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My Best Friend 5 - The Sleep Over Pt. 1

Amanda surprises me with a visit....
The bell rang signaling that school had ended for the day. I packed my backpack and sighed to myself as my mind went from school work to actual problems. Mainly what the hell was I going to do with Amanda.

Are we going to start dating? Are we actually going to start kissing each other instead of simply hugging each other as friends? Is she hinting she wants more?

"Hey you."

Amanda's voice snapped me from asking myself so many damn questions. I looked behind me and smiled at her.

"Hey Amanda how was school?"

She looked at me, "It was ok. I'm more interested if you were able to read my note?"

I smiled at her, "Sorry. All my classes had surprise quizzes today so all the teachers kept a close eye on everyone."

She pouted at me, "Even during lunch?"

I smiled, "Sorry. I promise I'll read it later."

She sighed, "Fine. So what are you doing this weekend?"

I smiled at her, "More than likely fending for myself seeing how my parents went on travel this morning and won't be back until sometime next week. How about you?"

She looked at me, "I have no idea. Probably nothing. So seeing how you're parents are gone, are you going to throw a party?"

I laughed, "As much as I'd like to. My parents have informed our neighbors to keep an eye on the place so if I do throw a party they'll let them know and then I'll be in deep shit. So if there is any parties they won't be at my place."

I watched as Amanda smiled at me, "Well how about sleep over’s?"

I looked at her obviously not catching on to what she was getting at. I think the confusion showed on my face because she quickly added, “Are you allowed to have sleep over’s while you’re parents are out of town?”

I scratched my head, “I don’t see why not. I guess I could have A friend sleep over.” I tried to a put a lot of emphasis on only one person if someone were to sleep over.

I watched as Amanda bowed her head, “So if I offered to spend the night over at your place, you wouldn’t turn down the offer?”

I looked at Amanda trying to figure out why she was beating around the bush and just get to what she wanted. I simply smiled, “No I wouldn’t turn down the offer. “ I laughed and added, “Though I doubt your parents will let you sleep over at a boys house.”

She looked at me, “Do you or do you not want me to sleep over?”

I smiled, “It would be nice if you did.”

Just then we reached her house. She smiled with finality, “Then it’s settled. Let me worry about my parents.”

I smiled, “Ok then. See you at my place then.”

She reached up and quickly kissed me on the lips, “See you in a little bit.”

I wished her kiss lasted a little bit longer. The only thing I could do was grunt as she ran off inside her house.

Took me a few moments to finally regain my composure. I’m sure if someone were to take a quick glance at me it might look like a stupid 16 year old boy looking dumbly at a house like he was stalking someone. In reality that kiss put me into a trance that made me forget everything.

If one quick kiss is going to incapacitate me then how am I going to handle a real kiss from her. Or feeling anything naked on her body for that matter. I hate to see how I would react if she stood in front of me naked….probably just stare at her with a hard on and me drooling.

Finally I shook my head trying to clear everything. Took me a few extra seconds to find my legs again and walk the rest of the way home.

As soon as I got home I immediately read all the chapters assigned to me and did my homework but Amanda’s note started to nag at me. What had she written? Was it good? Was it bad?

Guess there was only one way to find out.

I opened the note:


I know yesterday I took advantage of your telling of how you lost your virginity to that harlot. It was wrong of me to do so. From how you reacted it seemed you were uncomfortable or you were showing me what really happened that night. Either way I won’t do it again. As much fun as I had I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I know I know especially after my speech that I had given you about being friends no matter what. I do have to admit before you ask that yes I did enjoy the kiss (only because I know you). Anyways even though I know I told you how I felt about last night. How did you feel about it? - A

I smiled as I read the note. I actually laughed as I read the note. So at least a few things were confirmed for me from her note.

Now I knew for sure what she did last night was indeed intentional. And that she enjoyed the kiss as much as I did from last night.

Now I only needed to find out if she liked me enough or enjoyed the kiss enough to do it again and more often. If she does want to kiss me maybe just maybe we can move that to dating.

I shook my head from the questions and decided to actually do all my homework now that I found out what Amanda had written me. Got to love having ones curiosity satisfied.

After a few hours by myself, I heard my doorbell ring.

I went to the door to see who it was. I wasn’t really thinking anyone would be coming by. I looked through the peephole to see who it was.

I saw her….Amanda standing there with her backpack and a duffle bag slung over her shoulder.

I didn’t think she was serious about spending the night. I instantly got excited about the thought. Who knows maybe we’ll spend the night kissing one another. Or who knows maybe we can do more than that.

I quickly tried to find my calm center as I swung the door open for her.

I looked at her, “What’s up?”

She smiled at me, “I’m spending the night.”

I laughed tried to play cool about the situation. “I thought you were kidding about spending the night.”

I watched her pretend to pout but the sly smirk on her face didn’t help her sell the bit. “Well I can go back home if you like.”

I opened the door wider and stepped aside, “Nonsense. Come in.”

I watched as she stepped through the door. I had to ask, “Where did you tell you’re parents you were spending the night at?”

Amanda dropped her duffle bag and backpack in the main living room. “I told them I’d be spending the weekend at Ash’s place. I told Ash I’d be here so if anything bad happens here she knows how to get a hold of me.”

I rose my eye brow at her in skepticism, “And Ash is cool with this?”

Amanda laughed, “Please after how many times I’ve covered for her when she does the same thing. So of course she’s doing the same thing for me.”

I looked at her, “And how many times have you done this?”

She turned around and pretended to be innocent, “This is the first time.”

I smirked at her, “Uh huh.” And walked beyond her.

“Have you eaten dinner yet?”

Amanda followed me into the kitchen, “No not yet. What are you planning for dinner?”

I scratched my head, “Well I was thinking frozen pizza seeing how if I try to actually cook anything else it will take some.”

She shrugged at me, “Frozen pizza sounds good.”

I smiled at her, “Great.”

I took the pizza out of the freezer, threw it in the oven, and set the oven for 425.

We just sat there and stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, who knows for all I cared it was good enough for me. I had to snap myself out of it and do something.

“So what did you do after I left?”

She looked at me for a moment and smiled, “Well I read your note, packed, called Ash to let her know what was going, convinced my parents to let me sleep at her place, and headed over here.”

I smiled at her, “So what made you want to spend the night here with me?”

I watched as she blushed, “Well I was just teasing you until I read your note. Then it pretty much made my decision for me.”

I smiled at her, “So what about my note made you want to be here?”

She got up from her seating position and walked over to me. She got right in my face, well at least to my chest level. She looked up at me, put her hand on the back of my neck and forced my face down to her’s. Before our lips touched I heard her breathe, “This.”

And we kissed.

The kiss she laid on me was completely indescribable. At first it was soft and slow. I was able to tell she was wearing her strawberry flavored lip balm. Then slowly our mouths began to open more and we allowed our tongues to explore each others mouth.

At first the kiss caught me by surprise, but as the kiss slowly enveloped into more the more my hands began to wonder along her body. First my hands were exploring just her hips.

When I felt her hand cup just above my butt, my hand reached in kind. Slowly my hand glided down until it reached the meat of her butt. The moment my hand cupped her butt the same she did to me. I felt her dig her nails into my butt.

I slowly guided her to the kitchen counter. The moment her back touched the counter she broke our kiss. In one fluid movement she hopped on top of the counter, wrapped her legs around my waist, brought me in tight to her, and she kissed me again.

Our lips locked in place. Her tongue searched every inch of my mouth.

The entire kiss completely mesmerized me. It didn’t help that her body was pressed completely against mine. I could feel her breasts tighten up.

Finally she broke from the kiss, she was breathing sort of hard. She smiled at me, “You better take the pizza out of the oven before it burns.”

I smiled and tried to figure out how 20 minutes of lip locking went by. It felt like only five minutes had passed.

I sighed to myself as I pulled the pizza out of the oven wondering how time flew by. That and wished I had worn looser pants. The hard on in my jeans wasn’t helping. Nor was her teasing me helping my pants not putting pressure on my groin.

As soon as the pizza had cooled enough to be consumed, she smiled at me, “How about we eat our pizza while watching a good movie?”

I scratched my head as I thought about the idea. I finally shrugged, “Ok by me. Anything special you want to watch?”

She smiled at me, “How about a comedy?”

We sat down in front of the TV vegging out to some comedy movie that Amanda had chosen. I really wasn’t paying attention. My mind was too focused on what should I do.

We were sitting close on the sofa. I battled with myself if I should wrap my arm around her shoulders and convince her to cuddle into me. Or should I do nothing.

The kiss plagued me. I know the kiss was fun but I still battled with myself if we were in an actual relationship. Or were we in some sort of friends with benefits arrangement that I heard a couple of my friends talk about.

Should I ask her if we were actually dating or if we were in a friends with benefits arrangement?

I quietly ate my slices of pizza and sipped my water while I thought it over in my head.

Just this morning we were friends. But as soon as school was over and we parted ways we had mysteriously changed our dynamic. Now here was the girl I had fallen in love with spending the night with me and I’m playing it like a complete buffoon.

Amanda seemed to have noticed that I was inside my head trying to think of what was going on because she leaned over and wrapped her arms around my torso.

She cooed at me, “I’m getting cold. Is there any way I can talk you into getting a blanket to wrap around us?”

I looked at her confused because she was sitting there in a sweater. I scratched my head trying to figure out how she could be cold. If I were wearing what she was wearing I would probably be sweating like a pig. Hell I’m sweating right now because I was seriously nervous.

I finally sighed, “Yeah sure. Hold on I’ll be right back.” I thought to myself as I went to get a blanket that I’ll probably never understand females. Especially ones I’ve known for years.

I came back with the blanket and opened it up for her.

She looked at me for a moment and finally spoke, “I was hoping you would lie down on the sofa so I can lie down on top of you with the blanket over us.”

I thought about it for a moment. Then I heard her add, “That’s if it is ok with you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

I smiled her trying to hide my curiosity, “That’s fine.”

I laid down on the sofa, Amanda laid in the crevice of the sofa so that half of her was on top of me, and she laid the blanket over us.

I tried to focus what was on the TV but for the life of me I couldn’t. Whatever sweat I was trying to hide has just been thrown out the window, both from the blanket and the extra body heat from Amanda. I’m just glad one of my armpits shouldn’t make the shirt wet because it was being pushed against Amanda.

The pressure in my pants has become unbearable. I’m pretty sure the elastic band keeping my boxers in place wasn’t warranted for a 16 year olds hard on. That or my dick had slid out the hole in the boxers was now pushing against my jeans. The pressure was too much for me to actually tell which it was. I just prayed my pre cum didn’t leave a wet spot in the jeans that Amanda could notice if she were to feel down there.

I felt Amanda begin to run her finger up and down my chest for a while. The entire time I tried to think of football plays, baseball stats, basically anything to help me ignore the pain in my pants. Each time her finger would stop at my belly button, I prayed she would continue running her finger down and tried to hide the fact I was holding my breath from her.

"Hey I have a question?"

I continued to hold my breath because now she was playing with my belly button. But somehow I was able to breath out, "What is it?"

Amanda began to run her fingers upwards, "I was wondering what you thought of us?"

Now I had to look down at her and caught that she was looking up at me with serious eyes.

"What do you mean us?"

She continued to look up at me, "Do you see me as a friend, or......."

Her words trailed off as I kissed her.

As our kiss broke off I watched her eyes flutter open and she tried to catch our breath.

I smiled at her, "What does that tell you?"

She moaned a little bit, "So you want to become more than friends?"

I continued to smile while trying to remain calm. Inside I was completely nervous as I spoke my next words that would forever change who I am. And who I will become.

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