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Nicole's Prison

One night can mean so much...
We laid on Nicole's couch all the time. Well, she would lay down and prop her feet or head on my lap. Tonight it was her feet. We would just watch movies and talk, sitting in her single wide, out of shape, white trash trailer. Her couch was comfortable though, and we had nothing better to do, so we'd just hang out on it, going through endless movies, stories, and conversations. Those were good times.

She was a lovely girl. She had long reddish-blond hair thats was slightly curly at the ends. She was very thin and a little pale, but I liked that look on a girl. Her lips were thin, smooth, and always moist. She was somewhat of a bad girl, always getting into trouble and not knowing how to get out of it. Usually I would just let it happen and tell her that she needs to find her own way to stabilize. I don't know, maybe the bad girl thing was what I really liked about her, what really turned me on about her. Or maybe it was the intelligent and gracious girl underneath that facade. I may never really know.

"Jason," She said, "I wish I could be like that girl."

"The addict hustler chick," I replied. "Why? She dies at the end you know. We've seen this before."

"She has complete control of her life and does whatever she wants," Nicole replied, "and she don't give a shit what other people think. I wish I could be like that."

I would of told her that was a twisted way of thinking of things, but she did pull the good out of the movie character. She was bold, and the world was hers, even if it was in her own world. Nicole envied that, being that she was stuck in a small trailer living with her drug addicted mother. I think she really just wanted to be free of her life and have someone else's the more I think of it.

"Well, it's getting late," I advised her, "I should go." I never wanted to leave, but other matters had to be attended to, matters which we will not discuss. She always looked so sad when I had to leave. Maybe because I was her only escape from her dull prison with no air conditioning.

"Don't go," She asked. Her eyes glared at me in sadness. "You can stay here tonight."

"I can't," I replied. "I would love to, but you know I have things to take care of."

"Please," she said in a lower tone, as if tears were swelling in her eyes, "At least just watch one more movie with me. Please?" She pouted. I was sucked in.

"Alright Nicole," I said. "It has to be a short one though, okay?"

"Of course," She smiled and hugged me as she got up of the couch to put another movie in. Her smooth legs seemed to flow perfectly out of her short gym shorts, the ones she sleeps in every night. She was so beautiful.

I sat back down on the couch, and she lay down, propping her feet on my lap. She was very happy that I stayed. I could see it in her face. I loved her so much when she was happy, and even though we were just friends, I wanted to keep her happy forever. My hands sat on her ankles under the blanket she threw over us, and we began to watch the movie.

About halfway through the movie, a very passionate sex scene came on. I honestly don't remember why they had sex in the film. but for some reason it made Nicole and I look over each other in a manner we never have. Almost without control, my hands began to rub up and down her legs softly, going all the way up to her thighs and down to her ankles. She smiled at me as I rubbed her. Her feet slowly started moving on my lap, causing my member to begin growing in my pants. I could tell she noticed, because she blushed a little and turned the light off above her.

Before I realized what I was doing, my hands were sliding up her lose shorts, my fingers tracing her silky bikini underwear at the crotch. She took a deep breath as I leaned closer to her body, my fingers gently and ever so softly starting to feel her warm lips down below. I leaned down to her and kissed her. She took the kiss in delight, our tongues quickly beginning to play in her mouth.

I got on top of her now, he cover over both of us up to my back. I was taller than she was, so I covered more of her. Our bodies pressed together as my hands slid up the sides of her t-shirt, our tongues never stopping their rhythmic dance in her wet mouth. Her kisses tasted so sweet.

My hands slid her shirt just above her breasts. She wore no bra. Her breasts were not very big, but they matched her figure perfectly. I kissed down her neck, making her coo in pleasure as our breathing picked up in anticipation, like virgins closing in on their first time, even though neither of us was one.

I kissed atop her nipples, letting my tongue trace their edges. Her perky nipples tasted like candy to me. She breathed heavier now, her hands sliding down and undoing my belt, then unzipping me, sliding my pants and boxers down to my knees. I quickly followed suit, sliding her shorts and panties down as well. She lifted one of her legs enough so I could take them off of that leg, allowing her to wrap around me, bringing me closer.

Our eyes now locked on each others, panting softly at each other in a beautiful lust that could be comparable to true love, she arched into me as I guided my hard-on into her. She was so wet, and just lose and wet enough for me to tell she was yearning for me to enter her for a while tonight.

She gasped as I got deep into her, thrusting slowly in, deeper, but never faster, and pulling back almost all the way out, always taking long, deep, slow strokes. I wanted this moment to last for a long time, and the look on her face as she bit her lip told me she wanted the same.

Her legs wrapped around me as we began to sweat. Her house was very hot, and it was in the middle of a summer night, so even little efforts made sweat pour from our bodies. We were enjoying our attraction, our bond, and nothing, even the sweating, could break it right now.

The tips of our tongues met as she began to move with my thrusts, pulling me in deeper as her legs squeezed me. Her arms wrapped around me, holding me close.

"Never let me go," Nicole whispered in my ear, "You keep me together."

"I promise," I whispered back, "I will always be here to hold you close."

As I spoke this in her ear, she groaned out, but quickly muffled her sounds as to not wake her mother. Her face showed the intense orgasm she was having at this very moment, and it made me want to fill her with my impending orgasm as well.

"I want to cum inside of you, Nicole," I whispered to her as I looked into her hungry eyes. "Let me fill you."

"I want you're cum deep inside me," she eagerly responded in a velvet whisper. "I want to feel it deep in me."

As her orgasm came to a close, mine began. Squirting my lovely load deep into her, I thrusts myself as deep as I could in her. She held me as tight and as close as she possibly could with her arms and legs, groaning once again as I filled her. She shuddered, and an instant orgasm was apparent on her face once again. This was the best feeling either of us ever had.

After that, she convinced me to stay the whole night with her on that couch. I did, cuddling her close to me, never letting go.

The next night I had to go out of town, and I didn't get to talk to her. When I got back the next night, as the sun was going down, I called her to see if I could come over to her place again. Her mother answered the phone.

"Jason," she said, sounding like she had been crying, "Nicole was killed in a car accident last night. She was trying to call you before she left to go party. Why didn't you answer her call?" Her voice went from sad to utterly angry, and her anger was towards me.

"I didn't have my phone on me," I replied. "I forgot to bring it. I'm so sorry.." My eyes filled with tears as I held back the urge to burst out and fall to the floor. Her mother hung up on me, and that was the last I ever heard from her.

Since I called from a home phone, I rushed to my cell phone to see when she called. She called me around five times that night before she died, and sent me one text. I will never delete it.

"I love you. You are my escape from my hell. Thank you for all you've done for me, emotionally and otherwise. I only feel alive when I am around you. I'm sorry if I don't make it home tonight. I will miss you."

As I found out later on, she was fighting with her mother and was trying to call me to come get her. I didn't have my phone. She called someone she used to party a lot with, and they were bad news, but it was the only other person she could think of I assume. Before the accident, they were all drinking and partying, and then decided to go on a drive. That was the end.

There were four people in the car, and she was the only one to even be injured, let alone lose her life. Not too long after the accident, one of the people in the car with her ran into me, and had a horridly sad look on her face. I never met this girl, but she knew me.

"Jason?" She seemed scared to speak to me.

"Yes?" I replied.

"I," she teared up as she spoke to me, "I was there with Nicole when she died. Before she died, all she kept saying was, 'I love you Jason. Don't let me go.' I just thought you should know that."

I instantly began to tear up as the girl gave me a hug. I didn't know what to do from there. The girl left from my vision, and I just walked, those words resonating in my head over and over.

Nicole, my dearest, I will never let you go. I love you, and I miss you.

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