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My Hot Guy's Coming Home

Wife, after a celibate year, waits hungrily to get her husband back from prison.

Emma smiled happily as she closed her cell-phone.

Dan had said, “I won’t be long.”

And, laughing, she had chastised him saying, “Don’t say that. I need you long, just as you were twelve months ago.”

He had laughed with her, but she hadn’t been joking. She had waited twelve frustrating months for his long, eager hardness to fill her desperate channel, once again.

Emma and Dan had been married for just two years when disaster struck. From his fairly high position within a firm of financial advisors, Dan had been tried on a charge of embezzlement. There had been much evidence against him, which he, and his lawyer, Max Reiner, claimed had been planted. They had also tried to point out that there was equal evidence pointing away from him. But the judge had been unsympathetic, and Dan had been sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Emma had been devastated, to have his love torn away from her. But had been grateful when Max Reiner, totally convinced of his innocence, had vowed to go on fighting his case. It may have taken nearly a year, but Reiner had been true to his word and had found evidence to prove that it was one of the deputy directors who had framed Dan, while plundering a hundred and twenty-five grand into his own account. It had taken just two days for Dan’s release to be ratified.

Emma was sure her heart had been beating double quick since the news of Dan’s release, sending warm spasms down into her lower belly. She had spoken to him on the phone and offered to pick him up from the prison.

His response had been, “No, sweetheart, I’ll get a taxi. I want you, hot and ready for me when I come through that front door.”

Needing no further bidding, with those long lonely nights about to be banished, Emma was showered, shampooed, and doused in delicate perfume in particular erogenous zones where she knew he’d be concentrating. Her naked body was covered in a silken robe which felt exquisite against her bare skin. Over an hour before he was due, she gave up on ensuring the apartment was clean, and simply paced, room by room.

The first-floor apartment had a spacious lounge area, with a comfortable triple seater sofa, two easy chairs, a coffee table and a large enough television. Viewing the sofa, which had often borne the brunt of their frantic humping, her hands smoothed over her breasts and she felt her nipples swell under the caress of the silk robe. Oh, get here, Dan, I want it so badly.

Entering the bedroom with the queen size bed covered in a blue floral duvet, she became very aware of the moistening between her thighs. Her hand applied involuntary pressure to the beginning of her cleft and again the silk added an extra surge. As she wandered into the roomy kitchen with its many fittings she imagined what it would be like if Dan ever sprawled her across the table and took her with the persuasive force he was so good at.

Having herself in this high state of readiness, only made her recall how trying the past months had been. Fingering her clit and poking a finger into herself came nowhere near giving her the satisfaction she needed, although from time to time it did help. Hazel, her friend had suggested a vibrator, but Emma was sure she would have got more satisfaction from a wobbly candle.

There were one or two exciting visiting times when she and Dan had sat across from each other, at more shadowed tables. He had removed one of his socks and one bare foot had pushed across to touch her under the table. His toes pushing under her dress and moving along her bare inner thigh was a rare moment of warm intimacy.

Once or twice, he had managed to waggle his big toe against her soaked panties and very near her clit. On those occasions, there had been odd glances in their direction when she could not avoid a rapturous moan. But such moments were rare and Emma would return home to sit on the side of the bed, weeping silently out of her frustration.

The local bar had given her some source of comfort as she met other ladies for a chat. All the locals knew of Dan’s trouble and were sympathetic. One quiet evening, she was sitting alone at the end of the bar sipping at Bacardi with coke, when Harry Molson, pulled up a stool in a position that closed her into a corner.  He had a bit of a reputation as a womaniser, but he was cheerful and usually bright, and on this evening seemed more ebullient than usual.

He asked about Dan, and when she expected him to come home. Then he got on about how much had she missed him, and, what she had missed most. Just talking about it had produced the too frequent moistening between her thighs. That was when Emma became aware of just how drunk he was. He suggested they change the subject and talk about themselves. Glancing down she was shocked to notice how his pants front had tented.

Harry placed his drink on the bar and leaned towards her, with one hand on her bar-stool near her hip, and the other just above her bare knee and moving up her thigh.

She quickly dropped her hand to arrest his, and hissed, “Stop it, Harry.”

His eyes were glassy as he looked up at her and leered, “You know you want it.”

Emma shuddered, knowing how true his words were, and asked breathily, “Do you want it?”

“Oh, definitely.”

She slid quickly off her stool, picked up his glass and emptied it over his bulge. As he staggered back, cursing, she slid past him, noting a silent handclap from a lady observer at a nearby table, had her arriving home feeling a degree of satisfaction. But she could not shake off that momentary urge she had to say ‘yes.’

Her common sense was telling her that she loved Dan too much to ever betray him, despite her deep longing. Early in their relationship Emma had found that they shared healthy libidos. Their unions always had a touch of euphoria about them, and as their time together developed, they had attempted various positions and experiments.

When she had shocked him by taking him into her mouth the first time and had offered to swallow, Dan had thanked her profusely but had said, “I’ve always thought, loving as that might be, it’s too one-sided. I’d never want to leave you up in the air.”

 Now, after glancing anxiously out of the window hoping she might see the taxi arriving, her eagerness had her wondering whether their coming together would be as frantic as it was on the day before he went away.

She closed her eyes, that physical ache just above her mound throbbed, as she teased herself with how that day had gone.

Dan had said on the day before, “I’ll need to store up some libidinous memories before I leave tomorrow.”

In fact, the storage started on the night before, as they rolled around the bed. Him on top, Emma on top, hips thrusting like wild rabbits.

For her part, she had caught him sitting at the table after lunch, and had knelt on the floor unzipped his pants to withdraw his lovely shaft.

She coaxed it into readiness, before looking up at him with, what she hoped was, hunger in her eyes, as she asked, “Wouldn’t you love to have the recall of pouring your stuff down my throat?”

But once again, with some effort, he had forced her up, saying, “I don’t want you to remember me with a nasty taste in your mouth.”

And she had settled for straddling him as he wriggled back in the chair and she rode his solid shaft to mutual climax.

They had screwed twice more before the taxi arrived at four o’clock to take him away from her. At the end of that last desperate coming together, he lay with his head between her breasts, while she stroked his dark hair and felt tears on her cheeks.

Crossing to the window again, she had to touch her cleft under the silken robe. Hell, if he didn’t get here soon, she was going to burst with the urgency of her need. That was when she heard the banging of a car door and looking down she saw that the taxi was just pulling away, and she caught a glimpse of the top of Dan’s head as he vanished under the building.

Lust, uncertainty, excitement led her into a spin of how to do this. Should she remove the robe and be naked as he came through the door. No, he would want to do that. Should she hide and have him find her?

Good idea, but her moist thighs told her that she could not suffer the wait. Should she sprawl seductively on the large sofa? Fair idea, but the key was turning in the lock, and she simply stood in the middle of the floor, her breath catching in her throat.

He was there closing the door behind him. Her Dan, her wonderful husband. So handsome with his broad jaw and the tangle of black hair. She’d begun to move towards him, but with his back against the door, he held up a hand, and Emma saw his green eyes caressing over her, adding to her need.

“God,” he growled, “look at you. You look so—so...”

As he spoke he had shrugged out of his jacket, slung it to one side, and in two strides she was rapturously enclosed in his arms.

They stood there, pressed together, their mouths going into a familiar, never forgotten searching, of lips and tongues. They were so tightly pinned together that Emma could not reach the buttons of his shirt, but as she had expected he managed to slip her robe from her shoulders, and as his hands sought her breasts, passing over them with rough gentility, their bodies were far enough apart for her to begin the unbuttoning.

But, as Dan lowered his head, and his lips and tongue favoured her breasts, lifting her one step further up the ladder of joy, Emma could not believe that she had not sought out that which she had been craving for months, Dan’s hard cock. That was when the first doubt crept in. Why, when they were pressed together, had there been nothing pressing into her belly?

Tentatively, nervously she slid her hand down, as she became aware of Dan raising his head from her breasts. Passing her hand across the front of his pants she felt, yes, a little rise, but that was his manhood at rest. After their passionate kissing and his sucking on her nipples, he would normally be hard as a steel girder. Glancing up, and seeing the pained look on his face, she went ahead and unzipped him.

She slid her hand inside to feel only softness. Never, in any of her two affairs, had she handled a flaccid cock. It never appealed to her, but then again it had never been necessary.

Dan was pulling her hand away from its search, as he groaned, “Oh, God, I’d hoped that the nearness, the feel, of you would set me up.”

He moved away from her and slumped onto the settee, his head in his hands, and Emma was horrified to see his shoulders jerking. Was he crying? She had never seen him cry before.

Anxiously, she kneeled, naked, at his feet, and placed her hands on his thighs. “Should I just stroke it?”

Dan lowered his hands from his red-rimmed eyes. Emma was distraught, seeing him like this. Although her pent-up passion had not totally faded, there were more immediate concerns.

“Maybe if I took it in my mouth?”

The very idea of taking a limp cock into her mouth appalled her, but at that moment Dan’s distress took precedent.

Immediately, the expression on Dan’s face told her that he was more disgusted by that idea than she was.

“No way,” he said tearfully. Between his knees, she kneeled up straight and raised her face to him.

“Then just kiss me again, feel my breasts, my belly. Maybe you’ll recover,” she feared that it sounded selfish, merely fulfilling some of her needs.

He leaned forward, took her head in his hands, and said, “You are my dearest lady. I am so full of love for you, but I need to tell you something. Sit up here alongside me.”

He looked so woebegone, so deflated, that she scrambled up holding his hand and snuggled into his side, sliding one hand inside his shirt, as he said, “The prison psychiatrist said it should only temporary. Thought getting back to you again might do it, but—” Dan shrugged, a hopeless gesture.

“Psychiatrist? Why would you need that?”

Dan looked hard into her face, licked his lips and Emma could tell he was struggling to tell her something he didn’t want her to know. At last, he murmured in very low tones, “I hoped I would never need to tell you.” He paused, and Emma squeezed her arm around him to urge him on. “Two days ago, I was the victim of—” A lip trembling pause, “—an attempted assault.”

“Oh, God, Dan, what -?” So horrified was Emma that tears were already on her cheeks and she was blinded by them as he went on.

“This guy, big, built like a wrestler. Other guys kept out of his way, so did I. But whenever we did pass he would say, ‘Hello, pretty boy.’  Anyway, the day before yesterday, he and his brutish mate cleared the toilets, forced me inside. 'Hear you’re leaving us, pretty boy. Got a little farewell gift for you.'”

Tears running down her face, one hand stroking Dan’s cheek, Emma heard how he had been stripped of his pants, had been bent over a bench, held face down, been fingered, and just before they carried out their full intention, three guards rushed in. They got Dan out of there, and, he assumed dealt with the two thugs.

“Oh, Emma, I don’t know how I’d have felt if they’d gone through with it. I felt so unmanned by the incident in any case.  Hence the psychiatrist.”

He looked at her face, and one finger traced away a tear. “Oh, we should be—You didn’t deserve this. Come on.”

To Emma’s amazement, he stood and swooped her up into his arms. It was as though telling her about it had cleared his head.

“I can still try to give you some pleasure,” he growled, as he entered the bedroom and laid her on her back on the bed.

As she lay there he quickly stripped, and even as her excitement returned, she couldn’t help a little slump when she saw that his cock remained limp.

He lay alongside her, and they kissed, gently at first, but with a rising passion as Dan’s hands moved over her breasts, and his fingers tweaked at her nipples. The pull inside her was always there but as his lips and tongue took over on her breasts and one hand moved in circles on her belly.

His sucking at her nipples increased her deeper need, but when his hand moved along her crease, opened her up there, Dan gasped, “My God, how long have you been this wet?”

“Twelve months,” she said, managing a little giggle.

“Those bastards will never know how much they have deprived you.”

Emma raised a hand to touch his cheek, “You’re doing just fine. Ooh, and your clit touch is exquisite.” And it was, but she could tell that with his hips pressed against her thigh there had been no rise in his rod.

Then his mouth was moving to replace his fingers on her clit, which had her twitching. “Well,” he muttered, raising his head briefly, “at least we have one erection down here.”

Emma felt a little guilt at getting so much from his ministrations, and that was even before two of his fingers pushed up into her so vacant passage. Not far enough, but with his trick of wriggling them back and forwards she got something out of it.

His action of fingers and tongue on her clit eventually brought her to a gasping semi-climax, and she hoped Dan would recognise the truth in the heaving of her hips and the gurgles that burst from her lips.

“Any good?”

“Couldn’t you tell?”

“Well, I enjoyed giving you pleasure - but a limp dick is - bloody annoying.”

They were to lie like that from time to time over the next two days. Loving each other, frustrating each other, but trying, oh, so hard. There was no rise.

Love is always worthwhile, but the occasional miracle can be so welcome.

On the Sunday morning after Dan’s homecoming, for reasons she could never explain, Emma suggested they visit the local swimming baths, during the morning when it might be quieter. Dan was all for it, and within twenty minutes they were doing lengths of the pool, both capable swimmers.

There were two jacuzzi type communal tubs at the edge of the pool, both quiet, one plain water, the other with bubbles (soap powder provided by an assistant). After some discussion, they went for the bubbles, at Emma’s specific request. Soon they were up to their necks in warm, calming soap bubbles with water swirling delightfully around over their legs and lower bodies. Better again, they had the bath to themselves.

After a short while, Emma became very aware of Dan's hand smoothing across her belly, before edging under her bikini. Highly-charged, Emma wriggled to facilitate his probing. Fingers rubbed her bush, and, as she parted her thighs, slid easily into her groove. Emma lay her head back in raptures. Would he make her cum in a public bath? Then she became aware of Dan mumbling something.

Turning her head, she saw an open-mouthed expression on his face. Even as she looked, his hand, which was free of the business between her thighs, took her hand and drew it to the front of his swimming shorts.

Her own sharp intake of breath told its own story. Under her fingers, there could be no doubt, the thin fabric of his shorts could not disguise the solid bar that was Dan’s hardness,

Dan’s eyes were bright as he looked at her, “Just touching you –well, it seemed that way.” He laughed out loud, and his fingers pressed into her vulva, “Hell, you’re even wetter inside than outside.”

“We have to get out of here,” Emma said joyfully.

The answer was never in doubt. It had been a fifteen-minute drive to get there. They were back home in ten. Before Dan had opened the door, Emma had unbuttoned her dress, and her hand was rubbing over Dan’s bulge which she was sure was growing even stronger.

All her long-lasting needs seemed to come to a head. The void inside her was screaming to be filled. Dan was equally desperate, having been gifted a reprieve from his limpness. As a pair, they shed their clothes as they staggered towards the bed.     

Emma flung herself back on the bed, legs spread wide, eyes fixed on the solid shaft bouncing towards her, with Dan’s smiling face above it, “No waiting, Dan. No hesitations. In me, please, oh, please.”

Dan needed no urging, and within seconds he had thrust his purple headed rod into her entrance. Almost immediately, Emma was near screaming with the sheer robustness of his hardness storming up to her very core. Instant orgasm overcame her but did not prevent her recognizing the lunging cock that powered into her emptiness, filling her immensely. Everything, absolutely everything she had longed for was there deep inside her.

As she hit a second orgasm she knew that after only two retractions and further drives, Dan too was pouring his seed to mingle with her juices. Utter heaven for Emma. So that initial burst was over all too quickly. Emma felt Dan’s limp cock slide out of her and along her thigh. Their combined juices followed right after.

Recovering her breath, she asked with just a tone of worry, “Will it recover?”

Dan gave her an uncertain grin, “We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?”

Waiting involved having a shower together. Emma, elated by the naked presence of Dan, as they soaped each other, had a wave of relief as she saw that his cock was beginning to nudge against her buttocks.

Out and dried they were back on the bed and Emma keenly leaned over Dan, and cheekily took his only half erect cock into her mouth. There was an immense wonder in feeling it widen and stretch along her tongue.

Before she could even consider what she would do now, Dan had put his hand on the side of her head and drew her away from his. “Let’s make this one nice and easy.”

“As you wish, kind sir.”

“So,” he declared, moving over her, “I’m going to start on your breasts. After I’ve kissed you for half an hour.”

Emma laughed delightedly. This was the real Dan, the man she’d married, the man who had brought love into her life and who was at this moment beginning to spark her excitement with his fingers stroking her nipples. She had no resentment that he’d halted her venture with her mouth. That would come some other time.

Gradually, their hands, tongues and lips worked on each other. Once again his tongue massaged her clit, which didn’t stop his hands continue on her breasts. Emma could have just laid back and let him have his way with her and was quite surprised, when after a long licking along her channel, Dan presented his cock at her entry.

Emma felt she could play a greater part in this as she flexed her hips and drew him into her. Together they began an even rhythm of thrust and muscular flexing. She tried to work her vaginal muscles to nip the tip of his cock. This was an action that had a surprised Dan raising his head to look into her eyes before kissing her warmly.

Despite their intentions, they seemed unable to let their bodies lose control as their hip movements became more and more frantic. When Dan broke the kiss once more to look into Emma’s face, she was already gasping. Their climax was as near mutual as is possible.

As they calmed, Dan matched Emma’s thinking by laughing as he said, ”I think we’ll reach perfection with just a few more sessions.”

Now she sat up and looked down at him to impart something they had talked about twelve months earlier, “I’ve stopped taking the pill.”

She watched his face and seeing it light up she knew that their future was so much brighter.

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