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My Galway Girl

My Galway Girl

Meeting the one

There was this beautiful girl, that I had been chatting to for months online. We had met through a site where you could read stories about sex. I was in a chat room when this girl enter room with the username galwaygirl123. I quickly read her profile and found her to be interesting so I decided I would message her.

The first thing I typed was, “Hi how are you.”

After a few seconds she had messaged me back, saying that she was, “Good.”

We started chatting discovering that she heralded from the Emerald Isle across the sea. Of which I was intrigued. We went back and forth telling each other everything about both of us. We found out that we a lot in common. By the time we had finished chatting it was getting late as I had to get work in morning. So we decided we would add each other as friends so that we could chat again, when we would be online again together.

Next day once I had finished work had something to eat. I logged back on to the site to discover she was already there. So I decided I would poke her she poked me back, so we got chatting again. This time when we chatted the conversation we had started to turn more sexual. We talked about all the things that we liked about sex. If we had any kinks that we liked, I discovered she was keen about anal sex. She then asks me if I had ever done it with another girl before but I answered I hadn’t.

The chat then went onto talking about oral sex. She said that she loved giving guys blow jobs, and I told I enjoyed going down on girls and giving them oral sex. Then we started saying what sex positions we preferred. As the conversation got more heated, we eventually ended up having cybersex for the first time, getting us both off in the process.

After a while we became online lovers, after a few months of having cybersex with one another. We decided that we wanted to meet for the first time. So that we decided she would come over to Britain for us to meet. We chatted away getting all the small details carved out. Deciding when and where that we should meet.

Just over a  week later I drove to the airport so that I could pick her up. I waited in the airports lobby waiting for her as the minutes ticked by, I was getting anxious thinking that she was going turn up. It was going through my mind that she had got cold feet and decided not to come. Just as I was about to leave, I saw her for the first time in flesh. She was stunning if you know what I mean, just for the those few minutes as she walked over to me, it seemed as if time had stopped just for a split second. I knew then that she was the one, it was love at first sight.

When she got to me threw are arms around each other for an embrace, then it happened we leaned in and kissed for the first time. It was passionate, it was as if we had been together for ages. It was meant to be, what was going through my mind. Once we had finished kissing, I helped her with her bags and carried them back to the car. I drove us back to my home, once we got to my place, I showed her to room so that she could get some rest after journey.

The next day after she had arrived, I got us some breakfast ready for the two of us. I had planned a long day for us, I had been planning this day for the past few weeks, I remembered from when we had been chatting that she always, liked going to the zoo. So we spent the day at the local zoo, looking at the animals as we looked around. We were talking all the time and having much fun together. For the evening we went to the local pub and had a lovely meal. Once we finished and paid, once we had got back home, I led her upstairs to my room where made love for the first time. We fell asleep intertwined in each other’s arms.

For the next fortnight we had a lot fun, as we spent time together. We began to fall in love . We decided that we had to be together, when it came to the day she had to go back home to Ireland. Deciding that she would go back and get her stuff so that, she could come back permanently.

For the next couple of weeks I missed her badly, I couldn’t wait until she was going to come back and be in my arms. There wasn’t a day that didn’t go by that I couldn’t help but think of her, the things that I missed about her was her smile, sense of humor, knowing what made me smile. She just had this about her that made love her more every time that I saw her.

The day arrived, this was the day that she would be coming back. Hearing the taxi pull up outside going to door noticing it was her, running out I went straight to her picking her up. I gave her massive hug and a kissed her.

Over the next few months as are relationship blossomed, I knew she would be one that I was going to marry. I decided that I was going to pop the question and ask her to marry her, so I decided that would go off into town buy an engagement ring. I planned the day perfectly how I was going to ask for her hand in marriage.

A few days later we was getting ready for evening that I had planned, we went to this fancy restaurant where we had excellent meal. As the evening progressed, it was getting closer to moment where I would propose. The time had come the waiter had brought some champagne glasses that had the ring in. While she was distracted by the live band playing, I got down one knee. She looked my way, she started to get emotional as she knew what was about to happen. I started to tell her about much I loved her, telling her about the time few months back when I was waiting in the airport for to arrive.

Saying to her, “From the first moment that I had laid eye on you, I knew that you was one for me.” After a while I said the words, “Will you marry me?”

Looking me in the eyes, she didn’t hesitate for a second as she said, “Yes.”

I got got up, put the ring on her finger and we kissed as cheers and clapping came from all over the restaurant. Five months later we got married in this beautiful village church.

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