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Our first Night

After much planning I finally meet my cyber lover
We meet at a nice restaurant; there would be a rose for you at the table. We order wine and talk, I am admiring you from across the table, as the candlelight danced off your eyes. As our dinner was being prepared, we talk and laugh, I reach across the table and gently place my hand on yours, I need to touch your skin and feel how soft. Our eyes meet, and the chemistry between us is exploding. We both know this will be a night of passion. We continue small talk throughout dinner, I find every opportunity to tell you how beautiful you are, you reciprocate with a bashful but sexy smile back at me over your wine glass. Mid way through dinner, you take your sexy sandal off and rub my leg with your foot. I squirm with delight and hope and pray you never stop. You do this on and off throughout dinner, and each time I get a little more aroused. By the time desert comes (we share a piece of chocolate whatever) we are both about to explode with passion. At this as the last few pieces are eaten your foot makes it all the way to my crotch. Your toes are pushing against my hard cock my hand is on your foot holding it there letting you know that I want you so much.

Luckily, the restaurant is in our hotel, so we leave the restaurant and head to the elevator, In the elevator we are alone, I come to you and lean you into the wall and kiss you deeply, putting my hands on your ass and lifting you up and into the wall. Our tongues explode with furry as we cannot get enough of each other fast enough. I reach under your shirt and grasp your breast, as I undo your bra. You reach down and rub my hard cock through my pants and unzip me. You reach in and find what you are looking for and pull it out, just as the door opens to our floor. We turn and there are a couple of women there waiting to get on, we quickly try to gather ourselves and I turn to walk out. You realize my dick is still out of my pants, and playfully grab it and say, "Come fuck me" as you pull me down the hall by my hard cock. The women seem to be totally into the moment and turn and get into the elevator with big smiles.

As we get to the hotel door, I reach into my pocket to get the key, as our lips meet again and we kiss deeply, you are undoing my belt and pants. I get the door open just in time as my pants fall around my ankles, and we laugh as we kiss. I kick off my pants and shoes, never taking my lips off of yours. As I kiss you to the bed, I pull your shirt and bra off and toss them on the chair. My hands rub down your back, then up your sides until my hands find your breasts. I fill my hands, and feel your hard nipples push into my palms. I can't help but to lean down and take your nipple into my mouth. I kiss and suck it; I put it in my mouth and move my tongue on it in circles, then back and forth. I turn and sit on the bed, you are standing in front of me, and I am kissing and feeling and enjoying your breasts. I reach and undo your pants, and pull them down, and you kick them off. I turn you and lay you next to me. And kiss your lips again, our tongues licking each other, I can feel your nakedness against me as my cock lies against your thigh and gets harder and thicker.

I want you in so many ways, I want to taste you, I want to feel you, I want to see you, I want to lick you all over, and I want to fuck you. As begin to roll on top of you, I catch a glimpse of your wonderful pussy, and I just have to taste it. I kiss down your body quickly, I drop to my knees on the floor and as your legs spread open I lick you. I put my tongue inside your pussy, and I lick you all up and down. My tongue brushes your ass then goes all the way to your clit. In the middle I push my tongue in deeply, at the top I pull back and lick softly. I do this over and over. I then focus on your clit, as I gently suck it into my mouth; I flick it softly with my tongue over and over and over and over.... I reach and put my hands on your breasts and feel your nipples, they are so soft, but so hard. I rub them in circles with the palm of my hands, and the tips of my fingers. I can feel you building to a climax as your thighs start to compress, and your nipples grow even harder. I can hear your breathing get heavy, and moans of pleasure are beginning to come out. I focus on your beautiful pussy and try to not change a single thin I am doing at that moment. I let out a MMMMM and the vibration of my mouth along with everything else makes you explode for me. My mouth and tongue are riding the waves of your pleasure as you gyrate your hips in sheer pleasure. I keep my tongue in your pussy, feeling every spasm of pleasure. My face is so wet with your juices, and I am sooo ready to take you.

Fortunately, I still have my shirt on, so I take it off and use it to wipe the wetness from my face as I slide back next to you. You look at me in the eyes, you are still enjoying the moment as I roll on top of you, spread your legs with mine, and enter you. I push in slowly but deeply, I can still feel your spasms on my dick. I push slowly in and kiss you. You are so wet and warm and mmmmm slippery. I start to move my dick inside of you, deep in and mostly out, then deep back in again. I am going very slow, kissing you, and feeling you, as you feel me in you. But as we start to get a rhythm going, I lean up, and get even deeper and push hard into you. We are going a little faster now, and I can see your beautiful face and your wonderful breasts as they move in rhythm with us. I pull your legs up onto my shoulders and I am fucking you so hard now, I grab your foot and put your toes on my mouth, as I start to lick them, I explode into you. OMG feels so amazing. I push so deep into you, moving slowly as I moan with pleasure with each push and pull, as every drop of my cum enters you. After every drop is in you, I pull out of you, and lay next to you. Out of breath a little and still panting some, I kiss you again.

You roll onto your side, and place your head on my chest, and throw your leg over me. I draw you close to me, and we snuggle for a little while, each of us remembering the moment we shared, and each of us preparing our minds for the next moment.

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