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Netflix and Chill

A laxy Netflix and chill session one Saturday afternoon.

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, heading into evening. We spend most of the day adulting. We do all the regular household shopping, gathering our groceries and supplies for the next week, making sure to pick up all the commonplace cleaning supplies we need for the rest of the day. Jamming to music during the boring car ride, holding hands like a couple of love-struck teens.

We chase each other with carts through the stores. Dropping random items in when we feel like it to keep the mundane from becoming too depressing. Pretending we are millionaires together at the dollar store. Long interesting conversations about the obscene selection of regular things like body soap.

Returning home, we find a place for everything before starting our cleaning routine. We are always equals in housework, so you take dishes this week, I’ll take laundry. Although, nothing can stop us from interrupting each other. I come up behind you doing dishes, quickly and sneakily splashing you with the warm soapy water. You return the favor and spray me with the hose.

You come into the bedroom after I have proclaimed how fast and efficient I am at folding laundry, just to flop your entire body across the stacks on the bed, undoing all my efforts. I flop down on top of you, in pretend fury, and give up happily.

We finish our chores and meet in the kitchen, trying to decide what to do next and making our game plan for the evening. I love days like this. No time constraints, just chilling around the house with you. Free to be ourselves and do as we please. We decide to make ourselves some homemade tacos and put on some Netflix.

I turn some music on through the sound system as I begin to prepare the meat. You are at my side, happily slicing and dicing lettuce and tomatoes. We both dance around each other elegantly. At one point, you hold out your hand and twirl me to Sinatra, leaning me back and pulling me back up for a kiss. After our meal is prepared and we both have our plates piled full of delicious tacos, we head to the living room.

You have the remote and I leave the decision up to you. I have complete faith in your ability to read my mind and pick something interesting to watch. You take your time scrolling through the titles as I eat, staring at you and admiring your carefree, casual sexuality. How gorgeous you are in your natural state. Wearing an old t-shirt, running shorts and, I’m sure, briefs beneath, you still take my breath away.

Me, the glamorous woman that I am, currently have booty shorts and a tank top on that I slept in last night. How extravagant we both are! You picked a historical documentary about the Mayans. Good choice! My love of archeology and your love of history combined. Soon, we are so enthralled, our tacos have disappeared completely. The gentleman that you are, you pause our show and take a break to put our dishes and leftovers away.

I have an idea for dessert. I sneak into the kitchen and grab some popsicles. We return to our places on the couch. You have your long legs stretched out in front of you resting on the coffee table, cold beer beside you, popsicle being devoured. I curl up next to you, legs folded beneath me, resting my body against yours.

And then something strikes me. I will blame it on the sugar rush from the delicious after dinner treat, but it's like my internal dial went from a steady six to an eleven. I suck on the icy treat and think of ways to please you. I ask you if you would like to finish my popsicle for me. You, being the sugar lover that you are, take it and plop it into your mouth.

It’s now that I have your mouth full, I make my move. I slide off the couch to crouch in front of you, between those long, long legs. As I slide my hands from your ankles up to the edge of your shorts, I glance up to catch your eyes. And your eyes say it all, surprise and excitement. You can’t speak with the popsicle in your mouth and that makes me giggle. I look back down at your tender thighs and rub them with my hands.

I let my hands wander back up to your waistband and watch you lean forward so that I can pull those shorts and briefs off you. You continue sucking on the popsicle as your head leans further back. I leave tiny kisses on your waistline as I make my way down on you. I kiss your glistening tip before quickly licking it. You moan and let your body completely relax for me.

I extend my tongue and let it slide from your tip down your shaft slowly, coming back up and letting it circle your head. I glance back to our face to see you totally relaxed and ready for me to take you. l waste no more time with this slow tease and take you fully into my mouth. Your skin is soft and smooth and salty. My hands are still busy massaging your inner thighs and I pull one hand under your penis to cup your balls. I grasp them and pull them gently.

I keep up this slow pace until the popsicle is gone and I notice you grinding your teeth on the wooden stick. I pick up the rhythm until I taste that salty liquid all over my mouth. You growl and look down at me. I lean back onto my calves and lick my lips.

In a flash, your hands are around me and pulling me back up to you. You kiss me hard, your tongue exploring my mouth and my teeth nibbling your thick luscious lips. Your hands slide under my top and undo my bra before removing my top entirely. I am spread over your lap, feeling your hardness coming back to me, my breasts exposed to the air-conditioned room.

Your hands slide up my sides and you pull my breasts up to your face. My nipples feel the amazing friction from your beard and I groan. You quickly bite my nipple and my pelvis jerks on top of you. I stand up and you quickly remove my shorts and undies, leaving me completely naked standing in front of you. You stare me down, top to bottom admiring the view, before grabbing my waist and pulling my pelvis towards your mouth.

Your lips are still cold from your icy treat and it shocks me as I feel your icy tongue slide into me. I instantly moan with the coldness penetrating my hottest spot. I run my fingers through your hair as you dig your tongue deeply into me. The unexpected temperature change makes me want you even more and before I know it, your tongue has made me climax.

I growl and know exactly what I want next. I pull your head back and place my mouth on yours, tasting the extreme mixture of your saltiness from my mouth and your sweet deserts colliding. I feel your hands around my thighs as you will me to lift my legs and straddle you. You glide smoothly into me and we both release sighs of release. Release from all that amazing friction, awaiting the sweet relief from all the adulting we have done today.

I pull myself up and let you thrust yourself completely into me again, over and over causing us both to pant. My breasts rub against your face and my hands hold your head between them. Your hands are wrapped around me and your fingertips dig into my ass. Such slow-burning passion building to an explosion.

I lean down and take your earlobe in between my teeth, letting my raspy breath enter your ear. I feel you start to explode, and I follow. Your hot liquid enters me as I use my internal muscles to squeeze you tighter as I scream your name. You growl and bury your head against my chest.

As we sit there, slowly catching our breath, the sound of the show behind us ceases. Netflix is asking if we are still watching. No, we aren’t, and we never really were, I think. Impossible to pay attention when you have such better thoughts running through your head. You look around me at the rude, questioning screen and then glance at me.

I twirl myself around and wait for you to lie down, still naked, on the couch, so that I can be your little spoon. You click the button and the sound resumes, as your arms wrap around me and I feel you place a small kiss on the top of my head.


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