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My Waitress

My Waitress

We both got what we needed.
Two Years Ago


Lisa was sitting across from me eating Paige's steak while we talked. When she laid her fork down and took a sip of wine, I heard a soft sound, a thunk. When I felt her bare foot touch my right knee I knew it had been her shoe. She wiggled her toes and pushed her foot up, stroking my leg and making me very hard as she moved it under my kilt.

I've worn nothing but a kilt for years. Usually a UtiliKilt but my tartan too, I am a Scot, a Gordon and I have all the gear - sporran, hose with tabs, sgian-dubh (a little knife worn in the hose) Ghillie Brogues (shoes) - and I was wearing full Gordon Dress then.

When she reached my cock and balls she stopped moving her toes and smiled. She wiggled her toes and said, "Underwear?" A little more toe wiggle and she moved her foot a bit. "Boxer/briefs too. Scots don't wear them but I like seeing those on guys."

Then she pressed softly, pushing me around and fondling me with her foot. When she wiggled her toes again, I was off in another world. Paige had done that to me here once a long time ago and I almost came in my underwear.

I was huffing like a steam engine and grabbed her foot with my left hand, yanking it away from me for a few seconds to stop cuming. When I calmed a little I grinned at her put the sole back along my hard cock, pulling and pushing, stroking myself with the sole of her foot, masturbating myself with it.

"Like this," I whispered and she took over keeping up the same rhythm with my hand still there as she moved it. We ate like that for fifteen minutes, talking, laughing as she gave me that foot-job, kneading my cock and balls then just pressing with her foot as she sat and ate. She kept me hard and excited as we finished the food then settled back.

She had a big grin on her face and leaned back scooting her butt down as she sipped her wine then I heard her kick off her other shoe and used her feet to spread my legs, pushing on my knees, sliding up my thighs to my crotch.

Feeling both of her feet pressed against me like that, trying to wiggle inside my shorts drove me wild again. She would get my cock between her feet, kicking gently as she stroked me between them.

Then she pushed one foot under my balls, put the other on my cock and stroked me with the sole, pushing and releasing, sliding along it as the toes on the other foot pushed up against my balls and wriggled toward my ass and it took her one minute to make me cum doing that.

I grabbed her foot again, clapping my thighs together and saw her wince as my hand squeezed. My other hand gripped the table edge and I intended to tear it in half. I felt like I could and I kept pulsing as she kneaded me. "Holy shit!" I thought, I hadn't felt like that in years.

I slowed and finally stopped, releasing her and she just kept stroking me with her feet as I calmed down. She was grinning, even laughed a little, and her face beamed at me.

Two Hours Prior


"Hi, do you just wear the tartan or are you truly a Gordon? With that outfit I'd say you are."

My mind jerked back to where I was and I looked up the waitress. "Huuhh, Gordon? What?" It hit me, I was wearing my kilt, but how had she known the clan?

I had been sitting with my head hanging, feeling sorry for myself. My wife and I had eaten at Applebee's many times. We would go every week or two; she would have a steak, and I would get the Oriental Chicken Salad with extra dressing.

Always the same for me but she changed some times. She always gave me a ration about being "stuck in the mud" and not wanting to try new things. I would say, "I've tried it before and know what I want," and we would banter back and forth about it for a while.

I miss that banter so much some times I don't even want to go on. I've thought about that a lot recently, and sometimes I get so wound up it feels like I'll explode from the pressure. it rips pieces of me off and I scream at myself, "Why didn't you just fuckin' try it?" Then I cry a bit.

That night was no different. My wife, Paige, wasn't with me and never would be again. Forty-five years of having her, the better part of me, and now never again. I was getting to be a maudlin old fart and not a lot of fun to be around. I cared so little I haven't even bothered to masturbate for six months.

Three years ago she had to go into a care facility, I couldn't take care of her any more, she gave up and a year later she died. I've been existing for two years wondering why I keep going.

I went that night because I desperately needed to reconnect to Paige, I had to get some of the good feeling back. I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad I always ate, the steak Paige usually had, an ale for me and a glass of white wine for her.

I've done this before and usually gave the steak away to some woman, always a woman, and I would surreptitiously watch her eat it if I could. I didn't want to embarrass her or look like a pervert though.

Sometimes I just took it home and threw it away in a day or two. I could never bring myself to eat it because it was to much, "Her.". A couple times I saw a homeless person on the street and gave it to them.

"Uuhhh, yeah, I am a Gordon, how did you know?"

"I weave and the patterns fascinate me, all the color. I studied them and I've woven several simple ones. A Ross, it only has two colors and a MacGregor, three colors but a simple sett, the pattern. Not a Gordon though." Then, "What can I get for you?"

She took the order and went to get my ale and Paige's wine. I could give that away almost every time but they either threw it out or the staff drank it now and again. Same as with the steak, I couldn't bring myself to drink it.

It wasn't busy, so she stood talking to me almost like she knew me making small talk about the weather and some of the funny people she dealt with. She laughed easily and her face lit up when she did and I liked that. She looked me in the eye when she talked to me too.

I watched her as she walked away and actually had a couple of thoughts about sex. She's Asian, early twenties and cuter than hell, small very nicely shaped breasts - perfect for her body - and a very nice ass which kind of snapped each cheek up and down as she walked. Their uniforms were a just above the knee black skirt and a white button up top with sleeves.

I hadn't had a sexy thought about a woman in a long time.

It was late, around closing time, slow, and I was one of two tables she was waiting on. She was cashier and cleanup too. They were finishing their meals and she stood and talked. Her name is Lisa and she's smart. An electrical engineering senior at the local university and I had been an EE too. I've always been attracted to smart women, especially ones that get into the physical sciences.

I had a black woman friend years ago, Jennifer, another EE and we masturbated together once but never had sex. I had a very deep, lustful desire for her before I met Paige and still don't know why we never made it into bed together. She and Paige actually became friends and it was a total bitch forgetting about Jennifer when we were together.

When she brought the drinks she asked me when my other party would arrive and the fucking tears started again. I tried to avoid some memories, and I was getting good at it but her question drove a bad one into me like a spike. My voice broke when I said, "She won't be joining me." And I sat looking at her crying softly.

She got a sad look on her face, took a napkin from her apron and wiped my cheeks then sat next to me and said, "I recognize that look and I'm so sorry. My grand father died last year and he did what you're doing. My parents were killed in an accident when I was one and he and my grandma took care of me for seven years."

Her demeanor changed then. She went from strong confident young woman to a hurt child and that pinched at me, got my mind away from the pit I always tried to crawl into. She took a sip and continued, "Grandma died when I was eight. Two years ago he started doing what you are, remembering and crying and did that for six months before just letting himself die. He gave up, he couldn't stand being without her any more. I miss him terribly, I'm all alone now."

Then she did cry and a lone tear ran down her right cheek. I took the napkin from her and dabbed at that tear with a corner. She said softly, "Why did he abandon me? Didn't he love me enough?" I thought she would cry more but she didn't.

"Sometimes love isn't enough. Sometimes grief takes over and washes away the ability to cope with it or anything and then you give up and crawl into a hole. I've managed to pull myself out of that hole before filling it in a couple of times." Then I took a drink of ale. "Pot helps," I said and went on.

"Sometimes you are so absorbed by wonderful memories that you don't want to come back and no one can reach you. I've looked into that room a time or two also but haven't walked in yet." I sat and looked at her and the sadness went away. It was amazing, her face just changed and she seemed calmed and happy again.
She stood saying, " Your food should be ready, I'll bring it then leave you alone."

"Wait," I said. "Please stay. You can have the wine if you're allowed."

She said, "A moment." She smiled and left. "She does have a very sexy ass," I thought, I wasn't quite dead yet.

When she came back the other table got up to leave. She put the food down and said, "I'll be right back," stepping over to deal with them. She took their money and walked them out, locking up and turning out lights until only a few were left on in the corners then came back to sit across from me. We were mostly lit by the street lights with shadows everywhere.

"We're closed, the cooks are gone and all I have to do is finish cleanup and table setup for tomorrow. I'll do that in a few minutes but right now I would like to join you for dinner, if you don't mind." She picked up the wine and took a sip and smiled at me. When she smiles, her whole face lights up.

"Thank you," I said. "You make a lonely old man feel better. I don't get to have dinner with a beautiful woman often any more. In fact it's been over three years now."

I sat with my arms on the table and my hands extended. I had the right one around my beer and she reached out to take the left one in both hers. Her eyes were shining in the light and I thought she might cry. She squeezed my hand and smiled showing a lot of teeth.

"Thank you," I said again and sat looking at her.

She said, "Give me a second, don't go anywhere," and grinned at me. I watched her as she worked, rearranging the tables, straightening menus, filling salt shakers and stuff, all that wait'ressy crap they have to do. As she did, she bent and moved. She had a great ass when she bent over.

The skirt was knee length but short enough that when she reached and lifted a leg slightly it pulled up and I got a glimpse of white panties. It did look like she was making that happen, and my cock started to firm with fantasies about stepping up behind her and pressing it against her.

She wore a loose top and at one point she bent wiping a table and it opened for me to see her breasts in a white bra. Nice breasts and while I was looking she raised her head and looked me in the eyes, then grinned. She knew what she was doing and it looked like she had opened another button or two.

It only took a few minutes to do the two tables then come back and sit across from me. "I don't like leaving that. I'm not comfortable until it's done. Now let's enjoy ourselves."

She sipped the wine studying me and started eating. As we ate she told me a lot of stuff. I think she used it to pull me in, getting me comfortable with her so she could get inside my sadness.

Her grand father had died nine months prior to then. She loved him, his gentleness and understanding. He was who she went to with all problems because he listened and never judged her. She felt very safe telling him everything. He had been her only family, loved her and protected her for all of her life. My white hair and beard but mostly my grief reminded her of him and what he had gone through.

After her grandma died he kind of gave up. Pulled back into himself and only coming out to take care of her, he was always there when she needed him but he avoided almost all other personal contact. He taught her everything about being a woman, answered all her questions and seeking help from others when needed but he had not needed that often.

He was mother, father, grand mother and grand father to her. She had spent a lot of time with him and wound up doing for him what he had done for her for years, just being there and listening.

He told her a great deal about his life and how he felt. The things he and her grandma had done, the wonderful sex they had shared and she had been a little jealous of her. He answered her questions about sex, getting her past that "becoming a woman" part with gentle talk and acceptance of her being "her."

Allowing her to explore, find her own way and become what she is. Giving her the confidence to become a strong woman.

She went to him the first time she had sex. Eighteen and scared out of her mind about being pregnant because the condom had broken. He took her to her Gynecologist, a female family friend and got her on the pill. She had even thought about getting into bed with him after that but didn't.

She took another sip of wine and continued. "I'm living with a friend but I get in the way sometimes when her boyfriend is there. It's a struggle with school and work too. It takes me a lot longer."



I yanked my mind back to her as I came and she pulled her feet out then I could hear her rub them on the floor. She grinned and said, "I've never done that before and I liked it when you came, I could feel every pulsing sticky little bit of it. Now there's a real mess I'm going to have to take care of. I'll ask him how he liked it." Huh?

Then she did something I asked Paige for many times. She crawled under the table and I felt her hands push the kilt out of the way and slide up my hips. I heard a muffled, "Raise up." I lifted my ass as she gripped my soggy underwear and pulled them off, tossing them in the isle.

It felt cold for a moment then I could feel her hand take my cock and stroke it as her tongue started to lick at my balls. She spent minutes cleaning them and smacking her lips as she swallowed, moving around, moaning. I could feel her mouth like a vibrator and when she started licking my hard cock it pulsed with my heart beat.

She put me in her mouth and pushed down, shoving me into her throat then pulling back until just the head was left in and she sucked hard. She could deep-throat, a talent Paige had been very good at, and she kept that up until I was ready to go crazy.

I was totally lost in the sensations, leaned back and thrusting up as she swallowed me. Suddenly she quit and just sat there for a minute, holding my cock in her hand and slowing me down. She let go and crawled out, standing and smiling. Shit, I loved her smile.

She rubbed the top of her head and said, "You got a little carried away and banged my head on the table."

I scrambled out of the booth as fast as I could and took her in my arms, giving her a big hug and apologizing all over the place.. "I'm sorry, god I didn't know what I was doing. I haven't... It's been..., Uuhhh...long...."

She laughed and took my face with her hands, kissing me to shut me up. I put my hands on her waist as she pulled back looking at me.

"It's okay, you didn't hurt me. It excited me because you were so excited. I haven't been with a lot of guys. A couple boyfriends, one lasted six months, but they all turned out to be jerks and only interested in my ass, not me!" She looked for a moment then said, "You're different, a gentle man, like my grandpa. A very kind, gentle man."

It's amazing what we feel some times. I've always called it my "ego" but I could feel whatever it is "swell," just get bigger and bigger until it flushed through me like a wave. Paige had told me many times I was the gentlest man she had ever known, and I wanted to cry but felt very good about what was happening.

She reached down, taking my hands and backing toward a different booth. She sat on the table pulling her skirt up, opening her thighs and pulling me in between them. She was wearing very sheer white panties and even in this low light I could see her outer lips pressed against the gusset there.

She put her left hand on my neck, pulled me down and kissed me then lay back smiling and holding my eyes. Her right hand pulled the panties aside and she whispered, "Your turn. Show me how a gentle man treats a young lady."

She had little hair, trimmed short but not shaved. I like seeing hair running like a waterfall over that rather sharp "cliff" of pelvic bone and flowing around the opening, framing it. When she spread her legs it was like watching a ripe fruit split. The most beautiful and tasty fruit on the planet.

Darker outer lips that peel stickily open exposing the inner pink ones, shading into a dark red as they open and that tunnel appears.

I kneeled, leaned forward and kissed her outer lips, being the gentleman she wanted. They were flat and all but the edges of her inner ones were hidden. A squiggly line that had a swollen nub poking out at the top.

I stuck my tongue out and ran the tip from her ass across her lips to the top. I slipped the tip in and pushed at the folds and inner lips, teasing and fluttering, wriggling it. She lay back on the table, took my head in her hands and moaned very loud.

I pushed with the flat of my tongue and started back down then stiffened it and jammed it as far into her as I could. She convulsed when I did that, slamming herself into my face and almost throwing me back but grunted and pulled harder, grinding herself against me. I could feel her get handfuls of my hair then proceed to fuck herself with my tongue and face for a while, minutes, as she yanked on my head.

When I moved up and sucked that button at the top of her slit she screamed. Not loud, her throat was squeezed tight and it broke through as a soft screech as she came. That sound excites the hell out of me. She's holding herself so tightly for control but is so excited she can't and that small sound is the breaking point. It means I've pushed her to teetering on the edge of collapse, just not quite falling.

Then I pushed her off that edge but held her up and just kept it up as she thrashed around. God, I had never seen a woman come like that. Some videos where I knew it was all just bad acting but not her. I could see up her body and she shook from head to toe. I could see her flat stomach pulse as she did, convulsing.

Her head was thrown as far back as it would go and rotating slowly right then left. Her body was rigid, suspended between her head and her ass and was quivering, then slowing, stopping and lying back gently on the table.

I kept sucking until she pulled me away and guided my mouth up along her stomach. She stopped when I bit a nipple softly through her top and bra. She jumped again and wrapped her legs around me and pulled with them. Kind of kicking at my ass with her heels, impatient, wanting more, faster.

I pulled her top out of the skirt and started unbuttoning from the bottom as she started at the top. When it was open she unhooked her bras front clasp pulled the cups aside and put her hands on her breasts, squeezing them and holding them up to me. They were great. Small but they stood up and her nipples were swollen and hard, sticking up. She had small areola a little darker than her nipples.

I leaned and took her right breast in my mouth as she squeezed it, forcing the nipple up for me. I sucked it hard, biting around it, licking and kissing every square inch of skin. They were very nice, hard, swollen and she really liked it when I bit her. Not hard, firm with my lips wrapped over my teeth.

She ground her pussy against my stomach and groin as she enjoyed that, like she was fucking me. I was thrusting back, my cock jumping, smacking against the bottom of her ass where it hung off the table and I could feel the head hit the table too.

She tugged at my head and held me away, looking in my eyes. I could see her searching for something there until she smiled and gently pulled me to her for a kiss. Then pushed me up again and watched me as she talked.

"Now I know how a gentleman does that," she said, "I'm not very experienced and that was very intense. I've looked at older guys before but never saw one who attracted me and mostly I felt like a piece of meat when they looked at me. You are very different. When you look at me you see 'Me' not just sex."

She stared at me quite serious for a minute and said, "Now I trust you and I want one of my fantasies."

I stepped back as she rose. She raised her skirt and took off her panties, dropping them on the floor with my cum soaked underwear. She turned and faced the window and looked back at me saying, "Now I want to feel that cock. I want you to fuck me from behind and start slow, it's been a while. I want it hard then as I look out the window and pretend to worry about someone walking by seeing me."

She turned and lay along the table as I stepped in. She had her head turned and watched, grinning as I took my kilt off and laid it on a seat, I wanted to see this. See myself enter her, watch as my cock opened her and pushed in. I would put it in slowly, watching as I bottomed out and just savor that feeling for a time.

Then I would slam fuck her as long as she wanted or I lasted, whichever came first. I just hoped she came first, I don't like disappointing my partner.

She was very wet and I slid the head up and down getting it just inside before starting to push. Going in was almost an agony, I hadn't been in a woman in more than ten years and it was heaven. Warm, hot, so soft and so slick as it started slipping in. Resistance, a gripping and clenching like a fist, trying to hold me back but giving way slowly and finally allowing entry.

It was like a caress, a hug, clenching and releasing me as I went in, impatient but I just kept pushing. Her legs were together, between mine and she bent her knees, raising her heels until they touched my ass, then she started kicking me.

That was my signal, and I drew back until Just the head pressed to her and slammed in so hard that I felt the table move. She grunted and started talking to me.

"Yeah, like that. Harder. Harder." I did that but held back a little. I did not want to hurt her but she kept pounding my ass with her heels and I just kept pounding into her like a pile-driver. I could see my cock as it slid into her, stretching her, and that ring of muscle that was her ass pulsed and twitched. Both cheeks jiggled like jello when my groin slammed into her.

"I want to be in there," was a brief thought.

Both of her hands were fisted tightly, lots of tension as she built up. She put them up by her head, pushed hard with her arms, arching her back and throwing her head so her hair hit me in the face as she came again.

When she did she squeezed me so hard it felt like a fist and I do not know how I kept from coming. I could see her whole butt tense as she gripped me, milking every last bit of pleasure from it.

She dropped her body on the table and lay there, breathing hard and slowing as she calmed. Her hands and body relaxed and she sighed, then took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She turned her head to the side and I could see her smile, eyes closed and a peaceful look on her face.

"I liked that," she said, "Another sign of a gentleman. You gave me what I wanted." She wiggled a little bit, pushing back and smiling wider as I slowly slipped in and out then arching her hips, wanting more. I pushed again still hard and needing to come soon too.

We were both wet from her orgasm. I could feel it seeping down my legs and I put my right hand between us, grabbing my cock as it slipped in and out. My fingers were coated in it when I put the index finger on her asshole. Her head snapped back and she twitched. The muscle grabbed at me and I pushed.

When the tip popped in to the first knuckle she gasped and pressed back harder and I knew I would be in there. I love anal sex but Paige was never very interested. She would screw my brains out, suck me for hours and use her hands any time but didn't like me to do her ass. Lisa liked it.

I started pushing into her with my cock as I pushed my finger in her ass. Her moaning, her pushing herself up with her hands then dropping, her squeezing me so hard it almost pushed me out, all told me she liked that a lot.

Lisa came again, gripping me, squeezing and relaxing rapidly and I couldn't decide if I liked her squeezing my cock or my finger in her ass more. She was getting double-fucked, both holes and she loved what I was doing.

I came too, right after she did. Not a volcanic blast but a long slow thing that ebbed and flowed, coming in waves that built high then subsiding to a warm glow that made me feel like I owned all of existence. Two times in an hour. Wow! I hadn't done that in a very long time.

Then laying there panting she looked back at me over her shoulder with a very serious look and said, "Okay. I trust you and I think I might like it when you do it. Next time I want it in my ass." I laughed so hard I pulled out and she grinned at me then laughed too.

The "next time" comment turned on a very bright light in my mind. This wasn't a one-time thing. A Slam-Bang can be fun but I'm only a fan when I know her and one of us springs it on the other, that's an absolute blast.

The absurdity hit me then and I laughed more. The picture; there I stood behind her in front of big windows watching cars drive by with my cock jumping around seeing her crotch pulse as she laughed and what I had just put in her ooze out and run down her leg.

Her quizzical look was funny too and when I could explain she laughed. I stepped to her and pressed against her ass and we must have stayed like that for minutes until we finally slowed and stopped. She had put several towels down when she cleaned earlier, and I took one gently wiping our cum off her legs and crotch. She stood turning and took another to clean me.

We stood facing each other, her holding and wiping my cock and balls as I pushed a towel between her legs and wiped at her and we enjoyed that for a minute, the cleaning up can be a lot of fun too. I liked after-play a lot.

We dressed, and I wiped the tables and seats (a different towel) while she put the towels we had used, her panties and my cum soaked underwear in a plastic bag saying, "I'll take these and wash them."

Then she handed me a card with her name, address and phone number written on it. "You can pick them up tomorrow night when I get home. I'll get there around midnight. I hope you do too."

I said, "If I'm not there waiting I died in a horrible accident trying to hurry." She was still giggling hard as she opened the door and we walked out.



Her real name is Ruri or Ruriko. It's Japanese and means Emerald or maybe Lapis Lazuli, the colors really, not the gems. "Real name" always bothered me, I think we should pick our own "real names" as adults once past the age of misunderstanding. She calls herself Lisa though, buying into the "lazy American" speech. Most fight learning new things like how to pronounce names.

She moved in with me a month later then quit work two months later and concentrated on school. Well, school and fucking my brains out on a regular basis. It took that long to convince her I wasn't casual about it and was in it for the long-haul. She got her bachelors and started on a masters. I help everywhere I can and always look at her work before she submits it. She always asks and says it makes her feel better knowing I approve.

She's spending a lot more time studying right now, her orals (oh yeah, I tease her about that), the questions the committee asks and her thesis. I don't know half the shit she studies, but I seem to be able to ask the right questions.

She knows my limits; we've talked technical stuff for too long now. She'll push me into some illogical corner, and I just ask dumb questions until she gets it and explains it to me. We do that nude a lot and that leads to even more understanding. Blending two lives is a very complex task and that's what she wants, what we're doing.

I don't get laid as often right now but when I do it's pretty spectacular. I walked into the living the other day and she was holding her ass cheeks apart, already lubed with a smile, looking back over her shoulder. That's pretty damned exciting for me.

Laying in bed that night, I told her I would never just walk in with a male friend, but I might ask a few female friends up for a glass of wine and that might interest them. Yeah, I'm a little jealous of other guys, I am a guy. She got a huge grin on her face and said, "I dare you. Tomorrow night when you get home. You don't have the balls."

She had an "if you ever want to get fucked again you'd better do this" tone of voice thing that was very convincing. A dare and a pleading at the same time. I have to do it eventually but I was still laying there at five AM unable to come up with someone and it was driving me insane. A couple I would liked to have asked but didn't know well enough. Maybe later.

I'll see if Lisa has a preference for one of her friends. I know she's close to a couple and after some of our "wrestling matches" I know them well enough to ask. They do "girls night outs" and tell each other everything. I'm glad she has friends like that it's good for her.

I only shared my personal life with a couple of my kids and grand kids after Paige went but I am in the process of giving her all of who I am because that's what she wants..

My kids all approve of her because she keeps me interested in living but I take a lot of friendly flack about her being ten years younger than one grand daughter whom she's met and has fun with. She's talking about a PhD now and that'll take four or five years. I hope so because she is keeping me alive and I want to live now. She trusts me she says and a couple months ago we were having dinner when she told me this. I tried to remember it verbatim, it's close.

"You're my sounding board, my crutch at times when I need one, my mentor even though you don't think you are. My knight, defender of my honor, a soft or hard shoulder when needed and always understanding and loving, someone I can cling to when I feel the need and be safe with."

"I love you Paul."

So, in five months she'll have her masters. She will go for the PhD, and I like that. She talks to me all the time but most is technical right now. You would be amazed at how sexy talking about which firm-ware component she should use in the design she's working on is. I was.

We do that naked a lot. We eat dinner naked too, at the table or sitting Lotus in bed and watching each other. Watching her crotch as she moves, tightening her thigh muscles, shifting her butt around gets me hard. My cock will raise, pulse with my heart beat then subside again and the peals of laughter coming out of her are one of my life's big pleasures. She is happy now.

She consults, and we work projects together. Behind the scenes, her clients never know, and she's never had an unhappy client. I loved it like that. I didn't want to be in charge, and she liked doing it so it worked for us.

She says she wants to weave again. Her loom is in storage, and I do not see her having the time. She says she wants us to wear matching kilt and skirt that she wove. Silly but I like that thought a lot. I'll set it up after she gets started on her PhD and gets settled in. It will be a good way for her to relax and I've always wanted to learn.

Maybe I'll get laid more often then. I am very happy though and it doesn't really matter. I'm not sure I can keep up, a twenty-seven year old girl friend can be exhausting at times. I love it.

It was fun watching younger guys hit on her. They thought I was her grand father, and some were quite rude. "Hey, gramps, can I dance with your grand daughter?" once in a club, and she said, "No," then turned and gave me a kiss that would melt gold. All over my face and lots of tongue. The look on his face was worth the insult.

To most she just said no thanks, but one guy made the mistake of putting his hand on her arm as she turned away and was on his face, arm jacked up behind him so fast he didn't know where he was. She is a second degree black belt too.

Very calm, no harsh breathing, eyes wide open and focused, every muscle in her body tense. She could have easily killed him but I knelt and looked at her face and said, "It's okay Lisa, let him go." I never touch her then, very fucking dangerous, but she responded to my voice, and I could see her focus shift to my face.

When I smiled, she grimaced like she bit a lemon and stood up then took my arm and smiled up at me as we walked away through the crowd that gathered. He was still laying there looking at us like we were freaks. Me defend her? Right!

She always blows my mind, an incredible woman. All because she was my waitress one lonely night and she, "saw me ."

I've worried about later when I can't take care of myself. I won't subject her to that, I won't allow it. I've been adamant about that for most of my adult life but two days ago she sprang another one on me.

We were getting ready for sleep and just lying looking at each other and talking. We talked each other to sleep a lot. This time she climbed over me and sat on my stomach, took my head in her hands and said, "I need to tell you something."

"Okay." I said, knowing a freight train was about to slam into me. I call them an OSOD moment, "Oh Shit Oh Dear, she is about to change my life again." She has these looks and voices that I love, once I figure out what each really mean. She does not pull punches and I like that a lot.

"You are afraid of later, I know it because you skirt around it, you won't listen to it or talk about it. But it will happen. You will need total care. I know that, I accept it."

I tried to break in but she wouldn't let me. She has this habit of putting her fingers on my mouth and giving me her "Do not fuck with me I'm talking," look, so I just stopped.

"I will be with you until the end. I will. I'll hold it while you pee in a bottle, I "WILL" wipe your ass and you will like it. Do you understand?" Then, "Actually I don't give a crap if you like it, I'll do it anyway and you'll be to weak to stop me."

The first of that sentence was very strongly put. In her '"do not fuck with me'" voice. The last was soft, a verbal caress that only a lover knows how to give and she leaned in and kissed me softly, starting to cry which always melts me into a quivering fucking puddle and I'll do or agree to anything to get her to stop.

This kind of frightened me. Paige had loved me, deep down I always knew that, but this devotion was a little strong for me. She had to be free, her own woman, that's what I wanted and needed.

She climbed off and lay next to me just looking then whispered, "Please?"

I cried a little with her then which led to some of the slow, soft sex that can go on for hours and your not sure if you came once or a hundred times.

It took her a couple of weeks to gentle me into total acceptance. She said she would fight me, using my kids, that, "We've already discussed it. and they're on my side." To just stop fighting, believe her and go on.

"On her side! Those fucking ungrateful little shits, taking her side," but that was a warm, soft thought with a big grin, and I loved them even more.

So I did. Knowing, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that she would be there at the end is the most comforting place I've ever lived. "God, Paige, I am so sorry, but it's true." There is a tremendous amount of guilt attached there.

She's determined to make me last as long as she can too. My kids agree, and I'm forced to go with her to the dojo and let her and her fucking friends beat me up. Her friends are all female and love making me do all that shit, then they laugh at me. There were seven of them in a casual club.

We wrestle a lot, and they bend and stretch me in some very interesting ways. One time Lisa had four friends hold my arms and legs while she rubbed my face with her crotch. It did not take much holding, and she still had her leotard on but that was very exciting.

I had to listen to a lot of jokes about the erection she gave me. One said, "Well sporting that if he attacked her it couldn't be called 'assault with a dead weapon' could it?" and they are still teasing me about my "dead weapon."

Aw, hell, I admit it, I love the Attention.

I'm the only guy allowed in this all girl club, and sometimes I get a look at a naked crotch that I think was arranged with a beautiful wet pussy staring me in the face. Or a softer, almost caressing feel as we try to get a hold. I get to feel a lot of willing female flesh, and that's a very good thing.

All are around her age too, from twenty six to thirty two. All have boy friends or husbands, but they never come with. I think several are into girls too. I'm not sure about Lisa, but I don't think she's ever tried . She hasn't brought it up yet, and I'll wait for her to tell me.

I get to wrestle with them and Lisa loves watching. There are a couple holds where her (whoever's) crotch is pretty much in my face as she grips me. They're always sweaty by that time and I can smell them which excites the hell out of me and my 'Dead Weapon' appears again thinking about what might happen. It is a constant battle to not slap my face into "whoever's" crotch then.

After Lisa rubbed me, one of them rubbed her crotch across my face during a match. As I rolled she jumped on me, pinning my head between her thighs and squeezing, pulling my leg back. When I winced at the pain she lowered her crotch and pushed hard as she rubbed back and forth several times and my tongue came out.

She had been one of them holding me for Lisa. As her thighs relaxed I saw Lisa kneeling by my head watching it all and them smiling at one another. I will not start anything, she'll have to do that. I'm hoping she does, but I don't care if she doesn't. If she's just teasing me that's okay, it really winds my watch. I smile a lot more now thinking about it, and that can be exciting

Life does go on. Me too, so far, and I think I'll last for quite a few years. As many as Lisa can wring out of me, and she is a strong, persistent woman that can wring me out like a wet wash-cloth.

I adore her!

Dear reader,

I took my wife to Applebee's for dinner a couple weeks ago and this story hit me when the waitress came to our table. I wrote most of it in my head sitting there talking and watching the waitress then spent another couple of weeks typing and editing.

Thank you for reading.


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