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My Best Friend 6 - The Sleep Over...The Conclusion

She asked me a serious question, how am I going to respond.....
Disclaimer: She asked me a serious question. How was I going to respond? If you haven't been reading the previous stories of 'My Best Friend' then you might want to go back to find out what has been going on. And now I bring you the conclusion to The Sleepover....
I pulled her out of her crevice and laid her completely on top of me so her whole body would be pressed against mine.

I smiled at her, “Since last year I’ve wanted to move beyond friends with you.”

I watched her facial reaction as it completely lit up. She instantly smiled showing me joy. Then within a few moments very facial reaction changed to passion and she kissed me passionately.

Her tongue continued to explore my mouth. It felt soft and exhilarating each time she kissed me.

My hand began to explore her backside until it found her butt and grabbed a hold. My hand began to lightly massage her butt in between each squeeze my hand gave her. After a few moments of me doing that she started grind her hips into mine.

We broke our kiss and Amanda sat up to look into my eyes. I watched as her face turned from a enjoyment smile to a wicked smile. I was confused at the look on her face. I thought I read passion or horniness on her face.

I could be wrong and was reading what my facial reaction and was projecting it on her.

My answer came clear as she removed her sweater and t-shirt to reveal to me her little bra that she was wearing.

I was completely dumbfounded. Seeing her in her little bra was more than I ever imagined. It felt like all my intelligence disappear the moment I saw what she was wearing.

Amanda was wearing a little bra as if were painted on. It was one of those clasps in the front bras. I could easily see myself unclasping the bra with my teeth. The only thing I would need was time because I was still new to getting girls out of their clothes.

As much as I wanted to tell her to stop, to tell her she didn’t have to do this, but I couldn’t find my words. The moment I saw her in her little bra all the blood that was there, not that there was much there to begin with since we started kissing, had gone down below. I felt my heart beat in my dick. My dick was screaming asking for her to remove more clothing. It wanted to be released from its confinements.

She bent down to me and whispered in my ear, “Relax. I want this to be natural.”

What the fuck? Had she just read my mind? Did she recognize the war that was in my head? Did she know I was thinking that I didn’t want to move this fast?

The war continued to play in my head. All the questions kept forming in my head. But the moment she started nibbling on my neck everything seemed to disappear.

I laid back and enjoyed her kissing my neck. She moved her way down kissing my chest. I felt my dick begin to pulse more. Now the pulsing felt stronger.

She continued down kissing each area of my stomach outlining each ab. She pulled up my shirt so she could have more intimacy with my stomach. I wanted her to continue going down and kiss the bulge in my pants. And then it hit me.

Each kiss she formed on my stomach was light enough to register in my mind that it tickled. I tried to bite down on my lip to not show that it tickled. Then it escaped…my first laugh.

Amanda looked up from my stomach and cooed at me, “Is someone ticklish?”

I wanted to tell her no and say that I wasn’t ticklish. Hell I didn’t even know that I had that ticklish spot. But before I could say anything let alone tell her that she was wrong, she went back to kissing my stomach. I turned where I laid trying to avoid her lips from continuing its assault on tickling me.

Finally I pulled her up to me and tried to control my laughing, “That’s enough before I start tickling you back.”

She smiled at me, “I rather you not.”

I smiled at her and kissed her.

After a few moments she finally sat up, pulled on my shirt, and simply stated, “Off.”

I caught on to what she was getting at. I sat up so my face was directly in her breasts. She helped me take off my shirt.

Hell more like rip my shirt off from me.

As soon as she ripped off my shirt, I reached up with one hand and flicked my wrist unclasping her bra. I was surprised I was able to do that. I figured I needed a lot of practice to do that but somehow instinct kicked in allowing me to pull off that task on the first try.

I looked up at her and saw that she was smiling at me. She immediately pushed on my chest forcing me to lay back down on the couch.

I looked up at her and smiled to myself. I don’t remember when I started falling for Amanda let alone started dreaming of being with her. Nor could I remember when I started dreaming of what Amanda looked like naked or what she would feel like against my body.

I looked up to she that her naked breasts were better than I could have ever imagined. I dreamed that her nipples were like some of the porno movies I had watched. Big and always hard. What I saw now were very small nipples and looked like they needed some attention in order to be hard.

I reached up and put my hand on her back. I forced her down to me to where her breasts were in my face. I put my mouth on her left nipple.

The moment my mouth covered her nipple I heard her sigh. As soon as her nipple entered my mouth, I lost myself in giving that nipple my full attention. I sucked on it lightly. Nibbled on it lightly. I pulled on it with my teeth and let go.

I alternated between each breast. Whenever my mouth wasn’t on one breast my hand would be on the other. My hand felt like it had a mind of its own. It would cover her breast and lightly massage it. Then it would switch to kneading the nipple in between my thumb and index finger lightly pinching the nipple.

My mind found the strength to let me other hand to wander. My hand found its way to her butt, but it went under pants and grabbed a hold of her bare butt. The moment my hand found her bare bottom I once again heard Amanda sigh.

This continued for a while until she sat up taking away her bountiful breasts from my lips. I looked up at her and saw that she smiled a very wicked smile. I imagined she probably saw the look on my face that said ‘Why did you take away you tasty breasts?’

“Do you want these off?” and she pointed down to her pants.

It took me moment to follow where she was pointing. Once I saw that she was pointing down to her pants. The only thing I could muster was a nod.

She took my hands and led them to the button on her pants. The moment my hands even touched the pants they reacted on instinct. They quickly undid her button and unzipped her pants. She lifted herself up to allow me to bring down her pants.

I didn’t notice while I was undoing her pants that she had done the same to me. Once I had fully removed her pants she began tugging on my signaling that she wanted my pants off.

I could only lift my hips to allow her to rip my pants off from me. The moment my pants were removed I felt my dick sigh and silently thank Amanda for removing its restraints. The only reason I knew it sighed and thanked Amanda because a wash of relief was released through my body. Now the only thing keeping my dick from saying hello to Amanda was the weak elastic band holding my boxers on.

I looked up at her as she held my pants in her hand and smiled at me. The way she was holding my pants in one hand it looked like it were some forbidden trophy that she never imagined she would be holding in her hand.

I smiled to myself at the odd image and thought that it should be the other way around. Me holding her pants or panties in my hand like it were some unobtainable trophy that no matter how close I got was always out of reach…until now. Well at least not yet but soon I will have that gratification once her panties are in my hand.

Amanda laid back on top of me and we began kissing again. Our hands explored each others bodies. My hands mainly focused on her butt and breasts. I enjoyed how her breasts felt against my chest and amazed how toned her butt was.

Then I heard it.

She breathed into my ear, “I want you so bad right now.”

My brain literally exploded at hearing her confession. The only thing my brain could do was let me moan. No good comeback. No verbal agreement. Just a moan. I wanted to kick myself for not laying some smooth line. I’m just happy that her confession didn’t make my dick explode in my boxers. That would be definitely embarrassing.

Even though all this happened in my head, my hands some how found their way down to her panties and began sliding them past her ass. I felt her lift herself so I could fully remove her panties. As each inch of her panties were being removed I felt my heart literally skip a beat. My dick felt like it pulsed even harder. It screamed at me and begged to be removed from the thin fabric to feel her pussy brush against it. Each passing moment of my dick pulsing actually began to hurt. It felt like each vein running through my dick had been constricted past its normal constriction.

Now I understood how guys could actually get blue balls. It’s the pure torment of being teased to the point where your dick can’t handle the overload and not being allowed to release it to the girl.

As soon as her panties were removed and in my hand, I literally wanted to jump up and down at hold my new trophy in my hand. But my dick argued with me telling me the actual trophy is laying on top of me. Sadly I actually had to agree with my lower region.

Amanda smiled at me now that she was laying on me completely naked. I never imagined how good her body actually felt against me. I had to pinch myself to make sure this was real and not some dream.

I almost believed this was actually dream until I felt Amanda begin to grind her freed pussy along my confined dick and actually felt her juices begin to soak through my boxers. Or was it the pre cum my dick was over producing?

Either way the pain in my dick confirmed that this was real.


Her voice snapped back out of my trance and noticed she was up and tugging on my boxers. I naturally lifted my hips so she could remove my boxers for me without actually having to think it over.

The moment she had my boxers off she smiled at me and waved them over her head, “Now that we are both naked what are you going to do about it?”

I smiled at her, grabbed her a hold of her wrist, and pulled her down to me.

The moment our bodies touched my dick instantly felt her juices enveloping it. As soon as her pussy juices flowed over my dick it felt like my dick got harder and constricted even more like it hard grown it inch more than normal. It was both painful and exhilarating.

After some groping, grinding, kissing, and moaning. It felt like it was time for my dick to be introduced to her insides. I wasn’t in the mood for a blowjob. I reached down and put my hand on my dick forcing her to lift her hips so that I could grasp my dick. I guided my dick to her opening but kept my hand on my dick so only the head could enter her.

I felt instantly how her juices completely drenched my hand and dick. I kept it there just to see what she would do.

I watched her eyes begin to glaze over, her mouth begin to drool, and feel her hips push down on my hand trying to force it from releasing its grasp allowing my dick to fully enter her.

She looked into my eyes and moaned, “Yes. Put it in me….pppplllllleeeeasssseeee.”

I smiled at her and let go of my dick. She sat down fully on me and instantly my dick slid inside her.

My mind was in a wash of emotions and thoughts. I felt how warm and wet she felt inside her. My dick felt cold compared to how warm she was. As soon as my dick was inside her to the root my dick thanked me for being somewhere where it wanted to be. I felt how tight she was and thought to myself how easily I could cum.

I heard her moan and watched as she closed her eyes as I entered inside her to the root. It looked like she was imagining how good it felt. How deep I went inside her. How she could possibly feel how much my dick was pulsating.

I smiled to myself but that smile was short lived.

She lifted her hips and my dick exited her pussy to almost the tip. My dick screamed at me telling me it wanted to go back inside her. The message reached my brain and my hands instantly grasped her hips. I pushed her down on top of me. My dick went to the root. I heard her moan. Our bodies slapped together. I heard her pussy begin to squish because of the forced movement.





Each movement felt better than the last. Our moans began to become in sync with each other. Our hands ran over each others bodies. Our lips locked on one another.



Our bodies began to slap even louder.




Her pussy squishing became louder and much more noticeable.





Our moans were muffled in each others mouths.





I felt her body begin to shake uncontrollably.



She broke our kiss, sat up so that all of my dick was inside her. Her body began to shake uncontrollably. She threw her head back and let out a long groan.

I felt her pussy begin to contort and clasp down on my dick. The feeling was indescribable. She was going through one hell of an orgasm.

After a few moments I felt her pussy release its grip around my dick. And she flopped on top of me unmoving.

It took everything I had not to cum.

She laid there for a few moments trying to catch her breath with my dick still inside her.

Each time she breathed I felt her pussy slightly grasp down on my dick and the release the grip.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I didn’t know whether she was done or not. And now that she was basically dead weight there wasn’t much I could do to move her we could do another position.

My only solution was to raise my hips forcing her to lift her hips as well.

As soon as I did I heard her gasp as I did raise my hips.

The moment my hips were at the right height I let my hips fall. Then back up.

She began to moan again.



I was beginning to feel my dick swell telling me that I was close to blowing my load.






After a few moments I began to speed up my pace.






Now my balls began to swell. I was close now. It wouldn’t be too long before I was going to blow.

I had to say it, “I’m about to cum.”

Amanda moaned inside my ear, “Go ahead and cum inside me baby. I’m on the pill.”

There was no going back now. I didn’t know what to do.






I couldn’t hold it any longer. I instantly arched my back. I let out a long moan. I was cumming.

As if me cumming inside her made her cum again because she matched my exact pose. She was sitting up again. Her back was arched. Her head was back. And her long moan matched mine.

Finally my orgasm was finished and so was hers. She flopped down on top of me. We each were out of breath.

As we laid there I slowly felt my dick begin to soften and slowly exit her pussy. The moment my dick had fully exited her I felt cum slide out of her down on my balls and onto the sofa. I smiled to myself thanking that my parents had invested in leather sofas because clean up should be easy to where my parents will never notice what we had just done.

We laid there for a while now that we had fully regained our composure. Amanda had gone back to her crevice in the sofa and was lightly gliding her hand along my chest.

I was staring up at the ceiling when I heard her speak.

“Jay I have a question?”

I turned me head towards her and looked at her. “Shoot.”

“Are we dating?”

I smiled at her, “Only if you want to date a buffoon like me.”

She smiled and slipped my chest, “Come on I’m being serious.”

I looked at her, “I would like to.”

She smiled at me as if confirming what we had done wasn’t some friends with benefits situation. “Good.”

The rest of the night was fun. We ended up having sex three more times that night. Once in the kitchen trying to rehydrate ourselves which didn’t help. Another time in the shower trying to shower ourselves off which was harder to accomplish than expected. And one last time in my bed before we succumbed to exhaustion.

We had changed positions. She had given me one hell of a blow job. And I found out she had tasted even sweeter than I imagined when I ate her out.

Before we succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep she uttered three words I wasn’t expecting.

I love you.

Now that I knew we were dating for sure I was happy. All my dreams had come true and then some I wasn’t even expecting. So now we went from childhood friends to dating to lovers. Now that she had admitted that she loved me, I now had to find the right time to tell her that I loved her back. Who knows I might tell her tomorrow morning as we wake up. I just didn’t want this night to end unfortunately the sand man was knocking hard and I had to get some sleep I was exhausted.


This concludes 'My Best Friend' series. If you like what you have read, I would appreciate feedback. If you are wondering what will happen next please stay tuned, because this isn't the end of the relationship between Jay and Amanda. Thank you.
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