My Best Friend 7 - Three Months Passed

By Lightning454

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Our lives have been fun after three months of a relationship
Intro – For those of you that have been reading the ‘My Best Friend’ series, this is the continuation of that series. If you have not been reading then you might want to read those before you read this part of the series. Last we read Jay was happy with how everything went with Amanda but he had one little problem…he needed to find a way of telling Amanda that he loves her. Three months has passed since Amanda and him had started dating and had their wonderful weekend together while Jay’s parents were gone for work. The two of them are in their sophmore year in high school. Both had turned 16 before school started. We encounter Jay during his practice with the football squad. Everything has seemed great since they have started dating. And now without further a dew…Jay and Amanda.

“Come on you lazy bums. I want to see some hustle.”

I ran in full gear running laps listening to my coach yell at us. Thanks to one of my teammates pissing off the coach we have been awarded to running ‘Geronimos’ for the remainder of practice.

I ran quietly dreading hearing coach blow his whistle. If he did blow his whistle whoever was last in the line would yell ‘Geronimo’ and sprinit his way to the front of the line. Once that said person made it to the front then the rest of us would have to keep up the pace until we heard the coach blow his whistle twice. This always kept up until the coach blew his whistle long enough and then tell us that practice was over. Usually when we ran ‘Geronimos’ a lot of the team would end up puking.

I hated when someone on the squad pissed of the coach. Usually I refrained from pissing off the coach because after practice was done whoever pissed off coach got a soap beating afterwards. And those are never fun.

I heard coach blow his whistle and then yell, “Chenlie, Sosseron, Baker, Morrison, Cunningham, and Butler. Hit the gym with the offense coach. The rest of you hit the showers.”

All of us stopped running and I watched as six of my team mates fell to their knees and began to dry heave. I looked around for a moment and looked at the six players that coach had called to follow the offensive coach to the gym. I sighed to myself and started walking towards Coach Grant our offensive coach.

As I walked towards the coach I saw Amanda sitting in the bleachers just watching our practice. I smiled to myself as I saw her there looking intently towards me. I flexed my arm at her basically telling her that my practice wasn’t over. I watched as she smiled at me and leaned back in her seat. Usually when I saw that I knew she would stay there until I was done.

I looked around and saw everyone elses girlfriend or parents sitting in the bleachers watching practice. Normally Coach Morrison didn’t care if we had our girlfriends or parents there to watch our practice as long as they didn’t interfere they were welcome. Usually the parents kept their mouth shut until game night yelling at coach to put their son in the game or hassle him over the play that he made. The girlfriends usually screamed on their boyfriend the entire night.

Amanda has been to every one of my practices and all my games so far. Normally I don’t see her for the first part of my practice because like me she has practice as well…cheerleading practice. But after her practice is done she usually hurries towards where my practice was.

“Chenlie get your ass over here.”

I shook my head and realized I had stopped because I didn’t want to keep my eyes of Amanda. I ran towards Coach Grant, “Sorry Coach.”

We spent the next hour and a half going through the motions of our weight training regemine. Finally our practice was over, until tomorrow that is.

I quickly got out of my gear and everything into my clothes that I had worn today. I decided to forgo the shower and everything because it was already 7:30pm.

As I exited the locker room I was greeted by a lovely voice.

“Hey you.”

I looked over at Amanda leaning against the wall waiting patiently for me. I smiled at her, “Hey.”

She walked over to me and just before she looped her arm around mine she immediately pulled her arm back and took a step back.

“Geez you stink. They didn’t give you enough time to shower did they?”

I laughed, “Oh they did but seeing how it’s so late I decided against it.”

I wrapped my arm around her and tried to dig myself a bigger hole, “Besides I thought you liked my manly smell.”

She pushed me away and laughed, “I meant your regular everyday smell not your freshly worked out stench.”

I laughed, “Oh excuse me. I always seem to confuse those two.”

She slapped my arm, “Well we better start walking home before we get into trouble.”

I smiled at her, “I guess you’re right.”

As we walked our way home a lot of things were going on in my mind. On one side I had been enjoying myself dating Amanda. We have been spending a lot of time with each other even though my team mates always teased me for being pussy wiped. I had to admit I wouldn’t trade what we have been doing with any other girl. Since she slept over that one time, we have been fucking like bunnies ever since.

On the other hand my mind have been thinking of other things. Mainly school and football. Ever since I joined the football squad the coach has been riding me hard. He even had me playing iron man, I was playing wide receiver for offense and for defense I was playing cornerback. So seeing how I was playing two different positions I had to memorize both sides of the playbook, which frankly had taken up my time. So with trying to find time to spend with Amanda, doing school work, memorizing my playbook, and playing football had pretty much taken up all my time.

“So are you excited about the game tomorrow night?”

Amanda’s question snapped me out of my train of thought. Took me a moment to collect my thoughts about the game tomorrow night. I scratched my head and finally sighed, “To be honest. I’m not too sure about tomorrow night.”

She looked at me, “Why do you think you guys will lose?”

I laughed, “It’s nothing like that. I try not to think about the game until it is actually being played.”

“Why is that?”

I sighed, “I don’t know it’s hard to think about something that hasn’t happened yet. I try to focus on the here and now. Not what will be or what will happen. I don’t know if that makes any sense.”

I watched as she smiled at me, “I guess you’re right. So what actually happens when you do get ready to play?”

I looked at her for a moment as we walked. After a few moments of thinking of my answer, I finally answered, “I don’t know. Everything just turns into a blur when I put on my pads and tape myself up.” After a few more steps I laughed, “To be honest I really don’t remember what happens during the game.”

She looked at me for a moment before saying something, “Why is that?”

I scratched my head, “I don’t know. It’s like when I put on my pads and everything I turn into this guy who can’t be hurt and is always at the right place at the right time. Then when I’m not then I’m like the person you see before yourself.”

She smiled at me, “So when you’re not playing football. What do you actually think about?”

I smiled at her and pulled her into me. “You tell me.”

She smiled at me with a wicked smile, “Now now. Behave yourself.”

I grabbed her butt and lifted her up so that she was at face level with me seeing how she was a few inches shorter than me. I whispered to her, “Then when?”

I watched as her face blushed, “Maybe after tomorrow’s game. If you win that is.”

Right now I was surprised I could lift her up let alone keep her up to where she was at this moment. After the work out that coach put me through I fully expected my arms to be completely dead, but some how I was able to do what I’m doing right now. I guess it helps that Amanda barely weighted 105lbs. soaking wet. And it doesn’t hurt that my sex drive completely over rides normal rules.

God Amanda had turned me into a complete sexual fend. I’m just happy Amanda is a nympho as well. So the longer she teases me she’s actually teasing herself.

She looked into my eyes, “Can you put me down? We have to get home before we get into trouble.”

I sighed, “I guess you’re right.”

I put her down and we began walking again.

Finally a little while we finally arrived to her house. She turned to me, “I guess this is my stop. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

I smiled at her, “Or you could invite me in and give me a massage.”

She giggled at me, “Maybe another time.”

I decided to test the waters, “Who knows maybe I can sneak over later tonight and you can give me a previous of my reward for tomorrow night.”

She continued to giggle, “You’re just terrible.”

I wiggled my eyebrows at her, “Please like you weren’t thinking the same thing.”

She gave me her wicked smile again, “Maybe. But you’re still going to have to behave. Besides my dad will kill you if he catches you.”

I sighed at her, “Spoil sport.”

She stood on her tip toes and kissed me her special kiss for me that told me that I should do what I was thinking. Our tongues locked with one another.

Our kiss lasted only for a few moments until we heard someone clear their throat. We broke our kiss to see who cleared their throat.

It was Amanda’s dad standing in the doorway looking at us.

“Oh hi dad.”

He looked at us both. “I think it’s time for you to come inside honey. Hello Jay.”

I nodded at Amanda’s dad, “Sir.”

He continued to keep his eye on us, “So how was practice today Jay?”

I smiled at him, “Exhausting like usual.”

He smiled a knowing smile at me as if knowing that my practice had exhausted me enough to where I couldn’t do anything with his daughter at this moment or for that night for that matter. Little did he know for having sex with Amanda I will find untapped amounts of energy just for her.

“That’s good. Do you think you will win tomorrow night?”

I laughed, “I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night won’t we.”

I smiled at me, “Well I’m looking forward to it. Sweetheart I think it is time for you to come in now. Good night Jay.”

I watched Amanda frown at her father and then turned to face me again. She kissed me again and lightly ran her hand over my crotch. My dick was happy to oblige by hardening for her touch.

Amanda broke her kiss, “Good night Jay.” Turned around and ran inside.

I smiled at I watched her go inside and watched her father give me a knowing look at me as he closed the door.

I turned around and began walking home. It’s funny how long Amanda and me have been friends and how well her parents have always treated me like a second member of the family. But now that we are an item her father’s attitude has changed. I guess he hoped that we haven’t had sex yet. Or it could be it is his only daughter is the reason he is acting to way he is. Oh well.

I walked home and thought about everything. I thought I was seriously going to need a hot bath to relax my muscles so I won’t be sore tomorrow. And I was going to need as much as I can get so I can perform tomorrow night. And I had a lot of homework that needed to be finished. Then again I could sneak over later tonight and have fun with Amanda. Decisions decisions. What will a 16 year old boy ever do?

Looks like my decision was easy. Sneaking over seemed like the best idea. I just hoped my timing will be good and she’s awake for her to give me my small preview of tomorrow’s reward.