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My Chance With Michael!

My first time with passion!

I met Michael after a rough relationship which had ended roughly in forced sex in which I lost my virginity.

I'll tell you a bit about myself first, I'm part Native American and part white with dark mahogany hair, I'm about 5'5", with 38D Breast, 32 Waist, and 40 hips. Though not big nor small I call it average in weight.

Michael isn't average in the least, he's 6'2" and Navtive american with black hair, dark chocolate eyes, and tanned skin. He was a sweet guy from the start and when things started heating up for us I was at first worried. We met through mutual friends during a party. I'm rarely a drinker and he's got his preferences about what he drinks and how much. So neither of us every really got smashing drunk.

It wasn't often that we ran into each other at first then I began working with him at a new job and from then we started to become friends. I had never told anyone about my prior boyfriend or his pushy ways but something about Michael just called out to me to tell him. He actually brought up the subject because he knew I was withdrawn and didn't date much. I finally told him about Brandon and he understood and stuck around which helped me because I felt like if anyone knew about what happened they would turn their backs.

Anyways, I met up with Michael several times after that for dinner or just to watch a movie or hang out. It was one of these nights when he finally showed me what true care and passion could be.

We were watching a movie in his bedroom which happened a lot when he leaned over and touched my cheek and whispered softly in my ear , “I want to help you, babe. (((He always called me Babe even when we were around others))) I can’t take it anymore seeing you so sad. Let me help you. Let me show you what real passion is about.”

He ran his thumb along my lip softly then reaching gently behind me he pulled me toward him and his lips descended. Slowly at first knowing that if he went too quickly things would turn against his purpose. Several moments of lightly kissing me was enough. He then prodded my lips with his tongue until I opened to him. He gently touched tongues with me and at first I tensed up but only once. I didn’t give in but I didn’t push him away either.

I cupped his cheek softly and returned his kiss. I knew he was right, I needed to do this to make the old memories go away. He pulled me closer and settled me in his lap against his chest. I clung to him and moaned as his hand rested on my side then he massaged my stomach at the base of my ribs for a moment (((I'm very sensitive there))). His hand moved slowly upwards and cupped my breast. He rubbed my nipple with his thumb making it harden and rise. I moaned again and couldn't help but move against his pelvis.

He groaned as my hip connected and slid along his penis. His hips thrust gently against my movement. I continued to kiss him but moved so I could stradle his legs. My skirt shimmied up my legs and he pushed it higher until he felt a soft wet heat against his thighs. (((I don't like wearing underware with my skirts)))

He had to touch me but went slowly sliding his hand down my torso to my thigh. He massaged around my thigh for a moment then seized the moment as I gasped out his name. He delighted in my breathy whispering of his name and touched one finger to the hot nubbin resting within the soft folds beneath a trimmed triangle of dark hair.

My  hips jerked against him as he added another finger to his ministrations. His fingers slid into my wetness and slid easily over my small bump. I moaned and thrust against his fingers. He used his spare hand to press gently into the center of my back as he dipped his fingers into my soft moist heat. I was tight and extremely wet. His senses fired up and his dick twitched against my thigh. I leaned my head back and sighed softly as he thrust his fingers up and down inside of me. I rode him and moaned, “Michael, I need…oh god I need something!”

He quickly rid me of my skirt and halter top and gloried in my nudity. My breast couldn’t be more unbelievably beautiful to him, pale with dusky pink nipples that stood out at attention. He bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth as he undid his own clothing and stripped.

I moaned and when he was totally naked I reached down and touched his penis experimentally, 7 full inches, two thick of his hot cock. He groaned with pleasure and laid me on my back. I looked up at him with trust and opened my legs to him. He didn’t want it over to fast though and kissed his way slowly down my abdomen stopping and thrusting his tongue into my belly button once then continued on. I looked down at him for a moment as he got lower. Then arched my back and cried out softly when his hot mouth closed over my cunt. He sucked on the bud of desire while his fingers sought out my moist heat and thrust in and out of the depths.

I couldn't take any more and needed so much more at the same time. I pulled him up and he pressed into my wet heat. He groaned as my muscles settled around his penis. He thrust deeply into me and I was deep in complete passion. He knew I couldn’t last much longer but knew he was close too. He thrust over and over into me.

I felt myself racing higher and higher toward…something. It was just out of reach, “Harder, please Michael.” I cried out knowing only he could give me what I was searching for.

He pushed more swiftly into me. I cried out with each thrust then quieted as the edge seemed to come within reach. I pulled his head down for a deep tongue sucking kiss as his thrust became more rapid and deeper. I arched back and cried out his name on a breathy moan as I reached the peak and crashed into climax.

As I came my inner muscles milked him with contractions and he could hold back no longer. With a final deep, hard thrust he came, shooting his cum deep inside me.

When he would have pulled himself out, I held him tight, “No, don't, please. Stay with me tonight Michael."

He was my first true lover and maybe I'll write down something else of our shared passion later.

****Thanks for reading. As this is my first writing on this subject please let me know what you think?

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