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My Spanish teacher

I sneaked my hands up under her shirt, just barely touching her stomach.

It all began two years ago as I was 18yo. while attending high school.  Not too many people went to this private school in this town, so you would think it was not so much of high-quality,  but to tell you  the truth, it wasn’t to much popular,  not a well known school.

The motive I had to attend to this school or institute was simple: I wasn’t a good apprentice at all, and needed some support, so I was forced to register at “Studying and Understanding Techniques,” a subject intended to back up my comprehension on this matter, as well as  would improve my performance.  In this way I soon became  a studious person one way or another!
I had to attend to my clases during a January-February period while a female teacher had been assigned to this group to support my Spanish knowledge, a subject where I was having lots of trouble.  Her name was Laura, a Latin, and would be my new tutor from now on.

Laura was 35 yo, average height, rather short, breasted, nice tits and precious bluish green eyes. She was  an open mind person, coquette -liked to flirt- and used to wear  expensive clothes;  also wore  a new dress each time she attended to her duties and would   change to a new hairstyle each two weeks approximately. This is her story.

The student would choose within a range of subjects offered, so “Techniques for a Better Studying and Understanding” was a alternative here; would substitute “Sports Education” subject, so only a few people attended or came to class 2 people  me and Maria, while this later had failed to come; she had been sick for two weeks already, February included.  Being alone with my tutor Laura would turn out in a closer contact and improve a student- teacher relationship.

My first approach came up during the first semester, and if we had a break, it was my chance to chat on a particular theme, even at the library.  The erotic theme was a must here, but based on the grounds of a good strong foundation.

I guessed it wasn’t  the appropriate  moment to charge and court her so soon;  would get into trouble, screw it, so I’d be careful not to mess it.  I had “Studying and understanding Techniques”  twice a week, on one hour basis, that’s why I as obligated to administer my time the best I could and study other subjects at home.

Good planning and preparation would be fine here to succeed, I thought,  as well as  getting to a better connection with my teacher would help.  The best organized guy ever,  I applied  to study as soon as I got home by myself. As a result, I passed two tests, something unthinkable, unimaginable at one time. This was  paying good results.

As Laura realized how I was striving to get good grades, she began to be sympathetic, pleasant, not to mention she was always away from other people at school, I was her favorite student, no doubt. On one occasion she showed up joyful, too elegant for the backup class, wearing a mini skirt, rather long, boots with heels, a top with outlined breasts and leather jacket. I was decided to make my move now. My tutor used to sit next to me at a desk that we shared equally for a better lay out of this stuff.  She told me had a backache, suffered stress, etc. I quickly foresaw my chance here!! I said:

“How come you have a backache?”

She said:

“Oh, it’s just nothing to worry about. Nothing serious. Probably my position when sleeping, I don’t know.”

I said:

“Wanna a massage? I’m not charging you any money, ha, ha, come on, go.”

She stood on her feet and I had to stuck completely to her, my hard rod begining  to brush her body. She had been aware of this, I’m certain. Besides, each time  I  started a massage, my hands would slid along the bra clip, trying  to accidentally   released it… until I finally succeeded. This chick, who  had been in cloud nine,  eyes closed, said:

“Oh, what’s the matter here, Marcos? My clip, fastener got loose? Fuck!!”

I said:

“Come on, take it easy, I’ll get it back on you, sorry, an accident.”

She said:

“Ok, I’ll  forgive you, yet I had been getting the best massage ever.”

I said:

“Oh, beat it, not ill-intentioned.”

She replied:

“It’s ok, don’t you worry… only the start. Come on, put it back, and clasp it!!”


She immediately slid up –raised-  her blouse, hands reaching from behind and I could see the bra.  I said she had a beautiful back. She said:

“Oh, my God, what has happened to your Johnson?”

I was still fixing the problem as I glanced down to see my hard on as hard as blue steel. Any one would notice this at a distance. I turned pale, feeling embarrassed. She noticed this and smiled.

“It’s ok, after seeing my attractive bra, I suppose you would  have this problem ha, ha!”

I smiled back to her, as the alarm rang, break time,  and I said gotta go now or the dining room will close before I get there.”

She replied laughing:

“Oh, you’ll desert me,  Johnny-on-the-spot?  you got it up quickly, ha, ha, ha!!”

She said “Hope to see you next class.”

She showed me the way out and I said good bye with a sonorous kiss in her cheek as she cooperated; waved me good bye smiling. We would spend the next days of week keeping the same routine, massaging our backs timidly, and brushing   each other bodies.  I always kissed her goody bye, while she never resist.

On Saint Valentine’s Day I bought roses for her, a spectacular bouquet; instructed the delivery guy to hand it over on the 16th of February, on Saturday. We didn’t have classes on the 14th, Thursday, so it worked fine with me.  Precisely on that  day, I recalled I should have  attached a letter –or card-  to the bucket with name of sender, which was obvious, but I didn’t catch on nor got the point, so had to rush out to get to her place before the florist’s shop delivery girl, and slid the most beautiful greeting card under the door. I had learned about her address beforehand and  would have  no problem in finding the apartment in the building.


5:45 in the afternoon and I had already slid the card, along with a letter under the door but as turning  around to get back, the door was abruptly opened. My embarrassment was great as I saw laura wearing spectacular tight leather pants, high shoe, booty; blue navy jersey with high collar. She was surprised and said:

“Oh, Marcos “Romeo.” (She always referred to me as Romeo). What are you supposed to be doing here at this time? What’s this stuff you’ve just put under the door?”

Her words had made me to look down and see the card,  as it was picked up by my skillful, dexterous hand, with whirling speed. She said:

“Let me see it.”
I replied:
“Oh, no, please. Just a foolishness, sorry!”
She said:
“I’m the only one who can judge if this is foolish or not, so want to see this card.”
I replied:
Sorry, gotta go now.”
She snatched the card and began to read on it saying “Let’s see what we have here.”
I said:
“Hell, give it to me, it’s my card!!”


I sat in an easy chair while she impatiently opened the envelope carefully so not to ruin it and began to concentrate Reading.   I could tell my words had moved her by her face expression, and  took a sit   next to me  at the easy chair.  She said:

“This is the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read, Marcos. I Never imagined your writing such  wonderful letters… beautiful, adorable words conveying love and passion at the same time. Let me read it aloud for you and  would correct mistakes and check how is your Spanish these days.  She began to read aloud:

Come stay with me my darling,
and love me through the night.
Lets lock up all the doors...
want to hold you close tonight.
Show you how my heart feels
and kiss you tenderly...
To long I have waited,
for this moment, just you and me.
Only you can make my heart beat,
and skip like this its true...
In merriment and wonder,
my whole being is lost to you.
For you satisfy the longing,
make my soul feel so anew.
And quite simply my darling...
I'm saying.. " I Love You."
Walk with me, the path of life,
to explore every bend of the road
Enjoy with me the beauty of life,
along its wonderful way
Find comfort with me, in each other's arms,
when grief crosses our path
Find strength with me, in each other's strength,
when despair lies in wait
Laugh with me, a single true laugh,
to enlighten another's distress
Cry with me, a single true tear,
to understand true happiness
Cherish with me, the wonders of life,
as they need to be preserved
Rejoice with me, in the mysteries,
of what is yet to be
Find peace with me, in each other's souls,
when the world has gone insane
Find love with me, in each other's hearts,
until this life has been fulfilled
And when the path comes to an end
I hope we can say from within
We've known the beauty of true love,
our love came from within.
I said:

“I think I’m falling in love with you, Laura.”

She said:

“I love you too, Marcos.”

I raised to leave but she grabbed my hand:

“Where are you going?”

I said sadly:

“Home. I just came to tell I love you, to say how much I care, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

Just at that moment the door bell rang (I had forgotten about the flowers). She opened the door and was handed in the biggest bouquet in the florist’s shop (also the most expensive one). Laura turned to see me and asked:

“Oh, Marcos, by the way: have you sent flowers to this address?”

The delivery girl left and Laura laid them on a table, approached me saying:

“Marcos, I’m so happy now.”

She hugged me saying:

“You can take off my bra now.”

I didn’t give it a second thought, and managed to get it loose. She finally got rid of it. The jersey and blouse came off at the same time.


Precious and gorgeous tits poped up in front of me. I cupped her breasts, caressing her white silky smooth skin. Her sensitive nipples were aparently ready to be sucked and pinched. I noticed a big areola, but stared at the tits instead. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts saying: “They’re yours.”

I sneaked my hands up under her shirt, just barely touching her stomach. Caressed her lightly on her stomach and lowered back under her shirt. Started to work my hands upwards until I was eventually cupping her breasts with one hand over her bra.
I sucked on her tits for a long time, a hard suck.

My hands softly rubbed her entire tit. I started to nibble on her tit and sucked the nipple between my lips and through my teeth, lightly grasping her nipple in my teeth for a gently tug. Her nipples were gettin even harder now and she was starting to moan.  She started to call my name while I continued taking turns sucking on her tits. As she was more and more ready to accept me, I put her hand on my dick and had her play with me while I was still sucking on her tits. I thought to myself:  “Soon I will be fucking her ass hard.”

I began to mash and kiss them, while she sat in the easy chair. She looked like breastfeeding me as if produced milk while stroking my hair. Ten minutes later I withdrew and contemplated the bobos, realizing  they were soaked with saliva. She said:

“Are you sated, satisfied, Marcos?”

She had begun to pay attention to the bulge in my pants, my already huge member seeming to grow in size. She said:
“Slid down your pants.”
As I obeyed one of her hands got closet o me, so I could notice her French manicure and this stuff really turned me on. I said:
“I like your hands.”
She replied:
“They sure have a surprise for you today.”
She began to masturbate me with a frantic furious rhythm, along the rod, up and down. As I aproached to her mouth. She said:
“Marcos, kiss me what are you waiting for?”

She firmly but gently wrapped her fingers around my member and moved her fist up and down my shaft in a slow steady motion.  To give me an increedibly erotic two-hander,  she formed a ring with her thumb and forefinger at the base of my shaft and gently tugged downward, while simulataneously fondlingt my craving testicles with her other hand. As I neared orgasm, she continued stroking my shaft with one hand, while she gente massaged my perineum. This really set me on fire.   French kissing her,  her lips felt so soft and I could taste her lipstick as her tongue found mine. I screamed:

“Oh, I’m cu… cuming!!”

My slippery cock shot a jizz over her breast, giving my thick nectar a final release, the spasms of my cock violently spurting out more hot lava.  We relaxed as she asked me:

“How did you like it, darling?” nestling in my chest.

We dinned at her home, then helped her gather the dishes. I aproached from behind and kissed her for aproxiamtely 15 minutes. She gave me a cell number saying:

“Oh, don’t you forget to call me tomorrow.”

I wish to make clear this account I’ve just told you is 100% true.
                                                             THE END

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