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Only time will tell

Only time will tell

I am not sure about this arrangement but this feels right.
It was a little after midnight when I walked into the local diner. I met friends here most weekend nights after work for coffee, conversation and sometimes a cigarette. As I approached the usual table, I noticed an unfamiliar gorgeous face.

The waitress brought over my coffee and I tried to catch up on the recent gossip. I was then introduced to Rick who had not stopped staring at me since I sat down. Rick motioned for me to move closer to him while the others were seemingly distracted in another conversation. Usually I would find his behavior quite odd and cocky but I complied.

As I neared, he patted his leg wanting me to sit on his lap. I complied again causing a few at the table to check out what was happening. Rick had very strong legs and I could sit there for days and he probably wouldn't shift under me. He had gotten a nice new tattoo that evening. He wanted my opinion and well basically an excuse to get my hands on him.

He asked me to apply some balm to his fresh tattoo and inspect it further and again I did as asked. I was questioning my actions and wondered why I felt like I would do anything this stranger asked. I choose to remove myself from his lap and sat next to Rick and tried to compose myself. Unfortunately, it was too late for that.

The group then decided to go to the jam pad of a local band we were all friends with. I stood against the wall, cold beer in hand, Rick standing opposite with his eyes locked on me. After listening to a few songs and laughing with friends, I excused myself to the bathroom. This was the kind of building that no one was at after midnight. Our group had the place to ourself.

I was cleaning myself up in the mirror and replaying the events of the night in my head. The door opened and in walked Rick. He walked slowly towards me and when there was no distance left between us he lifted me onto the counter. He inched his face closer and closer until our lips met and he kissed me deeper and more passionately than I had ever been kissed.

We began frantically searching each other with hands, tongues and lips. Rick ran his hands up my long legs finding my ass under my loose fitting skirt. He found the lace from my favorite thong and effortlessly removed them. He pressed his hardening cock against my bare pussy. The friction from his jeans against me was too much so I freed his bulging cock noticing he was sans underwear. I was anticipating what his amazingly hard cock would feel like entering me.

Rick really was a pure picture of perfection. He was tan and every muscle in his body was defined just enough. Who am I kidding? He was overly defined but not too bulky. He had soft brown eyes with dark brown thick hair that was silky soft soft to the touch. He had strategically placed tattoos all over his sculpted body and a deep scar across his abdomen adding character to his perfect body.

As he entered my salivating pussy we never lost eye contact. I attempted to arch back as he filled me but he straightened my back with his arm and tipped my chin down to regain eye contact. I watched his cock as it slowly pumped in and out of my body. The contrast between my pale completion and his tanned one was drastic but something seemed beautiful about it.

I lifted my ass off the counter to meet his pelvis with each movement into me. He grasped my hips firmly to help control the angle in which each thrust was penetrating me. I felt the mother of all orgasms building inside me and Rick sensed it and kept the pace. He held me firm as I exploded around him. My orgasm must have set him off as he was close behind. I felt his cock begin to twitch and fill me full of his hot cum.

We desperately fucked that night on the bathroom counter of our friends jam pad. We seemed to both be searching for something. Maybe we found it that night but only time will tell. Once the throws of passion were over, we attempted to compose ourselves and rejoined the party.

Rick kept my panties as a suvenlour of the nights events. I could see the lacy band peeking out of his perfectly fitting jeans. Rick caught my eyes and smirked at me. Our friends eyed us curiously as we were suddenly acting like love crazed fools. We parted ways that night having not exchanged numbers. That was fine by me as a guy such as him can only be trouble. Correction. The pair of us could only be trouble.

Five days passed and I thought about Rick a few times. I was lying in bed when my phone rang. The number was unfamiliar but I answered anyway. It was Rick calling to say hello and good night. He tracked down my number from a friend. He asked me to meet him for breakfast the next morning and gave me an address. I agreed now intrigued even more by this handsome mysterious man.

The address he gave was a house, his house. There was a note on the door that said, "Come on in and find me." I did as the note said and found him asleep in his bed face down, plump, tight, tan ass up. I just wanted to sink my teeth into that ass to wake him up. Instead I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. I gently began running my fingers along his jaw, neck, shoulders, spine and ended with a playful smack to that tasty ass of his.

He stirred, looked up at me and scooped me into his bed pressing me into the mattress with his naked body. Before I could protest his mouth and hands were again all over me and my clothes were thrown to the floor. He flipped me onto my stomach and told me to hold onto the iron bed frame. He then lifted my ass up by the hips to meet his waiting cock. He slowly and gently found his way into my wanting wet pussy. We playfully fucked each other senseless, laughing and changing positions a few times. We sprawled out on his bed glistening in post coital sweat sharing his cigarette.

After his morning wake up call he threw on jeans, took me by the hand and led us to his kitchen. He sat me down and made coffee. He prepared a lovely breakfast and I just watched how effortlessly he moved. I had never met a man so comfortable in his own skin. He pleaded with me to call into work to spend the day with him.

I was never this careless but this one time I did as requested. We cleaned up and jumped in his car. We then set off on a day of adventure and getting to know each other. I learned that he worked at a local strip club. He was the DJ there and fill in bartender. He worked out about everyday of his life and ate very healthy.

His vices were alcohol, cigarettes and sexy women. He was a demanding man but knew what he wanted. He never settled for less. He dreamed of being a personal trainer and opening his own gym.

When night time fell Rick wanted to ask me about a possible arrangement. This made me slightly nervous as this was the first time I have seen him hesitant. He basically wanted a fuck buddy out of me. He wanted us to hang out and be friends but then have sex when the mood hit. I had a feeling it would be often around him. He agreed to not fuck anyone else but didn't want all the hearts and flowers or the like.

Rick asked me to come wake him with sex a few times a week. There would be other odd times and places he would want me to meet him but he would let me know when the time was upon us. I told him I would need some time to think about this arrangement even though my body, moreover, my pussy was screaming yes. Rick told me he would be in touch and kissed me deep as saying goodbye.

My phone rang at 3:40 a.m. a couple days later. It was Rick telling her to meet him at his gym. This was a local 24 hour gym with only a couple cars outside at this time of day. I walked through the doors and a security guard told me where I could find Rick.

When I rounded the corner I saw a lovely lap pool glowing blue in the dimly lit room. In the corner was a steamy jacuzzi and on the edge sat Rick. He was chatting with the two girls in the warm pool of water. I approached and Rick's face lit up surprised that I came. He gave me a big hug and even bigger passionate soul searching kiss.

He instructed me to remove my clothes and jump in. I complied and joined the three in the water but I was the only one naked. I didn't seem to mind much at the moment. The two girls ended up being dancers at the gentlemen's club Rick worked at. The three typically worked out after their shift and grabbed breakfast before calling it a night most mornings.

Rick began kissing me again and searching my body under the warm, hot bubbling water while the two girls watched. I was nervous and hesitant about what may happen but went with it. Rick propped me up on the edge of the jacuzzi and began trailing hot kisses up each thigh until he reached my sex. He placed a few gentle kisses on the hood of my clit and pussy lips. Rick then grabbed my ass hard, digging his hands into me, pulling me into his face.

He buried himself in my pussy so fast I arched back in response almost violently. As Rick continued folding and unfolding my pussy, licking and sucking and toying with my now throbbing clit, the two girls slowing approached us. One was on either side of Rick only their attention and intense gaze fell upon me. Both girls were very attractive and very tan. Water glistened off of the girls making this encounter all the more dream like.

The black haired girl was nearest and pulled me into her for a kiss. She was exploring me and didn't want to stop but the brunette stopped her by pulling me into her for a kiss. I have never been shared or cherished like this and it was nearly sensory overload for me. Rick was now licking and tonguing my ass, which I adore. He was both gentle and forceful in his actions but always knowing what this body of mine needs. The two girls were now kissing and biting my nipples glancing at each other occasionally, then back to me.

All the eyes on me where becoming too much. Rick was flicking my clit in a glorious pattern that sent me into a spiral. I rocked back somewhat light headed and blurred vision and came hard around his beautiful tounge. The girls arms were still on and around me and seemed to be a support to me as I recovered. The girls playfully said how it was lovely to meet me and glided back to their corner of the jacuzzi. I could see them out of the corner of my eye beginning or kiss and fondle each other.

Rick pulled me back into the water and onto his lap covering me in kisses and wrapping his strong arms around me. He then stepped out of the water guiding me to follow by taking hold of my hand. There were large fluffy white towels in a basket near. He wrapped us each in a towel and led me out of the room leaving the girls to have fun of their own.

He led me into the weight room and we found a spot on a weight bench to have a chat. Rick was concerned that he was scaring me away by the concerned look now upon my name face. I reassured him that I have had life altering, glorious times with him but was afraid it may be too much for me. Rick pleaded with me to get me to just give him some time, any amount of time.

He promised to be gentle and would never let me get hurt. I softened and released the apprehension in the back of my mind. Rick softly began kissing me and released my towel that was wrapped around my body. He gently lowered me down on the weight bench and found his way into me. He made slow, sweet passionate love to me there in the open where anyone could have happened upon us. That security guard surely got a show on the cameras.

Rick and I showered each other in the women's dressing room. We dried each other off and got dressed. We stopped for breakfast that morning before parting. I nervously told Rick I would try to give in to his wishes but no promises. The smile on his face nearly made me laugh. I wanted nothing more than to please this man. I felt alive for the first time. I felt confident in every part of me. Who knows where this will take me? Who knows how long this will last?
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