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The day my life was to forever change started out like any other day at a friend's house of mine. I had been over drinking a couple of beers and goofing off. I worked out over there alot because there wasn't alot of room at my place.I was messing around showing off and doing pushups standing on my head,being the typical young dumb 18 year old.Now let me just state I always swore to myself I'd never settle down.Well like I said this is the day that would change my life.

A little white car pulled up and out of it I seen an angel incarate.Flowing red mane of hair,pale skin,a thousand beautiful freckles,like I said; an angel incarnate.She lit up the world by her presence.

I'd remembered meeting her once before, but didnt really take the time to breathe in the life that was her beauty.At once I was completely taken aback by everything about her.Her movements, her smile,her lovely little laughs.

With out even realising my mind knew this was the one, the missing peice, the one thing that kept me from being complete was standing before my very eyes.

This was the most humbleing feeling in the world .To just know that I had all my life planned out as a single bachelor living the high life,only to realize the high life was her.Only her.

At that moment in time nothing else mattered but her.The world fell,away only to be replaced by the most beautiful creature I'd ever laid my eyes upon.My heart raced,my palms were sweating and and for once I couldn't think of any little pick up lines to feed her. I didn't want to. I only wanted to know everything about her, to tell her everything about me.

Well I did my best to make it through a few minutes of idle chat and she left .I kicked myself for not coming up with a reason for her to stick around a little while longer .But my fried said she thought she liked me and would be by the following day.

Well I couldn't get the vision of her out of my mind .Literaly everywhere I went and everything I did I was thinking only of her.It was as if I was freezing and she was the fire that could keep me warm; the light to keep the dark at bay on a cold winter night.

It was that night laying in my bed that I knew she was THE one.The reason I'd always felt empty inside was because I was only a shell untill I felt the love I felt for her fill me up.I'd been "in love"before per se; but not like this , Not this fast; not this sure,not this true complete love I felt for a girl I'd only met twice.

Well like my friend told me sure enough the next evening came and with it my anxiety at the chance to see, hear and smell my angel again.

I was up early in the morning paceing,rushing over to my friends house so I made sure I didnt miss her.How funny to think about it now that I was there at eight a.m. and stayed until she got there that afternoon.But no way was I taking a chance on missing her.

When she finaly did show up all the things I wanted to say left my mind.We just kind of chatted small talk and the whole time I couldn't tear my eyes away from the endless pools that were her beautiful crystal blue eyes.'my god' I thought to myself 'she stunning'!!

After a few hours of setting around talking. I did somthing I couldn't believe .I stood in front of her looking into her eyes and proclaimed that I was going to marry her.At the time I was thinking how can she not feel as I do when this feels like it was fate that threw us together.This was meant to be.There was only one way in my mind and this was it.

Now I know noone anymore believes in love at first site,but,that is truly what this was. The moment I seen her I felt as strongly as I do today after 15 yrs of having the pleasure,the honor, of her standing at my side,My Angel, My Savior, My Soulmate, My Best Friend, MY WIFE.

I LOVE YOU BABY.........

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