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One Summer Night

Tags: oral, sex, straight
The sun is starting to set. He notices me in the crowd and heads my way scooping me up in his arms. I feel complete; it has been a long couple of weeks with him gone to a seminar. Starting tomorrow he will be working close to home.

“So what are you teaching tomorrow?” I inquired.

“A decision making process, on how to make a plan. Wow that does sound exciting does it?” he said, laughing out loud with me. And oozing sexuality he smiled the smile that I loved.

Reaching up, I put my lips to his ear and whispered “I have a plan for you in mind myself.”

He says in that husky voice of his that I love to hear, “Very nice. I like what I am hearing Where are we going right now?”

I bite my lip something that drives him wild. “Well now if I told you I would not have you following “MY” plan,” I said in a lower sultry voice.

He laughs at my spontaneity, as I instruct him to sit on the chair just after we arrive at our destination.

“Do you trust me?” I ask giving him a little smirk. I remove my silk scarf from around my neck and I gently place it across his eyes tying it behind his head.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, “I love being blindfolded, it gets me so hot”

I take him by the hand and lead him down to the water’s edge; he can’t see a thing, only wondering what I have in store for us. I remove the scarf from his eyes.

“What am I looking for, baby?” he asks.

He can’t see yet because his eyes have not yet fully adjusted to the dark but it will only take a moment or two.

Soft moans escape his lips as I describe this oasis, a serene place that’s very green and lush with a small a water fall to the side of the pool where it cascades down into it. He inhales and takes in a deep breath. “These sounds are very relaxing,” he says. I tell him to relax and just enjoy the sounds around him that he needs to release some of the stress that he’s been feeling from his demanding job.

A lot of deer, beaver, and racoon's like to come to the water’s edge to quench their thirst. In a place far from here, he must deal with the outside world everyday; here it feels warm and secure. He lowers his head and speaks to me as if I have slipped in to the shadows and pulled back the doors that open to this lush paradise.

It is a sight to behold and the water rushing over the falls sounds lovely. I am dressed in a sarong. His eyes fully focused on his surroundings now, he whispers to me with a long sigh built from the tension of the week,

“Oh my you're beautiful,” he says as he pulls my hair loose past my shoulders. I smile at him and I bend down and grab the glasses I had waiting for us. I hand one to him and he takes it from my hands like a man dying of thirst. Swallowing some quickly, I explain that it is an exotic rum concoction.

We hear from a distance somewhere music and we begin to sway to and fro. Pulling me into his arms and we move as one, dancing so closely. I am surrendering myself to you, all that you want of me. He says, “I want all of you, over and over.”

“I love how you feel against me as we dance.”

“I want more” he says as he draws me closer.

We go back into the suite where our bed awaits us a fan circling over the bed providing a cool breeze and netting drawn from the top to protect us. He slips his hands under the shoulder of my sarong and slowly lowers it on down my tanned body. He gently cups my breasts in his hands. I slip out of the sarong standing in the moonlight now awaiting his next move. Sounds escape deep from my throat as I have waited for this moment for so long.

He can now see that I am naked in the moonlight. The way he looks at me makes me feel so desirable. I sigh in his arms and he lowers me to the bed.

My plan is to seduce him and relieve him from the pressure and stress of work. He kisses me passionately and deeply on the lips. His hands rub my shoulders and glide across to the small of my back, skin warm and inviting he leans and kisses my breast and circles his tongue around my nipple.

Kissing my cleavage, he moves to the other nipple and gently bites it. I lean across the bed to open a drawer and picking up a small bottle I pour it across his back it smells of coconut and I begin to massage it as I wrap myself around him feeling him at my breast.

He says “That scent and your touch are intoxicating.”

I draw his face to mine for kisses that passionately unite our tongues as they intertwine. Our bodies meet and press against each other, sensing each of our needs, heat rises as our desires take over from the reality of everyday life.

Kissing him gets me so excited. He begins running his hands down my sides lightly touching me... almost tickling down my legs and to the inside of my knees. I rub him down and cupping his balls in my hand as his other hand reaches to touch me, to stroke up and down. His fingers touching as lightly as he moves them slowly up the inside of my thighs.

We arrange ourselves on the bed, molded to each other, to our wants, needs, and desires. “Ah! Yes," escapes my soft wanting lips. Pleading comes from my voice which seems so far away. He feels my warm wetness. He moves upwards to the flat shaved area below my waist. I press against him knowing where he is going is to drive me crazy with wanton desire.
He runs a finger slowly down my slit feeling my clit straining for attention and wetness from my wanting him. He teases me down to the area past my lips. Touching lightly and then moving his fingers back. He slips a finger inside me; I am so wet from his movements and the desire that is building, blinding me with passion. He swirls his finger around touching every place inside of me.
I feel that he is straining in my hand he has grown so hard. I lower my lips to kiss his hard throbbing member. The salty taste that comes at the beginning drives me wild. As he moans loudly he moves his mouth to my honey and licks gently, all around the inside of my thighs, my outer lips deeply into my wet slit.

He can taste me and feels my hips move to meet him. He is paying special attention to my budding pearl. I throw my head back and a small scream comes from somewhere primal inside of me. He lowers me back to the bed as I begin cumming, surrendering and starting to shudder making me beg for more. I can hear the moaning, the cumming as he swirls his tongue around me, knowing he is as aroused as I am and he knows just how to release all tension in my straining body.

Shuddering I shift away and then back for more. I urge his head to my lips and trying to kiss him and roll him over so that I will be on top, but no, he takes a swallow of the icy cold drink and immediately sucks my clit into his mouth and wraps his cold tongue around it. Shuddering with pleasure I seem not to care that he is keeping me trapped in this position. He says, “I will suck all of you into me.” While... his fingers deep inside me. Then as he moans “I want to be inside you, I want to fill you up as deeply as I can.”

His hands wet with me and my mouth covered as he moves up and kisses me deeply. He tastes himself and I twisted together. I roll him onto his back, surrendering for me to gain control. A small cry turns to moaning as I push his fingers deeper as I begin a descent to my desire and start to cum, soon he is soaked. He is so hard... I lower myself onto him.

As I slide slowly up and down his shaft. At first slowly trying to delay the reaction, the heat explodes and I begin to ride him as fast as I can. He says he can feel me tighten my wet pussy on his hard cock. It only makes us so much closer to cumming.

He is deep inside of me. I can feel him. I am going to explode but we must cum together. His hands on my shoulders and playing with my breasts he is holding me up. He can feel me start to quiver and the sensation my contractions are having on him. I start shuddering and twitching inside. I feel his cum filling me. We strain for just a moment to savor the feeling but the rhythm is off now. He knows I am cumming. I can feel the first powerful strain of cum deep inside me feeling his body, his balls are clinched tight.

The wetness we made together makes it hard for me to hold him this deeply. I have fallen over the edge and cling to him as I cling to life itself. It almost hurts.... and then he feels the release... the rise of his hot cum up and out, his body tensed and tightened. He is lost in the moment. "I have filled you with my hot cum and I can feel your cum on my legs and thighs. I fall against his chest crying and whimpering the sounds he drew from me.

I am exhausted and exhilarated, as I collapse onto him. His hard cock still inside me still shuddering I feel his pulse inside of me. He feels me start to relax; my breathing becoming more normal. We are flushed and have the sheen of perspiration on our bodies. We are lying content with me on top of him. He knows we did well. We are lying in a heap, unwilling to move. All he has is the energy to kiss me softly below the ear and I want to fall asleep till morning, against his chest, as I feel him slip from me, I try to hold him tighter. His arm holding me against him as exhaustion draws us into a pleasant peaceful sleep.

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