My Final Fantasy: Part II-Fantasy Reality

By flytoomuch

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John becomes obsessed with his muse Marella and descends headlong into a fantasy world....
My Final Fantasy: Part II—Fantasy and Reality Collide

When we left John his new part time help, the vivacious and sexy “Marella”, had turned into somewhat of an obsession for him. John had discovered the time wasting activity of writing erotic fantasy stories and Marella had become his muse. The story continues…..

Well the next four or five weeks flew by. John became increasingly impressed as Marella settled into the house and “took charge”. Everything seemed to go without a hitch and she always seemed able to anticipate what he needed done. To say she was in control was an understatement.

Since Marella was on a summer study advanced program she often had no courses and would be reading or writing at home. On some of these days she would cook as Marella had a real passion for cooking. John started to look forward to the days when he would come home from the office and Marella would instruct him in a firm voice to “go relax” and then she would proceed to hand him a glass of his favorite crisp white Bordeaux and prepare an incredible dinner.

It turns out Marella’s mother was Spanish and she had certainly inherited a Spanish cooking gene. John found himself subjected to the most amazing dishes like Spanish rice with prawns and Chorizo, or seafood paella, crispy calamari with garlic mayo dip and tapas dishes like patatas bravas with spicy tomato sauce or fig and almond balls with cheese and a drizzle of honey.

While not a dessert man John can’t recall how many people he had told about Marella’s truly amazing Crema Catalana. Following a wonderful, but heavy, paella dinner Marella had given John her Crema Catalana to try. Like a crème brulee with a carmelized topping, sweet catalan crème is not as heavy or rich and has a much lighter texture making it a wonderful ending to a filling dinner. John was blown away and really wanted to reach across the table and give Marella a kiss, but he needed to restrain himself. John was really becoming so intrigued by and attracted to this woman.

In recognition of the quality of Marella’s cooking John felt compelled to pair it with exceptional Spanish wines and show Marella how a fine red wine could compliment her wonderful dishes. John did not spare his credit card and picked his favorites, including some older Vega Sicilia, some Alion, Valbuena and Pesquera. Sometimes Alley would come over for dinner as well and John would pull out the nice stem wear and engage the girls in a little wine tasting seminar.

Usually these wine-tasting sessions involved the girls giggling a lot and making fun of John’s descriptions of the wine flavors by mocking his use of the silly terms wine people use. They would say things like,

“Really John, so this has the bouquet of a “horse barn”? Alley we’re drinking horse piss!!” Followed by a peel of giggles and laughter. Or perhaps,

“So John, this has the dry feel of pencil lead on the palate? What the hell does pencil lead taste like? C’mon Alley get John a pencil so he can demonstrate for us.”

However, notwithstanding all the joking and mockery, they all had fun and gradually the girls both gained a nice appreciation for good wine. Soon the girls could both distinguish a pure Tempranillo wine from one mixed with Cabernet and they became quite proud of their wine tasting expertise.

John settled into a routine of relying on Marella almost as if she was his girlfriend or wife. Almost like a girlfriend, except for the fact that instead of retiring together to the bedroom at night for evenings of wild sex together, John would glumly wend his way up the stairs with a very hard cock for another session of manual release with his hand and towel.

John would always get quite excited from spending time with Marella and Alley. Marella tended to dress very casually at home covering herself in loose men’s shirts and cutoff shorts or a jean skirt. On those occasional times when Marella would be wearing a stunning sun dress or a pair of skinny jeans and tight top John’s discomfort would increase even more. On those occasions John would try his best to avoid staring, but he was sure that more than a few times Marella caught his lustful eyes surveying her assets.

All of the fine food and wine did nothing to distract John from Marella’s true attractions, which were her incredible engaging intelligence and witty banter and her more than sexy and delicious body. Whatever the intended effect of Marella dressing in old men’s shirts, it seemed to John that whatever Marella wore she just looked sexier and sexier by the day.

One time they got into a discussion of Spanish food and John mentioned that his friend in Hong Kong had received a Michelin star and was friends with Ferran Adria. Marella proceeded to blurt out that she was familiar with El Bulli restaurant. This gorgeous nineteen-year-old and her breadth of knowledge again stunned John and he got hard. How the hell did she know about El Bulli he thought to himself? Her remark caused him more than anything to want to drag her off to the bedroom and reward her stunning beauty and unique mind with a long session of lovemaking and several orgasms.

On some evenings when Marella was not around or was working on her studies, John would sit in front of his computer and add to his “My Final Fantasy” stories. His stories started to take on more and more elements of the actual computer game’s fantasy world.

First John starts to travel through time. John imagines Marella as only seventeen-years-old and in private school. John is a friend of her father’s and she comes to stay at his house when her parents are traveling. John imagines Marella in her private school girl’s uniform; a crisp white blouse, a short grey skirt, a plain black belt, knee socks and black shoes. John gets hard at his vision of the young Marella and the story flows.

Marella is a highly sexed high school senior wanting to explore her new found sexuality and budding body and find’s her dad’s older friend so tempting and attractive. Being alone with John in his house Marella flirts and teases him endlessly. John can’t resist her charms no matter how hard he tries, as she’s a true temptress. One day Marella dresses extra sexy in a very short pleated mini skirt and finally as the story culminates, John fucks this virgin seventeen-year-old Marella madly and teaches her all the ways of love.

As time travels forward they are married, slightly older and they have a young daughter. They are in love and Marella dresses classically and with restrained elegance, tailored dresses, diamond studs, pearls. They travel on exotic vacations where they stay at spectacular hotels.

On one such vacation John is seduced by his young trophy wife after she puts the little one to sleep, curls her hair, does her nails, dabs on perfume and dresses in the sexiest black lingerie. Marella leads John by the hand to the suite’s large picture window overlooking the ocean, walking slowly to let him appreciate her amazing body and the effect of the lingerie. She proceeds to seduce him in front of the large picture window where even late at night there is a chance other guests will be awake and see the outline of them having sex. John is nervous but thrilled; his senses heightened and excited by the danger of discovery.

The story pouring out of him, John is overcome by lust and pushes his young sexy wife up against the wall next to the window and his mouth pulls and bites at her amazing breasts. His hands rip at her tiny thong panties pulling them away and his hard cock plunges into her. Enough of this teasing John thinks as he pushes his almost eight inches of hard cock deep inside his young wife. John rams Marella against the wall thrusting into her again and again.

As John rams his hips into Marella, his cock driving deep into her still tight pussy, her pink nails dig and rip into his back and one hand grabs at his hair pulling a handful as she cries out in passion. Marella throws her head back in delirious release as she feels an orgasm coming. She smiles to herself thinking the black lingerie and the window trick will get her a little sister or a little brother for her sleeping daughter.

John’s stories take on other elements of the computer game. He is older and will need help in seducing the young and vibrant Marella. John imagines her sexual appetite as being insatiable and he will need help in satisfying her. Marella’s sex drive is far beyond him.

John will need to “summons” assistance just like in the computer game where the players summons assistance from other warriors. In John’s stories he may ask for help from a pink vibrator, or a purple vibrating egg, a riding crop or a soft padded blindfold. He also has the option of calling upon silk restraint ties with cuffs, a vibrating cock ring, an ankle spreader with leather cuffs and a feather tickler.

Just like in the computer game there are also different forms of “magic” and when John conjures up the “magic” sex with Marella can happen according to the type of magic he uses. If he calls up “White” magic then he will gain the use of a sex device or toy, which he can “summons”. If he calls up “Black” magic then the other men or boys who are pursuing Marella will meet rejection and harm. “Red” magic is a combination of white and black magic, with John gaining the use of a summons, but also meeting out bad luck upon the sexual competitors for Marella’s affections and attention. “Green” magic will make his competitors appear unattractive or stupid and unappealing.

As John continues writing he imagines a party he will throw. He dresses Marella in a classic tailored ivory dress that’s shaped to her figure. She has on ivory stay-up stockings with a line seam running down the back and a little heart at her ankles.

John calls up all his magic and summons assistance from the sex toys getting them ready in his bedroom. The vibrator and gels are hidden under the pillow, the ankle spreader is hidden under the sheets at the foot of the bed, the blindfold is in the side drawer together with the feather tickler and the ties and wrist cuffs are tied to the headboard and hidden beneath the pillows.

John orders fine champagne for the dinner and all of his friends, acquaintances and business contacts are invited. He wants everyone to see Marella in all her splendor on display. Then in a culmination of the dinner-- as the last guests leave-- John will lead Marella to the bedroom and play out all of his fantasies. He imagines tying her wrists with the restraints, blindfolding her, putting the ankle spreader on her legs. His mind swirls with erotic thoughts and his cock swells and hardens.

As John plunges headlong into his erotic fantasy world the fantasy scenarios become more and more tantalizing. John has pursued Marella in every conceivable manner. She has become his office assistant wearing a tailored office outfit, tight short grey skirt and white blouse and he has made love to her in his office, taking her against his desk. John has traveled with her to Bali and led her under a full moon to the beach and made love with he on a tartan blanket, the crashing surf in their ears, the full moon lighting her body. He has imagined her as his student, he as her teacher and how he “teaches” her about how to orgasm and how to ride his cock.

Finally the fantasies expand even further. Alley comes into his mind and the two girls are playing by the pool. Alley and Marella are in the sexy bikinis he saw them in on that first day. His mind swirls as Marella insists that he put suntan lotion on Alley. His cock hardens as he smears the lotion on her tight body. Marella watching him turns him on even more.

Later Marella and Alley retreat to the bedroom to “change”. John hears them call for him to bring them some towels. He enters the bedroom and the two horny girls lustfully and wantonly pull him onto the bed and begin to play with him. John smiles and grins, oh my fucking god; I’m in bed with TWO gorgeous university students.

John reflects on his story. Is he really like this, he thinks to himself? Am I really the person in this story? He is amazed at what he has written and can’t quite understand where it has all come from. He can’t deny that his cock gets hard as he writes and each and every fantasy has come from his mind and was written by his fingers. Are these really my ultimate and final fantasy he asks himself?

Work beckons and John abandons his story for now. He returns to his spreadsheets, business proposals and marketing plans. He sighs and knows that none of what he has written will ever come to pass. Marella is to be worshiped from afar, to be fantasized about, but will never be his to touch, to kiss, to ravish. His body slumps as he realizes age is catching up with him, work is pounding him down and he is lonely.

The next day John is talking to Marella about the real market launch he is planning. John is planning a big cocktail party at the golf club, followed by a smaller reception at the country home for a more intimate group of people. John goes through a lot of the details with Marella and is again amazed at how organized she is and what a huge help she has turned out to be. Marella has actually gone to the golf club, checked the venue, checked the menu and organized the correct seating and table layout.

Since it’s a sunny summer day John suggests that they head out to the deck to discuss the dinner plans and he grabs two beers. He sets his MacAir on the table and opens the file for the cocktail dinner. He goes through the budget in detail with Marella as she has now become his right hand. He looks up and gazes at Marella when she is not looking. He loves the worn white cotton men’s shirt unbuttoned with a light blue half-tank top underneath. John gazes at Marella’s exposed midriff and tries to avoid having his mind drift off into sexual fantasies about this stunning young lady.

John smiles at Marella and she smiles back. He is amazed at her capabilities and how she handles so much pressure and yet is always in good humor. John knows he tends to become cranky and obnoxious as the pressure builds. He has had to apologize to Marella more than once for being snappy and short. She has always been gracious in reply.

John moves on to discuss the plans for the part of the function that will take place at his country home. He wants to offer even better Champagne than at the golf club so asks Marella to order 1990 Dom and then they discuss food. Marella wants to go Spanish and knowing her abilities with Spanish cuisine John consents immediately.

Marella smiles at the confidence John displays in her and she feels different, more grown-up and more self-assured talking with him like this. John has a way of making Marella feel amazing and special. She can’t quite pinpoint how he does it, but just being with him, being near him, Marella feels better about herself. Somehow Marella thinks, I just tingle and glow when I’m around this guy, my stomach even gets a bit queasy sometimes.

Marella can’t believe her luck in meeting John and getting to live in this amazing house. Even more amazing she gets paid to help him put on parties and dinners. Marella is tremendously attracted to John, but she puts it out of her mind. I’m so young she thinks he’d never be interested in me. I’ve hardly done anything in my life and look at him; John would never even consider me as a girlfriend she thinks and Marella dismisses her wild fantasy of being with John and seducing him they way she would love to seduce him.

Marella ponders how she can help John relax, but knows she’s too young to be the answer to his problems. That is why she has asked John if she can invite one of her English professors, Christina, who is a modernist, to the cocktail reception and after party at the house. Christina did her thesis on T.S. Elliott’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. John agreed to invite Christina without really thinking about it and he clearly is oblivious to Marella’s plan that Christina will bed him and fuck him silly.

At twenty-nine Christina is tall (perhaps 5’8”) and sexy looking with an athletic runners body; very firm 34B breasts, a tight toned ass that she usually encases in painted on “skinny” jeans and shoulder length straight hair. Christina is a dark haired brunette, a very sexy looking Irish lass with smoldering dark eyes and long eyelashes. Marella thinks Christina is the perfect match for John and should be able to arouse his interest without any difficulty. John won’t be so cranky when Christina’s finished with him Marella giggles to herself.

When Marella told Christina about the party and some details about John she could tell there was definite interest on Christina’s part. Girls can just tell when other girls are hot and horny for a guy, they can smell it a mile away. Probably it’s a natural instinct so they can protect their male from other female sexual predators who want to slip in and displace them.

Although Marella is a little jealous to introduce John to Christina, she knows he needs some good sex to loosen him up. My god the man is so tightly wound he’s like a Swiss watch she thinks and giggles once more to herself. Wouldn’t I just love to pounce on him and fuck him silly Marella thinks, he’s just so manly, so mature, not at all like the boys at Uni. Marella’s mind wanders and she imagines John kissing her and holding her in his strong arms and her breasts start to ache and her pussy begins to tingle.

Marella sighs, I think Christina is more his age and will do a good job of bedding him. Perhaps she thinks, giggling in her brain, Christina will tell me what he’s like? How good he is in bed? Hmm girl talk can be fun she mischievously thinks to herself.

“Why are you sighing Marella?” John looks at her.

Marella looks up confused. Her mind has wandered and she quickly collects herself and realizes they are talking about the dinner and reception next week. John refers back to the budget and points to the screen on his MacAir. He points out some of the items that need to be ordered and asks Marella to attend to it.

John hears his cell phone ring inside the house. He apologizes and pops up to get his phone. Marella can hear John talking on the phone inside the house. She takes a sip of her Stella and looks at the budget. The document doesn’t cover the entire screen and she sees the word “Final Fantasy” under a document on the right side of the screen.

Marella ponders the file name. That’s the name of my favorite computer game she thinks. I wonder why John has a file named “Final Fantasy”? Marella listens to John in the distance and tries to resist the temptation to pry into his affairs. Marella’s damn curious and wants to open the file to see what it is about. She knows she shouldn’t, I mean it’s his computer. Her curiosity rises. Why the hell does a businessman have a file named “Final Fantasy”?

Marella listens and hears John obviously completely absorbed in some business conversation. She knows from experience that these calls of his can drag on for a long, long time. Marella sips the Stella and shifts the budget document slightly to the left. Her white cotton men’s shirt wafts with a strong breeze. Marella highlights the file named “Final Fantasy” and clicks.

Marella turns the computer towards her, leans forward and begins to read John’s story…..

To be continued……..