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My Scottish Love...

When I 1st spoke to him it was over the phone, for nearly 3 hours his broad Scottish accent made me go weak at the knees, I couldn’t wait to meet him.

The reason we were engaged in such a long conversation is because Id found out a couple of hours earlier that my boyfriend had slept with my 'best friend' the day before, also happened to be the 1st time he told me he loved me, the lying scum. The man I was talking to on the phone, John, was the partner of my supposed best friend. Both of us split with them straight away and so began our friendship, or so I thought. So after thinking about it later that night, I decided to move to Scotland ASAP and after 2 hour talk, my sister agreed I could move in with her, her husband and their 4 month old baby boy for a little bit while I got my head sorted.

Anyway, after I have moved I arranged to meet John at 5pm on Friday, I was 17 and he was 38 and as you could expect I was a little nervous so I dragged my sister and baby along with me. The second I saw him my heart melted and as I got closer to him over my palms started sweating and my heart was pounding so hard and I thought he'd hear it.

He'd come on Honda Fireblade and was kitted in full leathers, sat on a bench with his lid beside him and his jacket undone revealing just a pure white t-shirt. As I stood there just looking at him trying to muster up a word, possibly two, I couldn’t help stare at his thick black hair and his sparkly blue eyes that I seemed to get lost in for a few seconds.

After a swift nudge from my sister I think I managed to say 'Hi'. After about half an hour my nerves began to disappear and I was aware I was actually flirting, it took another 15minutes or so for me to realise my sister had gone! She'd took my nephew home after only 10 minutes telling us to catch up later, being so taken my him I hadn’t even noticed!

After the sun started to set a little around 6pm he suggested for us to go back to my sister’s house. He gave me a lid he'd brought with him and as we stood up he slipped his hand into mine and again my heart started racing, he looked at me and just smiled, and squeezed my hand a little.

When we got back to the house, he got changed into a tight t-shirt and loose jeans, we had a couple of drinks and stayed up talking to the early hours of the morning. And by the end of the night our hands had not parted and I so desperately wanted him to kiss my hungry lips. I suggested we go to bed and I led him to my room. With drink and a new found confidence inside me I changed to a short silk black nighty and matching silk black thong in front of him and I could feel his eyes trace my body from behind. He just removed his t-shirt and led beside me and wrapped his arms around me.

I curled into him and played with his chest hair. I never before felt as safe as I did then and soon fell asleep in his strong arms.

The next morning I woke up with quite a sore head and leaned over the bed to give him a hug and he wasn’t there. For a moment I wondered if it was a dream so I threw on a hoodie and went into the lounge, no sign of him then heard banging so I went into the kitchen and he was stood there making breakfast, I made a noise and he spun round then looked disappointed but said ‘I wanted to make you breakfast in bed’. He walked over to me quite frankly took me by surprise as he pulled me in close, slid his right hand down to the base of my back and the other hand gently brushing the hair from my face and gently kissed my lips, then alternated between hard and soft kisses. A couple minutes later he kissed me again, gently parting my lips with his tongue then teasing my own tongue. He slid his hand down to my ass and cupped it in his hands and pulled me closer to him and a few seconds later pulled away and told me ‘go back to bed babe, Ill be back in a minute’

I slid my hands down his back and cupped his ass, it was so tight as if sculpted by angels!

As walking away from him in the kitchen back to the bedroom and slowly stripped the hoodie off, knowing he was watching me was really turning me on.

I got back into bed and pulled the covers up, fidgeted for a minute or two, unsure what to say or do when he came back in the room. I needn’t have worried, he came back in the room saying ‘I’m sorry babe I didn’t know what you liked so I made a bit of everything’

Anyway, after breakfast I was just about to get up to put the tray back in the kitchen but he took it off me, placed it on the floor and pushed me back onto the bed whispering that he was still hungry as he took me in a deep meaningful embrace, kissed me so lightly it felt like a feather touching my lips!

He peeled off the straps on my silk nighty and gently kissed down my neck and over my shoulders he pulled it down over my 36D boobs. He traced his finger over one nipple slowly as he sucks and nibbles on my other nipple furiously, by this time I was letting out little moans which seemed to spur him on even further. He took each nipple in turn before he stopped and eased me out of the nighty, he kissed from my nipple then down my stomach to my panties.

I wanted him to rip them off and ravage me but he kept going slowly with me, 1 st kissing my thong then using his tongue to sensually lick my pussy lips for a few minutes, he used his nose to nuzzle my clit and I soon cum in my thong, then at last removed my thong and sniffed it, groaning as he did then re-adjusted his cock in his jeans, I could see his bulge forming and all I could do was stare, all I wanted to do was feel it.

He led back on the bed in front of my wet pussy and licked me ever so gently, he wrapped his arms round my legs and pulled my cunt closer to his hungry mouth, he licked and sucked my clit and I could never imagined what kind of pleasure it could cause but I was in ecstasy and could hardly contain myself. By the time he slipped two fingers into my soaked pussy I was grinding my hips onto his face. I was moaning like never before, the more I moaned for him the more furious his tongue seemed to become on my clit.

I slipped my fingers into his thick hair and told him I was going to cum, he began to suck my clit while pushing his fingers deep into me I came hard in his mouth, I came so hard I screamed his name as he carried on sucking my throbbing clit I went blind! I couldn’t see a thing, damn this man was good. He kept licking me while I came to then got up and led beside me and kissed me hard, letting me taste my own pussy, by this time his cock must have been sore as there his huge bulge was trying to escape from his jeans.

I reached down and started to undo his jeans, I wanted him so badly…

To be continued…

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