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New Love

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Some family secrets turn out to be good!

I couldn’t believe it.   I lay in bed smelling her hair, her head resting on my chest, her arm draped across my middle and her naked thigh warming my groin.     How did I deserve this?   I’m not the most handsome, charming or richest man on earth, yet here I was in a veritable palace with the most beautiful woman as my lover.   Lying in bed with her, dawn’s pre-light making the curtains glow, I thought back over the past few months as she slept gently in my embrace.


Now I know what you’re thinking….sure this guy has fallen in love and thinks his new girlfriend is “all that.”   True enough, but I’m old enough to know the difference between a pretty girl and a beautiful woman.   Do you know the difference?    A pretty girl will turn young men’s heads as she walks by.   A pretty woman will also turn grown men’s heads, but beautiful women will make other women turn as she passes by.  


That was Beth.   When we entered a room, the atmosphere changed.   Conversation became a bit hushed, people changed position for a better view and I became an object of envy just by having her on my arm.    She didn’t notice.   Beauty had always been a part of her life.   Her girlish good looks had blossomed in adulthood and now in her 30s she was not only stunning to look at, but also confident, intelligent and charming.   A face like an angel- perfect nose, ruby lips and emerald eyes…if not for the first signs of crows feet, she could easily have passed for twenty.   I basked in her glow.   For the first time in my life, I was the guy that made the other men think, ”what   has he got?!”    It also made me cautious- why would a woman so desirable be with me?   “I just never met the right guy,” she’d said when I asked how she could still be single.   There had to be something wrong with her- some dark secret that she was hiding, but I couldn’t find anything wrong…in fact everything felt right as we spent more time together.


We’d been dating for about 2 months.   Two glorious, passionate, unbelievable months full of new emotions as we explored each other’s bodies and drown ourselves in each other.   Every moment apart from her was torture-   I’m sure my work suffered from the Emails and phone calls that we exchanged, but I didn’t care.   The only good thing about my job was that daily time apart fanned the flame of my passion for our evening rendezvous.   We’d fall upon each other like wildcats- stripping as we kissed, unable to perform any mundane tasks (like making dinner) until after our bodies had merged.    After the dishes were washed, we’d have time to make love- this initial contact was a desperate fuck, often on the floor of her entryway.   No words needed to be spoken- our bodies communicating mutual lust.


One evening, while we were in my kitchen chopping vegetables for a salad, Barb asked if I’d like to go away for the weekend.   “With you?” I teased.   “Yes with me,” she said   smiling as she tossed a cucumber peel in my direction.   “I have a family thing I have to do and I’d like you to meet my parents.”    I didn’t really know much about her family.   I had seen pictures and could tell that they had a comfortable lifestyle.   I also knew that she grew up in a well to do suburb outside of New York City .     “I didn’t know our relationship had become this serious.” I pretended to be shocked.   “Don’t be a jerk,” she said. “I always go to these things alone…” she reached over and grabbed my crotch still tingling from our earlier encounter,   “It would mean a lot to me” she said stroking me.   I melted, looking down into her eyes and soon our dinner plans were abandoned.


All I needed to do was pack a bag, Beth took care of everything else.   Friday night we caught a commuter flight into Newark , collected our bags and hailed a cab.   “Can you take us to midtown Manhattan ?” Beth asked the driver.   “No problem,” he said as he helped us load our bags into the trunk.   We climbed in the back as the taxi left the airport and headed toward the Lincoln Tunnel.   Contentedly holding hands in the backseat we enjoyed views of the skyline.   New York may have Manhattan , but New Jersey has the view!   “Where to?” the cabbie asked as we emerged on 34 th street .   “ Central Park …The Ritz” Beth replied.   I gave her a questioning glance.   “My family likes nice places,” she said dismissively.  


A bellman met the cab and was loading our bags onto a cart when a well dressed manager came over to greet us.   “Welcome back Miss Harrison” he said with a genuine smile.   “Your parents are in their usual suite and I’ve put you and your guest next door.”   He handed the bellman a key as we were escorted into the exquisite lobby.     Heads turned.   Even rumpled from our flight and cab ride, she looked terrific.   We walked to a waiting elevator and were whisked to our room.   I was speech-less as we entered the opulent suite.   The oversized windows in the sitting room looked out over Central Park which stretched north from our feet.   She seemed completely at ease, but I wasn’t used to such luxury and I was nervous about being with her.   Alone in a hotel room larger then my house I asked, “Beth- is there something you’d like to tell me before I meet your family?”  


In full view of eight million people, she turned in my arms and gave me a long slow kiss.   “I love you” she said.    “I mean is there something you haven’t told me….about your family….about this,” I said gesturing to our surroundings. “Would you like me more if my family was poor?” she asked.   “No, but your parents may care that I am,” I said defensively.   She held my face in her hands, forcing me to look in her eyes.   “My family wants me to be happy.   You make me happy….I’ve told them about us and they want to meet you…it doesn’t matter how much your worth!”   “But…” her finger on my lips stopped the rest of my sentence.   “My Great Grandfather made a massive fortune. He used his money to create a trust fund that buys land for city parks.   Every year the Harrison Trust pays for a family meeting to disperse the money and we get to pretend we’re still super wealthy.    My parents do OK, but not like the old days.” she said.   My anxiety somewhat lessened- she said in a sultry voice,”Thank you for being my date… let me show you how the Onetime Fabulously Rich show their appreciation.”


Her hands slipped from my cheeks and started to unbutton my shirt.   Each bit of exposed skin was met by her moist lips as she worked her way to my waist and unbuckled my belt. I was already hard, aroused by her touch.   I couldn’t believe that this exquisite woman was seducing me in a luxury suite at the Ritz-Carlton. Her emerald eyes were even more beautiful looking up at me as my cock filled her mouth, bulging her cheek.   As her tongue circled the tip of my tool, I forgot where I was- the world began and ended where her lips encircled my throbbing manhood.   Her mouth worshipped my cock as her hands squeezed my ass and pushing me deeper into her throat.   I was hypnotized by the sensation of my shaft sliding ever deeper until her stifled cough returned me to my senses.   I reached down for her, sorry that my over enthusiasm caused her to gag.   She rose from her knees to meet my kiss.   Her lips were hot and puffy-saliva had dripped down her chin.   Our tongues explored each others mouths, lips slipping in the wetness and my hands roamed over her clothes seeking access to her flesh.


Taking a breath, she pushed me in the direction of the bedroom.   I nearly fell over, forgetting that my pants were still around my ankles.   She giggled as she helped to steady me and we removed my clothes.   She led me to the bed and indicated that I should sit.   She backed away from me and started to strip.   Her body was elegant!   Tall and slim, she had cascades of curly auburn hair and skin like cream.   First she removed her blouse, starting with the bottom buttons.   Swaying from side to side she teased me as more supple flesh was exposed to my sight.     Her breasts were round and high, the pink nipples easy to see against her pale flesh.   The sight of her wearing only jeans and shoes made me reach for my cock and give it a squeeze.   She flashed a dirty smile as she turned around and bent over, leaning on an overstuffed chair to remove her shoes.   I enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle, but it was her ass in tight jeans that fueled my passion.


Her ass was one of her best qualities.   Impossibly long, toned legs ended at flared hips.   The hips of a woman- not at all boyish like a girl in her twenties, but hips with some flesh attached that promised a comfortable ride.    I stroked my cock in anticipation as she stood up, turned and started walking towards me.   She un-button her jeans and unzipped the fly- I could see a bit of lace.    Stopping out of arms reach, she wriggled off her jeans and panties.   She took one stepped closer to me her breasts level with my face.   I buried my head in her bosom and inhaled deeply.   The smell of her skin made me want her even more.  


She pushed forward and we both fell onto the soft bed.   Ever so slowly she crawled up the length of my body….I could feel her humid pussy sweeping across my torso as she moved.   I kissed every inch that passed my lips eager to taste her.   At last her cunt was poised over my hungry mouth.   I looked up, past her breasts, into her eyes as she lowered swollen labia within reach of my lips.   Her smell filled me and we both groaned with pleasure as my tongue split her lips apart.   My nose was buried in her pubic hair as she ground her hips into my face.   Gentle circles of movement increased in speed as she closed her eyes and focused on the probing, sucking and licking that I enthusiastically provided.   She tangled her hands in my hair, pulling my head tighter against her pelvis. It was hard to breath in the frenzy of her lust, but the panic of suffocation heightened my senses and pleasure.


Before she climaxed, and I passed out, her sweet cunt was pulled away from me.   She turned and settled down next to me on the bed.   Her legs were spread by my head. Her hands were reaching for my cock- ready to resume the blowjob she’d started in the sitting room.   At first we ate each other side to side, but as our lust grew to a fever pitch, I pushed her onto her back.   I had both of my hands on her ass, holding it tight so her delicious pussy couldn’t get away from me.   My face was buried between her thighs now sloppy with her juice and my spit.   My cock was pumping her mouth- harder and faster.   No longer a gentle blowjob- I was fucking her skull with an animal desperation.   Her nails raked my ass and my balls slamming into her nose.   Her body tensed below me, her hips tilted and my mouth welcomed a wave of hot juice as she came.   No longer able to hold back I rammed down, releasing my seed into her mouth with a cry.   I could feel her throat contracting around my shaft as she greedily swallowed.   We rolled together- she was now on top cleaning my cock with her tongue.   I was catching my breath- my heart thundering in my chest- enjoying the smells our sex added to the atmosphere as I drifted into oblivion.


I don’t remember getting under the covers…she’d tease me in the morning about falling asleep after sex.   I could tell by the way her unconscious body wrapped around mine in that big, luxurious bed that it didn’t matter.    It didn’t matter that I sometimes felt unworthy of her.   It didn’t matter that her family enjoyed a fortune I couldn’t imagine.   I could get used to this lifestyle, I thought as dawn brightened and the city awoke.

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