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My Crazy Doctor

My Crazy Doctor

It really pays off if you can find a crazy doctor like I did.
The redhead's name is Margot Stein and her appointment was in twenty minutes, but right then I was kind of occupied with the doctor, Dr. Ruth Marris. She was in the stirrups with me naked on the roll-around stool and my mouth sucking on her clit as I worked two fingers in and out of her. I can tell the stool was designed by a male gynecologist.

I had a slim vibrating dildo in her butt, too, and she was ready to come. Her back was arched, pushing her front up and her butt down hard on my fingers and the dildo. When she grunted I knew she was starting and I wrapped my teeth with my lips and bit her clit, sucking harder as I jammed my fingers as far into her as I could.

She let out a little bit of the scream she had bottled in her throat, using both hands over her mouth. I think it makes the orgasm much stronger for her when she does that, because she does it at home too.

She convulsed, shook from head to toe and flooded my hand. She slowly relaxed, her moaning and the whispered sounds told me how hard she had cum. She lay back on the exam table, looking at me over her breasts and smiling. I loved that view. Her breasts weren't big but they stood up with nice nipples, still hard from her climax.

"Well that was sure fun. I think you're just priming the pump for when Margot gets here," she said and laughed. She laughs a lot and I like that.

I laughed as I pulled my fingers and the dildo out and stood. I washed everything then wrapped the dildo and put it in a drawer. I wet a couple wash cloths and went back to Ruth, washing and drying her before sitting her up.

Ruth is my doctor, my urologist, and we've lived together for over two years now. It started as an appointment to talk about a penis implant, but when she suggested trying the injections, it evolved into us having sex in her office for over an hour. We had dinner later and spent the weekend together.

A month later we moved in together and kept up the injections for two more months before deciding to do the surgery anyway. The injections can cause real problems and this was safer for me, for us. She and I both wanted sex more frequently than every other day. I couldn't believe how horny I was all the time, hell – I'm seventy-three.

I tease her about, "Dr. Ruth" but she is nothing like her. Strong too, but soft in so many ways and she loves me so that trumps everything negative. Her butts a little big and jiggles a bit when she runs, her thighs meet at her crotch and her breasts sag a bit. She's gorgeous.

She did the surgery nine months ago and it is fantastic. We get to have sex any time when want, for as long as we want. We did it one night for a couple hours and the next morning my cock was raw. We couldn't have sex for three days and we tease each it her about it all the time.

She says, "Careful, I don't want to wear any more off, it's too small now."

I'll look very serious and shake my head no saying, "That problem is not caused by me getting smaller." She smacks me and we kiss for a while and go on.

My prostate is dead from radiation treatment, cancer, so I don't gush any more. My testicles are still working great and I can orgasm. I can come several times a day and there is no recovery time, it goes soft only when we deflate it.

Ruth brought in a surgeon to help and I can tell you that going under looking in your lovers eyes, knowing you were completely safe, essentially in Gods hands, is one wonderful experience I will cherish for as long as I can remember. No, she's not God, she's stronger.

I've had eight back surgeries and I'm fused from vertebras T11 to L6, I don't stand straight. After they killed my ability to have erections, I swore I would never let them cut me again. She told me, "No more injections!" So I just gave up. Ruth is pretty persuasive.

Knowing that someone who valued my life more than their own was in charge is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. I "enjoyed" the experience, going under with my eyes on hers, her eyes gripping mine.

With the two other doctors, an anesthesiologist and six nurses in the room, all I saw was her smiling at me. Her wonderful, smiling face as everything faded then blinked into a soft black void with no feelings or thoughts. She had waited to put on the cloth mask and shield for me.

When I woke in recovery she was there, holding my hand and humming the tune from Memories, probably my favorite song. It's about the start of a new life.

When she saw my eyes open, she grinned and stopped, standing and leaning over to kiss me. I tried to help, but my lips were sticking together and I couldn't make them do what I wanted. She got a chuckle out of my clumsy attempt to kiss back and grope her breast.

"Easy 'Studly', there'll be lots of time for that now, every day, so just relax and sleep. It's not time yet." Being the dutiful lover that I was, with her kissing me, I went right back to sleep. The drugs helped.

I woke again an hour later. She had tears in her eyes when she washed my face with a cool cloth then helped me dress and we were on our way home in an hour, it's an outpatient surgery. On the way home when I asked why she had been crying, she said, "I was looking at you, thinking about us and how happy I am now." Women truly are an alien species.

I couldn't "stick it in" for two months while it healed, but we were supposed to inflate it several times a day and we had a lot of fun with that. Except for two or three times when my testicles were squeezed pretty hard as she learned. I had three balls now and she got confused a couple times. Her kissing them better was worth every bit of it.

The pump is in my scrotum and just getting it pumped up is exciting. Ruth likes to pump it up while she's sucking me, it excites her a lot and I orgasm every time. Once she said that worked so well that she bet she could get me off three times like that. A moments thought later and she said, "In one hour." The bet was on.

She did that to me three times in fifty-three minutes and won. The dinner was at L’ardoise Bistro on Noe Street in San Francisco. A seared filet, baked potatoes, veggies and scotch. We both eat pretty much the same thing and I like that little intimacy.

The only worthwhile thing her ex ever gave her was a taste for good scotch. Well, a good sense for money too. She handles the investments and we're doing good she says. All that medical shit we, well she, put money in is paying off big.

We strolled for a while, swinging our hands like kids, then called a cab and spent the night at the Mandarin Oriental, the Dynasty Suite, I think. Damned expensive, but worth every nickel. We had a ball for two nights. Making love to her, in the middle of that king-sized bed, lit only by the city lights, was enchanting. Like awakening the fairy princess with a kiss.

Twice in my life I've found a woman that trusts me enough to just be herself, to be able to let go and know that I would die preventing harm to her. My wife, Paige, and now Ruth. Paige did not do that all the time, Ruth pretty much does. She is one sexy, horny lady.

Paige has been in a home for two years now and doesn't remember me at all. I visit her at least once a week and talk. I'm always there to ask about how she is, checking on her. She remembers two of our seven kids.

Ruth goes with me every time and Paige believes she's her doctor. I think they love each other because they always hug when we get there and when we leave. Ruth tells her that doctors don't usually do that, but she's special. Paige laughs and hugs her back and I leave in a hurry.

One time early on when Ruth was there I waited too long to leave. When they hugged I could hear Paige whisper rather loud, "Who's that good looking guy in the kilt, he reminds me of my husband?" And she glanced at me.

I felt my heart die right then. It stopped beating and fell on the floor! I lost it very bad then, slamming out so hard I startled the hell out of everyone and broke the fucking door. I literally broke a hinge and the window insert. It was safety glass, so it didn't go everywhere, but it was shattered. I was huddled on the floor when Ruth got to me, a complete wreck and it took hours to get over.

They told me Paige cried for a long time, frightened, so I will never allow that to happen again.

It's the same every time but I won't stay past a point now. I get half-way down the hall before I collapse back against the wall crying, sobbing. The staff know to leave me alone but they all tell me it really shakes them up, they want to help.

Ruth is there in moments because she's seen it before. That first time scared the crap out of her. She takes me in her arms and holds me saying things like, "Sshhh, it's okay, Paige is happy and you're going to be fine," and "Come back to me, Paul." This does calm me a lot. She calls a nurse or two over and they help.

They get me in the car and I cry a lot more on the way home. She rubs my knee and thigh under my kilt and that's comforting. She starts telling me funny things that happen when she's examining patients. Her telling about the women usually gets me out of it. A half-hour later it's starting to blur and turn into a very sad memory again. I still adore Paige.

When we get home Ruth is Horney as hell and we have sex. I'm okay and we get back to being "Us". I sew, I own three machines, serger, everything and I make all her uniforms like I did Paige's when she was a nurse. All monogrammed and all the female doctors and nurses at Kaiser are jealous. A couple of the male ones too.

Several have offered to pay me to make theirs, but so far I've said no. Hell, a couple have told Ruth to introduce me to them if she ever decided to get rid of me. It makes me feel good when she tells me that. Then she'll kiss me and say, "No fucking way, Stud!" And we go on.

I do a lot more for her, filing, scheduling and I've gotten to where I can pre-read articles and know if she'll want to read them or not. We make a very good team and I support her in everything. We decide together and make it happen together like Paige and I used to.

One day after we visited Paige and I calmed down Ruth told me, "I like Paige a lot. She's like I am and I thank her each time for pre-training you for me." Then she said, "She never remembers and laughs asking what I'm talking about. I hug her and tell her it doesn't matter, then I come and get you." The sex that night was so very soft, slow, sensual, more emotional than physical.

I've asked her several times if Paige ever mentions "The Kilt Thing" and she says, "Yes.", but she refuses to talk about it, Ruth protects me.

I've never been bothered by emotions. I feel, I get upset, I cry and I never thought it made me less a man. I do not like getting old and maudlin though, crying over every small fucking thing. Ruth tells me it doesn't matter, I am what I am, that's what she's in love with, and I have no answer to that.

I wonder sometimes how many others there are like me. Having had one-half of what I was for forty-four years die slowly, watching as each thing she was, all those memories, each little piece of her and I slipping away, bit by bit, down a drain until what's left is a different person.

She talks, laughs, seems to enjoy what she is, but she is not "Paige." She's not my other half any more.

Then finding someone who fits in so well to what I am and wants to be there with me, almost a seamless swap. I hope some have found their other half again.


Ruth hefted my scrotum, fondling it and stroked me for a few seconds, but she didn't pump it up. "Put your pants on and get ready, she'll be here in ten minutes.. Then stood and dressed, essentially re-clasping her bra and buttoning up, she didn't bother with panties.

When we walked out front, Ruth's nurse, Blake, grinned and said, "Your last appointments here. I'll close down and see you tomorrow." Then she left, glancing at me and I heard her chuckle as she walked away. I'll have to ask Ruth about her, she is very cute, twenty-five, petite with breasts that looked two sizes to big for her body and what's happening obviously doesn't bother her. If this works, maybe?

I put Margot in the room and handed her two robes saying, "Take everything off and put this on, opening in the front and lay the other on your lap, doctor Marris will be right in." She did look a little nervous as I set up the instrument tray and put a paper sheet on the exam table. Ruth taught me all the routines.

I smiled and nodded and she watched me leave. When I closed the door and turned Ruth grabbed my face and kissed me hard. "Thank you Paul, I've wanted to do this for a long time but he always thought it was dirty."

Her ex is an asshole, I know because I met him once at a party. She said he showed up sometimes, just to embarrass her. He told me, in front of her while laughing and smiling, what it cost him to divorce her. I could see Ruth's face and it flushed a deep red, but she was watching me and gripped my wrist or I would have ripped his fucking head off and stuffed it up his ass.

He offended me that much, but he left quickly after seeing my face (I get pleasure out of remembering how terrified he looked) and hasn't shown up since. I haven't hit anyone since I was sixteen when I thought I killed someone by punching him in the chest.

"I'll buzz when I want you, but I want you to watch." We had set up a video camera with sound and I could see her. We recorded ourselves to check it out and that was exciting, but we would tell Margot and if it bothered her, erase it.

It was never on when she had normal office hours and I didn't hang around then anyway. She would never allow that.

I heard her say, "Hi, it's good to see you again," as the door closed and I hurried to her office. Margot was already taking off her dress and soon was naked and lying back with her feet in the stirrups.

Everything was hidden until she spread her legs and she opened like a flower. She had sparse, very red hair around a neat pussy. Many shades of pink with a fiery red frame and a dark burgundy opening I could see the start of. The skin around both openings darker than the rest, exciting. I took my cock out and pumped it up a little and started stroking. I wouldn't come though.

Ruth went through the exam slower than she usually does. That was her plan and it seemed to work. Examining her breasts took minutes and she would pinch and roll the nipples around. Margot started to squirm and rotate her head from side to side. I could hear little grunts too when Ruth pinched a little harder.

When she moved between her legs and sat, Margot was breathing a lot harder and I saw her thigh muscles clench and squeeze. Ruth noticed too, and I caught a glimpse of her smile. When she touched her Margot bounded up like she had been hit with a cattle-prod and Ruth put her hand, palm down over her entire pubic area.

She picked up the Speculum and put lubrication on it, lots of it. She pressed it in then moved it in and out a couple times. We wanted her well coated. When she opened the instrument Margot moaned and came, thrusting herself up, arching her body and shaking like a leaf in the wind. Pumping her hips and gripping the table edge tight.

As she calmed Ruth stood, laid the instrument aside and took off her clothes then pressed the buzzer for me. I had already pumped up fully and stripped, leaving my socks, the floor was cold. When I opened the door she was bent over Margot, holding her head and kissing her.

She was hiding her face and talking to her. I was supposed to sneak in and be ready to insert my cock before Margot knew. Ruth told her we would meet at the house later and knew Margot wanted sex with me. We were giving her an early surprise.

I got positioned, my cock pointed at the opening and could see her closed left eye while their heads moved, kissing. I leaned down and put my hands on the table, snapping my hips forward and drove into her until my front slapped into her crotch with a smack. I was as far in as I could get and I could see around Ruth's head to her left eye, watching it jerk open so far I thought her eyeball would fall out.

Her mouth opened wide and she let out a little squeak before snapping her mouth shut, throwing her head back and shuddering through another orgasm, groaning. I could see her teeth clenching to confine the scream. She almost stood on her head as she pushed it back and her mouth opened again letting out a deep sigh.

Ruth sat and stroked Margot's breasts as I rocked in and out of her. Slowly fucking her as she quivered and shook, her breasts jiggling, jumping with each impact and moving in a way I liked. She started to calm and lower her body, relaxing and opening her eyes, looking at us and smiling.

She finally said, "I don't think we've met, my name is Margot. And thank you for that wonderful orgasm." She held her hand out.

I laughed and took it saying, "Hi, I'm Paul, I'm not a nurse. I'm hers," and pointed at Ruth. "And you're welcome. I'll work hard making sure it's not the last." I kept slowly stroking in and out.

"I know, Ruth's told me about you, I just didn't expect to fuck you before I was introduced." Then she grinned from ear to ear and said, "I think I like it."

I hadn't come, it wasn't about me. I was something to be used at their discretion and I was okay with that. I wanted to watch them. I wanted to stand back and watch Ruth cum very hard. We had been masturbating together and I loved seeing her cum, but I had never seen her with another woman.

Ruth came to me and hugged me then pulled me down kissing me. She whispered, "Thank you baby." She stared at me for a moment then said, "I love you."

That was the first time she had said those three words to me. We talked about loving each other and I had said it many times at first. When I realized she wasn't, I slowed and stopped, waiting.

When she said it I smiled and started to tear-up and she whispered, "I had to be sure. When I was sure I waited for a neat time to tell you. Here in front of Margo seemed like a good time. You and me sweetie, against the world forever." Then gave me a soft, sweet kiss. All while I was still inside Margot.

I pulled out and hugged her hard saying, "I... love... You."

I was very, very happy. I adored her like I had Paige, all my kids loved her because of how she treated their mom and me. For the first time in a long time I felt like I had nothing to fear or worry about and the world was perfect. It wasn't, but together we could handle anything. "You and me against the world" became our mantra.

When Ruth turned back Margot had been watching us and said, "You guys are beautiful together." Ruth leaned down and kissed her then put her knee on the table and climbed on facing her. I could see her position herself so that their clits were touching and lowered herself until they flowed together.

Both started thrusting, grinding themselves together. Slowly at first and started to growl and groan, each with her hands on the others breasts, gripping and pinching, pulling hard on each other. This went on for minutes and I stood watching and listening. It started soft then got louder, a squishing sound as each produced more fluid.

They came and almost wailed. Both were loud and I hoped a security guard wasn't close by. Ruth dropped down on Margot, mashing their breasts together and kissing her.

They hugged and stroked each other with lots of, "Oh... my... god.", and "Holy hell, I haven't come like that in a year," that one from Margot.

Ruth said, "Fuck... A... Duck." She does have a way with words. She gets a kick out of some of my country expressions too, remembering them.

When they'd calmed enough, they turned to me and beckoned. Both were laying facing each other and I walked to their heads and stuck my cock between their faces. Margot reached and took my scrotum in hers, starting to fondle my balls.

She jerked her hand away and said, "Holy shit, he has three balls!" Ruth and I both laughed and explained and she took hold again, feeling them. "One is a lot harder than the others, I assume that's the pump."

"Yeah, it is," I said, "Just be careful when you do it because it's rather painful if you miss."

Ruth laughed and said, "Personal experience talking. I screwed up a couple of times."

Then I said, "You guys were very noisy and I think we should move this to the house."

We left Margot's car there and Ruth asked security to keep an eye on it. Walking away I saw the guard smile and it made me wonder how many might know. We wouldn't do this again until we had her private office set up. I decided to start looking for contractors.

When we got home, I went to the bar and poured Ruth and I scotch over ice. I hollered and asked what Margot wanted and got a muffled gin and tonic response. When I started back to them, they were already down the hall at the master bedroom. I watched them hugging and stumble unhooking and unsnapping each other into the room, laughing.

When I walked in clothes were strewn everywhere and Ruth was on top with them in sixty-nine position. I could see Ruth's head move and knew she had her tongue in Margot because she moaned loud and thrust her crotch into Ruth's face. They were fast and I undressed too.

We have a king-size, full motion water bed. Paige and I fell in love with it in nineteen-eighty when we moved back from Germany and slept in one since. Ruth fell in love with it the first time we had sex on it, she said it helped by pushing.

I hated going on business trips because I couldn't sleep on that pile of rocks they called a bed. I actually found several hotels that had them and would stay there. The only sleep I got on the road sometimes. One in Dallas was a sports hotel with indoor running tracks, tennis, racquetball and a lot of others. I ran and played racquetball a lot then too.

Now I can barely walk sometimes with eleven bones fused and Ruth is talking to a couple surgeons that she says may help. My last surgery was over eleven hours and they killed my dick at the same time. I said I wouldn't let them cut me again, but Ruth is pretty persuasive.

She says they can free up some of the fusion, add a joint or two, and I'll stand straighter with less pain. I've been fighting it, but she told me the other day the sex would get better too, so now I'm mired in the "Should I, Shouldn't I" conflict again, but like I said, Ruth is pretty persuasive.

I finally agreed to talk to her friends. They went to med-school together and they swapped exams and stuff, but she said they never screwed. I don't care, that's her past, not mine and I never judge. I truly don't like judgmental people. Preachers, republicans, their like. They all think they are so good they can tell the rest of us how to live. What assholes, like her ex.

I could see Margot's tongue as she lapped at Ruth's slit, from her clit to her ass, and Ruth would jerk and thrust too. Margot heard when I set the drinks down, stopped licking Ruth and looked back at me. "Come here lover boy, I hear you're really quite a stud. At least that's what Ruth says."

Of course Ruth was listening to this and I heard her giggle as she licked at Margot. I stepped over and she reached her hands out and took my cock. Ruth stopped and turned, moving down and kneeling in front of me. "Let's get him pumped up he's useless this way and I'll teach you."

"Thanks," I said and both her and Margot laughed. Then she showed Margot how. She pumped it up then deflated it. You switch the pump and squeeze my cock and all the fluid is transferred to the reservoir.

They left me inflated and Ruth went back to what she had been doing, eating Margot. Margot tilted her head back and pulled me toward her and laid my cock on the roof of her mouth then closed her lips around the head. She reached both hands back and gripped my ass, pulling me into her throat.

She kind of gagged and pushed me back then pulled again. She did that several times until I took over and fucked her mouth. She would help with her hands and I went in a little farther each time until I was completely in.

I think Ruth bit her clit because Margot jumped and yanked on my hips. She quivered, she shook and I saw her legs snap shut on Ruth's head. She stopped moving and tightened every muscle in her body, pulling hard on my hips and came very hard. She opened her throat and screamed, but it was muffled by my cock.

When she did that, I came too, and I pulsed in her throat then pulled back and she sucked the head hard as she gasped through her nose and licked along the top of my cock. I could feel her explosive exhales as they blew the hair on my balls. She sucked me back into her throat twice more then took me out.

She put me against Ruth's ass and said, "Fuck her now – in the ass." Ruth squatted farther down on Margot's chest and I got ready. Margot had lube from somewhere and greased me good. She stuck a finger in Ruth's ass too and Ruth groaned and rocked, so I knew she was ready.

Margot held me as I pushed and when the head slipped in Ruth jerked her head back and pushed her shoulders up, gasped very load, almost a yell then moaned and lay back down on Margot. I pushed and she moaned and pushed back. When I thrust my hips and went all the way in Ruth stood on her arms again.

She shook her head a couple times, slowly lowered herself again and sighed. I started pulling out and pushing back in, slow and steady until she said, "Faster, a little harder too." I did that and started pounding into her. I could feel my balls slapping Margot in the face as she licked at them.

Ruth liked me in her ass, I knew that, but Margot sucking her clit and licking my balls and cock as it thrust in and out sent her over the edge quickly. She shuddered, quivered and kind of 'writhed' like a snake on Margot and gripped me hard as she came.

It took her a few minutes to calm down and be able to talk. "Wow! What a cum!" She stood and pulled Margot around and lay down next to her then pulled me down on Margot's other side. We lay that way for a while, kissing and licking each other.

I would wander south and suck whoever's nipples I could get to and that led to them maneuvering us around so I could do more. I had fun kneeling between them. Their heads were together, kissing and I alternated between them sucking and biting.

Soon they pushed me down and put their hips together, raising their legs and pulling them back to their breasts. I started to stand and Ruth said, "No, kneel there." And I proceeded to eat pussy.

Paige had never liked me doing that. Only let me a few times. These women loved it. Here I had a banquet laid before me and I intended to consume every last morsel.

I started with Margot, she was the patient after all, and licked her from her asshole to the top of her slit wriggling my tongue and getting it into both openings before finding her clit. It was hard and she was digging into my back with her nails. Ruth's clit got firm like Paige's had but Margot's was erect. It was maybe a half inch long and it pulsed as I looked, so I put my mouth on it and sucked hard.

She exploded and grabbed Ruth, clutching at her as she came. She kind of quivered and lumped as she settled down and said to Ruth, "He does know how to eat pussy. Did you teach him that?"

"No," said Ruth, "He came already house trained."

I stood and looked Margot in the eye saying, "Bullshit, she taught me everything. I now have a doctorate in cunnilingus from Marris U", then I leaned down and shared Margot's juices with them, pushing myself into Margot as I did. She took a deep breath then sighed as I bottomed out.

I started to thrust as I swapped kisses with both of them. Then I would pull back a little and watch them. I would lick a throat or a cheek. Lips now and again as they moved around on each other, nipples when available. They fondled and pinched each other's breasts and nipples too and that was exciting.

I moved faster and said, "I'm going to cum." Margot let go of Ruth and put her arms around me, yanking me down on her chest, crushing her breasts. She loved it and gripped me hard, came when I did and we kind of floated away. Ruth was kissing us and patting us as we came back. Rubbing on us, I heard her say, "God, that was beautiful."

I stood and turned, laying between them and pulling them under my arms and cuddled with them. We slept for a while and had sex again. I screwed Ruth this time with Margot's help. She sat on Ruth's chest and pressed her crotch into her face.

Then she lay down and took me in her mouth. She sucked for a minute then switched me to Ruth's pussy. I stroked in and out a few times and Margot put me against her ass again and I went right in with Ruth moaning and gasping. She switched me between her ass and pussy, masturbating me, sucking on me and made me cum in minutes.

Margot looked at my cock then at Ruth and said, "He's still hard!" And Ruth laughed.

Monday, Margot left for Europe and the contractors started. They'll be done in five weeks and Margot will be back in six. I hope we can hold off but we may have to christen it early.

I felt guilty as hell for a couple of days then last night as we were falling asleep I said, "Thank you for Margot. I loved it and love thinking we'll do it again and you'll like it as much as me." She gave me a sweet kiss and said she loved doing it.

I went on, "But now I feel selfish. I don't really like the thought but "what's good for the goose" and all. When would you like me to reciprocate?"

She pulled her head back, her eyes got very wide and she lay there for a long time. Searching my face and eyes, looking for something, making sure I was serious maybe. She put her hand on the side of my face and cupped it, moving it slowly, softly, caressing my face.

Then she said, "Paul, you amaze me. I know you're jealous as hell of the guys some times. I tease you with them but I am never serious. It's a game, all for you. I love you. Giving me that freedom just now, going against your own grain, makes me feel more loved and safer than I ever have." We just lay, touching and looking, then kissing.

"I don't need another guy, I have you. You enjoyed watching me with Margot and I've wanted that for years. "He" never approved. You do. I loved sharing her with you because you didn't look at her like you look at me. With her it was pure lust, but with me I can't tell the lust from the love. It's all mixed up."

So we go on. I'm thinking about the surgery, trying to decide, but I know I will. Ruth is a very persuasive woman.


Dear Reader,

I write mostly love stories. They all include my wife and what's happening to her, Alzheimer's. I meet a new woman and we ride off into a beautiful sunset, after screwing our brains out of course, this is all about sex.

I write other types too, but this one is not a quickie sex story, it's a love story.

Thank you for reading though.


PS - Reading "A Doctors Visit" is not required but it makes this story a little better, giving more background detail.

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