On Top of a Mountain

By jena121

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She was so vulnerable.

They met on a mountain top. It was snowing heavily and it seemed they had both been stranded in the Restaurant. The last cable-car had already left and because of the weather, they were informed that there would not be another until the next day.

Marion was a tall, well-built brunette, about 5’9”. She had silver-grey eyes with a twinkle. Her skin had a bronze hue and her mouth looked delectable. She was dressed in white ski pants and a shirt, covered with a red ski jacket, which could be seen from afar.

Gary was about 6’ and of a slim build. He had dark brown eyes and jet-black hair, which was slicked back. He had a very tanned, outdoor look and was dressed in tan ski pants and a long sleeved shirt, covered with a blue ski jacket.

The two of them had been sitting at separate tables but when they realised that they had been stranded, Gary wandered over to Marion’s table and asked if he could sit with her.

“It looks like we are here for the night, Miss. Would you mind if I join you at your table?”

Marion looked up at him, “Please have a seat, we may as well sit together and chat. There isn’t anything else to do.”

They sat for about two hours and chatted about various things. Marion found that Gary was a Sales Manager in Ski Wear. She informed him that she was a Buyer in the retail industry. They spoke about their different jobs and everything that was going on in the World.

It was getting late and Gary thought that he would try and make up some sort of bedding for Marion. He spoke to the Restaurant staff, and asked if there was anything that he could use for this.

The restaurant staff quite often had to stay overnight because of the weather. When you worked in these sorts of conditions, you had to be prepared. They told Gary that there were a couple of small rooms attached to the building, and they were welcome to one of them. The other would have to be kept for the staff of three.

Gary went back and relayed the news to Marion. “I will sleep outside here in the Restaurant, and you can use the bedroom.”

“No, no, she said. You must use the accommodation with me. After all, you are stranded too and have already paid for your room in the Hotel.”

Gary was reluctant but eventually agreed. He allowed Marion to go first and then followed her in about 15 minutes. She had already climbed into one of the beds, fully clothed except for her jacket, leaving the other for him.

They both slept fairly well and were awake early the next morning. They entered the restaurant and were greeted by the staff, and assured them that they had slept fine. They were offered breakfast, courtesy of the restaurant. They ate and then sat and waited for the cable-car to come up.

“I think the first thing I will do is get into a nice hot bath,” stated Marion.

Jokingly, Gary enquired, “Would you like me to wash your back.”

She laughed and blushed.

The cable-car came up then and they boarded and were borne down to the lower slopes. When they got to the Hotel, Gary realised that they were both on the same floor.

“Marion, would you like to have Dinner with me tonight, please. I would love to continue our conversations of last night.”

“That would be great, Gary. Can you pick me up about seven-thirty, I will be looking forward to an entertaining evening.”

“Okay, see you at seven-thirty then.”

They both went to their own rooms and enjoyed their baths. Marion thought that she would have a rest and lay down and went to sleep. She woke up about four-thirty in the afternoon, feeling very refreshed. She’d had a good sleep the night before but still needed the extra in a comfortable bed.

Gary had his bath but he decided to go on another day’s skiing. He made sure that he caught the cable car back to the base, in time to get ready for his dinner date.

At the appointed time, he went along to Marion’s room and knocked. Marion opened the door and he took a backwards step. She was gorgeous. Dressed in a long, lilac frock, with a split up the left leg to the hipline. Her hair was styled in a tousled way, but still looked elegant. She picked up her clutch bag and stepped out the door.

Gary was dressed in a dark grey dinner suit and also looked very slick. Marion was very impressed.

Gary had already booked a table. When they made an appearance the Maitre’ de showed them to the table, and the wine waiter offered them the wine menu. After consulting Marion as to what her preference was in wine, red or white, Gary ordered two bottles of a French Merlot. This was something else that impressed Marion; he seemed to know his wines.

The food waiter then produced a menu for them to peruse. Marion decided on a Shrimp Cocktail, followed by a Chicken Snitzel. Gary ordered a Shrimp Cocktail and a 300gr rare Steak and salad.

They continued chatting over their wine whilst waiting for their food, and realised how much they had in common; both being in Sales, even though in different products. They also realised that they knew people who moved in the same circles.

Marion and Gary were served their food, and set out to enjoy it. They hadn’t really had a good meal the night before. When the dessert tray came round, Marion chose a Peach Melba and Gary decided to join her.

After they finished dinner, Gary suggested they proceed to the nightclub in the Hotel, so enjoy a few dances.

The Maitre’ de arranged a table for them in the Club. When they were settled and had ordered their drinks, Gary asked Marion if she would like to dance.

Marion accepted, and they took to the dance floor.

He held her close, but not too close, trying not to put any pressure on her. He knew that he wanted to bed this beautiful lady tonight. As they danced, Marion closed the gap between them and he felt his hardness move across her thigh. He didn’t know what to do. He looked down at her and she just smiled up at him, snuggling into his arms.

Marion was very comfortable, melding her body into Gary’s. She knew that they would spend the night together.

After a couple of more dances and drinks, Gary asked her is she wanted to stay or is she was ready for bed. Marion replied, “Lets go upstairs to my room and have a Nightcap.”

Gary knew then that his wishes were going to come true. He took her elbow and guided her to the elevator.

As she turned to face the elevator door, he spread his arms and took her into them, lowered his mouth and kissed the back of the neck. This was the first of many kisses of the night.

Marion melted into his arms. She felt so secure being held by him. She knew that it was going to be a wonderful night.

They made it to the room, and Gary again grabbed her by the hips and drew her to him, letting his lips drift across her neck and the tips of her ears, and onto the side of her cheek. She turned to him and slid her arms around his neck and responded passionately to the kiss he placed on her lips.

He walked her backward towards the bed, Marion stumbled a little so Gary picked her up and placed her gently on the bed. He bent down and placed another kiss on her mouth and she again responded hungrily and their tongues entwined in a duel.

Gary stood and shed his jacket, his tie and shirt. He stooped over Marion and slipped the straps of her gown down her arms and then slid the whole thing over her body and took it off at her feet. He placed it on the chair beside the bed. He stood and looked at her for a few moments and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. She lay there just in thigh high stockings, garters, black thong and a very filmy lacy bra that did nothing to hide her magnificent breasts, which were about a 38DD.

He then leant over and swiped his tongue across the nipples that were standing up begging for attention. This only made them grow more and they stood about 3/4inch high from her aureoles. They were a darker pink that those. He continued to lave and lick and suck the nipples, alternating from side to side, so that no side was left wanting.

Marion pushed him away and started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his trousers. Gary got the message; she wanted him to strip too. He slipped his pants off and threw them over the chair and turned to her.

“Take off your boxers too, darling. No, let me take them off,” and proceeded to do so, with her teeth.

He complimented her by bending down and grabbing the waistband of her thong and slipping it over her legs and feet. He then sat her up and slipped his hand around to her back and undid the bra and threw it onto the floor. She now lay there naked, just with her thigh high stocking and garters and high heel shoes. What a wondrous sight!!!!!

Gary was spellbound. He felt that she would break if he touched her, she looked so vulnerable, but so delicious.

Marion raised her arms to him, beckoning him to her side. He lay beside her and ran his hands all over her. Feeling every curve and dip in her body. He then ran his tongue from the top of her head, across her cheeks, to her mouth with another deep kiss, then proceeded to lave and lick both of her nipples. He lowered his head further and his tongue found it way to her navel where he ran it round a couple of times, then onto her Mound of Venus. She was already wet and he could smell the delightful aroma coming from her velvet channel. His tongue tangled in the short bush she had on the mound, and then delved into the crevice of her wet, hot pussy. She jumped and her cunt smashed into his face. He lapped at her and his tongue got to work on her vulnerable clit. It was so sensitive and already dripping with moisture. Marion writhed and tossed as he continued to suck her clit, she was in Heaven, and she never wanted to leave.

She knew that she had to do something for Gary though. She again pushed him off her and reached down to grab his hard rod. She just loved the feel of his manhood. Gary realised that he wouldn’t last very long if she kept this up. He rolled her over so that she was on top of him, cowgirl style, then lifted her so that her hot Venus Trap was above his rigid dick, and lowered her gently onto it. She screamed as it filled her to the maximum. Marion sat there for a moment and then started to move. She moved up and down and from side to side, all the while looking into his eyes to get his reaction.

Gary was having a marvellous reaction. His breathing was coming in short pants and he was moving in rhythm with her. He knew for certain that this could not last too long.

“Darling, I’m cummmmmiinnnggg……..,” he yelled.

“Marion felt at that moment that the orgasm she was going to have would be outstanding.

“So……. am…. I….. ..”

When they had both recovered their breath, Gary looked up at her and said, “I don’t think I have ever felt anything so intense as I did then. I hope you are able to stand a lot more of that; cause that’s what is in store for you tonight.”

“Bring it on lover, retorted Marion. I’m ready for anything now;”