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My Princess Goes Away

My princess goes away on a special vacation leaving me alone wanting her back in my arms for 14 days
At first I was just happy to have someone to love, and to be loved back. We grew closer each day; soon enough we were lost in each others love. We had been together for nearly a year and already lived together. Life was perfect, going to sleep each night with her in my arms and with a kiss. Waking up every morning with her clinging on to me was pure bliss, I couldn't have been happier.

I knew she could be bossy, she could be mean. She would mock me, but it was all in vain. Nothing she would have ever said would have stopped me loving her; and nothing I could have said to her will ever change how we felt about each other. We rarely fell out, but when we did our love for each other was tested, and we found ourselves stronger because of it.

One night, while laying in bed together, she mentioned her going away for a special trip with her parents along with her brother and sister.

My immediate reaction was, "Oh that will be nice baby."

But it all happened so fast. Before I knew it, she was packed and was leaving the next morning.

I laid in bed awake holding her for the last night. While we watched some tv she said, "Baby we're not going to be able to hold each other for two weeks"

I responded, "I know baby, it's going to be lonely nights without each other."

I was wondering in my head where she was going with this, but she beat me to the punch,

"And we can't do this either."

I felt her hand reach down into my boxers and grip around my flaccid cock,

I gasped as I felt her warm hand wrap around my shaft, "Mmm baby I'm going to miss that too."

I rolled on top of her and passionately kissed her on the lips as she proceeded to play with my now semi hard cock, she removed her top to reveal her naked breasts. I moved from her lips to her neck, then kissing her chest. Finally, I took her right nipple into my mouth and massage it with my lips and tongue.

She began to moan and run her fingers through my hair. She pulled her pants down and pulled my cock out from within my boxers and positioned my head on her warm wet pussy. As she rubbed my cock against her pussy she parted her legs so we were in the missionary position.

I moved back up to her lips and kissed her as I slowly sank my cock head into her inviting pussy. She moaned as I continued to fill her as deep as she could have taken me. We broke kissing as I started to thrust in and out with a lovingly tenderness.

She pulled my head down to her shoulder and started kissing my neck as we both grew hotter for each other. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of her, it was like her love itself was wrapped around my cock pushing me further and further into ecstasy.

She began moaning louder as I felt her pussy contract around my cock and her juice splash on me. Her moans were music to my ears as I reached the point of no return and began a passionful orgsam deep inside her.

Both breathing heavily and sweaty, we laid in bed, just holding one another and feeling our love radiate out to each other. We had an erotic and lustful shower together then went to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I knew what was happening the next morning, so I just lay there with her in my arms, enjoying her scent and touch as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up on the Monday morning, she was awake and dressed sitting at her make up table, doing her hair. We both looked at each other in the mirror, she smiled at me and spoke.

"You Ok Baby?"

I went on to explain how much I'm going to miss her and how much I loved her. She admitted it was going to be a long time apart and she was going to miss me too.

The moment I had been dreading arrived. She was leaving to pick her parents up in five minutes, I placed her two heavy bags into the boot of her car and walked inside to find her ready to go and holding her car keys, I walked her outside to her car and give her a long hug and kiss.

"Have a great time baby, missing you already."

She kissed me again and replied, "Thanks sweetie I will, I'm going to miss you soo much."

I could hear in her voice she was holding back tears. "It's ok baby I'm sure the time will fly by while you're there, when you get back we can spent extra time together ok?"

She giggled, "How can we do that? We will both have to quit our jobs."

We both laughed as she gave me one final hug and sat down in her car. She closed the door, started the engine and put her hand on the window, I put mine on top of the glass over hers and she smiled at me as she moved away. I held the best smile I could, but behind my smile was a hurting heart; behind my laugh I was falling apart, She disappeared out of the drive and I listened as her car engine sound faded into the distance.

I returned inside and felt a knot in my throat beginning to form as I tried my best to maintain my composure. I decided to keep myself busy. My chainsaws that I used for work need checking over, so I toiled away for the rest of the day, taking each saw apart, checking and cleaning each component and reassembling it. After all four of my saws were complete, I returned inside to watch some tv to try take my mind off her, Still my mind was fixed on my beautiful princess, so I ended up going to bed because it was the only way I could think of that would stop me thinking of her.

I climbed into bed and lay there in an eerie dark emptiness, I rolled over onto her side of the bed and layed my head upon her pillow, my lungs filled with her perfume and scent, I felt a warm wave of lust run it's way down my body and with that, I drifted off to sleep smiling.

I was awakened by a buzz as my alarm went off at 6:30am for work. I remembered that I was alone and what we had done in this very spot just hours ago. I missed her touch and her beauty waking me up. With a sigh, I hauled myself out of bed and into the shower. All her shampoo and body wash bottles lined the shelf as I picked out my Lynx shower gel. Everything around me reminded me of her.

By 7:30 I arrived at work. Luckily for me I worked from 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday with Dartmoor Tree Surgeons. I worked through the day, far too busy to think of her. I would have rather stayed at work then gone home, because at work I was always busy, whilst at home I found myself alone and doing nothing but thinking, but that night was to be different.

By 5:30pm I was home. Exhausted, I made a simple dinner. I had just enough time to shower before I was to go out with my three best mates that night to celebrate my mate Dan's engagement to his girlfriend. They had been together for four years at the time, and loved each other more than any people I'd known.

The night went on and we had a great time drinking and reminiscing about when we were all kids, The things we used to get up to. We all laughed so much and the time flew past. Thankfully I had managed to keep my mind on the straight and narrow. I returned home slightly drunk and went straight to bed on the fact I had work the next morning.

The week dragged by, each day was the same story as I tried to keep my mind on other things. it seemed forever but it was next Monday. We were half way through our separation and I had gone seven days without her, and had seven more to go.

I was preparing myself a meal on the Monday evening when I received a text, It was from her! It read "Hey baby, I'm having such a great time! It's really hot. Missing you lots, wish you were here xxx", I giggled and continued on with my meal. Suddenly I paused. I didn't feel the knot in my throat? Why? I asked myself.I didn't know if I was getting used to her not being here or I was just used to the pain?

To be continued.....

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