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My Final Fantasy: Part III-The Awakening

Marella discovers John's fantasy world and decides to play Final Fantasy one last time
My Final Fantasy: Part III— The Awakening

When we last left our two characters John was engaged in a long business telephone call inside the house and Marella was on the deck ostensibly looking at the up-coming dinner’s budget. Intrigued by a file named “Final Fantasy” on the far right of John’s computer screen Marella can’t resist the temptation to pry and has clicked open the file. Marella has begun to read John’s Final Fantasy story.

As Marella reads she keeps shifting her eyes up and keeps her ears peeled for any sign of John returning. She feels so guilty and sneaky, yet this story, this strange story is irresistible. Marella reads and is shocked within a few sentences when she recognizes her own name. “Hey, that’s my fucking name? What the hell…?” Marella thinks to herself shocked and more than a little perplexed by this turn of events.

Now Marella reads with a furious intensity as she is drawn deeper and deeper into John’s fantasy world. Marella can’t believe what she is reading and her mouth falls open in astonishment as the paragraphs fly bye. The spell Marella has been cast under by the sexy stories is harshly broken when John calls out,

“Marella the guy from the wine shop just called and left a message on voicemail while I was on the call. He has two cases of the 1990 Dom, but I have to pick it up now if I want it. I’ll be gone for a little bit, ok.”

Marella waves goodbye to John and is relieved she can now return to the stories undisturbed. Marella’s eyes are glued to the screen and her body is tense as she continues reading. Every paragraph has her name inscribed over and over. It is her firm pert breasts, it is her tight young body and it is her amazing ass and her smoldering eyes John is describing. It’s her nipples and her tight pussy that John is clearly lusting after. It is her huge orgasms that John is fantasizing about causing with his licking and flicking tongue and teasing and touching fingers. It is her body wracked by passion, rigid in release as she shudders and trembles transported into rapture, straddling his cock, her hips writhing, her eyes locked onto his, that John is describing again and again.

Every story has a new version of her, but it’s always herself, never another woman. Marella is a sixteen-year-old student at a private all girls school wearing a pleated skirt and white blouse, she’s an assistant working in his office in a grey skirt and tailored top, she’s at the pool with Alley both bikini clad, she is the kinky bondage mistress with elaborate sex toys, she’s his young sophisticated but sexy wife, she travels with him to exotic places; yet the conclusion to each story is always the same with the two of them coupling in heated and passionate sex. As Marella reads she can’t help it but she starts to get excited, her nipples and pussy both tingling.

The sex scenes firstly shock Marella, but then as she becomes absorbed in the stories her feelings quickly change. The sex is so amazing, so varied and exciting. The scenarios John is describing are fantasies that she herself has had or dreamed about. As Marella reads how intensely John wants her and needs her she becomes aroused and thrilled. Imagine a man wanting you that badly, his whole mind and being focused on you and your satisfaction, his cock wanting only your tight pussy. Marella’s left hand moves to her bare mid-riff and then slips under her soft short yellow skirt to her panties and now wet pussy.

Marella reads how John wants to tie her up with pink satin cords and lick her pussy and drive her to orgasm after orgasm. How he has special devices to restrain her and spread her legs, devices she has never even imagined. Marella imagines this sexy older man with his head between her legs, a vibrator and tongue working her pussy; his fingers teasing her skin and driving her to orgasm after orgasm and her excitement rises. Marella’s pussy is wet and tingling as she strokes the outside of her panties softly with her fingers and reads on.

As she reads an idea forms in Marella’s mind and she begins to formulate a plan. Marella had never imagined an older sophisticated man like John would be interested in her. Now she is shocked to learn that, in fact, she is the epicenter of all of his sexual desires and fantasies. Marella thinks of Christina and the up-coming party. Only a few minutes ago Marella was prepared to offer John’s body up to Christina as a gift, but now she realizes Christina is a sexual rival and will need to be deflected to another suitable male at the party so Marella can make her own fantasy come true.

Marella hears John’s car pull in and she quickly shifts the dinner budget spread sheet back across the screen and closes the “Final Fantasy” document. Marella gets up and rushes into the kitchen and pretends to be getting a drink. Her heart is aflutter and she feels nervous churning in her stomach she’s so excited. As John strides in carrying a case of Champagne Marella looks at him through new eyes full of feminine desire and realizes what a fool she has been these past weeks.

Marella no longer sees an unattainable older man, a man beyond her grasp. She sees a man who needs her, who desperately wants her, but is too insecure in their age difference to make the first move. Marella sees a man who is accomplished, smart, worldly and exciting, the kind of man she has always dreamed of but never seemed to meet. Marella admonishes herself for her foolish oversight; I should have bedded this man long ago she thinks to herself.

Marella reflects on their shared interests in art, books, music, food, travel, history and smiles to herself thinking how “perfect” he really is. She is also surprised and flattered by all the research he has done on her favorite computer game. Every other man has reacted by making her feel she was “strange” or “nerdy” and here was this man researching her fantasy world and even it’s art in order to be able to share it with her. Marella glances at his strong arms, his broad chest and she feels tingles and wants to hug him, wants to kiss him, wants to take him inside her. Patience girl, Marella warns herself, time for everything soon enough. This is going to be fun she giggles to herself.

“Where do you think I should put this case of Champagne Marella?”

“Downstairs in the cellar John. It’s colder down there. It’s pretty hot these days and you don’t want it to get damaged by the heat.”

“Your’ right Marella.”

John smiles’ thinking how much Marella has learned about wine and carries the Champagne down the cellar stairs. Marella decides it’s time for her to play Final Fantasy one more time and get to see who wins. Marella’s confident knowing she’s a master of the game and has never lost in years. When John returns up the stairs Marella begins the game with her opening move.

“John, I think there’s too much to do tomorrow so I’m going to come into your office with you and work on the calls and the ordering from your office. We need to get all the people confirmed. It will be more efficient that way. Is that ok with you?”

John looks up surprised.

“Sure that would be great. I mean we only have a few days left so we should get it all taken care of as quickly as possible.”

“Good. Perhaps I’ll ride in with you in the morning. Is that ok? Do you have a phone and a computer I can use?”

“Yeah that’s fine we’ll go in together and I’ll arrange everything at the office so you have a space to work.”

Marella grins to herself and quickly exits to her bedroom. She rummages through her closet. Ah here it is. She finds the short tight grey skirt, a nice tailored white cotton blouse, some dark nylons and black heels. Pretty close to what John describes in his story Marella thinks to herself. Marella smiles, perfect office attire for Final Fantasy “level one”. Marella intends to enter John’s fantasy world and defeat him at his own game.

Level I: The Office Girl

The next morning John wakes, has his coffee and toast as usual and waits patiently for Marella to show. When Marella walks up from her wing of the house John is taken aback. Marella has on a tight white blouse, a short grey skirt, black nylons and heels and her hair is pulled back into a tight bun leaving her neck long and slender. Marella is also wearing dark rimmed “librarian glasses” he has never seen before. John can’t help thinking, even at this early hour, how fucking smoking hot she looks. Lucky she doesn’t really work in my office he thinks to himself; otherwise I’d be spending half my day trying to seduce her.

Marella moves close to John letting him take in her whole sexy “office girl” look and perhaps smell her rich earthy perfume. Marella slides by him and brushes John’s hips with the back of her firm ass as she makes her tea. She smiles to herself as her ass brushes his pelvis and pushes against his flaccid cock. He won’t be flaccid for long Marella thinks as she ponders the various ways and strategies for teasing him during the coming hours.

Marella proceeded throughout the day to use every chance she had to be close to John. Marella stood by John’s desk to ask questions and would bend over sticking her ass out so he could see it in sharp profile; her short grey skirt tight around her hips and ass, her toned tanned legs stretched tantalizingly below. Then Marella would bring a document and slide right beside John as he sat at his desk, leaning in so close her hair was touching his cheek and ask him silly questions.

At one point Marella stands in the doorway as she is exiting his office and stretches her arms high above her body, arching her back and pushing her breasts out, as she exclaims in a soft voice how “tired and stiff” she is. Marella offers that it would be “so nice to have a man who could massage me”. Marella makes John a cup of coffee and touches his shoulder softly as she puts it in front of him and whispers softly in his ear in a seductive voice,

“John take a break and relax with a cup of coffee. You really need a woman to help you relax more. You work too hard.”

Needless to say John is getting rather worked up and confused by Marella’s new behavior. His cock hardens several times from Marella’s flirting and he spends much of the day trying to hide his rather obvious bulge.

Level II: The Teasing Schoolgirl

The next day when John comes home from work Marella moves to level two of her little plan. The first day went so well with John clearly getting turned on Marella is giddy about the potential for day two. A little role-play and some time travel back to when she was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old schoolgirl should be loads of fun.

Marella hears John’s car arrive in the driveway and she puts the final touch to her sexy outfit-- ponytails on each side of her head. She looks in the mirror and adds a little more blush and some pink lipstick. When Marella finally hears John in the kitchen she bounces up the stairs to greet him. John’s eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees Marella’s outfit. He stares at her, his mouth gaping open, as she bounces by.

“You almost ready for dinner John? I thought I’d do Catalan sardines, what do you think?”

Marella looks at John questioningly as he remains silent.

“You ok John?”

“Well, it’s just….” John pauses, at a loss for words. “Well…the way you’re dressed. You have a costume party or something tonight?”

“Oh this.”

Marella giggles and laughs striking a pose and turning her hip to give John a side profile of her tight young sexy body. Marella knows the reaction she is looking for will be occurring in John’s mind and in his pants.

“It’s my old private girl’s school uniform from when I was sixteen or seventeen. I was feeling nostalgic today and just wanted to wear it. It still fits pretty good right?”

Marella looks at John innocently and bats her big eyes with a most provocative flutter.

“Why, you don’t think it looks good on me?”

“UH, well….No….you look extremely sexy. I mean, well, I just….”

Marella giggles and laughs again, slapping John’s shoulder in a very flirtatious manner.

“It’s ok John, don’t feel bad. I know all guys have a fantasy about high school girls in their cute school uniforms. Besides I haven’t seen you with a girl since I moved in here. You must be pretty wound up. I’ll go change.”

With that verbal volley Marella turns, wiggles her ass teasingly and exits down to her room to change. She is wearing a wicked grin as she bounces down the stairs, her pleated mini skirt flouncing up and down as she moves from step to step.

John’s eyes are fixed on Marella’s ass and her mini skirt as she disappears and his cock is hardening again. John can’t believe what Marella just said to him even though it is true he hasn’t been with a woman in months. The nerve of that young girl! His anger and astonishment doesn’t, however, stop his mind from wandering. John’s mind is a-swirl with crazy ideas as he imagines Marella riding his face in that cute schoolgirl uniform, his tongue lapping her pussy. What the hell, she’s teasing me, he thinks, admonishing himself to get control, but his cock, with a mind of its own pulses and throbs.

Level III: The Sexy Wife

Marella calls up Alley and her mom and sets the plan for the next level of the game. Time will now travel forward and a new role is to be played. The role of the sexy and desirable fertile young wife is one Marella relishes and she plans to show John exactly what a “perfect” wife she could be.

When John comes home he finds Marella in a long mid-calf tailored black pencil dress with stockings and classic black high heels. On top Marella is wearing a beautiful cream silk blouse with a delicate lace collar. Around her neck are pearls with matching pearl earrings. The blouse is tailored and tapered at the waist. A wide black leather belt cinches in her profile so Marella’s prominent breasts look stunning and Marella’s trim waist is accentuated. Her wider flared hips and tight rounded ass look sexy and fertile for making babies. Marella is holding some travel brochures and a lingerie catalogue. John stands and stares.

“You ok John? Here look at these travel brochures. Bali!”

Marella moves so close to John their hips and shoulders are touching. John feels shivers in his body from Marella’s body touching his. As she opens a brochure on Bali and shows John the pictures he tries his best to not stare at her stunning beauty. John again is swept up in Marella’s sexual spell and can hardly focus on the pictures or her words. Marella points to the picture of a beautiful long white sand beach.

“I’m going to a bridal shower and Cathy wants to select her lingerie and where they will go for their honeymoon. Can you help me John?”

John, a bit dazzled by the whole situation, nods in a lost and distracted sort of manner.

“Oh I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to put on my sexiest bikini and lie on that beach.” Marella sighs.

“John I think you mentioned you’ve been to Bali?”

John nods, “Yes, a few times.”

Marella let’s out a wishful sigh,

“John, can you imagine. If I were your wife I’d have already been to that beach.”

Marella giggles and bumps John with her hip in a teasing sexy bump.

“Sorry, I’m so silly. I know you’d never want a naïve young girl like me for a wife. Just teasing John, just teasing.”

Again Marella looks at John with her big saucer like eyes batting her lashes with abandon. John’s mind is spinning. He looks at Marella and sees the most classically beautiful woman he has ever set eyes upon. He suddenly realizes that Marella looks completely the part of his perfect companion and young trophy wife. He thinks about how she cooks and takes care of the house. His cock mind you is thinking of nothing of this, but simply wants to be inside her tight young pussy.

Dressed as she is Marella does not look at all like a naïve young girl, but more like a sophisticated young married woman. John can’t help fantasizing about what it would be like if he took Marella to the bedroom and began removing all these beautiful clothes and stood behind her, his hard cock pressing into her firm ass and delicately unclasped her pearls before throwing her onto the bed and taking her.

John’s mind drifts as he descends into his fantasy world and wonders if Marella has any idea of the intoxicating sexual effect she is having on him. John wants Marella so badly his cock is throbbing and pulsing in his pants. His body is as tight as a drum and he wants to go to his bedroom and release the pressure.

“John? John? Are you even paying attention?”

Marella giggles and puts her hand gently on his shoulder. John is brought back to the present with a shock. Marella is pointing to a picture in the lingerie catalogue.

“Now for me John, if it were my wedding night, let’s say you and I had gotten married?”

She looks at John again with her big innocent flirty eyes.

“Just try to imagine it ok. I know it’s a silly fantasy, but just play along with me for a second. Now I’d want to wear classic white with a tight corset, tiny delicate white lace panties and garters with stockings for you. I’d cover it all up with a sexy see-through chiffon slip that ties with a little pink bow tie in the front so you can easily take it off to see my sexy lingerie clad body. You see, like this outfit here.”

Marella points at the sexiest set of white lingerie John has ever seen and his head spins as he imagines Marella in such an outfit.

“What do you think John? Is that the right choice? Innocent and white lingerie for the wedding night—virginal-- or should Cathy go for something perhaps more devilish and naughty in black? You’re a man, what’s your opinion?”

The flirting befuddles John’s mind and Marella is quite happy with the effect she has created. Marella glances down when John is not looking and sees the front of his pants swelled and smiles to her self.

Level IV: Bondage Play

Marella has spent a few days getting ready for the level that is to come next. She has collected several props and is deliciously anticipating pulling John deep into his fantasy world and turning him on so badly he will need to go to his bedroom and seek a release. Marella giggles to herself; he may be writing the role but I’m going to play the part like he never dreamed it could be played.

Marella dresses in very short cut-off jean shorts that look just slightly slutty. She has used her scissors to tailor them especially for today’s show. She puts on a very tight black top that shows every curve of her amazingly full and firm breasts. Marella has borrowed a leather collar and ankle spreader from one of her Goth girlfriends who is totally into bondage with her boyfriend. The collar is black leather and has small silver studs with a delicate silver chain leash that leads off to a black leather loop handle.

Marella has also picked up a copy of “The Story of O” by Pauline Reage and “Justine” by the Marquis de Sade. Marella is sure the classical quality of her choices will appeal to John’s artistic sensibilities. She places the two books and the ankle spreader openly on the coffee table on the sundeck and takes a seat to wait for John to arrive.

Marella knows that John plans to come home early today and she sits by the pool waiting for him. As she waits Marella can’t help it but her pussy gets wet thinking about how hard John will get as she plays out this fantasy.

John soon arrives and after grabbing a Stella from the fridge he catches sight of Marella out of the corner of his eye sitting in the sun by the pool reading. He does a double take. Marella looks decidedly different today and he is drawn to take a closer look. As John walks towards the deck and sees Marella’s outfit more clearly he can’t help it but he stares and starts to get hard.

John spies the leather collar and is perplexed. His minds swirls and doubts fly about his brain. What the hell is going on he wonders? John thinks of the Final Fantasy story he wrote about Marella and how badly he wants to fuck her while she is tied up with ankle spreaders on. John dreamily thinks of how he makes Marella shudder and come while she can do nothing to resist him, his head and tongue positioned between her spread thighs.

John sees the books and the delicate silver leash. John’s curiosity is more than piqued, he is anxious to know what the hell is up with this amazingly fuckable young girl. He is dumbfounded and feels like he has walked into his very own Final Fantasy story. But how can all this be happening John wonders to himself? The schoolgirl outfit and the office girl and how she looked yesterday, like my young wife? John is confused. Marella doesn’t know anything about my fantasies? How can all this be happening?

Again Marella looks at John with perfect acting composure, her eyes innocent and not even the trace of a guilty grin or even a hint of a guilty pink blush on her face. Marella is the essence of an academy award-winning actress ready for the role of her career. John laughs and sweeps his arm gesturing at her props and her attire.

“Am I missing something Marella? What are you up to today, or should I ask?”

John can’t wipe the grin off his face. Marella does not miss a beat and calmly replies.

“Well one of my profs John. It’s all so new to me, but I’ve been getting into the whole history of bondage in literature. It’s amazing actually and so much more thrilling than the whole chivalry “romantic love” thing I’m used to studying.”

Marella meets his eyes with a completely innocent demeanor.

“Have you ever read “Justine” or “The Story of O” John? I mean it’s completely new to me, but incredible literature John. This should be required reading for all young women don’t you think.”

John sits and falls into a deep conversation with Marella about the kinkier aspects of sex in literature finding himself so drawn to this young woman he feels under some sort of strange spell. John recounts for Marella how in his younger days he had arranged financing for some rather sexy film makers and how they would joke about the “whips” and “handcuffs” being “left on the cutting room floor” after the censors had finished with their films.

As they talk John’s eyes take every opportunity to look at Marella’s breasts, the sexy black studded collar around her neck, the delicate silver chain leash and her very short jean shorts. His eyes look at the ankle spreader and he blushes knowing that this very same device he has described in his story. John looks at the books and knows that what he has written follows these like a textbook. To say John is excited and hard is like saying a Bugatti is an expensive car, an exercise in understatement.

Over the last few days Marella has teased and flirted with John mercilessly and as he sits with her in the midst of this bondage scene his mind almost cannot take it. He wants to admit all. He wants to tell her about everything, about how much he desires her. John doesn’t even know where to begin, however, and is at a loss of how to even start telling Marella of his feelings for her.

Level V: The Suntan Lotion Threesome

Marella thinks to herself probably everyman ever born has had a threesome fantasy. Probably every man born in recent times has had the “suntan lotion” fantasy as well. She smiles to herself as she calls Alley to see what time she will arrive. It’s Saturday and tonight is the party, but this afternoon there is still time to play the penultimate level of the Final Fantasy game before the finale this evening. Today will be John’s swimming pool scenario with her and Alley and a few bottles of suntan lotion thrown in for laughs. Alley is more than willing to play along and the two girls have been anxiously waiting for this day to arrive.

Marella knows John is planning to stay home today to prepare for the party and she has asked Alley to arrive early so they can position themselves by the pool well before lunchtime. When Alley does arrive she and Marella rush into Marella’s bedroom and pick their bikinis. Marella being dark haired with a golden tan complexion from spending time by the pool this year goes for classic black with a bottom that has only a tiny triangle in front and back and thin black strings tied in a bow on each hip. Alley is also a brunette and she elects to go for classic white. The two girls think the contrast of one white and one black is going to drive John wild.

They grab two towels and rush out to the pool. The sun is getting really hot already and they both jump in the cool water and splash around a bit to get John’s attention from upstairs. Marella is certain he is up there looking down at the two of them from his window, their hot sexy bodies on display driving him crazy. Marella resists the temptation to look up at the window knowing she needs to let John come down on his own. Cooled down the girls both get out and lay on the lounge chairs to work on their tans. Marella waits until she hears John making noise in the kitchen before calling out.

“John can you put on your swimsuit and come out here please? Two girls are desperately in need of your help.”

John hears Marella’s voice calling him. He has been using the fact that the girls are face down to spend his time staring at their incredible hot sexy college bodies. He is already hard from watching them the past fifteen minutes. John tries to resist and is almost about to offer an excuse when Marella turns her body and lies on her back. John sees her beautiful breasts, her bare smooth golden skin, and the tiny black triangle covering her pussy.

“I’ll be right there. Give me a second to change.”

John rushes to put on his swimsuit (he chooses one with the most ample room to hide his bulging rod). He contemplates a quick masturbation session to get rid of his embarrassing situation, but decides he has no time and quickly returns back to the pool. Both girls have sunglasses on so John cannot see the twinkle in their eyes. Marella hears John arrive.

“Oh there you are. Can you be a bit sweetheart John? I’m so tired. Alley really needs some suntan lotion or she’ll burn up. She hasn’t had much sun this year and she’s still white as a lily. Alley is it ok if John puts the lotion on? I’m feeling very stationary and relaxed girlfriend.”

Alley giggles and says she’d “love” for John to put the lotion on.

“A man’s hands always feel better than a girls Marella. John, here I like to use the 50 SPF or I’m in big trouble with a burn.”

John is trying to come up with some reason not to go along with Marella’s request, but his mind can’t seem to offer any plausible excuse that doesn’t sound stupid. He timidly takes the offered tube of lotion and looks down at Alley’s amazing tight body. What the hell has he let himself in for he wonders? John squirts the lotion on his hands and begins rubbing it on Alley’s neck and shoulders, along her arms and then down her lower back. According to their plan Alley soon begins to utter soft sexy sounds and very light moans in response to John’s ministrations.

“Oh that feels wonderful John. It’s more like a massage than putting on lotion. Can you rub even harder? Down on my thighs okay. I really don’t want to burn.”

Alley turns her head to the other side in the direction of where Marella is tanning and continues,

“Oh Marella, you need to try this next. John’s hands feel amazing.”

The two girls giggle and John, now more perplexed than ever, begins to knead Alley’s skin and muscles like he’s giving a massage. As John rubs harder Alley’s moans and sounds become a little louder and John begins to get very turned on. As he applies the lotion to her inner thighs Alley spreads her legs a little to give him full access. John can’t help it, but he starts to alternate between deep strokes and lighter teasing strokes with his fingers just teasing Alley’s skin. As John continues working on Alley’s legs Marella turns onto her stomach and decides its time for her turn.

“John, what about me? Don’t you care about me, or are you just going to let me burn while you give Alley all the attention?”

Marella smiles to herself; face down into her towel, waiting for John’s reaction to her request to massage her. Marella’s body is tingling in anticipation of the prospect of John’s big hands finally gliding all over her body and touching her here, there, all of the places she wants him to touch her. As John finally slides onto the edge of the lounge chair next to her and applies the first lotion Marella almost lets out a real sigh. This is supposed to be acting, but John’s hands, his touch, feel tantalizing and amazing. Marella feels her skin in a heightened state of arousal and every movement of John’s hands with the slick slippery lotion sends more tingles through her body. Marella feels her nipples becoming sensitive and her pussy getting wet. To distract herself from her rising arousal Marella talks.

“Hey John, you’ve been all through Asia right?”

John admits that he has traveled through most countries in Asia.

“Did you know that in some countries like Malaysia and Thailand you can have more than one wife?”

John nodded, his hands pausing on Marella’s lower back, not knowing where Marella was going with this line of conversation, but agreed he was aware of this cultural fact.

“So isn’t that hard John? I mean for the guy.” Marella looks towards Alley, “Alley don’t you think it would be hard for the guy?”

Alley immediately agrees with Marella “it will be very difficult for the man.” John was confused and asked Marella what exactly she meant by it’s “difficult” for the guy. Why is it difficult? He asked. John was finding following the conversation difficult since he was mainly interested in Marella’s fine body and her firm ass. The whole time he was spreading suntan lotion John was staring at Marella’s beautiful ass and her bikini’s tiny black triangle of fabric as he felt her smooth warm skin slide beneath his fingers. More than anything John wants to roll Marella over and move his lips and tongue onto her tight young body and begin arousing her.

“Well John. Let’s say you had both Alley and me for wives. Just say, ok? This is another one of my silly fantasies if you just play along with me for a minute, Ok? You still with me John or are you off in dreamland?”

John makes a soft sound of agreement and chuckles at Marella’s hypothetical situation. Again his mind drifts back to his story and how he actually does fuck these two hot college girls in a threesome, Marella riding his cock and Alley riding his face. John’s cock is now so hard and pulsing and he uses his elbow to shift it and push it down in an attempt to make it less visible in his swimsuit.

“So John how do you decide which one of us you will sleep with tonight? Or do they like having threesomes all the time? Wouldn’t it be hard? So would you pick Alley or me tonight? Which one of us John? Or do you want both of us?”

John has no idea how he will extricate himself from Marella’s provocative and teasing question. She has set a trap with no satisfactory solution or exit. Any answer he might offer risks offending either Marella, or Alley or even both of them. He searches his legal trained brain for a solution, but is rapidly running towards a dead end. Marella and Alley need all the composure they can muster to stifle their internal giggles as they revel in John’s discomfort.

To be continued……..

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