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Night Before the Wedding Night

Jack and Victoria can't spend one night without each other.
Jack stared at her across the table, thinking how beautiful she was. The way she ran her fingers through her brown, wavy hair to keep it out of her face. The little golden flecks in her brown eyes when she looked at him could hypnotize him and he would do anything for her at a drop of a hat. He worshipped her body also. She was short but she had the curves of a woman. Sexy was an understatement. She knew the control she had over him, but she was too sweet to use it against him, besides she adored him too. She loved the way he held her in the dark of the night. She always felt safe with him and she craved his love emotionally and physically.

He was everything to Victoria. When he bent down on one knee to propose marriage, they both cried when she said yes. He was everything she could ever want—gentle, kind, a good listener, a real gentleman. She was attracted to him in every way. Jack was tall, thin but muscular, strong and athletic. She loved watching him play basketball with the guys, work on the yard, build things. He was the definition of manhood to her.

Tomorrow was their wedding day and they were at the rehearsal dinner with family and friends. She noticed him staring at her across the table and had this complete feeling of joy and happiness as tomorrow they would make their vows to each other. Their eyes met and the electricity began for the evening to come.

The plan was that Victoria would spend the night at her parent’s house and Jack would hang out with his brother, Jeff, who came from out of town. After the dinner, everyone visited for awhile and one by one headed home. Jack and Victoria had a moment alone before she headed back to her parents house. They hugged and kissed and Jack said that he didn’t want to sleep without her that night. She wanted to go home with him also, but it is tradition not to see the bride until she is walking down the aisle, right? They said their goodnights and went their separate ways.

Victoria was sitting with her mom in the kitchen, when her cell phone beeped; alerting her there was a text message. It was Jack saying that his brother left to meet up with an old girlfriend and he was alone and wanted her there. His name for her was baby doll and when he called her that she would do anything. He wanted his baby doll that night and she responded to him saying she would be there as soon as possible.

She told her mom that she had forgotten something at the house and needed to go get it. As she walked out the door her mom smiled and said “I will see you in the morning…..early Victoria!” She was glad her mom understood.

Victoria pulled into the driveway and walked in to the house. She called for Jack and no answer. She headed down the dark hallway to the bedroom and opened the door. There were candles glowing, flowers on the nightstand, and Jack was pouring two glasses of her favorite red wine. Jack made a toast, “to the most beautiful woman in the world who will be my wife tomorrow.” She smiled and looked at him in the eyes and made her own toast. ”To you my precious love, I will love you always and forever!” They sipped the wine and he took the glasses and put them on the dresser. He came back and held her in his arms so close. He leaned down and kissed her delicious lips gently. Their slow kissing seemed like forever, and then it became more passionate. The heat between them was intense. He let go of her lips because he wanted to make love to her slow and sensually. Their love making usually turned into wild fucking. They rarely took things slowly because of the animalistic passion they had for each other.

When Jack stopped kissing her, she just stared up and him and he reached behind her back and unzipped her white tube dress. She watched him pulled the dress down passed her hips and let it fall. He got down on his knees and hugged her around the legs. His nose in her crotch, as he reached up her leg and rubbed her wetness through her white lace panty. She was overcome with her own passion for him that she could barely stand. He pulled the straps down the back of her shoes and threw them to the side. She moaned quietly as his finger moved inside of her panties and played with her clit. He felt her puffy, wet center and he wanted her taste so bad.

He picked her up and laid her in the center of the bed. She reached back behind her and unhooked her half bra. Her breasts sprang out as he undressed himself. His cock was full and hard and he wanted her right now but he knew he wanted to taste her pussy first. He lay down next to her and kissed her lips, then her cheeks, down to her breasts, softly taking each one in his mouth and licking and sucking ever so gently. Her warm pussy juices now flowing, he moves down in between her legs and she spreads them for him. His hands on her thighs push back and he licks her juices and he starts moaning his hot breath on her. He sucks in her thick nectar. Her hand on his head, grabbing his hair, she pulls him in closer. His tongue finds her swollen nub and he plays with it slowly. His teasing and playing sends her into orgasmic oblivion. Her moans ease but her breathing is still heavy.

Jack turns her over onto her stomach. He presses his body to hers and his weight is a turn on to her. She feels his cock laying flat on the crack of her ass. He whispers in her ear “I love you”. He moves her hair and kisses her neck. Her arms and above her head and he massages them. He wants to touch every part of her body. He moves his hands down her arms, to her back, slowly down to her hips, down to her ass. At this point, his body needs her now. He spreads her thighs with his knees and raises her hips and slides his cock to the entrance of her pussy. He pushes in slowly, she moans into the pillow sending him into ecstasy. Her hands squeezing the pillow as he presses deep into her warm, inviting pussy.

He moves in and pulls out all the way every time. Victoria holds her hips up for him and he moves with a steady rhythm, not pounding hard but pressing deep every time. The sounds their love making is such a turn on. Her climax builds and she come again, this time on his hot, pulsing cock.

She says “lay down baby” and he falls next to her. She keeps eye contact with Jack as she moves her body down on him. She loves giving Jack head and watching him lose all control with her. She loves sucking him because she loves him. While she rubs him down with her hand, she licks the tip, touching her lips to him. She circles him with her tongue, tasting her juices on him. She knows he needs her because he pushes up and enters her mouth. Their eyes meet and she goes down on him. She fills her mouth with his wet cock. Her saliva, remnants of her cum, and his pre-cum she tastes and sucks up. He watches her mouth over flow with wetness. She lets Jack’s cock slip from her mouth so she can take a breath.

Jack wants to be inside of Victoria now. He moves her down on her back and he moves above her. She guides his cock, but he can’t wait and pushes to her pussy. She takes all of him inside, his elbows above her shoulders and hands on her face. They look at each other with pure love and pure pleasure. He can no longer hold on. His ass tightens and his face contorts as he fires his shot into her. He pulses into her every drop and then relaxes onto her. Her legs hug is legs and both are exhausted. He pulls out of her, juices dripping to the sheet. They exchange I love you and wonder if they can wait until the wedding night to have each other again.

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