my best friend. (beverly's sex experiences)

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My best friend, Tom, was the most popular kid in our school.
My best friend, Tom, was the most popular kid in our school. He always gets the girls and yet he’s always there when I call him. He knows who is my crush and kind of makes ways on how my crush and I can get together. So he throws in this big party. All of the popular kids were there and so was my crush.

Being the best friend that he is, Tom locked me up in his parents’ bedroom with my crush. I was nervous but at the same time I felt the same wetness in my pussy every time I thought about the guy in front of me. Did I mention his name was James? Or did I mention what I was wearing? Well, Tom made me wear this tube top, petticoats and mini-skirt. He tells me that it was from his sister’s closet. Good thing that his sister and I had the same bust size which was 38DD.

Tom also told me not to wear any underwear which is why I’m scared of leaving a spot in his parents’ bed sheets. I spread my thighs slightly so I’m in a more comfortable position. I glanced at James. It was the first time I tried to look at him.

“Hi. Sorry for being locked up in this room with you. I know you need to be somewhere tonight,” I started.

“Don’t be sorry. I kinda like the privacy since I really want to talk to you,” he says.

“Really. About what?” I asked him.

“About you. About us. About how you feel and about how I feel,” he replies in a really sweet, sweet tone.

“Do you like me?” he continues as his hand travels along my thighs. If his hand goes any higher he will feel the wetness of my pussy.

“Ummm,” I said, moving a little bit so he will have a better access in my pussy.

“Do you?” he asks again putting a little pressure in his hands as he reaches my clit.

I nod. I just wish he would take the hint and fuck me already.

“You like that?” At this point I already closed my eye and was nodding at his questions. I wasn’t even aware of what he was asking me.

“But first you need to say thank you to Tom for getting us together. You’ll be his, okay?” James tells me.

I nod yes. All I want to do at this point is to get fucked. I’m a virgin but I’ve been watching porn, and getting banged looks so good. I want to be fucked by a long, thick cock.

“Tom, you can come in now. She said she’ll fuck you as a thank you gift for bringing us together,” James calls out, and Tom enters the room.

“James, you don’t need to do this. Besides I think she’ll want to give her virginity to you.” Tom hesitates when he enters the room but I can clearly see the tent he already built.

“Go on and ask her.” James tells Tom.

“Bev, who do you want to pop your cherry?” James asks me as he puts in another finger in my pussy.

“Tommmm. Ummm.” I said, moaning in pleasure. I was writhing in the bed, not caring about the bed sheet any more.

“Tom. Are you in or out?” James asks.

After that question Tom was finally convinced and he hopped to the bed and started kissing me. I felt a hand in my breasts. Pinching my nipples hard. Tom’s tongue felt and tasted wonderful in my mouth. Then he broke of the kiss and started sucking on my neck. Another pair of lips was against my lips. It didn’t feel as good as Tom’s lips but it was still good. They took off my top and my skirt. All that was left on me was the petticoat.

“Bev, you look sexy as hell,” James said as he broke off from our kiss and started to suck my nipple.

Tom kissed me again in the lips. I was getting intoxicated by his kiss. Then he goes down and started sucking on my other nipple. I was moaning like a mad woman. It really feels so good. So this is how those women in the videos feel.

Then I felt a finger enter my pussy besides the two that James already have in there. That finger was longer and thicker. It was reaching to places that James had never reached before.

“Do you like that?” Tom moans in my ear and licks it. It was so erotic. My juices were pouring out of my pussy.

“Uh uh uh huh.” I managed to say in between moans.

There was a knock in the door. My eyes widened in shock and in fear of being discovered. James gets up and turns while saying, “Why don’t you guys finish up here and I’ll handle the party downstairs.”

James straightened his clothes but you can still see his hard on.

“Maybe next time, love.” James said and joined the party downstairs.

Tom nods and started kissing me again. I was in heaven. He caresses my breasts, kneading them. It felt really good.

“Baby, will you suck my dick?” Tom asks.

I nodded. He brings me into my knees while he stands up in the bed. He brings his cock toward my face. The head was purple. The veins were throbbing. The precum was oozing out of the hole. It was the first time I saw a cock this close. And all that I wanted to do is to take him in my mouth and suck him until he cums. I grabbed his cock and guided him to my welcoming mouth. My breath was hot on his cock. It was heaven to him. He rammed his cock in my mouth until he reached the back of my throat. He pushed in and pulled out of my mouth. He was cumming.

“I’m cumming! Argh. Swallow my cum, baby.” He said while shooting off his cum in my mouth. I tried swallowing it whole but some of his load dripped to my breast. Tom became hard again while looking at my body.

“Fuck me, baby. I want your dick in my pussy. Please, cum in my pussy. Make me your whore,” I told him. He flipped me and began teasing my pussy with his cock.

“Do you want this?” he asked pressing his cock in my pussy.

“Uh uh uh. Yeah. Pretty please,” I said.

Then he pushed right into me. It really hurt at first but then the pleasure built up as he rammed his cock in and out of my pussy. I cannot remember whether or not he came in my pussy. I passed out in pleasure.

The next morning I woke up in Tom’s bed dressed in his old football jersey. The shower was on and I guess Tom was in the shower. Realization hit me. I was never in love with James. I only lusted for him because he looked like one of the guys in the porn videos I’ve been watching.

I realized I am in love with my best friend.