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My Final Months

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This story is straight up, nothing abnormal.
It was a perfect day. It's august seventh. It was the hottest day ever recorded in my town, at 112 degrees, which is very irregular for Spokane. I went to a water park and had so much fun!

"Ow!" I woke up next morning to a frightening sight! I was red as a tomato and then some. See, when I was at the water park, I had no sunscreen. It was so bad, I was certain I'd gotten cancer. I called a cab to go to the doctor (Yes, it was that bad).

When the cab arrived, the driver said, "Hey hey, wait! You are peeling like crazy! You are not getting in here without something to cover yourself!"

I went inside and bundled myself in a blanket (It was 64 the next day). I went inside the office and waited for my appointment.

The doctor took one look at me and said, "GOOD GOD MICHAEL! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" I told him about the water park. He said there was only one medication that could stop this sort of pain: A heavy sleeping pill. I initially resisted, but he assured me it would be fine. He also referred me to a friend of his.

I took the sleeping pill once a day and I was out for hours at a time.

-Four months later-

I had a maximum of one year to live. I had skin cancer! Dr.Heap's friend found it out. I wanted to shoot myself and get it over with, but she insisted me that I should live life best I could, not commit suicide.

"You should go home and rest, and think: what have you always wanted to do?" So I went home and thought. The one thing I wanted to do was marry before I died. But what girl wanted to get hitched without knowing me? Who?

Then I found her. Sarah Billmans. She saw an ad I put in the newspaper and contacted me. She said how sorry she was and said she'd marry me on one condition: A date to get to know me. How could I turn that down? I agreed.

We were at a high class restaurant. They had an sick person discount and I qualified. My meal was 75% off. We ate, and generally kept quiet, then she asked: "So, how long do you have?"

"About 10 months".

She promised she would be a good wife, no matter for how long. I ran to the bathroom and cried. I was so depressed. I almost killed myself, but she knocked. "Michael, what are you doing?"

"Washing my hands," I replied, then she left. I met her back at the table. The waiter came with the check and she said she'd pay for her meal and 25% of mine. I protested, but she insisted. We went home and started looking for wedding planners.

It was a month later, and it was the night before the wedding. My friends and family were sending me texts like crazy! Sarah too. We were staying in separate hotel rooms and she couldn't stop messaging. She kept saying she loved me and she couldn't wait till morning to see me. Truth: Neither could I.

The next day, I was in my tux. Everyone stood for Sarah as she came down the aisle, in a white dress with her glasses. The ceremony went on for a while. Then came the moment. The famous words. "You may now kiss the bride." Then, on to the reception. My father paid for the wedding and spared no expense on the food and decorations. He had caviar for god's sakes! Then came time for the mother-son dance. Mom's favorite song played. She cried, knowing this might be the last time she sees me. When the song ended I went up to say some words.

"I would like to thank all of you very much. As you all know, I am to die within the year, due to skin cancer. We are here due to my wife Sarah's selflessness and generosity. I may not have time left, but by god I am going to enjoy these next months!" I cried at the end of my speech. Sarah came up and hugged me and cried too.

We were at my house, and we were enjoying ourselves. We decided not to have a honeymoon, as I could die on the trip. We popped the cork, and watched out wedding on tape. After a while, she went to bed. She invited me with her. An hour later she said she loved me. I told her the same. She asked me if I had sex before. I answered honestly. No.

She laughed, and asked if I wanted to do it. I said yes.

She made the first move, pulling off my clothes. Me undoing hers. She then kissed me. I kissed back. She grabbed for my dick. I started rubbing her clit. She moaned, and fastened her stroking To the point of my orgasm. She stopped, and said she wanted to save my man juice. She then got up and placed herself on my shaft. I started thrusting, and she moaned loudly. She stopped and repositioned herself so her head was in front of my shaft. She started sucking, me bobbing it up and down. Again she stopped, and went on my shaft again. This time when I climaxed, she didn't stop and I came in her. She said she loved me and I said the same.

-Four Months later-

I was watching from heaven as my funeral took place. Sarah cried, her womb full with my child. Everyone I knew was there and all said some words. I told god when I met him: "I don't know why you decided to end my life so early lord, but thanks for letting me meet Sarah and have a kid." He told me it was the least he could do. I also watched as my child Michael David II was born.

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