On Top of a Mountain Ch.2

By jena121

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He asked his Boss for a transfer

When they arrive home………

After Gary and Marion had spent six wonderful days together in the Ski- resort, they both knew that they would have to part and go to their respective homes and job. These were in different parts of the county and they knew it would be hard to keep in contact, other that on the phone or chatting on Messenger or Skype.

Gary arrived back in Denver and after calling Marion, and making sure that she had arrived safely; decided that this was not the way to pursue the woman he was coming to love. He went to his Boss and requested a transfer to her state of Missouri. His Boss was very perturbed, as Gary was a very efficient Sales Manager, but on hearing of his reason for wanting to transfer, felt that he couldn’t stand in the way of young love.

Gary was thirty-six and still single because he had never before met the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He was sure that Marion was the one.

The Boss eventually agreed to the transfer but Gary was under an obligation to find someone to take his place before he could move. He didn’t mention any of this to Marion in subsequent conversations but thought that he would surprise her.

Two months after arriving home, and not seeing each other for that time, Gary emailed Marion that he was coming on a visit to her home city.

She was delighted and went out and stocked the refrigerator and bought some bottles of the same French Merlot that they had drunk on their first dinner date.

Gary arrived and Marion met him at the airport. She flung her arms around him and greeted him with a kiss, that seemed to last forever.

“Oh Gary, it is so good to see you again. I really have missed you.”

Gary replied, “Well you may regret those words later,”

”Why, why,” she cried.

“I’ll tell you while we are having dinner, my love.”

“Well, we are having dinner at my place, I have prepared all the things we had on our first dinner date at the Resort,” Marion informed him.

She drove home and Gary was astounded at her Condo when they reached it. It was an eleventh floor unit – with views of the city and the surrounding countryside. It was situated just on the outskirts of the city. It was impeccably furnished with a black lounge suite, a large crimson rug on a polished wood floor and rosewood occasional tables scattered around the room, and in the corner a small. built-in bar, with a variety of drinks and glassware.

The kitchen was very modern with all mod cons. There were two bedrooms; one of which was set up as an office, and the other was the main bedroom. This was decorated with a pale green background, and a delicate mural on one of the walls of an English country garden. The furniture was a rosewood four-poster, with a canopy and pale green sateen drapes. There were bedside cabinets on each side of the same wood. A room that was not over-decorated, which suited Marion down to the ground.

After taking him through the condo. Marion suggested a drink and that maybe he would like to freshen up before dinner.

Gary took her in his arms and kissed her, and suggested leaving dinner till later. He had missed her so much in the last two months.

Marion laughed, and he lifted her into his arms, strode over and lay her on the bed, kissing her all the while. She was fully dressed at this point but it took him about five minutes to divest her of her suit. He took off his jacket, shirt and tie but left his pants on. He wanted this to be all for her. He bent down and softly began to kiss her over her face, sucking her ear lobe into his mouth. He continued down, kissing her mouth again, seeming not being able to get enough of her. He delved into the crevice of her neck and down over her beautiful mounds of breasts. He began to suckle one then the other alternatively, not letting either one alone for more that a few seconds. He feasted on the nipples which he had sucked until they stood up for him. He licked them with his tongue, bit them gently with his teeth and sucked on the areoles surrounding them. He took her bounteous breasts into his mouth, first the left and then the right and suckled them until Marion cried out in passion.

Gary then wended his way over her stomach, tickled her navel with his tongue all on the way to the main attraction. Marion, by that time was feeling the whole gamut of emotions, from glorious passion to being very close to orgasm.

Gary was determined to make her wait. He picked up her left foot and took her toes into his mouth. He sucked each digit separately, building the tension. He changed to the right foot and did the same thing to them. He carried on up to the ankle, one at a time, up her calf and under her knees. He had by then worked his way up to her inner thighs. He lay there and laved them giving them all the love and attention they deserved. He thought that he had better divest himself of his trousers by then, as he knew it was getting close to the moment that he would sheath himself in her warm, soft covering.

Marion was writhing on the bed. She was trembling; it had been so long since their last coupling. While in that state, the tip of Gary’s tongue touched her labia lips, and found it way into her velvet sheath. He wriggled his tongue around for a few moments, and then pushed his index finger into that glory hole. He worked his finger in and out of that hot, wet pussy. He then inserted a second and a third finger into her, making her breathing shorten until she was flowing over his hand. He couldn’t get enough of her; he lapped her juices as she continued spasming against his mouth.

Gary then positioned himself above her, and looked into her eyes.

“Are you ready for me, my darling.”

“More than ready,” she whispered, as she tried to get her breath back.

Gary lowered himself and slipped into that valley of Heaven. He knew he was home and intended to stay and enjoy all of it, all of the time. He worked his hard cock in and out of that willing cunt until Marion screamed at him. “I’m cummmmiiiinnggggg….. .”

He felt himself release at the same time, and she was flooded with a lava-like explosion which met with her own orgasm.

Moments later, they lay regaining their breath and strength. It was the most wonderful re-union for both of them.

After they had risen from the bed, Gary had a shower and Marion went out to the kitchen to finish the dinner. She served it and they ate and enjoyed it as much as they had on their first date.

“Now that we have finished dinner, I can now tell you my news, said Gary. I can now tell you that I have been transferred to work here in Missouri. Now we can be close and I will have the opportunity to woo you in the way I want.” Gary told her.

“Oh my darling, to think that you would do that, just for me, I can hardly believe my good luck.”

“Marion, don’t you know that I would do anything, anything at all for you. If it means moving closer, that’s what I have done. So you’re stuck with me now, and for a long time, I hope. I love you and need you to be with me.”

“Oh Gary, you have made me the happiest person in the world. I love you also and can’t think of anyone else I would want to be stuck with. Welcome to Missouri.”

This may be continued – will have to wait on the comments, boys.