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My Mistress And The Recruiter

My mistress is leaving but she introduces me to her friend.

I entered my office, closed the door, and leaned back in my chair, thinking about the final meeting of the week. Looking down at my cell, I noticed that I had two voicemails. Both numbers were unknown to me and were probably scammers, telemarketers, or someone calling from a recruiter's office. I hit play on the first voice mail and sure enough it was a telemarketer. Delete.  

The second voicemail was from a recruiter. I rolled my eyes as she started in on her script about wanting to meet with me and discuss any opportunities I had with my company.  

It went something like this; "Hi Mr. Close, my name is Tiffany Lee, and one of your colleagues gave me your number as someone who I might call for..." blah blah blah... my mind drifted off and I stopped the recording.  I had work to do before my dinner engagement.

The afternoon proceeded as a blur and I was oblivious to those passing by my office.  I was finally making progress on the next deal and was about to finish up when there was a light knock on my door.  As I looked up, I was greeted by the familiar smile and beauty of my accounting manager, personal assistant, and longtime mistress, Isabella.

"Hi, Bella, what is on your mind?" I asked.

"We still on for tonight?"

"Yes," I replied with a warm smile.  Then, I noticed a look of despair in her face.  "Why, what is wrong?"

"Well, I have something to tell you tonight and you might not like what I have to say.  Did you happen to call Tiffany?"

"Tiffany?  The recruiter on my voice mail?  Why?"  I responded, with a questioning look.

"Just call her and talk to her, I will explain tonight.  See you at seven at Davie's,"  Bella replied as she turned and walked away.

I pondered for a moment and then made the call to Tiffany.

"Hello, I am looking for Tiffany Lee," I said, as a young lady in a sweet southern accent answered the phone.

"This is Tiffany, how can I help you?"

"Good afternoon, Tiffany, this is Jay Close, you called me earlier today about meeting and discussing possible job openings we may have here," I answered.

"Oh yes, Mr. Close, I am so glad you called back.  Isabella pointed me to you and indicated that you would be having an opening in your accounting department, so I thought I would give you a call," she replied back.

"Hmm.  First, call me Jay.  Second, I think Bella had this planned and has some explaining to do.  And third, what does your schedule look like for Monday afternoon?"

Tiffany gave a slight giggle.  "Well, Jay, she did have this planned.  And I am all yours on Monday; what time do you want me?"

I had to laugh as her sweet southern voice had me the second I heard it. 

"Tiffany, I personally want you all day on Monday, for anything and everything I need.  But most importantly, to sit with Bella to see what she does so you can get qualified candidates and not send me someone who doesn't fit my mold, so to speak.  By the way, how long have you been doing this recruiting thing?"

Then I heard her voice shake a little bit, "Umm...  Well... this is my first appointment.  I just started yesterday.  And, what would you want to do with me all day long?"

I let a bit of silence settle in, trying to think about what to say.  All I could say was, "I will see you at 8:00 a.m. on Monday.  You will work till 11:30, then I'll take you and Bella to lunch.  Then we compare notes at 4:00.  And, Tiffany, I will do all sorts of things, you just be prepared."

"Sounds good, I will see you at 8.00 a.m. on Monday.  Have a great weekend.  And Jay," Tiffany said with a flirty voice, "you won't be disappointed and I will be prepared for whatever you have in store for me."

"Thanks, and you have a great weekend as well.  And Tiffany," I replied in an equally flirty voice, "I know you won't disappoint me.  When you come in, just walk down to my office, second door on the left; our receptionist will not be in on Monday."


As I entered Davie's, I found Bella already there with a beer in her hand and one waiting for me.  She was wearing my favorite outfit, a skin-tight black mini skirt with zippers up each side, red see-through blouse, black lace bra, and stiletto heels.  As I approached, I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume.  I kissed her on the cheek as I sat down next to her and looked into her soft brown eyes. They were so mesmerizing and made me melt every time I looked at her.  It was one of the reasons I ended up with her and had decided to take her as my mistress. 

"So tell me, my darling, why am I going to need a person in my accounting department?"

Bella took a long swing of her beer.  

"Just what I love about you Jay, straight and to the point, among other things," as she slowly leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips.

She leaned back and took another swig of beer, sighed deeply, and looked at me with her soft brown eyes. 

"You are not going to like me, but Bobby got a promotion and is being transferred to Atlanta.  He left yesterday with the boys to find a new house.  We are scheduled to leave in three weeks."

I leaned back and ran my fingers through my hair. I stared at the ceiling while my mind began to swirl. The frustration began to set in, then anger. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 

"I need some air, I will be back. DO NOT leave," I said.  I rose, downed my beer, and proceeded through the upper VIP patio door.


I leaned up against the brick wall in the dark back corner of the patio.  I stared at the stars, shaking my head for a while, breathing deeply.  After a bit I sat, and just looked at the ground still shaking my head.  It must have been fifteen minutes before I looked up.  

There she was, Bella, silhouetted by the moon.  Standing there staring at me with pouty lips, one of her long sexy legs propped up on the chair next to me.  Her black skirt rode up her tight ass revealing her inner thigh.  Her fingers were moving down the front of her blouse unbuttoning each button very sowly.  

She motioned me forward with her index finger as ufinished undoing her last button.  I slowly rose and approached her, but I didn't stop.  I kept edging her backwards towards the brick wall until she was backed fully against it, hiding in the dark.  As I kissed her neck, the scent of her perfume drove me crazy. I ran my hands up her thighs until I reached her skirt, unzipping both sides of it and pulling it up, exposing her g-string. 

"Jay, there is a group of guys watching us," Bella whispered in my ear.

Leaning back a bit, I looked at her, a bit dismayed.

"What? You give me bad news and then you tease me.  Now you are worried about a few guys watching us?  As I recall, you never gave a rat’s ass about what others thought about me showing you off in public."

"I know, I don't.  But, I needed you to relax, we have all weekend together.  All weekend and all of next week.  You can have me anytime and anywhere.  But now, we need to talk."

"Okay, but before we talk, hand me your blouse.  Remember what I said at the start of our relationship, you tease me, you please me.  And, right now, it will please me to see you sitting next to me in that black lace bra of yours while those other guys drool over you.  And, bend over so I can rip that g-string off."

Grinning, Bella did as she was told and handed me her blouse and bent over.  Flipping her skirt up, I gave her a hard smack on her ass.  Pulling quickly and firmly, the g-string snapped in my hands.   As Bella stood up, I noticed that the group of guys at the near table fixated on her every move.  

Arm in arm, I paraded Bella to the couch right next to the group of guys.  I smelled her g-string, placed it and the blouse on the table for all of them to see.  Bella, being the tease that she is, sat down facing them and spread her legs as I ran my hand up her inner thigh.

Excusing myself, I went to the bar, grabbed a few beers and returned to the couch, sitting next to Bella.

"So, my dear Bella, tell me about this Tiffany you have set me up with," as I slid my hand back between her legs.

"She was my little sister in the sorority while I attended college.  Bright, smart, actually a genius IQ, bubbly, extremely driven, shy, innocent, and definitely the 'girl-next door'.  Right now, she is not being challenged and is very bored.  This is her first real job out of college, but she has interned for several Fortune 100 companies and was offered many jobs before graduating.  

"She decided to get married and start a family after graduation.  Unfortunately, her husband is not able to 'perform' due to his high steroid use in high school and college, which, has led her down this path of getting a job and starting her own career.  Her husband is in sales, and has had some issues paying the bills.  So, please be nice to her.  She is a really good girl and needs this job, and for you to get her going again."

As I tapped her inner thigh, Bella spread her legs a bit more as I inched my hand closer to her wetness, teasing her clit with a brush of my fingers.

"Ah my lovely girl, it sounds like you want me look after her and take care of her.  Right?  Just like I have taken care of you?"

Bella looked away for a moment and then back into my eyes with some sadness and pleading. "Yes, but I want you to be happy when I am gone.  After everything you have gone through and are still dealing with, you need someone.  Tiffany can be the one.  I know she can.  Just like I am.  Your girl - always your girl."

Leaning forward, I kissed her softly and deeply and pulled her onto my lap.  A beautiful woman I couldn't completely have but wanted dearly forever.  There were complications, and we both knew this day may eventually come.  While we lived our lives together but apart, we embraced every moment together; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Now, she was looking after me, rather than the other way around.  

The kiss was suddenly shortened by an, "Uh -hmmm," and the noises of someone clearing their throat.  It was our waitress standing by my side.

"Can I get you anything from the bar Mr. Close?"

"Hi Jill, I will have my usual, Bella will have the same.  And put in some steaks and salads from the kitchen."

"Very well, I will have your drinks shortly.  Do you need a table, or will your present location do?"

"We will take our usual table on the railing when you come back with our drinks."

The drinks arrived quickly and I spun Bella around a few times as I stood her up, her skirt fluttering up allowing her bare ass to be exposed.  At the end of the spin, I put Bella in a little pirouette and dipped her.  With a quick pinch of my fingers, I undid her bra.  With a wicked grin, Bella shook her chest, and the bra to slid off her chest onto the ground.  Slowly I kissed down her neck, chest, and gently nibbled at her right nipple and then the left.    

I nibbled on her breasts a bit more, letting the guys at the next table get their fill.  Bella's head was bent backwards, her tongue licking her lips as she stared at the guys.  With one fail swoop, I lifted Bella up to a standing position and gave her a deep wet kiss, my hands squeezing her bare botttom.

Then, turning towards our waiting table, I tossed the g-string to one of the guys and winked at him.  Bella in turn, blew him a kiss and bent over, giving the group of guys a nice view of her bare ass, grabbed her blouse and bra, and strutted ahead of me to the table.  Her breasts were exposed for them to see.  The evening was just beginning and I was definitely going to eat more than steak.  


Monday morning.

Hot mug of coffee in my hand and reading a memo, I wasn't even paying attention to my surroundings as I was walking out of the lunch room.  When I took the corner into the hallway, I was met  with a sudden bump and a loud gasp.  My coffee spilled down the front of her blouse before I realized what had happened.  As I looked up, all I could see was her look of surprise and then pain in her eyes.  

"I am so sorry.  Come with me - into the locker room so I can get you dried off and find you another shirt."

As I took her hand and directed her into the locker room, Tiffany looked down at her shirt.  I could read her mind. Her white silk shirt was now ruined with coffee stains.  

"Come over here.  There are some towels in the shower area," I blurted out as I caught a glimpse of Tiffany frantically taking her blouse completely off while I headed into the shower area.   

I turned the corner with a towel in my hand and saw that Tiffany already had her blouse and bra off.  Her head was down, allowing her long strawberry blond hair to cover her firm, perky breasts.  I handed her a towel but did not averted my eyes from her beet red chest, letting them linger for a minute. 

"Wait here, I will go get you a dry shirt from the shop," as I handed her a towel.  

Tiffany took the towel as I passed by and she walked into the shower area to clean up.  

Within a few minutes, I returned to the locker room and came around the corner to the shower area.  I surprised Tiffany again when I cleared my throat because she didn’t have time to cover up her bare chest with the towel.  She just stood there and stared at me.

"This is all I could come up with," as I handed her a blue 'shop' shirt.  "Again, I am so sorry, but for the time being this will have to do.  We can figure something out.  Leave your blouse and bra on the bench over there and I will have someone try and wash them for you before we leave for lunch.  But, it looks like I owe you a new outfit."  


After a few minutes, I heard a knock at my door and looked up to see Tiffany standing there wearing her new shop shirt.  It was too big for her petite body.  But, she wore it well.  The buttons on the shirt started just abover her cleavage and the tail of the shirt ran down past her waist covering the majority of her skirt.  It loked as if she had come to work in a nighshirt and high heels.  The name "Gus" was prominently displayed over her left breast.  

"Come on in, Gus, I was expecting a pretty strawberry blond, but I guess you will have to do in her place," I jokingly said.

Tiffany smiled, walked in, held out her hand, and played along.  "Gus, reporting for duty sir; where should I start?"

"Well, for starters, have a seat.  Anything to drink? Water? Soda? I would offer you coffee, but that might be a bit of a stretch after what just happened. I do apologize again and again. It looks like that shirt is a bit big on you. If want to look, we have a couple more in the back. And, please, call me Jay, don't make me feel older than I already am."  

Tiffany pulled up the collar on her shirt and said, "The shirt is a bit big, but it will do for now.  Coffee is actually good, and no need to apologize, these things happen.  So, where can we start?"

"How about I get you that cup of coffee in the lunch room and we take a quick tour of the building.  I will give you bit of background on our operations and company so you can get an idea of what we do and how we do it.  I am sure that Bella has given you a bit of background, but I would like you to see it in action."

Tiffany followed behind me as I led her into the lunch room and I could feel her eyes going up and down my body.  

"Do you take leaded or unleaded? Cream or sugar?" I asked pouring her a mug of coffee.

"Leaded and straight, I like it stiff and strong, no additives."

"I bet you do," I said with a grin.  "Now let's get the ball rolling, I am a bit behind with some of my reports and I need to get a purchase agreement started.  But, first, we need to stop at the front desk and get you some safety glasses and a hard hat."

I handed her the glasses and the hard hat.  Tiffany placed the hat on, and it was a bit big which caused it to slip down over her forehead and knocked her glasses clean off her face.  

"Well, I guess I will never make it in this business," she laughed.  "Where did my glasses go?"

"They are at your feet, just kneel down and get them.  But, take your hat off first and I will show you how to put it on correctly," I said laughingly.

As Tiffany took off her hard hat, she bent down, kneeling on her knees.  I remember her saying the shirt was a bit big, but I didn't realize how big.  As I looked down at her, all I could see were her fully rounded perky breasts and her very pointy nipples as her shirt fell forward.  I just stood there and enjoyed the view as Tiffany was on her knees grabbing for her glasses.  I could feel a rise in my pants.

"Okay, Gus, time to get your hat on.  Stay where you are and I will show you how to get this to fit," as I flipped the hat over and Tiff looked up at me from her knees.  Her lips were directly in line with my now bulging cock.

I continued on as I still had a direct view down her shirt.  "You see this knob back here, you screw it in and the band gets tighter, unscrew it and it gets looser."  I gauged the size of her head, made a few quick turns and placed the hat on her head.

As I gave her my hand to help her up, she instead grabbed me by my crotch.  Her small hand grabbed my hard cock and hoisted herself up.  As she rose up she said quietly to herself, "Just turn and screw - easy enough."  Then she looked me in the eye while her hand squeezed my cock. 

The tour of the shop was uneventful except for the two shop workers who almost fell over watching Tiffany’s ass sway in her high heels.  And, like a pro, Tiffany smiled, waved, and yelled out, 'be careful boys'.  I could tell she was eating up the attention by the way she walked.

As we made our way back to my office I gave her some instructions and set her on her way.  "Okay, Gus, how about you go sit with Bella for about two hours and get her duties down both visually and on paper as we are going to write this job description at lunch. And, speaking of lunch, what are you craving?"

Tiffany grinned, "Well, I am open, I eat just about anything.  So, surprise me.  But, I don't do sushi."

"And getting you a new shirt and other items is on the list. There is a mall nearby, so tell Bella she will have to meet us at the restaurant."

"Oh, you don't have to do that Jay, really."

"No, I insist. No arguing. I will see you in two hours."

As always, time flew by and before I knew it, there was a knock at the door.  It was Bella.

"Hey Bella, are you and Tiffany ready for lunch?"

"Well, yes and no.  I need to run home and take care of some personal business.  Would it be possible to take the rest of the day off?  I know we are busy with Tiffany, but I think she has my job responsibilities down pretty good."

"Sure, no problem, Bella, just have Tiffany come in when she is ready."  I motioned Bella in, gave her a hug and a deep kiss.

After the kiss Bella whispered in my ear, "Take good care of her, she saw your sext/video to me and she is wetter than a fish in water."


--Bella's office before lunch

"Hi, Tiff, come on in and pull up a seat next to me.  Or should I call you 'Gus'?"

"Very funny Izzy. Or should I call you Bella?  I seem to recall the only one who could call you Bella was your Dad.  Is Jay your 'Dad' now?" Tiffany said with a grin and a laugh.

"Funny you should say that, Tiff; come sit down and I will fill you in a bit."

As Tiffany sat down she stared at a photo with Bella, two boys, and Jay standing arm in arm on a beach.

"I see you noticed the picture right away.  The boys are my pride and joy, all three of them," said Bella

With a questioning look Tiff said, "Wait, I thought you and Bobby couldn't have kids due to his condition, just like Jimmy's condition. Did you go through any procedures to have children?"

"I need to tell you something, Tiff; actually a lot.  Bear with me please, and keep an open mind.  I haven't been totally open and honest with you lately.  

"So, here it goes...  About ten years ago Bobby found out he was infertile and it devastated us.  Both of us have always wanted a family.  I had just started this job and the benefits included invitro.  So, we decided to get an anonymous donor and go about the procedures.  

"Everything went as planned.  I was pregnant within a few months and we were on cloud nine.  Then, one day, I had bad cramping and some bleeding.  So, I went to the doctor.  Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage.  We were devastated.  I came into work and poured my heart out to Jay and told him I needed time off.  

"Jay agreed and was nice enough to send both Bobby and I on a week long, all expense paid vacation to Aruba.  The first two days of the vacation were fantastic and relaxing.  Bobby and I pretty much stayed drunk to ease the pain.  But, the third day, things got ugly, really ugly.  Bobby took a turn for the worse and slapped me more than once in his drunken stupor.  He eventually passed out and I cried all night.  

"The next morning his heavy drinking continued and the slapping turned more physical.  To the point I was almost knocked out. Fortunately, a maid came in and called the cops.  Bobby was arrested and I was in the hospital for a few days. 

"Somehow Jay found out about us at the resort.  He paid for all the hospital bills and Bobby's court costs.  I was granted six weeks off with pay to recuperate and help Bobby go through anger management classes.  But, under one condition from Jay.  I would stay at Jay's house as a cooling off period and to re-evaluate my relationship with Bobby."

ring... ring.. .ring...

"Hold on Tiff, I need to take this call."

Bella turned her chair to the computer and began answering questions for the caller and as she did her cell phone vibrated.  A picture showed up on the screen.  

Tiff glanced down and saw a hand barely wrapped around a huge cock.  The message said, “Cannot wait to do this to you again tonight.”  

Tiff looked over to see if Bella had noticed her phone going off.  She had not. 

Curiously, Tiff picked up the phone and tapped the screen.  The video started and her eyes became large as she focused on the screen.  Tiff watched as a huge cock was slowly being taken into a woman’s mouth.  Slowly but surely, the cock disappeared, buried down her throat, and she began to get face fucked – nice and slow. 

Tiff could hear moaning and slurping sounds coming from the video and she couldn’t put the phone down.  She watched as his huge cock worked its way in and out of this woman’s mouth.  With lips firmly wrapped around this guy’s cock, Tiff could tell that he finally let his load go down her throat.  The video continued.  Tiff heard loud smacks.  The woman’s ass was in the air with red hand prints glowing on them.

Tiff heard the woman beg her lover.  “Harder, harder, spank your little slut into submission.  Fuck your little girl like the slut she is.  Come on baby, fuck your little slut.” 

Without realizing it, Tiff moved her hand between her legs and felt the wetness beginning to form on her panties.  The woman’s head was pushed into the bed, her wrists were handcuffed behind her and her ass lifted higher.

“That’s my little slut. Ready and waiting for my cock,” the man on the video growled out.

Tiff’s mouth opened and her eyes widened as a pair of hands spread the woman’s ass, plunged two fingers into her bum hole as a the guy’s tongue began to lick the woman’s pussy.  The licking and sucking continued as Tiff’s hand began to rub her dripping pussy. 

Tiffany heard the receiver go back on the phone and saw Bella looking at her with the phone in her hand.  Bella was smiling and staring at her.

"I see you are enjoying my video.  Go on, its not over, continue watching," Bella said to Tiff with a wry grin.  “Go on, it’s okay.”

"Umm... Ummm, who... who...?" was all Tiffany could muster as she squirmed in her seat and continued watching as the woman was being entered from behind and stuffed full with his enormous cock.  Slowly, his motions began to speed up, he was pounding her from behind, pulling her hair, and Tiff could hear the moans coming from the woman.  Then, they both came at the same time.  The video went dark.

After a few moments Bella said, “That was me Tiff, being taken in every way possible by Jay this weekend.  And, judging by the way your hand was rubbing against your slit, I think you enjoyed watching me.  Right?”

“Ummm… how long were you watching me before you told me to continue?” 

"Most of the video.  It is okay Tiff.  Judging by the size of your wide open mouth a minute ago, I don’t think you would have any trouble taking Jay’s cock.  Don't be embarrassed Tiff.  Embrace your fantasies.  Jay will show you and please you in every way."

"What are you saying, Izzy? Jay will show me and please me?"

"Never mind right now, Tiff.  Let's get back to my story."  

"While I was staying with Jay, we began to form a bond, a very deep bond.  I was drawn to him the very first night I stayed at his house.  Nothing happened between us those first six weeks.  We talked, laughed, took long weekend vacations and get aways together.  He became my best friend.  And I began, with his slight ways, to become his little girl.  I wanted to do everything for him and eventually, when he asked for something, I did not hesitate to do it.  Nothing sexually related, but I began to act as if I was his wife."

"But,” questioned Tiff,  “he has a ring on his finger.  Is he not married?  Was his wife not there during your stay?"

"Yes, Jay is still married, but with a sad twist of fate.  His wife and two boys were in an auto accident about 12 years ago.  A drunk driver hit them while he was out of town on business.  Both his sons died in the wreck and his wife is in a coma.  She will never come out of it due to her brain damage.  But, she is still fighting to stay alive and Jay visits her every morning and evening that he can.  

"He was, and still is devastated, and loves her dearly.  But, through the years, he has gradually come to accept everything and began to move on with his life.  Then, I entered his world.  Those six weeks allowed me to meet and fall in love with an amazing man."

"After the six weeks was up, I moved back in with Bobby.  Things were touch and go at first, but we decided to give it a go with having kids again.  Except it didn't go as 'scheduled'.  

"Jay and I had a late night at work while Bobby was traveling.  The conversation led to me starting a family again.  He offered to be the donor, strictly artificially at first.  I agreed, without Bobby's knowledge.  And so it began.  He provided his sperm when needed and went to the doctor with me when the procedures were to take place.   

"The first two months nothing happened sexually between us as we continued our appointments at the doctor.  Then, one late night at work, it just happened.  Jay looked at me and told me to stand still and he slowly undressed me.   I didn't move and let him have me.  His lips and mouth devoured my body.  His hands touched and caressed me like no one else's had.  Our passion for each other was undescribable as we made love for hours that night.  

"I couldn't get enough of him.  He drove me to heights that Bobby never could - orgasm upon orgasm.  I could barely stand up after he had finished with me.  From that moment on, I was his; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We made love, fucked, and had quickies two or three times a day.  And, within a month after we started our tryst, I was pregnant with his child.  We both glowed and my home life with Bobby was getting better.  I was lucky.  I had my husband, new baby, and above all I had Jay.

"And so, Jay and I have continued our relationship.  I think Bobby knows, but hasn't said anything.  Especially after Jay provided me with our second boy two years later.  Jay and I were planning on a third, but I still have my vows to consider as well as Bobby.  I love Jay dearly and with all my heart, but I married Bobby and will continue to be his wife.  Unless, Bobby goes back to his old ways.   

"So, Tiff, your 'Big Sis' has become a bit of a 'kept woman'.  But, the heart says otherwise.  If you don't want anything to do with me anymore, I can understand.  But, if you do and continue down a path with Jay, you will not regret it.  I am giving up a lot by moving back home to Atlanta with Bobby.  But, I feel it is necessary due to various family obligations both with Bobby and close relatives.

"Now, it is off to lunch for you.  And Tiff, before you leave, how about giving me those wet panties of yours.  I am sure Jay will love it if you save him some time ripping them off.  Think about what I told you and the possibilities of the long term outlook.  I know you love Jimmy.  But, quite honestly, Jay is much better for you."


"Hi Jay, I am ready for you if you are ready for me," Tiffany said as she poked her head in the door.

I gathered my keys, a pad of paper, and the bag by my desk.  

"I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of getting your clothing from the locker room.  I tried to get it clean, but I think that coffee stain is permanent," as I handed Tiffany the bag.  "Unfortunately, the mall doesn't sell that brand of silk shirt, but I do know of another boutique shop nearby that does.  And, it is closer to one of my favorite restaurants."

Tiff smiled and played with her hair as she looked at Jay.  "Thank you for doing this, but really, you don't have to get me anything."

"Come on Gus, just enjoy the ride. You never know what life may throw at you, so take what it gives you.  By the way, what size are your feet?"

"Huh? Size 5.  Why?"

I reached in my desk drawer and threw her a set of keys.  "Remember, take what is thrown at you. Can you drive a stick?  If so, run out the back door and pull the car around front.  If not, then I guess I get to drive."

"Yes, I can drive a stick, but I really don't know my way around this part of town."

"That is what you have me for.  Now go get the car and bring it around front.  I have to do one quick thing before we leave."

Tiff turned, and walked out the back door, hit the unlock button on the key set.  The lights of jet black, convertible Shelby GT Mustang flashed on and off.  Squealing with delight, she ran to the car, whipped open the door and slid onto the leather seats.  

"Mmm, the smell of leather," she said to herself. 

She moved her seat forward, adjusted her mirrors, threw her high heels in the back seat, and fired up the Mustang.  The sweet rumble of the engine got her all giddy.  Popping in the clutch and putting the stick in gear she eased out of the parking space and around front.


I could see the glow on her face as I walked over to the driver’s side window.  I tapped on the glass and the window came halfway down. Then the convertible top began to ease its way back.

"You ready to go or do I need to show you how to drive this machine?"  

Tiff grinned and blew me a kiss at me as she rolled up the window and revved the engine.  I guess that was my cue to get in.

I barely had enough time to sit back and put my seat belt on as Tiff hit the gas.  The tires squealed, the car slid sideways, and then straightened up.

"I never would have taken you for someone who could drive like this.  Hit the highway, head west about forty miles and get off at the Broadway exit.  You want to eat first or shop first?"

Without missing a beat, Tiffany hit the gas again, entered the freeway and slid into the far left lane and continued to accelerate.

"Let's shop first, then eat, then drive for a bit."

"At the Broadway exit, get off and turn right."  I glanced over at the speedometer, she had already hit 100 and wasn't slowing down.  "Go two blocks and pull into the parking lot.  The store will be right in front."

Tiff nodded, turned up the radio and focused on the clear road ahead of us.  She looked comfortable in the car and gauging at the way she drove, I knew she had some fire in her.  Bella said she was sweet and innocent, but what else is tucked away inside of my dear Tiff?  I settled back in the seat, relaxed, put my hand on Tiff’s inner thigh and let her drive.

Pulling into the parking lot, Tiffany sighed and looked over at me, "I needed that, thanks."

"It looks like this car and you were made for each other."

"That she is, sleek, fast, and powerful.  I forgot how it feels to go fast and feel the power under you."

"She is all yours for today and maybe longer depending on how things work out.  Now, let's go get you out of 'Gus mode' and back into 'Tiffany' mode," as I winked at her. 


Inside the boutique shop...

"Hi, can I help you?" asked the cute brunette store clerk.

"Yes, you can.  I am looking for a few things for my lovely girlfriend.  Mainly blouses, skirts, and some undergarments.  Blouses are to be silk, one of which will be white.  The rest can be made to match the skirts chosen," I replied.

"Very well.  Follow me please.  We will start in the blouse section and work our way around," replied the clerk.

I placed my hand on the small of Tiffany's back and walked by her side following the clerk.  Within ten steps, my hand slid down around to her waist, bringing her closer to me.  A quick glance to her side told me all I needed to know as she put her arm around my waist as well.

"Here are the blouses, the next section by the changing room are the skirts, and over to the right is the lingerie," I heard the clerk say and point as we arrived at our destination in the store.  "Do you need some assistance or are you okay to browse through things yourself?"

"I think we can try our hand at it this time, but if we need any assistance, I will come get you."

As I looked through the items, I chose five blouses and handed them to Tiffany.  "Try these on and let's see which one is close to the one I ruined," knowing full well, the first white blouse I handed her was the exact match that she needed.

"Thanks, and are you sure you want me to try on all of these? I only need one," Tiff replied in a questioning look.

"Yes, and actually, while we are at it, I saw some skirts and shoes over there that may go well with those blouses.  I will go grab a few while you get that first blouse on.  If I am not back by the time you have the first blouse on, just wait by the changing room door."

As I approached the dressing room with some additional skirts, shoes and boots, Tiffany was already waiting. 

"Well, What do you think? I believe this one is exactly like the one that was ruined." 

"Hmm, I don't know about that,  just try on the next ones and let's see.  Here are a few skirts, shoes and boots.  Give these a try as well."

"Okay," was all she said with a smile. 

In a few minutes Tiffany poked her head around the corner of the dressing room. 

"You ready for the next one?" grinning seductively.  

Tiffany sauntered out in a short black mini-skirt, black stiletto heels, and another white blouse with a plunging V down the front.  She stopped, put her hand on her hip, spun slowly around, and walked to me.  My eyes went from her lips down to her legs and back up her body, stopping at her erect nipples.  As she approached, her hand rose slowly up, intentionally grazing the bulge growing in my pants, and traced its way to my chin.  Lifting my chin so that our eyes met she winked and turned away, strutting back into the dressing room. 

A few moments later she came out with a different blouse and a shorter mini skirt just barely covering her ass.  No special sauntering or strutting this time as the blouse was not that appealing on her at all.  

She shook her head, "Not this one, snaps don't do it for me."  

"You sure, Tiff? Come over here." 

As she approached I reached up with both hands and undid the snaps down to the last one.  Slowly and teasingly I slid my fingers down the middle of her chest to open the blouse a bit more.  I stepped back to look at her.

"You were right. This one is not for you."  

As my gaze lingered at the bottom of the shirt, Tiffany took the cue and undid the remaining button and put her hands on her hips revealing her toned stomach.  My gaze once again lingered.  And once again I saw Tiff's hand slowly rise up; this time her hand wasn't grazing the bulge in my pants, but was slowly working its way up her stomach.

My eyes intently followed her hand.  Her fingers lightly circled her belly button, adorned with a diamond piercing, then up to her chest stopping in the middle between her breasts.  Her fingers did a light tap in her cleavage and then motioned me forward.  My eyes and body came closer as her fingers slowly pushed the blouse aside revealing the inner part of her breast.  Her index finger slowly traced around her nipple.  

I didn't see it, but felt it.  Tiffany's other hand traced up the inner part of my thigh and rested on my throbbing bulge for a moment. Gently she squeezed it, and stroked it a few times before finding its way to my chin again.  Our eyes met again and this time I winked at her.  With a seductive smile Tiff turned, and as her back was fully to me, she let the blouse slide to the floor revealing her smooth, tan back. 

I was suddenly broken from my trance.

"How is everything going?  Do you need any other help?" the store clerk said.

Turning to face her. "Why, yes, I am sorry, I didn't catch your name earlier." 

"Missy, and what else would you be desiring for your girlfriend?" as she held out her hand to shake mine.

"Hi Missy, I am Jay.  Glad to put a name to a lovely face."  As I pulled her hand up and kissed it.  

"Thank you Jay," as she blushed. "What can I do for you."

"Tiff needs some... she needs a few matching sets of bras and panties.  Would you be able to help me out with this?"

"Why yes, do you know her measurements?  Cup size, waist, what does she like, lace, no lace, thong, etc?"

I took a step back and looked Missy up and down.  "She is your size; I prefer white and black lace, but what do you prefer?"

"I prefer lace, especially for the 34 B cup size.  For the underwear?"

"Looks like she is your size," as I put my hands on her hips, ran them around her firm ass, and turned her around. "And, the same lovely shaped ass as yours.  I would ask you if you prefer a thong or not, but I can tell you like thongs.  So a couple of those will do along with a few lace pieces to match her bras," as I gave her a nice tap on the ass.

Missy turned her head back towards me and smiled, "Quite bold, aren't you?"  She bumped her ass into my crotch and strutted away to get what I had requested.

And right on cue, I heard Tiffany clear her throat behind me.  

"Can you please help me with this?" Tiff cooed in a frustrated tone.

I walked slowly towards her, noticing the thin strap of lace around her neck holding her blouse up but not in place.  Two small straps of silk were being pulled across her chest like a halter top just covering her breasts.  She was fumbling with something behind her.

Gently I slid my hands from her shoulders down her arms and placed her hands by her side.  Slowly I turned her around and stepped so that my chest was touching her bare back.  Gently nibbling on her ear lobe for a moment until I whispered in her ear, "Pull up your hair."  

Tiff raised her arms up and held her long strawberry blond hair, pulling the crumpled up blouse above her breasts.  Teasing her, I traced my fingers up her side to the nape of her neck and then back down to the small of her back.  My lips gently kissed the back of her neck down to the middle of her shoulder blades and back up to her neck.  Again, I traced my fingers up her side and to her neck, where I undid the button on the lace collar and slid the blouse from her chest, leaving her standing there topless and holding her hair up.

I took a step back, looked at the blouse and fixed the slight issue of removing two pins holding together a piece of the blouse. Stepping back, I once again softly kissed Tiff's neck and brought the blouse around the front of her, bringing the lace strap back around her neck and snapping it in place.  

I let the blouse fall over her chest as I traced my fingers down the middle of her back and then to her sides.  Slowly I inched my hands around her chest under the blouse, cupping her breasts in my hands and gently kneading her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pulling gently out.  Tiff's shoulders leaned back onto my chest and her breathing became heavy.  

I continued kneading her nipples for another minute, teasing her until she started to let out quiet gasps of breath.  Tickling her sides, I ran my hands down her stomach and grabbed the two straps at her side and pulled them around her back and tied them together.

Stepping back, Tiffany turned around with her hair still up in her hands, nipples erect and a 'come fuck me' look in her eyes.  She looked so incredibly sexy as she bit her lower lip.

"I think this one will go home with you." I said and smiled.  "One more blouse. Correct?  Then I have some other items for you to try on."  

Tiff nodded and sauntered back into the dressing room.

 Missy approached me from the side holding the items I had asked her to get and said.  "That was fucking unbelievable."

"How much did you see?" I asked.

"Oh..., everything." she said with a smile. "If you have any 'troubles' with these items, I would be more than happy to 'assist' you."   

I grinned and reached in my pocket, "Just make sure no one else comes back this way in the next say... forty minutes," as I handed her three one hundred dollar bills and gave her a soft pat on the ass.

"Hmmm," as she looked at her watch.  "I think we just might have to close for my lunch break right about now," and placed the items she had in her hand into mine and strutted away.  Once Missy had disappeared I made my way back to the door of the dressing room with the bra and panties and walked in. 

"Tiff? You okay? I have a few more things for you."

I didn't have to wait but a second as the door to Tiff's dressing room swung open.  Her right leg swung into the hallway wearing  six-inch black heeled boots zipped up to her knees; her ass was covered by a snugly fit black leather skirt with a slit up the side.  She eased out of the dressing room with her bare back facing me. Slowly, she lifted her hands up and pulled her hair up, securing it into a self-made knot on top.   

With her back still facing me she softly said, "I couldn't find a matching blouse for the skirt, I hope you like the rest."

Slowly, Tiff turned around, her hands covering her breasts.  She lifted her right leg, placing  a boot on a nearby couch arm.  Her skirt slid open, revealing her inner thigh.  With a slight wiggle of her head, her hair to fell over the front of her chest, covering her hands and breasts.

"Do you like?" she said seductively, as she removed her hands, letting just her hair cover her chest.  Her erect pointy nipples were peeking through her hair.  

Nodding my head and grabbing my phone, I took a picture of her standing there.  "You know that if you tease me like this, you will have to please me."

There were no other words spoken; the seductive, longing look in her eyes told me that she was mine.  I leaned in, gave her a gentle kiss on the lips as I lightly brushed against her right nipple.  Her lips trembled and she leaned into me, wanting more.  I felt her tongue slowly slip into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around my neck.  With one swift motion Tiff lifted herself onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist.  

We stayed there locked together, probing each other’s mouths with our tongues.  Slowly, she slid off of me staying body to body, still kissing deeply.  Her hands made their way to my pants.  Undoing my belt, snap, and zipper.  She knelt down in front of me, pulling my pants and boxers down to my ankles.

I still had my phone in my hand and took another picture of her staring up at me, her lips poised in front of my rock hard cock.  Tiff began by kissing the head of my cock and then down my shaft.  The video had now begun.  

Her tongue danced at my balls as her hands began to stoke my shaft.  I felt her lips on my sac and then watched as she took it into her mouth, swirling my balls with her tongue as she gently sucked on it.  The mild sucking sounds stopped as I felt her release my sac and begin licking back up the shaft of my cock.  

As her tongue reached the head, she opened her mouth and took my cock until it hit the back of her throat. leaving half of my cock still to be taken.  Her lips closed around my cock and she began bobbing her head.  With each motion, she adjusted her head and I could feel the head of my cock making it down her throat until her lips, mouth, and throat engulfed it all.  

Never gagging, she continued sucking my cock, taking it all the way and then only partially, working her wonderful mouth until I could feel an unbelievable sensation.  My cock suddenly pulsed and unleashed load after load of cum down her throat.  

Tiff gagged, but took every last drop down her throat. She sucked me dry as my cock began to go limp in her mouth.  Her lips remained locked around my cock and she kept slowly sucking on it.  After a few more strokes of her mouth, I took her hair and pulled her off my flaccid cock, bringing her to a standing position. The video came to a stop.

Grasping her ass with my hands, I pulled her into me, giving her a deep kiss and then releasing her.  Sitting down on the nearby couch, I motioned her to remove her skirt and come stand facing me.  I watched as Tiff turned around, did a slow striptease, and removed her skirt.  Her ass staring me in the face.

I slowly turned her around, running my hands up and down her thighs, first on the outside and then up her inner thighs, coming to a stop right below her dripping pussy.  Several drops of wetness had already begun to make their way down her legs.  Leaning back on the couch, I pulled her in to me.  

Licking up her inner thighs, teasing her pussy lips with my tongue, she spread her legs wider and leaned into me more.  Her breathing was becoming heavy and I could tell she was already about to cum.  I laid down bringing her with me, her pussy always in front of my face.  

With her straddling my face, I buried my tongue between her swollen pussy lips, lapping up her juices.  My lips met her clit and I gently began sucking on it and licking it.  Tiff's hips began to move back and forth and I had to hold her ass in place.  Her cooing became louder the longer and harder I sucked on her clit.  I could feel her tense up and the juices began to flow more.

"Ahhh... ahhh... fu... fu... fuucckkk," was all I heard as Tiff let go, squirting her juices all over my face.  

I continued to lick and suck on her clit with even more intensity.  I could only make out a low gasp as Tiff squirted on my face again. This time, her knees giving out as her pussy buried my face.  

As I smacked Tiff on the ass, she rolled off of me onto the floor.  Her face was flushed and her breathing was slowly subsiding.  She just looked at me for a few minutes as I stroked her hair.

"That was... amazing... no one... has ever done that..." Tiff said as her breathing returned to normal.  

"Do what? Eat that pussy of yours, or make you squirt?"

"Either, I never let anyone, umm, not even my husband do that."

"Get used to it, my girl," as I leaned over and kissed her.  "I think it is time to get something to eat.  Leave the boots on, put the black leather skirt back on and one of the blouses."

I cleaned myself up while Tiff put her new clothes back on.  

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Missy entering the dressing room as I was pulling up my pants.

"Is there anything else I can get for you, Jay?"  As she walked forward, zipped up my pants and did my belt up for me.  I noticed she slipped a piece of paper into my pants pocket. 

"No, I think what we have in the dressing room here will do.  Ring it up and we will be out in a few minutes.  And, here is a few more hundred for your troubles; you may need to get the couch cleaned."

With that, Tiff and I walked to the car with her new 'suitcase' of clothes and headed to the restaurant across the street.

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