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Night of the Storm

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I am laying out on a beach chair on our patio only in boxers and t-shirt. There is a coolness in the air as a storm is coming in.

I hear you pull into the driveway and walk into the house. You come to the back of the door and open it and say you're home and see what I am doing. You get a quick grin on your face and step back inside. I close my eyes and hear you come back out.

I open my eyes to see you standing in front of me wearing a sexy pair of black bra and panties. I reach up for you, and you climb over the chair, your legs spreading it over my legs. You bring your mouth to my lips and we kiss at the sound of the first bang of thunder. Our tongues dance together as your hand runs up and down my chest. My hands reach your face and I cup your cheeks.

I pull you tighter to me and you pull my shirt off and lean down to kiss my neck. I reach around you and open your clasp that hold you from me. It falls free and I move my mouth to your strap and pull it down with my teeth.

I feel you bite me and suckle my neck as the first drops of rain hit us. Your body shivers with the touch of the rain as I pull you close and slide my mouth to your breast. I take your nipple into my mouth and bite it and suckle you. I press your breast sucking and sucking.

I move from one breast and move to the other one, biting your other nipple and suckle you harder as my hips thrust into you. The rain is falling faster as we move together. I move my hands to the waistband of your panties and pull them down. You reach down to open my boxers and pull me free. Your hand strokes up and down my cock.

The rain is covering our bodies. You move my cock to your pussy and slide down on it, taking it all the way inside you. I move my hips to meet your down movement and drive deeper into you.

I break away from your breast and move to you lips. I kiss you hard and deep our tongues dance once again. We move together thrusting and thrusting. Your lips find my neck and you bite me.I drive harder and harder inside you pounding you deeper and deeper.

The thunder is booming as we move with the sound. Pushing and pushing our hips grinding together, the chair moving under us. I look into your eyes and you moan for me to explode inside you as you cum. We thrust three more times and we explode deep together, you moan out as you flood our bodies.

As I cum inside you, a loud thunder crashes over us as we scream out in pleasure. You fall on me pushing me into the chair.

We sit together our hands running over each other feeling the water on each other. You lean into my ear and say, "I need to go to bed now." I move my head and smile and pick you up and carry you to the house to the room never parting from your folds.

We enter the room and I lay you down. Kissing you, I look into your eyes and hold still letting the water pool under us, waiting for the right moment. I move my body inside you slowly pushing deep deep into you. Slowly moving inside you, pushing farther and farther into your folds- our bodies thrusting together.

We push back and forth harder and harder pounding faster and faster. Our bodies moving together. I lean over you and kiss your lips dancing with your tongue, your nails dig deep into my shoulders as you explode between us.

Your juices coating my cock, I move faster and faster. I scream "I love you!" as I flood your body with my seed. We thrust together mixing our juices as I fall next to you pulling you into my arms both of us gasping for air. I kiss your forehead and pull you to me as you sigh in bliss. We drift off to a sleep of love and fulfillment.

The storm pass over us and sun breaks thru in the morning. It kisses your cheek, warming you. I roll over and kiss your neck and trace your body with my hand. As you moan at my touch, you look back at me, kiss me and say,

 "Good morning, love."

I tell you today is your day we will spend the day doing what ever you want. You get a little smile and say you want to go to the beach for some fun.

So we get up and dress and head to beach for some more fun. My mind is already running with ideas of how I am going to have you at the beach.

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