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My favorite dream

A dream I once had.
I was with some people in a homey market. Not sure who any of them were, but I was apparently someone very special. They had normal produce and then there was a little back corner where there was an artist and the guy who was there decided he wanted to try.

Near the artist, the produce was different. The first thing I saw were giant apples, like the size of people heads. They were red delicious apples, but I think we were all broke, because I knew we couldn't get anything. Anyway, the artist liked me for some reason, but he kept painting the guy I had wandered off with, the other two people were nowhere to be found. Somehow I slid behind the artist to see all that he was doing, and made a few suggestions of what the guy would like since the guy was being a total jerk and just complaining.

The artist smiled and did just what I had said, so I slipped back to inspect the rest of the produce. There were these little candies that were yellow and were about the size and shape of french fries. They were yellow and apparently lemon flavored. The artist seen I was looking at them, and offered me a sample. I don't remember how they tasted, but they were really soft but not sticky.

And then we went off again, time lapse, and then it's like were in this... magical place. I believe it was elvish(love medieval elvish things) It was near a river and on one side, I could see a large clearing with huge tree houses. And on the side we were on, there was a stair case set into the side of a ginormous tree and the top curled around a branch, so you couldn't see anyone on the platform it created.

We decided to cross for some reason. And here's the part I can't explain, I decided to try and find someone who saved people, I knew the person/thing and I got the big idea to let myself get taken under the current to find him. It was stupid, but no more than a second of going under, there was suddenly a burst of green/blue color and strong arms pulling me up and out of the water. It''s one of the elves and he carries me to the side we had been on, explaining the person I was trying to find didn't save people anymore.

I was disappointed at this news, and cold from the water and suddenly being in the wind. He noticed, and carried me up to the top of the stairs, setting me on my feet in front of him, and then leaned against the tree. He was looking at me oddly but continued talking to me. He told me that the river was dangerous. I wasn't looking at him and I was wondering what one of the particularly larger tree houses was being used for, with all the floating lanterns anchored around it in varying heights to give it a mystic look. I asked him about it and he told it was being used to welcome an important person’s daughter whose name was mine. I had a different name in the dream but I can't remember it.

I smiled, looking at him, and for some reason, there was a kinda romantic connection between us. I had rested my forearms on either shoulder and my left hand was playing with his hair and the other was drawing swirly patterns on his warm, smooth skin. He had his hands resting clasped behind my back, resting on the small of my back and we were touching everywhere but out shoulders and chest. I told him I was who I was and didn't let him respond. I kissed him with quite a bit of passion. He gasped, tried to find the right thing to do, and finally kissed me back, drawing me closer.

I remember it was simply lovely, pressed up against his warm skin, and he only wore a kind of shorts. His hair was a little longer than a crew, maybe an inch or more in length and dark blown/black while his skin was a dark blue with green lines marking everywhere, almost making him look tiger-ish. His eyes were... like an amber-yellowish color. He was very exotic but his ears only had a slight point to them.

I had pulled back, still playing with his hair and he seemed speechless. I smiled at him, running my right hand over his shoulder and down to his chest, resting my palm against his now hot skin. Leaning in, I whispered in his ear, "Is there somewhere we can go for a little bit?" He stood there, his mouth slightly open and his breathing a bit heavy.

Nodding, he pulled away from the tree, pressing closer to me. Wrapping me in a tender hug, his lips glanced my cheek, then my collar bone. I shivered slightly, gasping as he pulled away. His arm was still around my waist as he turned and started walking me down the stairs.

By now, I had gotten completely dry. I was leaning in close to him, smelling the sweet scent of the woods about him. He looked down at me as we took the last step off and kissed my forehead for a moment, then continued pulling me farther away from the lights and the river.

He led me back into the woods, bringing me to a small clearing maybe 5 minutes away from the river. His fingers had curled around my waist, holding me close to him as it got darker and darker. "Just over there is where I dwell." I peered to the general direction he had pointed in, but everything was too dark for me.

He gave a small laugh and shook his head. "I'm sorry, I forgot you can't see as well as I can. Here, come closer." He pulled me along, keeping a firm grip so I wouldn't trip over any unseen objects. We neared the base of a large tree, and I could just barely make out the bark before he pressed against the part we were facing and a door swung open on silent, unseen hinges.

I took a breath, surprised at the craftsmanship of it all. He kept leading me further until we were inside. He stood away from me, finally letting me go. It was pitch black after the door closed and I couldn't hear anything besides our breathing. I didn't hear him move away, but suddenly there was a soft orange light filling the room we were in.

It was simple, the whole inside of the tree up to about 9 feet high was hallowed out. It was sparsely furnished, with a rug where I stood and then a large pile of blankets that obviously took place of a bed. He smiled shyly, walking back towards me. I couldn't tell where the light was coming from, it just was. And it left a nice glow to the whole room.

I was breath taken on the effect the light had on his skin. It made the green seem darker and the thick lines on his skin stand out. His face was a mix of shadows, leaving me weak in the knees as his steady stare held my gaze. He was all of a suddenly powerfully sexual. My stomach had butterflies as he neared me, the tips of two of his fingers barely touched the skin of my forearm, sending tingles all through my body.

He knew the power he held, I could tell by the sudden flash of satisfaction in his eyes. He didn't touch me any more than that, seeming to be waiting for me to respond. I wasn't about to be shy with him. My gaze held his as I took that last step between us, our bodies brushing one another and my lips pressing against his jaw. I could have sworn he purred as our skin touched.

His hands gently drew up my arms to rest on my shoulders as he moved to kiss me. I giggled softly as I dodged the kiss to nibble on his neck. He sighed as my tongue flicked over his hot, moist skin, tracing the mesmerizing patterns of the dark blue lines. My hands were resting on his chest, our bodies barely touching. I was teasing him, and he knew it.

His hands slid down my sides, grazing my hips and then back up to slide under my shirt, brushing the undersides of my breasts. I moaned against his throat as he gently squeezed me, sending another shiver down my spine. His smile was almost wolfish as he continued massaging and rubbing my breasts. He knew he had me. The pure touch of his warm, smooth hands had me wet and hungry for more.

His lips brushed against my hair, as he gently pushed my against the wall. His frame was taller than mine and a little broader. He cast shadows over my face and what parts of my body he wasn't touching. He had moved his hands up, pulling my shirt gently over my head, watching as my hair cascaded back over my bare shoulders. I hadn't worn a bra for some reason, but it only made his job more easier.

He stood there for a moment, taking in my golden tan, savoring each inch of my soft skin. Finally, his warm fingers found their way to my shorts, slowly unbuttoning them without touching me. He was driving me crazy, being so near, yet not touching me anymore. The motions of his hands were sending small waves of pleasure between my trembling legs.

Once he finally had my free, he slid my shorts down slowly, caressing my thighs and calves as he went. His breath washed over my already hot skin, making me tremble with need. His eyes met mine, dancing as he smiled up at me, kneeling at my feet. He gently lifted one foot, sliding my shorts off, the the other, taking them completely away and letting them fall to the floor next to my shirt.

I stood before him, in nothing but a soft white pair of panties and my wavy red brown hair covering my breasts. His hands went back to my ankles, smoothly gliding up the outsides of my legs, barely touching me. He felt the tremors as he got closer and closer to my hips. He licked his lips unconsciously as he passed over my thighs to my hips. His fingers tightened against me ever so slightly, continuing their journey up over my hips.

He caressed my waist as he was almost standing now, his hands stroking from the bottom of my breasts to the tops of my panties. I stood, shaking before him, but not moving for fear he will stop. He's right there, only mere inches away from me. His heat radiates off of him, leaving me flushed and longing for more of his touch.

Suddenly, his hands slide back, grabbing beneath my ass and lifting me up. He swiftly turns, holding me against him as he walks over to the pile of blankets. His fingers slip underneath the edge of my panties, rubbing against my cheeks. He bends over, supporting me with his arms and lays me down on the blankets.

My hair fans out around me as he leans over me, one knee between my legs and his hand exploring my body again. His lips brushed over my neck, leaving a trail of fire with every kiss. His fingers had found my nipple, gently teasing and pulling it. I felt his tongue flick over my skin, causing me to gasp out in pure ecstasy. He smiled into my skin, feeling my body writhe beneath him. His fingers danced their way down my stomach to the line of my panties, brushing over the tender spot just inside the hallow of my hip making me moan in need.

He caressed my chin with his lips, drawing my attention back to his face as his kissed his way up to my lips. He pressed down against me, the sudden contact of hot skin was enough to make me growl into his mouth. I couldn't tell, but I think he did the same thing. His tongue darted between my parted lips, taking possession of my mouth. Running it up my tongue and swirling around, he had me simply captivated.

His fingers had slipped between my panties and my body, making their way between my petal soft lips to run gently along my slit. Shivers went up and down my entire body as he assaulted my mouth and teased my pussy. One of his fingers slid between my moist lips, rubbing against my clit. I gasped into his mouth as he slowly but surely brought be closer and closer to an orgasm.

He released my mouth only to capture my nipple between his tantalizing lips. Gently sucking, he pressed his fingers down and into me, taking me gently. Everything he did seemed to be gentle, almost loving. Even when his teeth grazed my nipple, pulling it and biting on it.

Flicking his tongue and massaging his fingers into me inch by delicious inch, he had me moaning and gripping his head, my fingers tangled in his hair and I shook with need for more. My hips moved up, my back arching, begging him to do more than just tease. He smiled into the soft skin of my breast, ignoring my pleas and continued with his slow way of love-making.

The foreplay was killing me, I was at the very brink of orgasm and he only held me there. He did nothing to help me along. His deft fingers only went knuckle deep, then pulled back out, refusing to let me cum so quickly. He had me under his spell, and he knew it. He controlled me and he liked it. However, he finally showed mercy, biting a bit more roughly and pushing his fingers in as deep as they could go and massaging my clit with his thumb.

I gripped him in sudden and violent ecstasy, crying out and clinging to him. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body as I washed his hands in cum. He grunted against my nipple, taken back by just how intense my orgasm was. He hadn't expected to please me that much with just his fingers. I shuddered with one last spasm of pure joy, deliciously warm down to my toes.

My skin was flushed and my breathing shallow as he brought himself up to passionately kiss me. Both his arms rested on either side of my body, holding him up. His entire length was pressed against me. My breasts were pressed against his bare skin, driving him wild. He had pleased me first, not knowing how long he would last with a beauty like this to warm his bed and body.

He was pressing his hard on against my soaked panties, still clothed in his shorts. It was my turn to undress him after I recovered from my orgasm. My fingers were just as nimble as his, but in the position we were in, my knuckles grazed the v of his abs. I got him undone, pushing against his shorts to bring them down over his ass, releasing his rock hard member to press fully against the dampness of my panties. He helped me get the shorts completely off, as our lips remained locked together.

He moaned as he felt the heat and wetness along his engorged manhood. One hand returned to rub my breasts and he slowly started to grind his hips into mine, relishing in the delicious heat of my pussy. He took pride, knowing he had done that, that he had brought me to heaven and back. Now it was his turn to experience heaven with me. His fingers hooked the top of my panties, pulling them down to my ankles, releasing me from the heated kiss.

He pulled them off of me, throwing them to the side. His fingers traced their way back up the insides of my legs, brushing against my pussy lips, spreading them apart so he could kiss me and lick my juices. He didn't spend much time down there, all his teasing and foreplay had set him up with a hunger even more ravenous than my own had been moments earlier when I had begged for more.

He pulled himself all the way back up to my face, kissing me and giving me a taste of my own heady juices still on his lips and tongue. He was holding himself away from me, savoring this last kiss before he lowered himself between my legs, spreading them just enough to give himself access to my hot, wet pussy. He grunted softly as he guided the tip of his swollen member to the entrance of my pussy.

No more playing around, he needed the release he knew I could give him. He knew I was willing, so he wasted no time with asking. His hips slowly sank down, pressing the head against my tight hole, until it slid in, aided by the wetness from my orgasm. He sucked in a breath as he felt just how tight I really was. A stray thought popped into his head and he halted all motion.

I gasped at the sudden cease of movement, my eyes popping open to gaze at him, bewildered. He was shaking, going against everything in him to do this. To stop so suddenly. Slowly, and through labored breathing, he asked if I was a virgin. I was suddenly scared that he'd stop everything completely. I didn't want to tell him the truth that I was. This felt so wonderful, so right. His body was right there and he was so close.

I bit my lip, a look of uncertainty and fear danced in my eyes, giving him his answer. He swore under his breath, all of his muscles tightening. However, he didn't pull out like I dreaded he would. He simply looking into my eyes, taking a deep breath and gently said that we'd have to go a little more slowly than he had anticipated. I sighed in relief, my body relaxing after tensing up with anxiety.

He saw his chance and slid another two inches in as I was fully relaxed, only to make me grip him even hard. A small oh passed between my lips and my fingers dug into his arms. He grunted, holding himself at that spot until I adjusted to him. He slowly slid another inch into me, coming in contact with my hymen. He took a few shaky breathes, sweating with his effort to be gently.

He whispered through clenched teeth that it was going to hurt for a moment, but he promised it would go away quickly. I simply nodded, my hands tightening on his arms. He decided to be quick about it, instead of dragging it out. He pulled slightly back and thrust in, popping my hymen and sending my body arching in a sudden spasm of pain.

He was almost fully in, but he lay there, holding me, fingers brushing my arms and the side of my face. A single tear had escaped my eye and he kissed it. Shhhh, he whispered. All is ok little one. His soft fingers and gentle voice soon brought me back to a comfortable area. The pain almost gone. I took a breath, nodding for him to continue.

He sighed into my hair, thankful for the speed of my recovery. He didn't know how much longer he would last restraining himself like this. He slowly pushed the last two inches in, stopping for several moments before pulling almost all the way out, then sliding in completely. I moaned against his shoulder, driven to new heights of pleasure. Only moments before I had been in agony, but the same action brought me wave after pulsating wave of pleasure.

His pace was slow and measured at first, letting me get used to the feel of him being inside me. As he gradually quickened the pace, my hips rocked against his, falling in a mesmerizing rhythm. My back was arching, my face buried in his neck as he pushed deeper and deeper with every stroke. I could feel him, his hardness and solid body pressing down on me, making me feel whole.

I couldn't believe just how amazing this was, as he pressed deep inside me, holding himself there for a moment, then slowly pulling out. He had reached his breaking point, and wanted to prolong it for as long as possible. He pressed inside one more time, overcome with the desire and everything that had built up as he found out new pleasures my body held for him. He came hard, lost in the waves of fire that threatened to consume him in his orgasm.

My body had been in tune with his throughout everything, and with his final thrust, he had sent me over the edge once more to spiral out into sweet nothingness with him. He gripped me, holding me tight as he emptied his seed into me. His muscles stood out as his orgasm spanned a good twenty seconds. He ached inside afterwards, rolling over, pulling me close so he could stay within me.

He held me to him, cuddling close as he pulled a blanket over us. His lazy smile of satisfaction was the last thing I saw before finally waking up.
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