Need For Nothing

By savanna

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I arrive at a place located miles and miles from any form of organized civilization. It is a great place of majestic serenity only known by those worthy enough of its grace. I find myself on a narrow dirt path leading to a grassy grove surrounded by massive trees so big that the powerful sun itself can barely penetrate their branches.

Beautiful soft green grass covers the earth inside the grove untouched by man or machine. Birds and wildlife flock freely inside this grove having no fear of mass genocide or the evils of man. They survive on what mother earth provides and interact with all living beings as equals in the eyes of me.

In the center of the grove lays an old fallen tree that even in death provides a service as a bench and shelter for the smaller beings of the grove.

Sitting gracefully on this tree I caught sight of a beautiful young maiden with long flowing auburn hair. She has a tall and slender frame. She sits with her back towards me and curiously I start to walk toward the tree feeling the soft blades of grass tickling the bottoms of my bare feet.

Sensing my presence the young woman turns her head to greet me as the sunlight reflecting off her smooth pale face. Elegantly she brushed her hair out of her eyes and over her ears. She cast me a beaming smile as if she had known me forever. Her dark choclate brown eyes seemed to melt away the flesh from my bones.

She wore a thin almost transparent silky white gown with a light green trim clinging to her small frame allowing her large dark nipples to be seen clearly. I could clearly see her nipples were hard and erect as she smile and gazed upon my face. Her gown was cut low almost revealing her dark, alluring nipples to my gaze.

On her lap was a pile of assorted flowers she was using to make a colorful crown. Her long smooth legs rested on the side of the log with her feet buried under a pile of red and white rose petals. She wore a single white flower over her right ear to hold back her beautiful auburn hair. Her bangs were weaved into tight braids and tied at the ends with painted wooden beads and pinned back to reveal her almost hypnotic facial features.

My eyes moved down her face, over her rosy red lips and down her neck were I caught a glimpse of sparkle shinning off the single diamond necklace resting between her magnificent breasts. Her breasts were firm and full and I had to resist the temptations to reach out and hold them in my hands.

After what seemed like an eternity I glanced up and realized she had been watching my eyes the whole time. Embarrassed I turned away quickly. Feeling her hand slip into mine I turned back to face her as she rose up from the log. She handed me the crown of flowers she had been making. Not sure what to do with it I looked up from the crown to meet her eyes which was now showing an outline of green around her chocolate brown eyes. She stepped towards me pressing her firm breast against me then bowed her head slightly as I placed the crown gently atop her head being careful not to prick her with the stems and thorns.

Pleased with her newest accessory she smiled and took my hand in hers once again then started to lead me toward the other side of the grove stopping every few feet to point out a unique plant or animal but never speaking. At the edge of the grove was another trail. This one seemed less traveled than the last. Taking a step forward she led the way into the forest. The trail was quiet and tranquil as everything was as one with the other. Trees and plant life entwined together. Flowers seemed to bloom as we approached them. Butterflies fluttered around us. Rabbits and baby foxes leaped over our feet and ran between our legs. Wild deer and horses trotted up to us bowing to this magnificent maiden before letting us pet them. Fairies and pixies flew from behind the trees landing on our shoulders. They would laugh and giggle whispering into the young woman's ears before flying off. She never spoke to me, not a word, she would just turn to me and smile showing off the her pearly white teeth as she displayed the magnificence of her beautiful form.

Towards the end of the trail I could hear the sounds of rushing water. The louder the water got the faster she walked until she broke into a full run dragging me behind her. Only looking back to encourage me with her beautiful smile to run faster. She finally came to a halt at the base of a 30 foot waterfall emptying into a crystal clear pool surrounded by large white boulders. Hot and panting she led me to the top of a boulder looking over to the edge of the water.

Slowly she lifted the bottom of her gown up past her thigh revealing a wonderfully smooth leg as she continued to pull up the almost transparent gown until all her beautiful smooth body from her waist down was revealed. I couldn't help but stare as I was sure she had revealed much more of her fabulous sexy body then she intended. She dipped her toes into the water to test the temperature. The ripples from her foot averted my attention to the water which was clear enough to see the fish swimming at the bottom.

Satisfied with the temperature of the water she took my hand and led me away from the shore. She stopped and took a step closer to me. My nostrils flared as her heavenly scent flowed around me like a sweet wind across my face into my nose with every breath I took. Staring up at me I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she ran her fingers up my arms and across my chest then down my stomach to my waist. She curled her fingers under my shirt and slowly lifted it over my head.

The feeling of her knuckles running up my bare abs sent shockwaves throughout my whole body almost buckling me at the knees. Tossing my shirt to the side she pulled me even closer to her. Placing her hands on my waist she leaned in and kissed my chest just above my heart then kissed her way down my stomach stopping to kiss every inch of me on the way down to my waistline. As she kissed my stomach I leaned my head back and watched the clouds move across the sky in a state of pure ecstasy.

All I could think about was wanting more. I was in a trance and she was in total control. She stopped and took a step back. I leaned my head forward and watched her slip her gown off her slender shoulders and let it drop to the ground revealing her natural body to myself and the elements. My heart started racing, her beauty was almost unbearable. She came closer again gliding across the stone staring deep into my eyes as she reached forward and unbuckled my belt sliding my pants off. She never broke her gaze taking both my hands she led me into the warm water. Her body was magnificent. Her sexy body was smooth and beautiful with no hair except for the beautiful dark locks flowing from her head. We walked side by side towards the center of the pool. When the water reached our chests she stopped and turned to face me placing her arms around my neck kissing me softly on the lips. I could feel her breast press into my chest as my manhood pressed against her smooth belly. Wrapping my arms around her waste I pulled her closer. I could feel her energy flowing into my body filling my veins with love and nourishment.

After what seemed like a lifetime she finally pulled her lips away from mine and hugged me tightly around the waste resting her beautiful head on my chest. Lifting her chin with my hand I gazed into her lovely eyes as she finally spoke to me. “I love you,” she whispered.

Startled by the sound of her beautiful voice I took a step backward hearing exactly what I was wanting to hear this whole time and I was at a lost for words.

She spoke again. “I love you! I am you. I am your lover. I am your creator and destroyer! All living things are a part of me.” Day turned to night as she spoke. “I accept you into this paradise as my lover and my friend. If you do not wish this now is the time to tell me.” The moon and stars reflected off the water surrounding her with a silver aura. I looked at this incredible woman. She was perfect in everyway. Her eyes…. her smile…. her lips… her body…perfection! Simply perfection!!

“Here you will have no wants or needs for I shall provide all for you. I will take care of all your physical needs and desires! Nothing is impossible here. Every sexual desire, every need, every want I will satisfy!” She took my hand and led me out of the water towards the trail leaving our clothes behind. When we reached the clearing a grass hut had replaced the fallen tree in the center of the grove. She turned to me and spoke again. “After all your hard work and struggles this is your new home. Now come lay with me …enter me…make love with me and truly become mine!”

She led me to the a bed of flowers in the middle of the hut. It smelled of roses and liliac. She took my hand and lay down pulling me with her. She whispered to me to lay on my back and I complied without hesitation. She straddled me and leaned over to kiss me. The touch of her lips was soft and sensual.

Her tongue touched my lips as she forced my mouth open kissing me passionately. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest and the heat from her wet pussy pushing against my rigid member. She seemed to draw the breath from me as she kissed me. My mind was swimming and I was losing control. I could feel her rubbing her hot womanhood up and down my erect organ. The feeling was more than I had ever believed possible.

Suddenly she parted from me and I look into the eyes of a woman that displayed more passion than I had ever seen. She was breathing deeply and could feel juices from her pussy running down between my legs. She raised one leg allowing room for her to reach my cock and hold it up.

“Now you will be mine forever!” she said as she lowered her dripping cunt down onto my cock. She slowly forced me deep inside her. Every inch was hotter and tighter than then one before. I could hear her moan and purr as she pushed herself down devouring me inside her. It seemed like hours for her to fully impale herself on my massive member. I never felt so big or in a pussy so tight as I did at that moment.

As I hit bottom she moaned loudly and began to rock slowly at first back and forth. She leaned over again to kiss snaking her tongue in my mouth and sucking on mine in return. Her hands were on my chest as she began to pull up off my cock then shove her hips down once again to impale my full length deep into her wetness. Over and over she continued to slowly pull off my hard member only to shove down even harder the next time. The pace started to increase as she continued to kiss me as her breathing became more and more labored. Suddenly she broke our kiss and leaned forward feeding me one of her breast forcing it in my mouth where her tongue has been moments earlier. She continued the onslaught on my hardness forcing my member in and out of her wetness faster and faster.

“Mmmmmmm…..Ohhh,” she said over and over.

I looked up to see her eyes closed and her head slung back. Her beautiful dark hair was draped over her shoulders. One of her hard nipples was in my mouth and I was sucking hoping to taste the sweet milk of a woman’s breast. I could feel her pussy start to tighten around me. I couldn’t believe she could get any tighter but it was. I could feel a stream of cream running down my member and over my balls. Every sensation seemed to be magnified a hundred times.

“Yes….Mmmmmmmm….Oh Yessss,” she said out loud.

She was riding me harder and harder but I felt totally in control as if she had given me the power to satisfy her.

“Ahhhhh,” she screamed as her orgasm exploded inside of her. She rode me for several more strokes before collapsing on top of me. I was still buried deep inside this incredible creature and my hardness had not gone away.

She opened her eyes at me and smiled.

“Mmmmm….that was magnificent! Now it is your turn to fill me with your with your love.”

She rolled over keeping me inside of her. In one quick motion she raised her legs and placed them over my shoulders.

“Fill me! Fill me full of your love!” she whispered to me.

I started to push deep inside of her. Slowly at first then with more and more urgency. She started to moan and whimper as I pushed my manhood inside of her over and over ….faster and faster.

“Cum for me! Cum inside of me and make me whole!” she said.

I looked deep into her eyes and she stared back at me. Our souls seem to be one and the universe revolved around us making love. I could feel my orgasm starting to build and I knew I could no longer hold it back.

“Yes….Yes….Cum for me! Fill me! Make me one with you!”

I could hold back no longer as I shoved my manhood as deep inside this incredible woman as I could filling her with my seed. Out of breath I collapsed on top of this beautiful woman feeling her lush body under me. I rolled over pulling her on top of me keeping my hardness inside of her.

“This is just the beginning. We are one now. Never to be parted. Never to age. Never to grow apart. We will be happy here always.”

Then she leaned down and kissed me. Sweetly….tenderly …softly. It was then I knew I wanted to stay here forever.