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My Final Fantasy: Part I- A Country Home

John finds a large country home is too much work and seeks part time help....
My Final Fantasy: Part I- A Country Home

John had decided to locate his new marketing and distribution center just outside Durham, off Thorpe Road. As he would need to do some entertaining John leased a large country home in Langley Park about 5 miles west of Durham. The home is convenient as it is just off the A691.

The main house is a large 5 bedroom home with a big entertaining room that extends onto a large outdoor deck. The home has an indoor Jacuzzi pool and outdoor swimming pool, a large TV room and huge kitchen for entertaining. The extensive grounds are secluded and protected by large mature trees and hedges.

To the west side of the house there is a connected, but separate wing for guests with its own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. John thinks that if necessary he will get part-time household help to take care of the house while he travels. It’s not really safe to just leave a house unoccupied.

It turns out that Bob Burns, one of John’s old English professors, is now emeritus at Dunham University, which is the third oldest university in the UK. John contacts Bob to let him know he is in town and they agree to meet up for cocktails on the weekend.

As John is getting his new offices arranged he begins to understand that taking care of this large country house, arranging gardeners, getting the pool cleaned, keeping food stocked and organizing a dinner party is actually much more work than he could ever imagine. John thinks to himself that fortunate men have found an attractive competent wife or girlfriend to address all these problems, but he’s flying solo.

On Saturday John meets Bob for drinks at the Golf Club. They chat and John mentions his dilemma regarding taking care of the house. Bob suggests that since John is looking for someone part-time why doesn’t he consider hiring a student.

Bob and John drink a few glasses of wine and reminisce about the old days. As he is getting ready to go John reflects back on his dilemma regarding the house.

“So Bob, how would I go about finding a suitable student to take care of my house? Do they have some sort of on-line bulletin board or web site or something?”

Bob thinks for a moment and then offers that he may know the perfect student for John.

“John look, I know what you’re like. You were the top law student in the whole country. You’re driven. You want someone who is really smart and totally organized. I may have just the right person for you.”

John and Bob chat briefly and Bob tells John about this student, Marella, who is doing advanced guided studies in literature with professor Martin. John gives Bob his card and underlines the cell phone number and asks Bob to pass it to Marella when he gets a chance to see if she is interested.

About a week later on Thursday John has almost forgotten about the conversation when he gets a call from Marella. John is impressed as Marella introduces herself very professionally and he arranges for her to come and see the house on Friday after work. He tells her a little bit about how he needs help taking care of a large country home.

John has an incredibly busy Friday and fears he will be late and calls Marella to warn her, but his meeting breaks up just in time and he texts Marella that he is on his way. John gets home with just enough time to get out of his suit and into a pair of slacks and a nice new crisp cotton shirt.

It is dusk when Marella arrives in an old beat up white Ford Focus. She gets out and walks towards John confidently. Marella is wearing a short jean mini-skirt, a tight black top that shows off her simply stunning bust line and trim waist and a pair of sexy black boots encasing toned athletic legs. John’s eyes survey Marella’s simply amazing body.

Marella isn’t at all what John was expecting. Advanced English students, the girls he was familiar with anyways, were usually a little heavier since sitting at desks for hours with thick books while nibbling on snacks and drinking too much coffee has that effect. They also trend towards dark rimmed glasses and rumpled sweaters with holes on the elbows from leaning against their desks as they read Jane Eyre and Dickens for the third time.

John was taken aback by this girl’s fresh “girl next door” sexiness combined with an exotic dark hair, brown eyed, Mediterranean smoldering quality. When they shook hands Marella gave a firm and friendly grasp with a sparkling smile on her face. John thought a woman could never look so sexy as when she wore confidence paired with a smile.

The tour of the house went fast and Marella was clearly impressed with the wing she would be able to live in. When John explained to Marella that not only would she live rent free, but also he would pay her fifteen hundred pounds a month she almost started laughing. Most students would think they had died and gone to heaven getting this proposal.

John expanded and told Marella that in return for this money she would need to take care of the house, arrange the gardener, arrange for the pool to be serviced and make sure he had food in the kitchen. He also asked if she would be willing to help him organize cocktail functions as he was launching a new business and would need to do some entertaining. John asked Marella if she could handle “all those responsibilities” and she smiled,

“John, I can kick all the boys ass playing X-Box and write a first class honors treatise on chivalry and the use of Christian symbolism in the Fisher King stories (Marella paused for dramatic effect)….At the same time! I think I can get your pool cleaned and make sure your friends have enough shrimp and booze.”

John was shocked by Marella’s confident and teasing retort and the two of them burst out laughing. John resisted his natural competitive urge to parry Marella with a further flirtatious counter and thought having this girl around would be a lot of fun. He simply added,

“OK, ok, I won’t question your capabilities ever again.”

Marella smiled and they both laughed again. John was impressed; he liked this confident smart young woman a lot. They continued talking and he showed Marella the security system and how to set the alarm. He also showed her the kitchen and the list of phone numbers for the pool company, the organic food delivery service and various other items he thought she might need.

When John showed Marella the pool and the hot tub Jacuzzi he told her to feel free to use them as much as she wanted. John explained that he would often be working and she should treat it like her own home. John also told Marella that in the future he would need to travel a lot and she should feel free to invite friends over so long as she took good care of the home.

He then took Marella to the garage.

“Look I’m not being condescending, but your car looks like it has a few years on it. I know gas is expensive for a student so when you are running around and doing errands for me please feel free to use the Mini Copper over there. Actually, whenever you want, just feel free to use the Mini. I mainly just use my Benz. I’ll cover all the gas, ok.”

Marella looked wide-eyed at the bright red convertible Mini Cooper S and nodded speechless. This guy she barely knew was offering her the use of a new car. She thanked John for his generosity and they wrapped up the discussion with an agreement and a firm handshake. Marella agreed to move in the following week and to get a friend to help bring her few things over.

John was relieved he had solved his part-time help issue and filed a mental reminder to send Professor Burns a “thank you” note for finding Marella for him. John was pretty sure Marella would work out really well.

John was extremely busy and time flew so when the next weekend came around he had almost forgotten about Marella arriving. John was on the back deck doing emails when the white Ford sputtered up the drive with a surfboard strapped to the roof.

Marella gets out wearing an old worn man’s white shirt with the top three buttons provocatively open and the sleeves rolled up. Her dad’s John wonders? Hopefully not a serious boyfriend he hopes to himself. Why am I even thinking like that he admonishes himself? She’s all of nineteen, not even twenty yet! How can I even think of her sexually? Of course she’ll never be interested in a forty-three- year-old guy like me, fuck I’m ancient to her.

Marella’s cut-off shorts and knee high socks and unlaced Keds make her look younger and more innocent than the first meeting. Another fresh and sexy young woman gets out of the passenger side and John gets up, leaving his MacAir and walks over.

Marella introduces John to her sexy brunette friend Alley. John shakes Alley’s hand and offers to help the girls unload Marella’s stuff. He casts a glance at Alley who is about 5’6” and also has shoulder length straight brunette hair. Alley’s breasts are clearly smaller than Marella’s, but her body and cute face are very sexy for sure. John thinks hiring Marella may be the best decision he has ever made and chuckles to himself. Having sexy young women around the house can never be a bad thing can it?

The two girls do the unpacking quickly and John pitches in to carry some boxes. John notices boxes of X-box video games, two large computer game systems and two large monitors, boxes of books, a few DVD movies and most surprising of all the long surf board that was strapped to the roof.

John notices many of the books are about Middle Eastern history, ancient China and Medieval England mixed with classics like Jane Austen and Bronte and a Spanish cookbook. On top is a book titled “Chivalry in Contemporary Literature” by Oxford Classics. The movies are nothing special, James Bond mixed with Austin Powers.

What an unusual girl John thinks to himself. Marella seems to be a computer game nut that surfs and reads English classics and is interested in Middle Eastern history and Ancient China as well as the concept of chivalry. Hmmm not a girl to be easily pigeonholed he mulls to himself.

John reaches in the back seat of the Ford for a framed print. A very intriguing print depicting some sort of Asian character, perhaps a warrior and a gorgeous female character standing behind the warrior. The print is some sort of fantasy illustration full of wispy thin lines and it has a vibrant use of color.

John holds the print away from his body to get a look and his interest piqued he calls out to Marella,

“So what’s this print? It’s quite interesting.”

“Oh that” Marella chuckles, “It an original illustration by Yoshitaka Amano and it was done for one of my favorite computer games. I got it at a gaming competition in Tokyo.”

Alley calls out loudly from inside the house,

“What Marella’s not telling you John is that she won the competition and kicked everyone’s ass. She got to meet Hironobu Sakaguchi, the guy who created the game and he signed the back of the print.”

This computer game stuff was all over John’s head, so he made a mental note to learn more.

“Well I don’t know anything about computer games, but this is a very interesting illustration. How do you spell that guy’s name?”

John made a note of the spelling and then Alley called out teasingly,

“Whatever you do John don’t get lured into playing X-Box with this girl. Marella has no mercy. She’ll take the shirt off your back if it means winning the game.”

They all laughed at Alley’s comment, but Marella downplayed it and said modestly that she only played “for fun”. John looked at Marella and could sense the competitive fire in her. The more he learned about Marella the more he liked her and the more he was intrigued by her.

The unpacking finished John reverts to his emails and project files while Marella and Alley settle into her wing of the house. A little later Marella calls out and asks John if he wants pasta for lunch. He looks up surprised and Marella brings out a placemat setting and puts a plate of baked ziti noodles with ground beef in front of him.

Marella looks at John with a smile,

“Normally I would have cooked you one of my special Spanish dishes, but I didn’t have time, so this will need to do for now.”

John is blown away. This girl has only been in the house for two hours and she has moved in and prepared him a delicious meal. John gets three bottles of Stella from the fridge and they all sit down to a tasty lunch in the sunshine beside the pool. My, my John thinks to himself, things have changed quickly around here.

The two girls giggle and chat through lunch and question John about his company. They talk about friends at university, papers they are working on and up-coming parties. John relaxes; it has been a long time since he has been around such animated and lively women. Most of his life is work, work, and more work.

After lunch John tells the girls he needs to retreat to his office to work on a spreadsheet financial model for the new Asian market launch. Marella looks at him shyly and asks if it’s ok if they use the pool?

“I told Alley about the pool and, well, she really wanted to come over and try it out. Is it ok John?”

“Hey, look you two. I told you already. Feel at home. Try the Jacuzzi hot tub too. Enjoy. Oh, and that was a delicious lunch Marella. Your Ziti was very tasty, you are a wonderful cook.”

Marella smiles and blushes modestly at John’s compliment on her cooking and the two girls bounce away to change into their swimsuits. John retreats to his home office to get to work on the Excel financial model. Fuck he thought, what kind of life is this. Those young girls are swimming and having fun and I’m immersed in financial projections.

After an hour or so of crunching numbers John wanders down to the kitchen to grab a Perrier and looks out the window. What he sees is astounding. Marella is standing by the pool in a classic black bikini and her body is, well, simply unbelievable. Marella’s arms are stretched high above her head as she prepares to dive into the pool. John is dazzled.

Marella has probably the firmest and highest set of 34C breasts he has ever seen in his life. She stands at probably 5’6” or 5’7” with a nicely tapered waist (maybe 27” John thinks to himself) and flaring to gorgeous sexy hips at perhaps 36”. A very sexy and toned athletic body of the kind you’d see on a bikini model for Sports Illustrated.

Marella’s body is just amazing; her firm tits, her flat stomach, her toned and slim waist, her flared feminine hips and a fully firm and rounded ass. Marella’s ass tapers into toned, but nicely athletic shaped thighs and slim, long legs. John can’t help staring. Coupled with her straight shoulder length dark hair and dark brown eyes Marella is a sight to behold in a bikini.

Marella calls out to Alley and in a long swoosh she dives into the pool. John can’t help his cock coming to half-mast from looking at Marella’s sexy body. Alley comes to the edge of the pool; water is streaming off her glistening hair as she emerges from the water at the ladder. Alley also has an incredible toned body and a very cute light blue Pokka dot bikini.

John hardens further as he watches the two girls play in the pool. After a few minutes Marella spies John through the window. She smiles and waves at him and with a hand gesture Marella indicates that she wants John to join them in the pool. John pretends to look at his watch like he is pressed for time and waves negatively. Marella puts on a faux pout and shrugs her shoulders as John leaves to head up the stairs.

John would have loved to join Marella and Alley in the pool, but it would be risky he thinks. Marella has just moved in and he hasn’t had a good fuck in months. John is so horny that being in a pool with two hot bodied young university students in cute bikinis will no doubt give him a very embarrassing huge hard-on that he won’t be able to hide.

John returns to his study. He is about to start back on the financial model when he remembers the Japanese guy’s name and Googles it. He is soon reading about the development of a computer game called Final Fantasy. The development of the game and the intricacies of the game are amazing and John spends quite a while learning about the game that Marella has mastered. As John reads more about the game her realizes what an incredible mind Marella must have to inhabit and control a multi-level fantasy world that spans space and time.

John tries to focus back on his spreadsheet, but the vision of Marella’s incredible body keeps intruding into his mind. He thinks of his own fantasies and wishes he could inhabit a world where his fantasies came true. He clicks back onto the spreadsheet and stares.

For no particular reason John clicks opens a blank word document and stares at the blinking cursor. He hasn’t written anything other than business documents in years. His mind wanders and John starts to type, writing down all of the naughty thoughts he is having about Marella.

His fingers type and John starts to get lost in his story, all thoughts of financial models are gone. John is getting hard thinking about Marella and all the things he would like to do with her and to her. His mind floats off into his own fantasy world, a kind of sex game, where he gets to “play” with Marella.

John imagines dressing Marella up in a very beautiful short little black dress, its v-neck teasing him with glimpses of her breasts and backless so he can put his hand on Marella’s bare skin at the small of her back and guide her through a crowd to their own secluded corner table that he has specially reserved.

In his fantasy John imagines himself confident, interesting and captivating for this young lady. He orders Champagne and pours them each a glass. John proposes a toast to Marella’s beauty; she blushes and smiles radiantly. They talk and Marella leans forward across the table touching his arm lightly.

The story is flowing out of John now and his cock is getting really hard as the Marella in the story becomes real to him. John types more and Marella’s eyes widen as he enthralls her with tales of visiting Petra, Damascus and Krak de Chevaliers.

“You’ve actually been to Petra John?”

Marella’s hands grip John’s arm in excitement. He feels her nails dig into him and he is thrilled. John gazes into Marella’s eyes as he describes for her what it is like to ride a donkey down Wadi Musa and to turn and finally see the ruins carved into the stone cliffs, the setting sun casting the ruins in a red light like a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia.

His fingers dash across the keyboard as Marella quizzes him about Cairo, Amman and Baalbek. He imagines hearing her giggle and laugh at his jokes, her face glowing and radiant. They discuss the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and John marvels at Marella’s knowledge of the Middle East.

John imagines how his eyes would caress Marella’s sexy body throughout the dinner and how he would watch her firm ass as she walked to the washroom, his cock hardening at the sight of her hips swaying in the tight black dress. John writes how he confidently takes her hand as they leave the restaurant and how she leans into his body warming him.

In John’s fantasy there are no obstacles, no setbacks, no wrong lines and no missed chances. When you write your own fantasy you do not put your foot in your mouth or wear the wrong color jacket. You are gallant and sophisticated instead of hesitant and boring.

John types and quickly squires Marella back to his large country home. Marella has no qualms and is very attracted to this confident and witty successful older man. His tales of travel have dazzled her and their common interests intrigue her; she’s so attracted to his eyes, his smile. John imagines pouring Marella some more wine. He thinks of her smile, her laughter and holding her hand. He thinks of slipping his arm around her tapered waist and resting it on her hips.

John imagines how Marella would look, standing, her legs crossed at the ankles, looking intently at one of his David Roberts lithographs and marvels at her beauty. John eyes Marella’s gorgeous body from behind; her shining hair, her slender neck and shoulders, her backless dress (a size 6 he thinks), the incredible rounded ass and feminine hips, the athletic toned legs. He stares at her smooth firm seamless ass; I don’t think she’s wearing any underwear he thinks to himself and gets more excited? John’s cock is fucking hard and aroused in the story and in real life now.

John types as if on autopilot, the story flowing out of him, his pent-up frustrations streaming onto the page. John walks forward silently and slips up behind Marella’s body and puts his hands lightly on her waist pulling her body into his gently.

“This is an amazing print John.” Marella remarks as she feels him behind her. “Tell me about it?”

Marella says to him, her body softly melting into his arms as she relaxes into him. John revels in Marella’s warmth, her smell, her hair and he feels amazing, lucky and singularly joined to this young fascinating young woman.

John leans his face in close so it is touching Marella’s hair. He can smell her perfume and her hair tingles and tickles him touching his face. He tells her about “The Approach of the Simoon” and how it is unique and why his version was selected for a retrospective show on Roberts. He nuzzles into Marella’s neck, kissing her lightly and she is receptive. Marella cranes her neck back and their lips meet in a warm wet kiss.

John is completely lost in his fantasy now. Why not he thinks, “It’s possible isn’t it?” as he types. I’m not that old. I’m not bad looking and still in good shape.

Marella takes him by the hand and leads John to the bedroom. She turns her body and he unhooks her little black dress letting it fall to the floor. Marella has on a sheer see-through black bra and—John stops, his mouth falling open--no panties. John’s eyes widen with arousal and his mouth goes dry in his anxiety. John hasn’t been with a woman this exciting in years.

Marella pulls him eagerly to the bed, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling at his belt. Her hands caress his naked skin and her big brown eyes look softly, but firmly, into his as she tells John she wants to suck his cock. John is in a daze. Everything is happening so fast. He hardly knows this girl.

Marella pushes him onto the bed and has his cock in her mouth before he can protest or even speak. His mind floats as the sensations build. Marella pulls her mouth off him and casts a gaze around the room. She sees his Japanese cotton robes thrown carelessly on the chair and being young and agile she quickly pounces over to them. Marella pulls the waist cords off his robes and bounces back on the bed. She smiles a wicked smile as she wraps the first cord around his left wrist.

“Marella what are you doing?” John asks in a tone of feeble protest.

“Quiet John. Lay back and relax. You’re always so stressed, so snappy, so in control. You need to learn to let go. You need a woman who can take care of you completely.”

With that Marella wrapped his other wrist with a cord. John’s arms are spread out to each side of his body and tied tightly to the headboard. John’s cock is rock hard and pulsing now, both in real life and in the story. Marella’s mouth moves down again to take his cock into her soft young lips. John imagines how she gently sucks and slides her tongue around the edge of his cockhead. Her hands and fingers tease his nipples and his chest tracing lightly over his skin. His arms pull at the cords and he shifts his hips, but he’s unable to free himself from her tight knots. John’s sensations build with Marella’s expert sucking and he’s close to coming.

Marella teases him more and more and he comes close to the edge several times. Each time Marella instinctively pulls her mouth off his cock and teases him just enough to keep him excited, but lets him regain control. Marella drags her nails across his chest and straddles him, her pussy lips rubbing on the length of his cock. She knows exactly what he wants, knows exactly how to tease him, to build his sensations to a peak; Marella is the best lover John has ever had.

John is in delirious dizzy excitement and his head is lashing side to side on the pillow as he attempts to control his orgasm. His arms and wrists are tugging frantically at the cords to free themselves to slow her down and push her away so he can regain control. Marella admonishes him to not come until she has him inside her tight pussy. With that she grabs his cock with her slender hand and gently pulls it upward positioning it at the entrance to her tight pink pussy.

How can Marella know exactly what to do John ponders? How does she know to touch that exact spot, to stop at that exact moment? His fantasy is better than any lovemaking he has ever experienced and Marella is the perfect lover. John’s fingers can’t type fast enough as he wants to imagine Marella straddling him and pressing her hips down as his long thick cock enters her young tight pussy. John’s arms tied tightly, pulled to each side, his eyes gazing up at Marella’s amazing body, her high firm breasts, her erect nipples, her hair falling forward. John is under her spell and his body is hers to play with, as she will.

John pauses in his typing, his reverie broken by the sound of Marella’s distant voice. He hears Marella calling him from the outside deck. He stands up from the computer and walks to the window his cock making a big bulge in his pants. John sees the girls dressed now and standing on the deck calling to him, waving up to him.

“Alley’s leaving John. She wants to say goodbye! I have to give her a ride home.”

John goes down the stairs and says goodbye to Alley, doing his best to hide his bulge. Marella is wearing a pair of very cute shorts and a tight top and John again gets excited just looking at these two sexy girls.

As he watches Marella’s battered white Ford pull out of the driveway John bounds up the stairs to get back to his story. Holy shit, he thinks to himself, I’ve taken her to dinner, she’s tied me to the bed, has sucked on my cock, has teased me with her fingers. Now she is about to mount me and ride me cowgirl style. John is so excited he can’t believe it.

John sits at the screen pondering the word document. What should I title it he thinks? John considers a number of options before finally clicking the keys and typing “My Final Fantasy”.

To be continued…….

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