Oh, Mr. Patterson, Part II

By AvaMarie

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Jenna Marks has her eyes set on the prize. Now it's time to claim it.
Continuation of 'Oh, Mr. Patterson'...

Once she was out of sight, Mr. Patterson turned to me. His face was flushed pink with embarrassment. We both giggled quietly and ran upstairs.

Mr. Patterson led me into his bedroom. I carefully closed to door behind me, I didn't want to wake up Louisa. Mr. Patterson grabbed me by the waist and held me against the door. He began kissing me on my neck.

"Mr. Patterson, I want you so badly," I whispered into his ear.

"I want you too, Jenna," he said, quickly undressing himself.

I too took off my clothes, and once I was naked, Mr. Patterson picked me up. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and we kissed. He carried me over to the bed and slumped me down on it.

I gazed at Mr. Patterson's well built body as he hovered over me. He was so sexy, and he was all mine tonight. He brought his head to my chest and began kissing my breasts.

He squeezed my hard nipples between his finger and thumb. I let out a little cry and bit onto my bottom lip. He began massaging my breasts, it felt so good. He was really turning me on, I could feel the juices dripping out of my wet pussy and down my leg.

He stopped caressing my breasts and looked down at my pussy. He had a large grin on his mouth. He pushed open my legs and put his head between them. I shivered as I felt his warm breath against my labia. I tensed up a little, he could tell I was slightly nervous, so he put one arm on my leg and rubbed it to reassure me.

He then slowly began running his fingers up and down my slit, and I moaned a little.

"Fuck, Jenna, you're so wet..." he said.

I suddenly felt his warm tongue brush against my pussy. I gasped as he began to lick me out. I held onto his soft hair as his tongue danced around my pussy. I clenched on tighter and tighter as he got closer to my clit.

"No not there, Mr. Pa-"I was cut off by my own ' mmm' s and ' ahh' s.

He was really going for it, almost in a dog-like manner. But I didn't care. Mr. Patterson was eating me out.

He then began flicking at my clit with his tongue as he gently slid his index and middle finger inside me. My pussy lips immediately tightened around him. My breathing grew heavier and I gripped onto the bed sheet. Besides the sound of my panting, and the odd murmurs from Mr. Patterson, you could hear the sloppy sound of his fingers ramming into my pussy at a fast pace for quite a while.

I quickly sat up when I felt his fingers exit from inside me. I stared at him, I didn't want him to stop. I opened my mouth to ask him why he had stopped, but he quickly took this opportunity and stuck his fingers inside my mouth. I could taste my own pussy juice. It wasn't what I expected it to taste like. It was salty, yet with a sweet after taste.

Mr. Patterson looked me deeply in the eye. I took him by the neck and pulled him down beside me. I then got up and straddled him. I stared down at his cock. It was rock hard again, this time with a tiny bit of pre cum dripping out of it.

I bent my head down towards his cock until I was face to face with it again. I began sucking on the tip of his cock. As I was doing so, I looked up at him. He had his eyes close and his head tilted back. I continued to suck on him, and slowly began rubbing his shaft. With every long stroke, I could feel the large veins in his cock pulsating.

I stroked his cock faster and faster as I was still sucking on the head of his cock.

"Jenna, stop," he groaned. "You'll make me cum..."

Ignored Mr. Patterson's request, and continued to blow him.

He sat up and put his hands on my head, and move me away from his cock. He then rolled us over so that I was now underneath him. He took hold of his throbbing, glistening cock in one hand and positioned it in front of my pussy.

He began teasing me, by lightly rubbing the tip of his cock against my slit. I started to moan again. He was driving me crazy.

"Just stick it in me already" I demanded.

He did as I commanded and carefully pressed his cock into my tight, wet pussy. I let out a yelp, and he quickly covered my mouth with his free hand.

Still with his hand over my mouth, he continued to push his way into me. I bit into his hand and hissed through my nose. His cock was far too large for my little virgin cunt. But I didn't care, I was going to have Mr. Patterson fuck me.

I could feel his cock nearing my hymen. It was terribly painful. He soon broke through and laid down on me. Tiny streams of tears ran down my cheeks. He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. Mr. Patterson then carried on pushing his cock into me. It hurt, but at the same time felt quite pleasurable. Then, he slowly extracted his cock, and slowly put in back it and let it sit there.

I could feel his cock increase inside me, I could also feel my vagina juices trickling down my leg.

I gazed into his beautiful eyes and whispered, "Fuck me, Mr. Patterson,"

He smirked at me and began to gently thrust his pelvis back and forth. I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his back, as he picked up the pace and went further into me.

The air was hot and sticky. As he fucked me, his body smoothly slid against mine as we were both covered in little droplets of sweat. I grabbed onto his hair as his movements got aggressive.

"Oh, Mr. Patterson!" I yelled.

"Oh, Jenna you dirty little bitch," he growled.

He quickly got off of me and laid beside me. He then lifted up one of my legs and put it behind his neck. Mr. Patterson then inserted his cock inside my pussy again.

I grabbed onto the sheets as he pounded my pussy. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass cheeks grew louder as he picked up speed. He then tightly wrapped one arm around my neck.

"Who's... your... daddy," he said between each thrust.

"Y-You're my daddy Mr. Patterson" I screamed.

He tightened his grip around my neck, causing me to choke a little.

"Oh I've waited a very long time for this," he growled.

He took out his cock and grabbed me by the waist, flipping me on to my front. I stuck my ass up in the air as high as I could and wiggled it about. Mr. Patterson firmly grabbed onto it and spanked me. I flinched as the force of his hand smacking against my soft buttocks sent shock waves around my body.

He then entered his cock into my pussy and began drilling me from behind. I muffled screams into the bed sheets. I could faintly hear him moaning and grunting. This truly did feel amazing...

A while later, and I was now on top of him, sitting on his cock.

I slowly rocked back and forth on his cock. He had his eyes closed again. I too closed my eyes and thought about everything. I had finally got my way with Mr. Patterson and we were now making love on his bed, with my best friend next door oblivious to it all. I felt rather naughty.

I pressed my hands down onto his chest and began moving my hips up and down. My tits bounced around as I did so. Mr. Patterson grabbed hold of them, and started to squeeze.

"Ah, Mr. Patterson this feels so good!" I cried out.

"I know, Jenna, your so pussy feels so amazing around my cock" he snarled.

I flopped over and laid my body against him, still grinding my pussy on his cock.

He ran his hands down my back, sending chills down my spine, and then held onto my ass. He too began to move his hips, pushing his cock deeper into me, nearing my G spot.

"Holy fuck, you're gonna make me cum," I moaned into his ear.

"Mmm, cum all over my cock Jenna,"

I passionately kissed Mr. Patterson on the lips, and dug my nails into his shoulders.

"Oh, Mr. Patterson, I'm cumming!" I sobbed.

"Me too, Jenna, me too!" he growled.

Seconds later we both cried out in ecstasy as we orgasmed together. I could feel his hot cum squirt out and fill my pussy up.

I sluggishly slid off of him, and laid by his side, still shaking. He pulled me in close and snuggled me up to his chest. I smiled with satisfaction.

"That was amazing, Jenna" he said.

I looked up at him, he was already staring at me.

"I love you, Mr. Patterson..."

"I love you too, Jenna"

To be continued...