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My Best Friend's Brother part 4

My Best Friend's Brother part 4

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Ryan gives into his Lust
“Shit.”I cursed under my breath. “Shit, shit, shit.” I yanked off the duvet covers causing Garfield to hiss in protest and stumbled over to my laptop. Facebook was my first priority, and my fears had been confirmed. She’d already posted the picture. The caption read:

Boyfriend fucked around with his little sister’s best friend. Guess who got dumped?

I almost cried. My phone was already buzzing with messages and there were hundreds of comments on the picture. Since Harriet was so popular I had countless hateful words being shot straight at me from all angles. My twitter was clogged up with hatred, my ask fm consisted of the words slut, whore and slag. It didn’t make things any better when dad came staggering in.

“What so you’re not going to give your lovely old man a hug?” He slurred and used the door handle as a support. I plastered on a fake smile and stood up.

“You were asleep, but hello!” I gingerly gave him a light hug and pulled away, but he kept me there.

“Not good enough.” He whispered with beer breath and BO. I sighed and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Hi dad, I missed you.” I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was saying, I was too busy worrying about Annie for anything else.

“Missed me? Where the fuck did you go? Did you fucking sneak out again because I swear to God.” I cut him off and attempted to explain.

“I went with Nana And Grandad remember?” He’d been too drunk to realize I was gone for two weeks. Wonderful.

“Without my permission? How fucking dare you, you little shit!” He fell to the floor with a heady thud, and then puked. Now my room smelled like the rest of the house. “You should probably clean that up.” He swayed a little, then passed out face first in his own puke. I decided that It would probably be a better idea to stay somewhere else again. So my bags were packed and I was off once more.

Annie still wouldn’t pick up her phone, and I continued to ignore Ryan. But it wasn’t just stubbornness that made me push him away, it was the fact that I was terrified that more contact between us would hurt Annie even more. I was speed walking through town, I didn’t feel like bumping into anyone at this point, especially now that I had basically my whole life packed into two bags and slung over my shoulder. Unfortunately, I never really get what I want. So guess who I practically knocked over in my hurry to reach the other side of London? I’ll give you a clue, bright pink heels and her breasts were hardly contained in this tiny baby blue tank top.

“Harriet.” I gasped and took a few safety steps backwards. “I, um.. sorry about walking into you.” I could feel a sizzling heat rush to my cheeks. I still hadn’t worked up the guts to look her in the eye, and she remained silent. But her two bimbo friends sure had no problem giggling stupidly at me.

“Oh look who it is.” One of the potato heads squealed excitedly. She wore the same colours as Harriet, only in reversed clothing. Her ebony skin did not suit the baby blue heels. The other one, who was a redhead flicked her curls to the side and looked down on me with disgust.

“Honestly sweetie you need to clean yourself up, Ryans Reputation will be getting stung when people find out he’s been fucking a tramp.”

She popped some bubble gum in her mouth and smiled sarcastically. I just glared.

“Tell him I say hi.” Harriet finally said, and with that she shoved me off of the pavement and strutted past. Of course I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of thinking that we weren’t actually sleeping together, so I walked away in silence instead. I desperately wanted to meet with him, but what would I say? And anyway, if anyone saw us having contact Annie would hate me even more then she already did. But I had to see him, so despite how big a mistake I knew it would be I texted him to meet me at the café by the market.

It wasn’t hard to spot him, he was by far the best looking man in the building. He was slumped over the coffee table at such an angle it made his arm muscles bulge, as if they were about to pop out of his t shirt. His hair was scruffy, but I found that inviting, and I could tell he was anxious by the way he was tapping his foot. I took in a deep breath and entered the store, causing a little chime as the door opened. His head snapped up hopefully, and when he saw me I little sorry smile formed on that flawless face of his. Was it possible for him to of gotten even more attractive over night?

“Hey.” he smiled sadly, twiddling is thumbs and tapping his feet. He was definitely anxious.

“Is Annie answering your calls?” I asked as soon as I sat down, not bothering with the whole awkward introduction stage. I just dived straight in. His face dropped.

“No, she’s not talking to me. What about you?” She wasn’t even talking to Ryan, the person she truly loved the most. I felt even more guilty than ever.

“No, I’ve been calling her all day, nothing.” We sat in silence for a moment before he said his next words.

“Look you’re a lovely girl” I finished the sentence for him.

“But you love Harriet and your sister, and I was a mistake. I get it, it’s fine I’ll get out of your hair.” I got up to leave, but I felt a firm grip around my wrist.

“No, that wasn’t what I was going to say.” He kept hold of my wrist so I had no choice but to sit down. “I mean yes, I do love them both very much. But If I’m honest me and Harriet weren’t going to last forever, we both knew that and I think it’s best if we just forgot about what happened back at the house just because it didn’t mean anything. Right? Heat of the moment, nothing special. Annie will forgive us.” I took my time to take that in, it didn’t mean anything to him. That was both good and bad. He didn’t think I was secretly crushing on him majorly. Good thing. Annie was probably going to forgive us. Good thing. The positives weighed out the negatives, so I decided over all it was a good idea.

“Yeah I think so to, how long do you think it will take her?” He looked down for a bit as if to decide on his words and then spoke.

“No more than a week judging by how much she loves you.” I smiled. “I’ll explain to her what happened when I get home today, she’ll understand.”

Ryan was right, just a little over a week and I received a phone call from Annie. We exchanged apologies and within days we were reunited. After I had explained to them how I had been living in my athletic clubs supply closet they took me under their wings until I had somewhere else to be. Life was good, I got a Saturday job waitressing in the café me and Ryan had spoken in, my results were looking good for the 100m finals that were just days away and although it was difficult spending minimal time with Ryan to keep Annie happy we were all smiles. It was good. Maybe a little too good. But after my second week in living there, I noticed that their little sisters and parents presence was becoming less and less, and Ryan was acting differently. I put it down to my paranoia at first, but things just didn’t seem quite right.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, what I have found, that I’m no fool, I’m just upside down.” I hummed along with my ipod on max as I pranced around the dining room with a broom. Annie and Ryan had gone grocery shopping so I decided to do some cleaning for them. It was only fair. “Ain’t got no cares, I ain’t got no rules, I think I like, living upside down.” I twirled around in a circle, using the handle as a microphone. They were usually gone for a good two hours, so I hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet. I was just in an old tshirt and some panties. When my favourite part of the song emerged I had no self control, I launched into a full on guitar solo with the broomstick and slid across the newly polished floors on my knees. Then when the chorus played again I circled my hips around with the feather dusters helicoptering above my head. But this movement reminded me of my last cleaning mission with Ryan, so I immediately stopped. But then the fun side of me popped into my head. So he’s stopping you from having fun now? Who cares carry on! So I did, I carried on until the dining room was the cleanest it had ever been in history.

“I’ve got to hand it to you, you’re actually a pretty good dancer. You ought to give yourself more credit.” I jumped straight out of my hip swaying trance and whirled round red faced. This was embarrassing.

“How long have you been stood there?” I asked him whilst covering up my modesty. He was leant against the doorframe. The light beamed though the huge arch windows and lit up his face. He glowed like a god.

“Long enough to tell that you’re good. You told me you couldn’t dance!” I blushed. I didn’t actually think that I could.

“Never thought I was able to.” I shrugged and snaked past him, knowing that Annie wouldn’t like the idea of me wearing so little in front of him. But he blocked my way with his arm. He was good at doing that.

“Well I thought that was pretty damn amazing.” There was a combination of lust and restraint in his eyes, this was dangerous. I had to leave.

“Well thanks, but I’m not that comfortable wearing this in front of you, I didn’t think you’d be back for a while. Where’s Annie?” I ducked under his arm and started towards the stairs.

“Why? You’ve seen me in boxers before. She found a few friends, she won’t be back till dinner. Which I was hoping you would help me cook? I bought ingredients for lasagne.” He beamed at me cheekily. He knew that was my favourite meal. “And Pear Cider.”

“I’ll be down in twenty minutes.” I winked knowing that he had won me over and hurried into Annie’s room to get dressed.


I still couldn’t get Lilly’s dancing out of my head. She looked incredible. The way the light bounced off of her perfectly tanned and toned legs as she swayed those little hips of hers was hypnotising. And every now and then her shirt wouldn’t be long enough to cover her ass, an ass which I had been trying not to stare at for what felt like forever. It was noticeably toned like her legs. She had that sexy little triangle gap at the top of her thighs, which is something I’m a sucker for. And every time she span her hair would whip round, causing the light to catch on it making it golden like the sun that was framing her beauty before me. She looked like a goddess swaying in her own unique way. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I’d been interested in Lilly since the night before Annie’s birthday party, however I knew it would be wrong if we dated. But it was becoming increasingly harder the more time I spent with her.

The more I learned about her life the more I wanted to be a part of it. When Harriet wanted sex, I always ended up cumming from imagining Lilly. Something I was ashamed by of course but it certainly helped me get off a lot easier. And now that I was single it was even harder to resist her. I knew she had feelings for me too, and I knew she was also fighting them. We weren’t exactly making it easy on eachother. After I had put the shopping away, she came and hopped up onto the counter beside me, wearing some ripped denim shorts and a black and red checked shirt. Some people would say her eye makeup was too heavy, but I thought it looked incredible on her. Her insecurity only made me want to love her more. Knowing that she couldn’t do anything without music, I switched on the radio and we began to prepare dinner in sync to the beat.

Even when we were silent, it wasn’t an awkward silence. It felt comfortable, right. She dropped a slice of cheese onto the floor, and as she bent over I got an eyeful of her breasts. I felt my jeans tightening. I’ll admit they weren’t big, maybe a B cup. But for some reason I found them more arousing then Harriet’s. And everyone knew how big hers were. I knew what Harriet did had more of an impact on Lilly then she let on, after all I had read the things that people would post on her wall and they weren’t pleasant. She tended to hide away even more than she used to since everything that had happened, which I hated since it was rare to see her being confident. And she was breath taking when she was.

After the lasagne was put in the oven, we sat at the bar and clicked open the cider. 

“I’m hungry now.” She said after taking a swig. I smiled.

“You’re always hungry.” This was another thing I liked about her, she wasn’t one of those girls who always ate salad. I could easily take her out for a burger and she’d be fine with that.

“Yeah but its lasagne, I need it now.” She chuckled to herself sweetly. I loved how she loved food. It was refreshing from Harriet’s constant complaining on how I always ate too much.

“Unless you like un cooked meat I strongly recommend that you wait.” I drank from the can and opened the fridge, I had something that I knew she’d love. “Surprise!” I yelled and dropped crembruleigh flavoured ice cream in front of her. She squealed in delight and hugged me.

“Oh my god thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!” She laughed and tucked in without question. Little did she know that her hugs made my heart decide to be a sky diver.


Digging into the icecream that Ryan had bought me I couldn’t help but smile into the mouthfuls. He always knew how to please me. We went into the living room for a while and chatted about insignificant things. He made jokes I laughed, I made bad jokes he laughed anyway. It was great. Then we got onto the topic of my father, he put a reassuring hand on my thigh. And then kept it there for the rest of the conversation, gently rubbing it up and down occasionally. He got onto the topic of his granddad, who he was closer too then Annie which was surprising. I put a hand on his shoulder when he told me when he had died.

My head then replaced my hand, and his were still on my thigh but I’d crossed them over his lap. We talked about animals, ambitions, ambitions to do with animals. Everything. We didn’t even notice the kitchen timer going off, we were too engrossed with eachother. At around seven we got onto the tricky subject of relationships. We talked about what we wanted and what we didn’t want. We realized we both wanted the same thing. We stopped talking. Our lips were too busy having a conversation of there own. He kissed me with passion, with urgency and with lust. I loved it. I kissed him back with an equal force, plus more. I sat on his lap and crossed my arms around his neck whilst his were pulling me into him from my waist. His hands slipped down to my ass, gripping it forcefully yet gently at the same time. I moaned, so did he. My hands got lost in his hair, my mind got lost in the moment.

Gradually, I undid his buttons whilst he worked on mine. It was all happening so fast. I felt a hand cup my breast through my bra, mine slipped down to the bulge in his jeans. He moaned again. I slipped his shirt over his head and he pushed me down onto my back. He kissed my neck causing me to shiver in pleasure and made his way down to my breasts. He managed to un hook my bra with no trouble at all, and immediately licked the tip of my nipple whilst massaging the other. I quivered beneath him. Rubbing them gently, he whispered in my ear

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” In response I kissed him forcefully. He kissed gently all the way down to the top of my shorts, where he looked up at me for permission. I nodded to him, and in no time he’d slid them off along with my white laced panties.

“You’re fucking beautiful.” He gasped before diving down to my darkest depths. 

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