Newly-bedded Bliss: Part II

By iknowcence

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Honeymooning from Kat's point of view.
I know I love Chris. It’s why I married him, after all. What I had no idea about was how amazing sex with him would be.

Chris is a Sergeant in the U.S. Cavalry and a mechanic. The things his hands can do have made me into a true believer. As a girl from a conservative family, I never really knew much about sex. My parents slept in separate beds, in separate rooms. That was how I thought it was supposed to be; but let me tell you something, sex with Chris blows my mind.

My first time with him was on our honeymoon when he took me in the shower. I was scared but I couldn’t get enough. That wasn’t the best though. The best part of sex with my hubby is that I learn so many new things!

That night, the night that I first lost my virginity to my husband, I learned the joy of pleasuring my husband and, or course, being pleasured in turn.

We came out of the shower and I was so embarrassed! I desperately wanted to do it again but had no idea how to ask for it. The words actually kind of slipped out and I felt my cheeks turn three different shades of red until he pulled his towel from his torso and promised me the night of my life. And boy was it ever!

Chris is my cowboy dream. He is tall and broad-chested, making me feel like this petite little woman that I always fantasized being but never quite was. He dwarfs me by at least a head and a half and his warm, strong arms make me feel like he could throw me over his shoulder (which he has, but THAT is a story for another time).

After blurting my wish out to him that night, he pulled me over to him and kissed me gently, igniting our fire yet again.

“I always knew you’d be a passionate lover, Kat.” He told me, his voice all husky and deep from the testosterone pumping through his blood. I could feel his erection on my soft stomach, even through the towel wrapped around me, and it sent shivers down my arms and back.

He trailed his fingers up my thighs and over my towel-clad breasts to my face where he caressed my cheeks and continued to kiss me gently. I wanted him to go faster but his fingers were holding me in place.

I pushed my body into his and wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his head. His kiss deepened and I tightened my grip in his hair, producing a growl that rumbled through his chest and vibrated my entire body. A warm golden feeling pooled in my lower abdomen at the animal noise and I felt my blood heat.

He trailed kisses along my jaw to my ear and bit my lobe. I whimpered and he let go, coming back to my lips with a vengeance. I could feel power emanating from him and his cock twitched against my stomach. It felt like it had it’s own heartbeat.
I suddenly had a vision of kissing his beautifully engorged cock and couldn’t help but feel the spot between my thighs dampen. I was shocked that the thought had come into my head, but I couldn’t get away from the idea that he would like it.

I slowly slid my hands from his neck and pushed his chest a little. He stopped kissing me and curiously stepped back, holding onto my shoulders. I lifted my arms and wiggled the towel loose with my hips, letting it drop to the floor as his arms reached out to fondle my breasts. I swatted his hand away and he growled, taking a step closer to me to take what he wanted. He stopped when I slowly knelt on the ground in front of him. Looking up at him and then slowly at the monstrous erection in front of my eyes.

I had no idea what to do, so I reached up with one hand to touch it while the other gripped his thigh for support.

There was a drop of pearly creme on the very tip and before I could even think, my tongue darted out to lick it up. He was salty and warm. I heard him inhale loudly and his hands were in my hair before I even finished tasting him.

I once again leaned in, this time with a little guidance from his hands, and kissed the tip of his cock. I twirled my tongue around the head a little. I had seen it once in a porn video that I had accidentally switched to on TV. Just like in the video where the guy moaned out the girls name, Chris moaned out mine.

“Kat, you’re going to kill me.”

I looked up at him and he was staring at me with the widest eyes I had ever seen him wear.

“You don’t like it?” I felt a chill run down my spine as I realized that this may have been going to far.

“No! It feels... amazing!” I warmed up again and smiled as I leaned back in.

The head of his cock slid past my lips and I kept going. It hit the back of my throat and I felt myself gag. His hands kept pushing me and it slid down my throat. I was trying to breath but I felt like I was suffocating and water was coming to my eyes. I could feel my throat muscles contracting and his hiss as he pulled back and began thrusting in and out of my throat. I knew I was pleasuring him, but I could barely breath.

I began to see stars and everything started to go black when he pulled out of my mouth and picked me up.

“You are driving me crazy” he huskily whispered in my ear and I was automatically wide-awake again. My body going into over-time as I felt my pussy begin to drip.

He dropped me onto the bed and I let out a squeal at the sudden rush of the fall. Then he was on me.

His fingers grazed my body. They were calloused and rough. The hands of a hard-working man. And I loved it. I felt them slide down to my drenched vagina and one finger worked its way in. I gasped and he kissed me, inhaling the following moan.

I wanted more. I was practically begging for more as he bit my bottom lip and flicked the thumb of his other hand across my nipple. I arched into his chest and felt my hips moving to meet his hand as he slid another finger in and began moving them in alternating patterns. He was hitting my most sensitive spot and I could feel an orgasm building deep within me. It was coming like a tsunami, the waves were getting bigger and bigger. All of a sudden the water retreated, leaving me begging for more and WHAM! I was being hit by a huge wave of pleasure that carried me away. I could hear myself moaning his name and then he pulled my hips up and flipped me onto my stomach, placing me on my hands and knees in front of him. I felt his erection at the entrance of my tingling pussy and I couldn’t help but beg for more.


He paused and I knew I had made a mistake. “Please what?”

I stopped and looked back at him, his eyes were twinkling at me. I knew what he wanted me to say and I knew I was going to say it. “Please make love to me!”

“Oh, Kat. I’ll make love to you... But not right now. Right now, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to make you cum over and over. I’m going to make you scream my name.”

I was about to shoot back a retort but he began pounding away at my pussy. I loved feeling his invasion of me. I loved the friction that he created on the inside of me and how I couldn’t think straight because every powerful thrust fragmented the thought that had been trying to form. I loved that I could feel him stretching me.

A second orgasm ripped through me, not giving me any warning like the last one had and I felt myself milking him. He shuddered and I knew he was about to cum, too.

Suddenly I felt a smack on my ass.

“Ow!” I screamed and he slapped my ass again.

“Say my name,” he growled. I should have been mad but the tingling that was spreading from my ass to my pussy was sending me over the edge again.

“Chris!” I continued to moan out his name until I shattered and I felt his thrusts lengthen and his sperm shoot up inside of me. We came together and he collapsed on my back, softly kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck. His cock slid out of me and I could feel our juices leaking out, intermingling with each other.

He slowly rolled off of me and moved me until my back was against his firm chest. He put his arm around me and rested it on my abdomen.

“My heart will forever belong to you, Kat. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I replied as I drifted off into sleep, his arms keeping me warm.