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Only Time Will Tell (part II)

Only Time Will Tell (part II)

Tags: love, jealous, oral, sex
Rick begins to fall, but I fell long ago.
Winter is upon us now. Rick and I have now been carrying forward our arrangement since the summer. We have been having a lot of fun with each other, perhaps too much fun for us to call it casual any longer. I bite my tongue knowing Rick doesn't want serious.

I have now found myself staying at his house most nights. He works mostly nights, and me days, so we typically only see each other in passing. It beats living in the guest house at my mothers. Please... there's also no other place I would rather be. He gave a key to me a few months back and asked me not to read into it.

This gorgeous, sweet man who seemed to be making romantic, thoughtful gestures was fighting hard to ignore the feelings that had been blooming since the night we met. I complied for this complicated man once again and continued living day to day not knowing when we would end. On our next day off together, we decided to go to a Christmas party at a mutual friends house.

Rick took me shopping that day and picked out an emerald green dress for me to wear to the party. It was backless and hit my long legs about mid-thigh. A few stores later, he found simple but sexy nude pumps to accompany my lovely new dress. I couldn't wait to getting ready for the party.

When I stepped out of the shower, Rick handed me a box and there was a necklace and a pair of emerald green panties that matched the dress perfectly. I now know he was on a mission to find a dress to match the panties he had tucked away for me at home. Rick liked me to dress sexy and was always surprising me with clothes, jewelry and lingerie. He also preferred my long, curly locks worn loose.

I got ready and felt like a million bucks. My sexy man was wearing his black dress pants that hugged his tight ass nicely and a white dress shirt with the top few buttons undone. His still tan skin was peeking through making me want to run my hands across his chest. I told myself not to get distracted. We were one hot ticket and set off to the party with our favorite drinks in tow.

When we arrived, the party was in full force. The lights were dim, most were pretty tipsy, and the dancing had already begun. One of my friends spotted me and yanked me to come dance with her. Rick chuckled and waved good-bye to me. When the song finished he brought me a drink to cool down and told me to have fun tonight. We mingled separately most the night.

This was the first night I ever felt lonely while in the same room with the object of my affection. A few times my eyes found him flirting with a tall, slender, red head in leatherish pants and a blue halter top. A tinge of jealousy hit me in the pit of my stomach when I saw him familiarly graze the small of her back. I decided I needed some fresh air so stepped outside to have a smoke.

I joined my friend Josh and bummed a cigarette off him because I wasn't going to Rick for one right now. Josh asked if I minded Rick talking with his ex-girlfriend. Well that explained it... kind of. I played it cool, said Rick and I were casual, and that I didn't mind. I had a feeling he knew she was going to be there and he dressed me as his play thing to get a reaction out of her. I also had a feeling she was the reason he wants nothing to do with the hearts and flowers of a relationship.

I rejoined the party and began to drink a little more and dance even sexier. I knew how to get Ricks attention. I typically only dance with the girls but this night I broke my own rules amongst friends. I kept pulling my guy friends out for a spin. After a couple got a little handsy, Rick had had enough. Never breaking his cool, he came over and said it was time to go and we politely exited the party.

In the car, however, a new Rick was exposed. He wanted to know what the hell had gotten into me. I explained that I didn't appreciate being dressed up like a sexy, slutty play thing and paraded around his ex-girlfriend. He swore he didn't know she was going to be there. I swore that he was a fucking liar who needed to grow a pair and man up.

We didn't speak again until after we were in the house. This wasn't our first argument. He made me crazy to fight with. We were both stubborn and would end up shouting in each other's faces. The shouting never lasted long because our rage always turned to passion and some intense fucking ensued.

I tried to explain that I understand he wasn't cheating but it hurt. I wanted to hurt him back and it worked. He called me a slut so I replied with a swift slap across his face. Before I had a chance to realize what I had done, he had thrown me over his shoulder and smacked me hard across my ass. It stung but aroused me as well.

He planted me on the kitchen table and pulled me into him. I tried to resist because I knew as soon as his lips found mine I would be unable to resist him any longer. He forcefully pinned me down on the table with his hips and held my arms above my head. He kissed me softer that night even though he was holding me down hard. My fight against him turned into a fight for him. All my anger subsided and I fell all over for him. He was tender with his touch, which was out of character. He softly traced the outlined of my body in the form fitting dress while placing tender kisses down my neck towards my chest.

We locked eyes and there was more than wanting but rather a fondness and caring but fearful look in his eyes. Rick released me and I laid still. He carefully removed each of my shoes placing a kiss on the tops of each foot then replacing it on the table. He coyly kissed up each thigh and blew hot air towards my wet pussy. He moved closer and slowly licked my slit through the panties giving a gentle nibble on my throbbing clit.

Rick removed my panties a little too painfully slow for me. It took forever and he knew I was anxious to fuck. He shot me an evil, evil grin. Oh this man of mine. Once removed, he pulled a chair closer to him and took a seat in front of my spread legs. Being that my obgyn is typically the only one to sit on a chair at eye level with my twat, I was suddenly, completely self-conscience. I sat up to look at him questioningly but he shushed me and told me to lie back down.

I felt a finger enter my pussy and heard him taste me. He let out a satisfied groan of approval and went in for a lick. He familiarly explored me as I began to slowly build towards an orgasm. He stopped flicking my blossoming clit just as I was about to release. What a fucking tease! I was being punished for the night’s earlier events. Two can play this game.

I bolted upright off the table and lowered myself between his legs. Never losing eye contact, I slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his taut tan skin begging me to touch. I gently pulled his shirt out from his pants and pushed it off his shoulders, letting it fall off.

I adored this body, from the scar across his abdomen, to the tattoo that creeped over his shoulder from his back to his chest. I would find my way around his body expertly in a world of eternal darkness. I unbuckled his belt quickly, pulling it free from his pants and slinging it to the side. Unbuttoning his pants I could feel his growing erection fighting to be released.

I guided my mouth onto the tip of his cock and inched him into my mouth as I slowly unzipped his pants. He let out an exasperated sigh when I had all of his length in my mouth. I slowly licked and flicked my tongue along the ridge of the tip of him sending him into another world, sinking deeply into the chair. Tonguing the length of his shaft I playfully cupped his balls, giving him a gentle tug to bring him back to reality.

I must have stirred a carnal desire in him. He lifted me from my knees and flung me back across the kitchen table and shoved my dress up over my bare ass, giving me a firm bite and slap almost simultaneously. He entered me with one hard long thrust into my body, shooting energy through every inch of me. Rick didn't allow me the time to acclimate to his throbbing, hungry cock. Instead, he pumped feverishly into me as my cunt clung to ever thrust. As I began to build, I felt him slow and we began to release together griping and clawing to hold onto each other. I graciously milked his cock dry, bent over that table, supremely spent from the evening.

We slithered off the table onto the floor remaining in up each other's arms. We lay there exhausted and confused from the nights events. I knew this arrangement, that had started so casually, had grown into love. Deep down I knew he loved me too but may need a little more time to get over blue halter top. I also knew she was no match for me. I had all the time in the world for this man, who brought me to life.

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