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Oh, Mr. Patterson

Jenna Marks has her eyes set on the prize. Now it's time to claim it.
Love at first sight can be a beautiful thing for some people, when it's the right person that is. Cupid struck me with his arrows and I had fallen head over heels for someone. He was perfect, just my type. His jet black hair, with the odd spots of aging silver was always neatly trimmed and slicked back.

His eyes were a steel blue-gray colour which made me melt each time I gazed into them, and he had the clearest, most smoothest lightly tanned skin. He was incredibly handsome and I was smitten, but there was just one problem... He was my best friend's father.

I first found myself attracted to Mr. Patterson when I was eighteen. Due to his career, he was always away on business trips, leaving his daughter, my best friend Louisa (also my age) alone. So I would often stay at her house to keep her company. One day Mr. Patterson came home early from work while I was alone in his house, Louisa had gone out to get some groceries. I was terribly upset over an argument I had with another friend of mine so he comforted me and gave some advice. He was so sweet and kind hearted. It was ever since then that I fell for him.

My regular visits to the Patterson's soon switched from keeping Louisa company, to spending time with her father. We talked a lot and he was genuinely nice to me every time we spoke. He even once called me his second daughter. I knew he saw me no more than a friend, and that was when I decided to play dirty. Every chance I had with him alone I'd try to seduce him. I'd flirt with him like crazy, talk in a low and seductive tone, and even accidentally "drop" things in front of him, just so I could bend over and give him a nice view of my buttocks. But as a year went on and his career became more demanding, I saw less of him.

I was now a beautiful nineteen year old blonde bombshell. I had dyed my hair a peroxide blonde, which helped contrast with my bright emerald green eyes. I now wore makeup, and was a pretty sight for the guys...

It was the middle of an uncomfortably sweltering hot night, as I was sleeping in Louisa's bed with her next to me. The heat was too hot to withstand, and this caused me to wake up. My t shirt and shorts were stuck to my body and I could feel little beads of sweat dripping down my forehead.

I was incredibly thirsty, so I crept quietly out of Louisa's bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen. I stood by the sink and poured out myself a glass of water. I slowly gulped it down, the cold water slipping down my throat felt satisfyingly good. As I went to pour myself out another drink I heard a loud thud behind me, causing me to jump. I turned around to see Mr. Patterson standing by the doorway with a briefcase by his foot and his arms stretched out.

I walked over to him and we embraced. 

"Jenna, it's so good to see you again. My God, you're growing up fast," he said, still holding me.

"It's good to see you too Mr Patterson," I blushed. We both broke away from our embrace and stared at each other. 

"Where's Louisa?" he asked. "And why are you down here alone so late?"

"She's upstairs fast asleep, and I came down here to fix myself a glass of water".

We stood there by the door, catching up with each other for a while. I stared deeply into his eyes, I still had feelings for him. I was lost in my own world, I no longer heard the words coming out of his mouth. My mind was occupied with naughty imaginations of what we could do together. I was getting aroused, and I could feel a small damp spot in my panties. I couldn't hold in my feelings any longer.

I moved closer to Mr Patterson until I could feel his warm breath on my forehead. 

"Mr Patterson... I have a confession to make," I whispered. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face.


"Yes, Jenna?"

"I think I'm in love with you," I mumbled. He took a few steps away from me, and rubbed his brow.

"Don't be silly, Jenna, go upstairs and get some rest. The heat must be getting to you."

"No!" I said firmly, "I've loved you for as long as I can remember, and I want you..."

I took a few step closer to him, this time pressing my body against him. I could feel his well built chest against my stomach. I peered down to his jeans, I could see a slight bulge pressing out. Was I actually turning him on?

"Look Jenna, you're a lovely girl and I like you but you're my daughter's friend for heaven's sake," he said. 

"Your cock seems to think different" I snapped. He didn't answer, his face turned pink.

I put my hand against his cock. He flinched and grabbed my wrist. 

"No, Jenna..."

I ignored him and began to rub the bulge in his jeans, which gradually got bigger. I got on my knees and unzipped his jeans. He tried to grab my hands but I swatted him away. I pulled his jeans down to his bottom, and did the same with his boxers. His cock sprung up and slapped against his pelvis.

He was massive, I quickly grabbed onto his cock and began stroking it. With my hand around his shaft, I brought my thumb to the head of his penis and began rubbing it in circular motions. He let out a little groan, and I smiled to myself. Still rubbing his large, hard cock I teasingly licked the tip of his cock. He tasted yummy.

Slowly, I put his cock into my mouth and began sucking on it. 

"J-Jenna..." he moaned. 

As I sucked on him, I went deeper and deeper. He firmly held onto my head and gently pushed me until I gagged on his cock. As I continued to blow him, my pussy was getting wetter. I couldn't believe what was going on between me and Mr. Patterson!

I stopped sucking on him and stood up. I stood on my tip toes and kissed him. To my surprise he kissed me back and held me close. He wrapped his warm tongue around mine, and as he kissed me deeply I could feel his firm hands rubbing all over my body. I shuddered a little as he grabbed my ass. Still kissing and touching each other, we walked around to the back of the counter table.

He leaned me against it and continued touching me up. I moaned a little, his hands against my body felt so good. My pussy was soaking wet now, and I wanted him so badly. As he pressed his body against mine, he slowly pulled down my shorts, then my pink panties and began rubbing my clit. I let out a huge moan, and he put his index finger to my lips to silence me.

He kissed my neck, and made his way up to my ear which he then lightly nibbled on. I murmured out 'mmm's and 'ahh's as he did so. He continued to rub my clit, then carefully he stuck two fingers into my tight wet pussy. Mr. Patterson's fingers were actually inside my little cunt. For once it wasn't my fingers pretending to be his, it felt so amazing. I put one arm around his neck and pulled him to my chest. We were at it for sometime, when we stopped as we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We quickly pulled away from each other and stared at the doorway.

Louisa walked in and stopped when she saw us standing there. 

"Dad?" she mumbled half asleep. "When did you get back, and why are you two down here?"

"I came back a while ago, sweetie..." he replied. From behind the counter where Louisa couldn't see, I grabbed onto his cock and began stroking it again. He straightened up, and took in a sharp breath.

"Are you okay, Dad?" Louisa said.

"Yes... I'm fine, honey," he whimpered as he tried to disguise the pleasure. 

Louisa had a suspicious look on her face. She took a few steps towards us as I continued to jack off her father. 

"Louisa!" he blurted out. "Why don't you go back upstairs?. It's late, I think we should all get some rest," 

She paused for a second, didn't respond to him and turned around to head back upstairs.

Once she was out of sight, Mr. Patterson turned to me. His face was flushed pink with embarrassment. We both giggled quietly and ran upstairs...

To be continued...

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