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My First Everything

My true story wherein the first date rules where forgotten and I chased love instead
By the book. That's how I'd always lived my life, till the day I first met Michael. My books were riddled with past horrors that had left me shaken to the core, and I was still shaking till the day I met him. But then he stopped it, he took my hand and steadied it and I fell in love.

I told everyone I knew about his heroics and how he had saved me that day. But then it dawned on me. What the hell happens on the first date?

I laid there night after night talking and thinking to myself.

Do I kiss him on the lips? I'd already done it when I met him as a thank you, but surely I couldn't do it again. Right Eve?

Hug him? Yeah that sounds more like it, a simple hug...cute and simple. Nothing weird about it at all

Sex? Well he is attractive. But no, he'll think I'm crazy!


I'd never been on a date before, yet here I was dressed in my typical classy approach to fashion. A bright red dress with black tights and plimsolls. This was accompanied by my signature red lipstick with my long, red hair draped down one side of my neck...I'd hoped to look sexy yet presentable.

We met in town by the harbour and we could both see each other shaking with nerves, but still I hugged him. I hugged him...okay phew, that went okay, I thought to myself.

We went for a drink in a nearby cafe and got better acquainted before we went to see a movie. I was well aware of the cliché of a date that we were on but at least with this I could re-enact those movies I'd seen it work in. 

Then, the nerves became to much and I had to act. I sat him down and began speaking my mind.

"Michael...I know that this being the first date for both you and myself it's nerve racking. But you don't need to worry about messing this up at all. I'm just as nervous as you because I want this to work out for us both...I know I've known you for at most a few hours, but I can already say that I adore you."

We kissed the moment I finished my speech and from that moment I knew I'd met the one. Wow, okay so I kissed him. That's okay, it's not like I'm going to sleep with him on our first date, right? I thought to myself again.

We walked hand in hand to the bus station where I was to say goodbye for now, but when we arrived it occurred to him that he'd spent all his money on me. With no way home I had to offer him the chance to stay over at my house for the night. I came in close and asked if he'd like to stay. We both made it clear to each other that it would just be him staying over. Then my mind started thinking on it's own again. No funny business. Right? Well my mum is out of town so we wouldn't get caught. No, Eve, you can't be doing that!

We arrived back at my house and I was soon sat in his arms watching some TV and by this time it was getting late. I turned off the TV set and turned to him and kissed his lips. This time slipping my tongue into his mouth and closing my eyes to savour the moment.

"I love you, Eve," he whispered to me as I pulled away from him.

"I love you too, Michael," I responded in an almost seductive tone.

At that I was on top of him. Kissing deeply and lovingly, expressing our feelings for each other that we'd developed so quickly. Hands caressed places and then his hand brushed my breast, which was met with a short gasp from me.

I pulled off and looked at him smiling. "5 minutes okay? I just need you to wait here for 5 minutes," I said desperately, having to catch my breath a little. "Yeah sure, do you need help?" he said confused as I was already out the door. Shoes on and out the door I sprinted as fast as I could to the nearest shop still open.

I picked up the first box of condoms I could find and again began talking to myself in my head. Well Eve, you've broken all of the rules you decided so you may as well enjoy it. I had to guess his size and then sprint out of the shop, stopping for what seemed a millisecond to pay for the condoms and receive a funny look from behind the till.

I came in panting and trying to catch my breath. I put my bag down near the staircase before I came back into the living room and climbed back on top of my shocked date, resuming the kiss I had interrupted. 

Hands began to wonder again and before long I was being carried up the stairs, kissing him as we went. We entered my room and I placed the condoms on the bedside table before turning to Michael planting one last kiss on his face then standing back.

I pulled the straps of my dress down to my sides and let it drop to the floor in front of him. His eyes looked down and then up again, eyeing up my curves and my large breasts before coming to my face again.

Moments later I was beneath him on the bed, staring into each others eyes with lust, love and passion. It was everything I'd hoped it would be so far. I pulled at his boxers then pushed them down to reveal what was the first manhood I had ever seen.

Well there's no turning back now, I thought out loud by accident.

I put the condom over it and guided it towards me and tensed up as I felt him slowly pushing into me and pushing my tight walls apart. A sharp sheer of pain hit. But then nothing.

I put my arms around his back and held on to him as he pulled back and then slowly thrust into me again. I felt something. I knew women could have orgasms but never on their first time. Right?

As the pace quickened my breathing became rasps and I began moaning out loud in pure ecstasy.

"Oh Fuck! Michael, this is amazing!...Yess, Michael, there!"

I slowed him down and pushed him onto his back where I had been laid and put my legs either side of his hips. I slowly lowered my self onto his manhood as I guided it in. I was over run with the feeling of it stretching me out again and soon began moaning and swearing out loud again.

Then it all became too much, and as I felt Michael's pace quicken I knew he was close. As that thought hit me I erupted in a fountain of pleasure and I screamed his name out loud. He came and lunged forward to moan out his pleasure between my breasts.

I collapsed onto him in a sweaty mess. Heaving and trying to catch my breath, yet smiling and giggling at the same time as I kissed his lips. We didn't exchange any words other than those three magical ones to each other before I blacked out on him.


Waking up still on top of him with his arms wrapped around me made me feel something I'd never felt before. I felt safe and it took me a while to figure it out, but that safe feeling...was love.


I do hope you enjoyed this, I'm well aware it's a very lovey dovey kind of story but that is the point!

- Evelyn

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