from Amanda was if we could ever be more than friends and actually start dating. I put my hand in my pocket and felt my note for Amanda. Somehow the note seemed to comfort me mainly because that question was inside it. I just needed to give her the note so I could get my answer.

Amanda caught up with me and spoke again, “Answer me.”

I snapped my attention and looked at her, “Sorry what was the question.”

I frowned at me, “I asked ‘Then how come you never did anything but kiss me back last night’?”

Then it dawned on me. She actually had feelings for me as well. I wanted to slap myself for not paying attention to her hints. I think maybe I should get my head checked for missing all her hints. Or was it because she wasn’t giving me any hints she just wanted to know why I actually didn’t make any moves on her.

I sighed, “I thought we were reenacting the night I lost my virginity. That night I was so shocked at what was happening I didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.”

I wanted to smile to myself for being so cleaver.

I watched in the corner of my eye as she bowed her head, “Oh. So if we weren’t acting out that fateful night. Then you would actually kiss me for real?”

This time I stopped mainly because I felt like someone had punched me in the gut for being so stupid.

I looked at her and smiled, “Yeah I would actually kiss you for real.”

Just then the bell rang. Our attentions snapped to the school. We only had a block to sprint to our classes.

We immediately started sprinting towards the school because we had ten minutes to get to our home room.

While we were running I decided it might as well be now. I pulled the note out of my pocket and waved it at her.

“Here I wrote this for you this morning.”

She looked at me and smiled as she took the note. She pulled a note from her pocket and held it out for me.

“I did the same thing last night after you left.”

I took the note and shoved it in my pocket.

She simply said, “Here’s my homeroom. See you in four periods.”

I smiled and waved at her as I continued to sprint to my homeroom.

I thought as I ran. Are we actually going to start dating? Is she going to actually let me kiss her without her turning her cheek so I end up kissing her cheek?

As I ran I immediately thought. If everything was going to come true I just prayed the hints I was getting were true.

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