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Guy meets young woman and dates and has sex with her
She left the office that day and for Tasha, who just began working there two days earlier, she was quiet and of course unsure of herself. Now, seeing as she just turned 18 a few months earlier, this to her was her first big job.

Prior to this she was one of the country’s top gymnasts. She’d grown up and traveled all over the country. Most people still thought she was underage at this point of her life. She is small and she is cute as a devil. She is as skinny as they came however as small as she is everyone has said, behind her back, she has the most fantastic looking figure they’d ever seen in their life. Despite that she was small and skinny and that she was pretty as they came, Andrea had a phenomenal looking set of curves. As small waisted as she is those hips she was born with did do her wonders.

“Hi, I saw you started this week” the guy said to her as he walked up to also wait for the bus. “How’s it going?”

She turned and smiled ever so slightly and told the older guy, who was around 25 or so, that is was fine. That it all seemed to be going well. Now, seeing as they worked for the same company, and suddenly hopped on a bus which was already crowded, he sat behind her for a while. That was until she got on the bus.

She happened to be a much older woman. Seeing as she was, he offered her his seat. After collecting his stuff and standing up, he stood right behind Andrea. Not really thinking about it as the two began “de-zoning” from their long day at the office, he happened to look down. And he looked down over her chest.

He didn’t look away either. He happened to like what he looked at. Cleavage appeared before his eyes. It, to him, was nice cleavage too. He stared at it some more and wished he could tell her how pretty and nice it looked.

No, I can’t do that. No, that is soooo inappropriate he told himself. But he continued looking at her cleavage. He looked at how it “shined” so to speak as it seemed to surface and settle above her not so low cut top. That’s when he considered how something like his face, hands and even his tongue might feel if it were all buried in her chest.

The old lady got up a little later and she walked off. With the old lady gone now, he had his chance. Jeff, the 25 year old, sat down beside Andrea. “Oh uh hi again” she said, offering him a smile, which in truth he fell in love with right away. Her eyes sparkled and that took him away. He floated off as she found him staring into her eyes. “Uhhhhhh is there a problem?” she asked. She was unsure of why he stared at her. He shook his head but continued to look into her eyes. She smiled and looked back at this older dude. She grew leery and asked again. “Is something wrong?”

“Huh, what was that?” he said not realizing he was staring at her. “Oh uh no” he went on to say. “Uh nothing’s wrong” he told her as he shook his head. “Umm, has anyone ever told you, and don’t misunderstand my question, but has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?”

She smiled a little and even blushed some as she shook her head. “They haven’t?” he went on to say. “Ohhhhhhh come on now” he told her as the bus came to a stop which was his stop. “Oh my gosh” he said once he stopped. “Uh, what is your name?”

She told him and he introduced himself to her and the two shook hands and that was when he realized, after the bus took off again, that he’d missed his stop. He didn’t care. He was falling in love. He knew it too. He did not care. He talked some more. She missed her stop. He was easily and quickly falling in love with this young and very pretty young 18 year old former gymnast.

They were half way across town as the two talked and laughed and talked some more. “So you don’t have a girlfriend, really?” she said by the time both knew they’d have to find rides all the way back home.

He told her no that he did not have a girlfriend. By saying that, which was the truth, he began telling himself adamantly that he should ask her out. Ask her out. Do it Jeff. Go on and do it. Go on and ask her out. What do you have to lose dude.

“I’m going to get off here” she told him “and take another bus back to my home.”

“Where’s your home?” he asked, offering a smile.

She told him. He smiled as well. They stopped and stared into one another’s eyes. Neither spoke a word as they stared into the other’s eyes. Finally, he said it. “I gotta admit. I really like you” and he said it with another energizing smile.

She smiled back. “I like you too.”

She got off the bus and headed home. He watched her walk away. Boy, she has an ass that is out of this world he told himself as he watched her and her ass and those hips shuttle away from the buss. He smiled and even though she didn’t see him he waved goodbye to her. He thought about her all the way home and afterward too.

He emailed her the next day at the office. “Good morning Andrea. I had a nice time last night talking to you. Hope you did too. Talk with you later on. Jeff.”

When she received it, she read it and reread it few times. She smiled and forwarded it to her home email address. She wished she had his personal email address. That way she could communicate with him more. He is nice. He is rather cute, except for that dumb beard he wears, and I like his personality too.

They met at the buss stop a few more times that week and talked until he was supposed to get off at his stop. Finally by the second week when he saw her, he smiled, and stared at her like something was up.

“Hi Jeff” she said. “What’s up?”

He told her nothing but in truth he’d been thinking about asking her out. He held back. He felt she might think he’s way too old for her seeing as he was already 25 and she was only 18. She smiled and asked him what was going on and he said nothing. They talked and just before he got off, as he waited while standing up, he looked at her.

He sat back down. “This might sound absurd or even stupid to you. I don’t know” he started to say. “But if I asked you to dinner would that be out of line?”

“A date, me and you go to dinner?” she asked, surprised he asked her. “Nooooo not at all. I’d love to” and she said it with a grand looking smile which only made him smile a lot too.

She was overly excited about the date. It was her first in almost two years. He was too. It was his first in two years and although he wasn’t even thinking about it, he wished they could lie down together, intimately, and even if they didn’t have sex he wished they could play around a little together.

Meanwhile, here she was, at her parent’s house still, and seeing as she was she had to go to her room. Up in it, she only thought about Jeff. Yes, she smiled and yes, it was later on, but she was sure she’d love going to dinner. She thought about him more and more and as she did, she started to become romantically enthused about being with him.

The shoes were already off. So she did what she rarely did. She pulled down her pants while sitting on her bed. She put aside her laptop and pulled aside her panties. Slowly, and assuredly, she wet her fingers, and she placed them on her pussy’s lips. Her eyes closed as images of Jeff filled her thoughts. She smiled right away as her fingers began moving about.

“Mmmmmm uh ohhhhhh uh oooooohh Jeff” she uttered as her fingers played around. She breathed in and moaned, quietly again, and began sticking them inside her pussy a little more and then a little more. “Oh yes, Jeff mmmmmm that feels soooo good. I wish you were here so you could, ohhhhhh mmmmmm, so you could do this, or maybe even lick me out?”

Then she reached for it. She pulled out her vibrator and once she did that, it was almost all over as she plunged it deep within herself. She moaned and uttered unspeakable words and as she did her back arched and her tits jumped out and up into the air. Her ass lifted off the mattress as she dropped her vibrator deeper into her pussy.

She orgasmed and she came and she felt so darn terrific afterward she wished he was there so she could kiss him on his lips. “Oh damn Jeff” she started to say “I’d love you here on my bed so we could cuddle and kiss and hold each other. Mmmmm, you’d feel soooo good to me right now.” Then without saying it she said she loved him and smiled.

Back at work the next day, her dinner date came one day closer. She was going to go out to dinner with Jeff. Andrea was excited as ever. She’d had thoughts and ideas running through her head and knew she wasn’t some experienced girl. She didn’t care of she was a virgin either. He is a nice guy and she believed he’d respect her as a very nice and clean cut girl although she knew she’d love to have that day come where she know she wasn’t one any longer.

But that day would come either with him or someone else she figured. Seeing as she had to carry on a routine and somewhat rigid schedule, her pussy hadn’t seen hide nor hair of a man’s cock in her entire life. Ohhhhhh, she often thought about one of those days but being a professional gymnast was so much more important and maintaining her body’s taut and rigid physical features throughout it all was so much more important.

But now, well now, she was finished. She broke her ankle and so she was done. She was off the map as far as anyone was concerned. And onto real life she went and that included getting to know Jeff a lot more.

She smiled as she walked in. Her boss and a few others saw the smile and smiled back as they wondered and asked how she was doing. She said great as she continued to think about him, about Jeff and their upcoming date. She could not wait.

That day came. He came and picked her up. He had to meet her parents. That was a must. He was a perfect gentleman as he said hello and talked to them and made a great impression as her date on them. “Ohhh honey, he’s such a nice fellow” her parents told her later on. “Will you be seeing him again?”

She told them she didn’t know, knowing she was lying of course, but she did know this. She had her own car of course and would or could drive and see him without them being involved in her dating activities. Even if you didn’t see a smile on her face, she was smiling inside. She was smiling all over the place. Even when she was sleeping at night, she was smiling or so she thought she was.

They went to dinner. It was a great time. They spent the whole night talking and even laughing a lot as well. She loved it but wished, at the very end when he dropped her off, that he would have kissed her at least on the cheek. No, he didn’t even do that.

Darn it, she told herself. Kiss me will you? They went out again the following week. She easily and happily said yes. It was on a Saturday night. They talked and laughed all night long. She had a great time again but darn it, he didn’t kiss her again. This went on weekend after weekend for two whole months. No kisses. She wanted a kiss on her cheek at least. But no, she wasn’t getting a kiss at all from him.

“I’m going to kiss him” she said aloud to herself. “I’m going to hold him by the arms and pull him in and I’m going to plant my lips on his lips. I will kiss him.”

The next date, she couldn’t wait. She talked and so did he but all she thought about, as he talked up a storm, was kissing him on his lips. That was all she wanted that night.

“I had a nice time tonight. I hope you did too” he said.

She did and waited for that kiss. None ever came. He started to say goodnight. She was looking at him, wondering. Why doesn’t he ever kiss me? Why won’t he kiss me she asked herself again?

He saw her open the door to her house and turned away. She looked at him as she did. She stopped as she looked in his direction, hoping for him to pull her against him, and lay one on her. Come on, Jeff she said to herself. Kiss me on my lips. Kiss my lips. Give me a kiss. Don’t you like me? I like you Jeff. I really do. I like you a lot.

He stopped and saw she hadn’t entered her house and saw that she was standing by her door still. She wore a funny look on her face. It made him wonder.

“Is something wrong?” he said.

“I was asking myself the same question” she told him.

“Uhhh what do you mean?” he told her.

“Well isn’t this the point where a guy and a girl normally kiss one another?” she said.

“I guess” he replied.

“Then Jeff” she started to say and went into the fact that they’d had a number of dates “and we haven’t even kissed one another yet. Why is that?” she went on to ask.

He looked at her and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He didn’t know why to be honest and told her, as he shrugged his shoulders, that he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries.

“I’m a woman Jeff, a full blown, and full grown woman. I have a woman’s body, women’s boobs, and an ass and hips so what else would you need?” With that, Andrea stepped into him, and she placed a deep and affectionate kiss on his lips.

He was shocked by it but it did feel nice. It felt really nice in fact and once she pulled away he was the one with that stunned impression in his eyes. He was flabbergasted that a girl would take it upon herself to kiss a guy.

Finally, he smiled at her. “Thank you” he said, softly. “Thank you very, very much.”

He smiled and pulled her against his body and once he did, he wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her on her lips and he kissed her harder then she’d ever been kissed in her life. After a while, a tongue eased out of his mouth and seeped into hers.

It passed through it, almost lovingly, and she allowed it too as well. Hers found its way onto his and for the very first time, as they stood outside her house, the two were embraced and embroiled in a heated kissing fest as her parents stood inside watching them enjoy themselves.

Once done, he whispered into her ear so that only she could hear it. “I loved that a lot. Can I kiss you like that again?”

She pulled away and smiled into his eyes. “You can kiss me all the time Jeff. You well you can do anything you want as long as it’s romantic, okay?” And she kissed him again and then said goodnight.

Love was blossoming and sooner then she ever thought it could.

“Soooo it sounds like you two are hitting it off well” said her mother as her father smiled.

“Yes, I guess so” Andrea said smiling and she said goodnight and hopped to the stairs.

They went out again of course and again and again but each time they did, he kissed her, and he kissed her romantically along with tongue. Mmmmm oooooohh how she felt when she felt that tongue enter into her mouth she told herself. It made her want to masturbate terribly and so she did just that more frequently then in the past.

One night, he came for dinner. He played the perfect guest and that worked out well. Her dad was more then impressed. He told Andrea how much he liked the young guy even though the guy was several years older then her.

“So sweetheart, now that your daddy’s not around, let me ask you something. Have you and Jeff had sex yet?” her mom asked.

“Mom, no” she said. “I’m not that kind of girl.”

Her mother smiled trough the corner of her mouth and then asked “Well do you think about that? I mean do you play with yourself wishing you have?”

Andrea was shocked at her mother’s question. Yeah, I’ve masturbated but I’m not telling you that. “Nooooo, I don’t do that mom.”

They walked on their next date as they held hands. Of course, as they walked they talked about everything, except work. “Do you have uhhh fantasies?” he said. She asked what he meant. “Uhhh crazy dreams and things you want to do?”

“I don’t know” she told him. “Do you?”

“Yeah, I guess I do” he went on to say.

She was quiet for a bit and then said “Like what?”

He was quiet as he grew hair on his balls so he could tell her. “I don’t know” he lied initially. “I guess one of them is to take a girl and have a romantic weekend up at a secluded cottage on a lake near some woods somewhere.” He knew exactly where in truth. She looked at him. She kind of liked that idea. “We could spend almost all weekend at the cottage and be together no matter what we did.”

She listened and thought about what he’d said. “Do you mean you’d make love to a girl?”

He looked at her. She smiled. He smiled too. He nodded and held her hand in his. She loved how she felt all of a sudden. “Uhhh Jeff I have to tell you something on the assumption you mean me of course but umm I’m a virgin.”

He immediately stopped walking and turned to look at her even though they held hands. “I don’t care. I like you a lot, Andrea. There isn’t anyone else in this whole wide world I’d want to make love with other then you.” And then he went into it all. “Ever since the first day I saw you I became enamored with you. I fell in love with you kind of. You are soooo sweet and nice. And you are very, very pretty too. You have the most adorable, the cutest darn figure a girl could ever have in my opinion. Gosh, Andrea” he went on to tell her “you to me are absolutely perfect.” And he went ahead and repeated that she was the sweetest and nicest girl in the world. “Make love to me, will you. I’ll get us a cabin I know about.”

She was excited as hell about the idea but told him she’d have to think on it. Give her a day or two she told him. Despite that he was so excited that he never asked her what her desires and dreams were. He’d find out later on.

A month later, they were getting a four day weekend at work. It was a great opportunity. He was packed, she was too, and they headed out the night before their four day weekend began. They drove four plus hours to it. It was all ready to be lived in. She loved it. He was happy. Life was grand that weekend. He shrouded her with hugs and kisses and he embraced her in every way he could.

She loved the attention he was giving her and could not wait until “that time and that moment came” where she’d lose her virginity.

“Jeff” she told him “it looks like its pretty dark out. Can we get out some blankets and set up the tent so we can lie down outside near some trees and snuggle?”

He turned and looked at her. She appeared so angelic all of a sudden. He smiled right at her and said yes as he walked up and put his arms around her. He held her close and felt her body. It felt soooo adorable that it made him lean in and kiss her on the lips. She kissed him back. Tongues leaked out and as the two kissed, clouds slowly began moving in outside. Still they went and put up a tent nonetheless.

Just outside the tent, they snuggled in the large sleeping bag he brought. She felt special. He held her warmly and affectionately as his arms, wrapped around her, held her closer then she’d ever been held before.

He could practically feel her bosoms, although they were tiny and such, but to Jeff it did not matter at all. He was soon falling in love and falling in love head over heels for her. Andrea felt the same exact way and as they looked towards the sky they noticed the clouds and increasing winds. Before too much longer rain was falling on them and these two were drenched in pouring rain.

To hell with the tent he thought and so they ran inside and dried off, although that didn’t help much. The two were soaked to the bone. He decided he was taking a shower. She knew what she wanted. All she wanted, at this point, was his body, his flesh and bone, and she was going to get it one way or another she told herself.

He was in the shower, alone, as she stood waiting for him to finish up. Then it dawned on her. What the heck am I doing? She hesitated but started to pull it off. She took off her top. She undid her pajama bottoms next. There she was, just outside the bathroom, and in her bra and panties. She walked in as he showered. She turned and looked at her image in the mirror and grew anxious and more nervous then she’d ever felt in her life.

She bumped something as he stood in the hot water. “Andrea is that you?” he asked. She hesitated but said yes. “Oh uh I’ll be done in a second.”

“No, that’s okay” she said and decided to do it.

She pulled it back so he could see her. She smiled at him as his eyes immediately floated down over her while she stood almost naked in her bra and panties. She looked at his body too. There he was, completely naked, and she instantly looked down at his cock. She froze in that position. She had never seen a guys cock before in her lifetime. He watched her watch him. He’d been with a couple women before and seeing as he did, he knew what to do. He turned and faced her so she could see it a lot better.

“Wow” she said “yours is really kind of big” which it was.

He looked down and then he looked back at her. He looked again at his cock and back at her. “You want to touch it?”

She swallowed hard. She couldn’t believe he asked her. Her eyes, upon hearing him ask, grew large. She grew excitable as ever as she stared tough throughout the ordeal.

“Andrea, do you want to feel my penis?”

He reached out and took her hand in his. She held strong where she stood. She didn’t know how she felt but she knew she wanted it. She just didn’t know how to approach it.

“It’s alright” he told her. “I don’t mind.”

He pulled her hand in. It was tough as she seemed to resist him some but he pulled on it some more. She skimmed it a little. He pulled at her hand some more and she skimmed it again. He pulled her in and told her to step inside. He told her she’d love it.

Slowly, she stepped into the tub as she stared at his cock. He held her hand as she did. She was nervous but he wasn’t. He couldn’t wait. She touched it again. And she touched it some more.

“Hold it with your hand” he told her.

She looked up at him as he let go of her hand. He told her, again, to go ahead, and feel his cock. He smiled as he said it and nodded. Slowly with great hesitancy, she reached in, and once there she timidly felt the flesh enveloping her cock.

“Ohhhhhhh wow” she said unaware of how she’d feel once she put her hand on it. She held it without doing anything else but as she held it she felt more comfortable about it. “That feels nice, Jeff” she said eventually as she cracked a smile.

“It arouses a guy when that happens. I mean when a girl does that. I think it does at least.” She pressed down on it and he closed his eyes and smiled, which she happened to see him do. “Will you do something else?” he said. She asked what. “Stroke it for me?”

She watched his face as she slowly, and casually stroked it. Before too long she heard and saw him moaning, cheerfully as she stroked, and then saw it become hard.

“Ohhhhhh wow you have no idea how this feels” he said as his head gradually fell back. “It really feels awesome Andrea.”

She smiled but kept on doing it slowly. She noticed how it stiffened. That turned her on as it stayed in her cupped hand while she stroked his cock. However, she wasn’t even paying attention to her bra and panties. They were soaked. She never took them off and seeing as she didn’t he pulled her close and did it for her.

That’s when she realized he could see her totally naked. She stopped everything. She looked up at him. She felt weird knowing he was seeing her, for the very first time in her life, naked, and although she still was cupping his cock she did not do anything at all.

“Uhhh do you like my boobs?” she said, timidly.

He looked into her eyes, after looking at her boobs, which were small of course, and once he did he nodded his head and told the innocent and adorable younger woman she was prettier then she ever could imagine. Andrea smiled and even blushed and leaned into him and she kissed him on his cheek.

“I want to lie down somewhere. Let’s go and watch it rain out by the windows” she said.

So with that said he shut off the water and in towels he led her to the windows and they laid down next to one another. He was naked. She was naked. He was looking at her body and she was looking at his. Neither paid attention to the rain. Both wanted one another. That was all either wanted at this point.

“May I make love with you?” he asked, quietly.

She looked at him. She stared into his eyes. Finally, she smiled and nodded her head. Then she said “Yes, I’d love that Jeffrey.”

With that, he pulled her against him. He played with her boobs. He kissed them and kissed her on her lips as well. Oh the kissing to her was fabulous she thought as his hands and fingers did things she never thought possible.

And when she felt his finger inside her thighs and up between her pussy as well, she felt filled with a voltage and electricity which she had never felt filled with before.

“Oh my god” she cried out. “Oh my fucking yes oh yes ohhhhhh fucking yes. Don’t stop. Please keep doing that, please?” Her eyes were closed. Her body was in turmoil. Her breasts were filled with joy as they bulged and seemed to grow immensely. Her back rose off the bed as he fingered her pussy and filled it with them.

She moaned and cried out while he finger fucked her and she took hold of him and wanted more and more. He was already hard. He was ready to fuck her too. But he didn’t and she didn’t care. She was with him and she was enjoying his presence that night and she knew they’d be together all weekend so there was a lot more to come.

She came and he didn’t. All she did was lay there and look into his face as she smiled.

“I love you and want you to know that Jeffrey. I don’t care how you feel but after what you did with me I want you and could do that forever.”

She leaned in and the two took hold of one another. They kissed quietly but passionately for a long, long while afterward.

“I love you too” he told her.

Once they stopped kissing, after he told her he loved her she started to feel his chest and then moved to his stomach. Once she was satisfied with that she moved down to his limp cock so she could play with it for a while and hopefully get it hard again.

She did.

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