Oh, Mr Patterson, Part III

By AvaMarie

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Jenna Marks has her eyes set on the prize. Now it's time to claim it.
Continuation of 'Oh, Mr. Patterson, part II'

The bright glossy rays of sunlight bled through the window shades and onto my face, forcing me to wake up. I groaned and rubbed my eyes to restore my vision. I slowly sat up and looked to my side. Mr. Patterson was there, already staring into my eyes.

"Good morning beautiful," he smirked.

I blushed as he sat up and moved closer to me. Under the covers I could feel his hand smoothly running up and down my leg.

"Yesterday was amazing," he said, as he began to gently kiss my neck. 

I closed my eyes and smiled.

"I-I need to use the shower now, Mr. Patterson..." I murmured.

"How about I join you?" he said.

The warm water trickled down my back, as I stood there naked in the shower with Mr. Patterson. He bent down slightly to kiss me on the lips. His warm tongue whirled around mine. I pressed my body against his, and I could feel his hardened cock against my thigh.

I bent down in the shower and lathered up soap in my hands. I then began to wash his cock. I held firmly onto his shaft as I began to rub his balls. They were so big, they could hardly fit in my petite hand. I gently squeezed onto them and he let out a groan.

I loved hearing him groan, it was so sexy.

I continued to play with his balls in one hand, as my other hand ran up and down his soapy shaft. I could see it twitch now and again as I jerked him off in a fast pace. His breathing grew heavier and I could see his bottom lip quivering in pleasure. He tilted head back and put his hands behind it.

I jerked him off in the shower for sometime, he was ready to blow his load any second now. I brought his cock towards my tits and let him cum all over me. I rubbed his cum all over my boobs and started at him. He had a satisfying look on his face. Mr. Pattern took the shower nozzle and washed the soap and cum off of his cock.

I then stood up and turned to face my back towards him. He grabbed me by the waist and bent over me. I could feel his cock near my ass, which to my surprise was still rock hard.

He yanked hold of my breasts and squeezed on them hard, I hissed through my teeth. As he fondled with my breasts, he rubbed against my body. I was so horny, and my throbbing wet pussy really wanted some cock. I reached my arm around to grab Mr. Patterson's cock. When I finally had it, I pressed it against my pussy. I moved my hips back and forth, making my pussy rub against his penis.

Mr. Patterson knocked my hand out of the way and did it for me. I wanted him inside me so badly, but he wouldn't quit teasing me with his penis. Still sliding his cock against my slit, he took the shower nozzle and put it to my ass. The warm water felt good as it streamed down my ass and near its hole.

Mr. Patterson pressed the head of his cock into my pussy. Just when I thought he was about to shove his cock inside me, he moved it away and placed it in front of my asshole.

"No, Mr. Patterson, what are you doing?" I said.

"Shh, Jenna, it'll be fine..." he said soothingly.

He grabbed onto my ass and spread it open, I blushed with embarrassment. He took his index finger and slowly rubbed it around my asshole. Then, he gently stuck his finger in.

I flinched as this new sensation took over my body. I actually quite liked it. I heard him spit onto his fingers and he began to lubricate my asshole. His smooth fingers wiggled back and forth inside my ass, it felt so good.

Once it was ready, he pressed his head against my asshole. I put my hands against the walls for support. Slowly, he pushed his way into my ass. I let out a huge groan as his large cock went into my small hole.

"Oh, Jenna, you're so fucking tight!" he growled.

He squeezed onto my bum cheeks as he softly began to thrust his cock. It felt so odd, yet excitingly pleasurable. I moaned a little louder as he went further into my ass.

"Mr. Patterson, fuck me harder!" I panted.

He did as I asked, and rammed his cock deeper into my ass, thrusting his hips faster and faster. I grabbed hold of my nipples and began squeezing them.

As he was still fucking me fast, Mr. Patterson ran his hands around my ass, then suddenly spanked it, causing me to arch my back. He then spanked it again, and again. I let out a little cry as he continued to spank me. My ass felt incredibly hot, and each slap from his large hands burnt. He was being very aggressive, but I somewhat enjoyed it. It turned me on a lot.

We fucked for a while longer and I was nearing my orgasm.

"Mr. Patterson you're gonna make me cum!" I groaned.

"I'm going to cum too, Jenna!" he grunted.

He started to fuck me slower, and took large strong strokes with his cock in my ass. It felt so amazing, and I was about to cum all over my legs.

"Mr. Patterson, I'm gonna cum!" I cried.

"Me too, baby, me too..." He growled.

At the same time, we both orgasmed. I could feel my pussy juices trickle down my legs, and Mr. Patterson's spunk fill my little asshole.

For a couple of minutes we just stood there, bent over with Mr. Patterson still inside me. He kissed the back of my neck and played with my wet hair.

Slowly I felt his cock exit my asshole, causing his cum to drip down the back of my thigh. We both stood up and embraced each other.

"You are quite something, Jenna." he smiled.

"So are you, Mr. Patterson." I giggled.

I rested my head on his chest as we stood there under the shower...

I had just gotten dressed in Louisa's bedroom, and was watching her laying on the bed fast asleep. I couldn't deny that a part of my felt terribly guilty then I had been sleeping with her father behind her back, but I also couldn't deny that I loved him and wanted to be with him forever.

As I was about to leave the bedroom, I heard Louisa get up off of the bed. I turned around to see her looking at me.

"You're up early," She laughed.

"Yeah I know, I was so hot that I decided to take a quick shower." I lied.

She walked over to me and held my hand.

"Thank you for spending another night with me, Jen." She smiled.

"It's okay, Lou..." I smiled back.

"It really does mean a lot to me, I feel so lonely at times and you're the only person who's been there for me."

I swallowed hard, and I could feel my palms getting sweaty.

"Thanks for being such a great friend." She said as she stepped closer to me.

"It's really no problem..." I said.

I feel so guilty...

Louisa cupped my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. My eyes widened with shock as I then felt her hands rub my ass.

"I love you, Jenna..." she whispered.

I slowly backed away in shock, and then ran out of the room.

To be continued...