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On The Veranda

I love you

What a day at the lodge. The sun is just rising above the wild scene. Outside birds are chirping and the leaves of the trees rustle in a light breeze. The cobbling water from the stream provides a soft background sound.
You lie on your stomach, naked. I am naked as well. I softly kiss your neck, then your shoulders, and down your back. I nibble your beautiful butt and you turn around and laugh. I move to your side, place one hand under your shoulders and the other under your knees. I lift you and stand up straight, holding you cradled in my arms. You have a surprised look on your face. “Shhh,” is all I say.
I carry you outside, onto the veranda, overlooking Mother Nature in all her glory. While you were sleeping I moved the other mattress outside, and placed it in the shade and covered it with clean sheets and soft pillows. Next to it is a table with a basket full of fruit, a bottle of wine and two glasses.
Again, the look in your eyes has a nice sparkle to it. This is a nice surprise for you. I carry you to the bed and lay you down, your head on a soft pillow. I look down at you and smile. Today, everything is for my sexy lady.
You smile a beaming smile that says it all. I sit on the bed next to you and look over your beautiful body. You mesmerize me. Your beauty, grace, and sensuality have me dumbfounded.

I bend over slowly, looking deep into your eyes, and softly kiss your lips. Our tongues meeting in a slow dance. I kiss your forehead as you close your eyes I kiss each one. I then kiss your cheek, then your earlobe, and trail my kisses down your neck to your throat. I kiss the soft spot at the bottom of your throat as you sigh and you abandon yourself to me and my love.
My kisses trail down your chest, between your breasts, softly below the first one, then the other, followed by light kisses and soft suckles on each nipple. They go hard, stimulated by the sucking, the wetness and the cool air blowing over us. I kiss down to your side and then down your arm. I turn your hand inside up and softly kiss your palm, followed by each finger.

I lightly suck each finger into my mouth, knowing you love that. I repeat this with the other arm and hand. Thereafter I trail my kisses down your stomach and then softly lick your bellybutton.
My kisses move to the side and the top of one thigh, then trail softly down your leg, over your knee and down to your foot. I kiss your foot on the top, kiss each toe, then softly kiss the sole of your foot, the soft part in the center. I suck each toe softly, wanting to experience your entire body with my mouth, wanting to please every little bit of your skin.

I repeat this with your other leg and foot, then kiss my way back up to your thighs. I kiss and lick the soft part where your thigh joins your lower stomach, then inch my way towards your lovely pussy. I kiss and lick all around it. You part your legs further, inviting me to love you there.

I kiss and lick all around your lips. They start to open for me. Softly I lick up and down and all over your lovely pussy. Your clit starts to peak out at me. I lick harder over your lips, parting them, getting to your wetness and the loveliest, most exquisite nectar I have ever tasted.

My tongue explores the hot wetness, delving deep inside of you, licking you as far as possible. Then I slowly lap your clit. When you start to buck your hips into my face I suck your clit between my lips and lick it while holding it there.

You are close to cumming. I continue sucking and licking until you shout and shove your clit into my mouth, cumming for your lover like he wants you to. I let go of your clit, but continue licking your pussy, lapping up all of your lovely juices.
I continue this, softly, slowly, while you come back down to earth. When you regain your breath I lift my face from your beautiful pussy and placing a hand on each hip, I twist your body. You get the message and turn over, now lying on your stomach. I look at this beautiful body before me, in awe of the fact that you share it with me.

As you lie like this I slowly push your legs apart so I can kneel between them. Again I start to kiss your neck, then slowly down your spine, I kiss your entire back to the top of your beautiful ass, down each leg.

I softly kiss and lick the backs of your knees, calves and then back up to your ass. I kiss each one, they are so beautiful. Then softly kiss down the crack, sticking my tongue out and licking all the way down, to the bottom of your pussy.

With my hands, I push open your ass cheeks and I lick back up, over your little brown hole. You gasp as I do this a couple of times, up and down, each time spending a little longer licking your hole, not entirely sure whether you want me to go further or not.

Your body shows no objection and I continue licking you, lapping all around it and in the center. I make it wet with my tongue and now your gasping and lifting your hips. You are not too sure about this, but it feels interesting, it feels good, a different kind of good, and you allow yourself to experience it.
I continue licking your hole while I stick a finger into your pussy, feeling and rubbing your wetness. I lap your ass while I rub the inside of your pussy. You are so wet. I am rock hard for you. Before you cum again I kiss my way slowly up your ass and your back, moving up your body. As my kisses reach your neck, my cock reaches the tops of your thighs, between your legs.

I push my hips down onto you and my cock finds your wet pussy. It finds its home and slowly pushes up inside you. I push further in and it reaches all the way inside your lovely warm wetness. I love the feeling of being inside you. I fit so well, my hardness enveloped by your soft wetness. They are made for each other.
Slowly I pull out (not all the way) and then push back in. You begin to push your hips back into me, wanting me further inside of you. Holding some of my weight onto my arms, I lie on you, pushing further in as I kiss your shoulder, your neck and your ear.

“I love you!” I whisper, pushing deep into you. The birds sing in the trees. The water in the stream gurgles over the rocks. The wild breeze cools our bodies as we make love on the veranda.

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